10 NEW Advanced Tips and Tricks You Need To Know! - Apex Legends Season Two

10 NEW Advanced Tips and Tricks You Need To Know! – Apex Legends Season Two

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These are the BEST NEW tips and tricks in Apex Legends Season 2! In this video we have everything from amazing new super jumps to secret high tier loot areas! Enjoy these insane new Apex Legends tips & tricks!

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what is up everyone now as you can see we're gonna be jumping over to apex legends for today to celebrate the launch of season 2 which is now live a quick thank you to apex legends for sponsoring this video and if you haven't already gotten it you can pick up apex legends for free on PC ps4 or Xbox via the link below now as you can see here we're gonna be going traditional coconut bra and if you're new to the channel that means my goal in this video is to teach you top level tips tricks and general knowledge that you and your squad can start using to get the jump on the enemy for easy kills and dubs that you might not have gotten prior to watching this so without delaying it any longer let's jump right into it now kicking it off with our first couple tips that have to do with the new Flyers there are three different types that you should be aware of first there's the regular ones that were also spread around in season one and they pretty much just stay in the same area and fly in a circle around these areas the second type of fires are the perched flyers and these are also all around the map like the regular flying ones now shout out to frozen throw from making this mini map that shows all of the loot Flyers so if you want some bonus loot remembering a few of these spots can really come in handy each of the three types of Flyers make a ton of noises so you've probably already heard some of them this season so far another tip here is a lot of people seem to think that you need to mag dump them and drop a ton of bullets in them in order to get them to drop the loot but honestly just a couple simple taps is enough to get them to drop the loot you don't always got to murder them by knowing that you can also draw the least amount of attention as possible to you now the third type of fires are the Caged fires and they're a little bit more scarce than the others but these are also spread around the map in various areas and these guys can actually help you in a couple ways anytime there's a player nearby they actually let out some roars so you can use them as a warning signal if you're either rooting nearby or if a third party is chasing you down this can give you those few extra warning seconds to get out of the open and for the next fight now keep in mind that each of the three types of fliers have different screeches and roars so once you play a little bit more and learn the sounds of each one you will be able to utilize these epic creatures in the game where's a lot of other players won't have that knowledge tip number four has to do with people of iessons and of course we've all tried to land on them but you've probably learned this already but unfortunately you can now just because you can't use them to hide on top of for the entire duration of the game doesn't mean they're completely useless though one way you can use them to your advantage is by knowing that if someone accidentally shoots them the Leviathans will then react by roaring and looking in the direction that they were shot from so if you're running around a Leviathan and you notice that he's not doing his normal routine but instead he's giving like a death stare towards the ground you'll know that there's an enemy team in that direction and that'll help you get those critical first shots now we're gonna be taking a break from headshotting the poor creature and head on over to his feet where you can see every once in a while he will pick them up and stomp them back in the same place now if you're careful and quick you can actually find high tier loot underneath his feet in his track this can be extremely useful if you're ever in a desperate situation getting chased by a full squad while you only have a Mozambique with no attachments there's a very high chance for high tier loot and out of the six test that I did I only found a weapon once the majority of the time was either a purple chest which is obviously really really good or a Phoenix kit so you might as well Yolo slide under his feet when you have the chance because I personally would much rather die to this dude stomping me to death didn't get mopped by another squad trick number six is a situational one but when you pull it off you won't be just spider-man you'll be spider-man mixed with shroud mixed with a parkour God of all video games you can actually use the Leviathans leg to do a crazy super grapple jump with pathfinder if you're ever in a fight with no chance of survival or even if you're chasing a squad you can use this to make it look like you're a teleporting hacker and cover insane distances this example you see here was literally perfect my squad was wiped and I was all alone with literally three people coming after me they started throwing nades at me and I was able to make a crazy escape and the guy that actually started shooting at me ended up getting stumped so it was all in all just like the perfect manoeuvre wait did you swing it anybody see wait I saw that bloodhound could stood awed by the thing is that what happened the Bloodhound all right so continuing on with the same clip this one is just a general knowledge that you shouldn't know about and it's especially useful because we all have that one friend that has no care for his own well-being and when he sees the foot being raised even from a hundred meters away you know he's still gonna go for the loot underneath well when they do get squished to just know that like when falling off a ledge your teammates death box will just be pushed out to the side for you to recover the banner so that you don't need to wait for the Leviathan to raise his foot again if you're successful in picking up the loot that was underneath the Leviathans foot it will also still be in your loot box so it's not totally useless