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Code Reward Status
THANKYOU Alpha Valid (Testers Only)
FIREFLY Firefly Valid
GHOST Ice Pegasus Expired
YOUTUBE Youtuber Board and Fire Pegasus Valid (Star Program Members Only)
10K Lil’ Buddy Expired
LUNA 2,000 Gems Expired
R1FT Purple Pegasus Valid
777 7,777 Gems Invalid
SPAC3 Dave Valid
HOV3R Hot Invalid
JULY4TH Skyburst Invalid
K3YS 3 Crate Keys Invalid

– New Dinosaur Event Biome!
– New Pet Crate & Hoverboard Crate!
– New Event Questline
– New Godly Pet Code: FLASH
– New Miniboss, the Dinosaur King!
– Two New Miniboss Hoverboards
– Limited Flash Back Sale (ALL LIMITED HOVERBOARDS)
– Added Trading for Hoverboards & Items
– Bug Fixes

Welcome to Ghost Simulator! Ghosts have taken over the world, and it’s up to you to stop them!

Capture ghosts
Upgrade your equipment
Unlock Pets to help you along your journey
Defeat Bosses who threaten the safety of the world
Unlock Hoverboards
Explore the biomes
Complete quests for rewards

great ladies and gentlemen before we do start this video make sure to follow me on Instagram and Twitter as well as turn on that notification well if you guys are new to the channel if you guys are new to this of course channel so you guys can actually get notified because I upload daily and stuff like that but guys and gals we have been uploading way too much today I know it's I'm gonna stop I'm gonna relax but don't worry there is a new update on ghost simulator as well today and it's honestly and saying this is the of course dinosaur event biome update and there's of course new codes guys yes you guys are here for the codes and I'm gonna provide you with the latest and greatest codes on this game so you guys could literally just become opie and stuff like that but if you guys type in flash all caps type that in you get a bolt and I believe that's actually a pet or something I don't know exactly yeah I'm gonna play this game in a while so don't judge but boom alright so type that in and Boop guys you guys get the bolt pet I was actually unequip one of these and put this boob guys so this is the boat pad I don't know how good this is actually check out the stats real quick before we do anything boom arts yeah this is actually pretty sick back I kind of like it it's pretty good it's pretty dope guys but yeah guys that's it that's the boat packed much better than I mean it's ten times late it's eight times better than these pets these are kind of trash but either or that's a free pet for you guys and gals right there but guys if you guys also type in some other times real quick we're gonna we're gonna pop up these codes you guys type in it cain't okay I'll just I'll just show you guys real quick and easy I'm not gonna really spell it out for you guys Cait 3ys type that in okay now it's invalid see this is why you guys have to be notified and just turning on the notification but because again if you guys look at ladies and critters cards for me okay no that's invalid – wait what can please please be valid okay come on Vita boom alright so that one still works to get the Dave pets right there guys you guys type that in real quick Dave pets right there boom barn so that's also better than this one so to put that what to put this one boom alright so now we have yeah we have a decent pets with little birdies and guts if you guys also type in it I believe seven seven seven I believe that some code or something type that in okay see this is yeah this is why you guys have to be notified make sure it's from honored a fuchsbau on this channel right now because you guys do not want to miss out on these like pets and stuff this is the purple Pegasus let's check this one out real quick and guys look unequipped this one and you have three decent cuts now better than all of the older ones and there's also a boss going on right now but we're not gonna fight the boss right now because we kind of suck all right guys Loki Loki we all know we kind of suck and I just don't want to talk about it all right guys but right now because outside of this one luna doesn't work anymore but we did redeem that in a previous video let's try youtube well click I think maybe this one works but nope no no really YouTube bored okay start okay guys I think I think that's only for star members but it's all good don't worry we're gonna become that very soon once we got you know a decent amount of subscribers I mean we still have around 17,000 plus so it's kind of crazy though yeah that's basically all the codes for you guys and gals make sure to check out the new dinosaur biome events I haven't really been playing this game a lot so just make sure to check it out for me I guess not really to me but you know you know what I mean yes just make sure to check it out hopefully guys of course did enjoy this video if you guys did make sure to follow me in Instagram ants where there's little stunts on occasional if you guys of course enjoyed any part of this video as well as if you guys wanna of course stay notified on my channel for future content and stuff like that peace out ladies with ramen and by the space

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