1 Minute DCS - Christen Eagle II - Startup Tutorial

1 Minute DCS – Christen Eagle II – Startup Tutorial

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In the first of another new series covering of quick DCS tutorials covering the little plane that can, the DCS Christen Eagle 2 from Magnitude 3.

DCS is available free from:

The Christen Eagle II from Magnitude 3 is available to purchase from:

My Checklist is available from:

Looking for some good guys to fly with:

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hello everyone when the ce2 released I promised I'd start working on a series within two weeks of course in flight sometime two weeks is a variable measurement with the duration of anywhere between 24 hours and knows when of course one should never use the modifier more welcome Kristin eagle to start up tutorial close the canopy using the cutter on the right and when it slides into place use the knob giggety on the right to lock the canopy turn on the battery then push in the alternator output circuit breaker now turn on the alternator set the prop torque that's the blue knob giggety to fold forward now open the fuel valve move the throttle forward by just about a budgies bollocks with move the mixture the red knob giggety all the way forward crank the fuel pump two or three times till it registers on the fuel flow gauge pull the mixture all the way back to full lean move the magneto switch through one to both and then further on to start when the engine starts to catch move the mixture all the way forward to full rich check that the oil pressure reaches between 60 and 85 psi within a few seconds feet on the brakes and run the throttle up to around 10,000 rpm to warm up the engine turn on your nav lights and interior lights as desired turn on the radio master switch then the radio hit the blue fuel timer reset button and wait for the oil temperature to hit the green the issue worth saying two more weeks is this when presented with such a difficult mathematical problem the community instantly congealed into a hive mind when that money virgins begin multiplying on determined quantities by each other the results can be catastrophic that's why knowns are not allowed to calculus this causes a temporary rift in space-time linking our universe to a parallel one and sucking all of its autism into the hive mind of the community who then begin incessantly and incoherently screeching on the web until the rift miraculously closes usually on parched day

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  1. Laobi

    Thank you to all who spotted my obvious gobshitery, should have said 1,000 RPM NOT 10,000. Had 10,000 on the brain after making the same mistake earlier in the week, still managed to say it again though. I need a secretary

  2. ripper253

    I did always wonder why nuns weren't allowed to do calculus, thanks for letting me know and go fuck yourself

  3. Stieglitz Things With Wings Trash

    So good you brought it up Laobi:
    Mom and me are still waiting for that eagle you promised us in exchange for mum's comfort and our discretion!

  4. Staffan Juul

    Brilliant vid, still take that thing up when I have ten minutes and is a bit bored, or I can't fall asleep after some youtuber made me drink whiskey and laugh to the level of snot conductivity

  5. Lets Fly VFR Flight Simulation

    Fun as always Loabi … 🙂 but 10,000 rpm .. that could do more than get a buddies bollocks in a twist. Hahah

  6. Questlove

    You and anything Christ like in description is an abomination. Not to me, of course, because I don't judge your, "Walking Street – bang whatever is handy at 3 am Pattaya lifestyle" but to someone like Patriarch Theodoros II of Alexandria…I'm sure he is pissed! Love from Texas, wanker.

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