moving on to tip number eight I'm gonna quickly explain the new hop ups and exactly what they can do and with what weapons the first hop up we're looking at is the disrupter rounds the disrupter rounds can be equipped on the re 45 and the alternator and once you do that they start sounding like epic space lasers all while it adds increased damage to shielded targets you will be melting the shields off of enemies and right now the alternator especially with its a recent damage buff from 13 to 15 combo'd with the disruptor rounds is considered one of the best weapons in the right hands the second hop up is the hammer point rounds the hammer point rounds can be equipped on the P 2020 and the Mozambique if you're able to find this combo early on you'll be a force to be reckoned with even though you'll be using two of the weakest guns in the game because with the hammer point rounds you will gain bonus damage to unshielded enemies so you'll be melting right through them now I'm sure by now you're all aware of what Watson's ability does and that's basically connecting Electrical fences together that will do damage and stun enemies if they run through it a quick note to remember is that if you don't like one of your placements you can always go back pick it up and replace it just remember that you do need to have at least two connected in order for the fence to go live now where a lot of people go wrong and the reason some people are quick to say that she's not useful is because they're straight up using her wrong Watson can be incredibly annoying in the right situations and where a lot of people go wrong right away is that they try to use this as a form of cover like placing it down after a fight and try to stop the third party when that is not gonna help you at all because you can simply shoot through the fence you rarely want to use this in open space areas in order to get the most out of Watson's ability you want to use it to cut off rotations flanks and entrances if you're using her as an aggressive rusher then you haven't been getting the most out of her Watson is definitely for any more defensive play style and keeping that in mind when playing her will already help you get more out of her than you were before her ability really shines when you're fighting in close quarters or building areas because you'll be able to control points and change the path players have to take to your advantage blocking doorways with her fence while you're inside either forces them to push from another point or it will delay the fight altogether and long enough where the attacking team that's trying to get to you will actually get third party while they're stuck outside when you placed on Watson's fence you just need to remember that like caustic you can't shoot at the base to be destroyed now the advantage Watson has over caustic is that she can simply place the nodes down past cover so that you can protect the base of each node as best as possible don't make the mistake of just placing the fence the length of a doorway or entrance but make it at least twice that long and get the nodes out of sight now this can also work by actually blocking enemies inside of buildings rather than outside by placing the fence on either side of the door that will force them to funnel out one of the other exits straight into your crosshairs another great time to use this is when you need to revive a teammate that's been downed in a building because you can easily block off the closest entrance they're chasing you from and force them to spend an extra few seconds running all the way around which will give them the time you need to get back in the fight over all her gadget is really really strong in the right hands and creates predictability in the enemies and how they're gonna play the path that they move etc and that will help you give the jump on them taking a look at Watson's passive ability the main items to know are that the ultimate accelerants that normally only charge a small percentage of your ultimate actually 100% charge Watson's that means if you have a large enough backpack it's always a great idea to carry around an extra one with you because you can basically have back-to-back Ultimates moving to her ultimate ability it does a few pretty amazing things you need to know about the first and main one you probably already know about is that it stops and destroys all incoming ordnance such as nades and even Bangalore's missile air strike the second perk that Watson's ultimate brings is that kind of similar to lifelines health drone Watson's heals all teammates shields that are within the range now it is slower than lifelines recharge but it does have a bigger range so it's a pretty good trade-off now putting two and two together if you do have a lifeline and a watson you can passively be healing shields and your main health all at the same time as you loot and organize gear if you are carrying around an ultimate accelerant you can use one while in a gunfight to block all incoming nades ordnance etc and then immediately have another one right after that's passively healing your shields as well as your teammates as you and your team lose now I was like a lot of people when I first started playing and I was doing my usual running and gunning but as Watson I didn't find myself in enough situations where her fence was crazy useful once I started really breaking her down and taking these tips to heart I found myself really getting the most out of her and it's so cool to see this whole new aspect of the game when you start to implement these tips you can really use Watson to her fullest potential anyways that's gonna wrap it up for this video if you liked this video and found anything useful slap that like button because it really helps me out here thanks again to apex legends for sponsoring this video and letting me keep it oh gee coconut bra with the tips and tricks I had a blast making this video and I've been having a lot of fun playing season 2 so far make sure to check out the link down below if you don't have a pecs yet and you want to give it a try I'll see you guys all very soon in the next video I love you all peace

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