$100 Trashed MacBook Pro Restoration & Rebuild + Custom Apple Logo & Keyboard

$100 Trashed MacBook Pro Restoration & Rebuild + Custom Apple Logo & Keyboard

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This MacBook saw many years of abuse from its previous owner, thankfully it landed into my hands and now its time is was brought back to brand new condition.
I purchased this MacBook Pro for $100, with it came with a brand new Apple charger still in plastic (valued at $120). So I basically purchased a new charger and received a free MacBook Pro…
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hi guys welcome back to another huge Jefferies video in this video I'm going to be restoring this trash to MacBook Pro which I purchased for $100 off by swap and sell it is by far the worst condition Mac I've ever seen it has a large number of dents scratches and is even bent on the left side near the Ethernet port the hinge also appears to be broken as the screen is completely loose you can also see that there's quite a lot of dirt on both the inside and outside of this MacBook Pro whilst restoring this I will also be customizing the Apple logo and backlit keyboard to a custom purple color before we get started I'd like to thank I fix it for sponsoring this video get tools parts and guides at ifixit.com slash u Jeffries or at the link below right let's get back into the video now while this macbook looks quite rough around the edges I wasn't really sure what the inside of this macbook looked like so sure enough removing the screws I was able to get into the device and I was greeted with a lot of dirt and this was mainly because the two bottom feet had fallen off of this MacBook which just allowed dust and dirt to enter into the device no idea how long this has been the case but you can see from these shots just how dirty this thing really was now the first thing I wanted to do before I even turn this on was just see if that fan was clogged up given all the dust you can see that a lot of fluff and dirt which I'll need to remove and just give that a quick wipe over before I actually power on this device for the first time and install an operating system I also found a loose screw inside which appeared to be one of the hinge screws although that didn't fix the loose hinge issue I did give the MacBook a quick clean before I actually reinstalled Mac OS 10 mavericks I chose its version as it was best suited for the 500 gigabyte hard drive that was still in this machine going to the Apple section and about I can see this is a late 2011 model although I actually purchased it as a late 2012 model the battery has almost 1,200 charge cycles on it so that definitely needs to be replaced in terms of parts that I'll be using I've got a replacement battery from I fix it a bottom case a top lid and front panel glass I've got an upper case a new 500 gig SSD as well as a new clutch cover which is the little piece of plastic that goes between the screen and hinges okay so I'm gonna start the repair off with the screen assembly now I could have just bought a whole replacement display assembly which would contain the lid the front glass and the LCD however the LCD in this MacBook worked fine so I actually just wanted to replace the back lid I also ordered a replacement front glass panel in case I cracked the odd one removing it the glass panel is actually recessed into the screen and the slightest pressure cracks the glass so of course it shattered into a million pieces if you've done an iPad repair you'll know sort of what this is like but with about 15 minutes of heating and prying the glass finally came free from the frame and I could remove it in one giant big piece I'll also need to make sure to remove the adhesive so I can see those screw holes later on of course I tested the screen just to make sure it was still working and I didn't damage it in any way removing the glass with that done I can flip the MacBook over and remove the battery which was only hold in by one screw as the other tab for the battery had already snapped off now Apple used tri-ring screws for the battery but luckily I had this strange bit in my iFixit toolkit next to go is this stock gross 500 gig 5400 rpm hard drive which will later be replaced with an SSD it's time to move across to removing the logic board from the device so I can start by removing all of the Flex cables that are connecting to the board there's quite a lot of these and it's important to remove them so you don't damage the connector if you accidentally leave one in place it's also very important to be careful around the LCD cable as that is very fragile and easy to damage with those removed I can remove all of the screws holding in both the logic board and fan assembly with those screws removed making sure to remove the two for the MagSafe charger I can begin by lifting up the logic board and putting it at an angle the reason for this is I'll need to disconnect the microphone from the underneath side of the logic board at this point you may also need to disconnect the speaker as the cable for the microphone goes underneath the speaker D routing all of those cables allows you to take out the logic board from the MacBook Pro with the board removed we can take a closer look at it and you can see just like the rest of the computer it's covered in dust and really needs a good clean putting that aside though I'm gonna move across to the LCD assembly and remove that from the MacBook Pro I'll need to remove these screws for the hinges and disconnect the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth card as well as remove this speaker from the laptop itself whilst removing this I'll need to deer out some of the cables and unscrew some of these grounding clips that connect to various parts of the laptops chassis with the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth card removed I can finally access the three screws for the LCD hinge with those removed on both sides I can lift and remove the old LCD screen and then I can go ahead and remove the clutch cover which is just a piece of plastic covering up the hinges you can see here this is the reason for the sloppy display both the left and right hinges are completely loose as the screws have loosened over years of use and abuse if you were just trying to fix this you could just tighten these screws and get away with using the MacBook again however I'm changing the back housing so I'm going to need to remove these to transfer them across to the new LCD lid removing the three screws they come right off next I can move across to the antenna which is on the display it's connected with some cables which I'll need to deer out later on next to come out is this LCD screen panel which has a total of six screws now the connector itself is right down at the bottom of the screen and you've sort of got to feed the LCD wire into the lid a little bit further once you've slid the LCD out enough you can disconnect the cable carefully and you can remove the LCD panel now I have a little bit more access to remove the LCD cable connector as well as access to the webcam cable so to remove that I'll need to disconnect the webcam and just remove it it's only held in by adhesive so it comes out quite easily and then I can remove its cable and retaining screw and feed them out the bottom of the display now whilst this deep inside the MacBook I thought it was a good time to try out a custom mod so I'm going to try and do a custom coloured Apple logo on this macbook pro so to attempt this I'll need to remove the plastic filter that goes behind the Apple logo and then apply some heat to around the sides of the logo and this will soften the adhesive and pressing the logo through removes the entire Apple logo as one piece however the only issue is its a solid color well it's not actually and with a little bit of nail polish remover which contains a lot of acetone I can apply it to the back of the logo I can allow it to sit for one to two minutes then come in with my fingernail and just start scraping away at the coloring of the logo this took probably 15 to 20 minutes and the end result looked quite nice however I snapped the Apple leaf off of the top when I was drawing the logo so make sure to be very careful as it is extremely thin and fragile as this was the logo from the old lid I'll need to transfer it across to the new lid by first removing the new Apple logo and inserting my custom one now a transparent logo wouldn't look very good as the back of the LCD is just white so I used some cellophane and inserted it at the back of the logo before reattaching the filter now I chose to the color purple as that's my favorite color and I wanted a purple custom Apple logo with that all set and ready to go I can install all of the original accessories and pieces that go into the LCD screen assembly starting with the webcam cable I'll need to feed that back into place screwing its retention screw in and feeding it up the side and top of the screen assembly once that's ready to go I can reinstall the webcam and stick it back into place and now it's time to reinstall the little cable that connects between the LCD panel and logic board of the laptop so that means I can connect up the LCD panel being careful yet again not to damage any of the pins or connector making sure to put the retention bracket into place once that's all set and ready to go I can slide the LCD back in to the frame itself making sure the cable isn't obstructed by any plastic or pieces and then I can install the antenna back into the screen lid you can also see that this clutch cover off of the old LCD assembly is cracked and all scratched and beaten up so I've also got a new one of those to go on after install the screen hinges now I'll need to just screw these into place I found it easiest to install the back screw first as it sort of lines everything up now it's very important not to over tighten these screws or you could snap one off even though this happened I was lucky enough that when I went to sort of just sit the head of the screw over what remained of it inside of the hinge assembly I could actually turn it and it would have enough grip that it actually fully unscrewed so I got very lucky with this and I actually just found a screw to replace it with with the hinges ready to go I can install the new clutch cover back into place and reinstalled the six screws that connect around the science of the LCD panel coming back to the other half of the laptop I can remove the optical drive by removing the three screws holding it in place next I D routed the speaker wire and removed the right side speaker using a spudger and a pry tool from my pro tect toolkit with those pieces removed it's time to move across to the microphone which came out quite easily with just a little bit of a pry next to come out is this little bracket with two screws after that I can move across to the trackpad and a couple of screws later that thing falls right out of the old top case and that is everything we need to take out of the holds up a case so I've actually got a brand new one to go on this MacBook Pro I purchased this off of ebay for around $75 and included with it was also a bottom for the MacBook Pro but that was used this is apparently an Apple official part which is also super neat continuing with my purple theme I'm going to insert this piece of cellophane above the back light layer of the keyboard and a few people say that this could affect with the cooling of the laptop however you can see there's just a giant piece of plastic which covers the back of the keyboard so this shouldn't affect the cooling in any way okay so it's time to reinstall the trackpad this is the used one from the old upper case luckily I didn't have to replace this as this one works fine and isn't cracked or damaged in any way I can install the microphone and the speaker back into the top case making sure to remove the adhesive and reinstall the wire for it in its correct position as it properly adheres to the back of the case next I can install the middle bracket piece which helps support the DVD drive and logic board speaking of the DVD drive that's to go in next with its three screws before we go any further I'll need to attach the LCD panel back into the laptop itself however I was having an issue where it wasn't lining up correctly and there appeared to be a gap between the two as it turns out I installed the hinges on the wrong side flipping those around it now actually fits inside the laptop correctly and lines up with the screw holes so I can install the three screws on both sides of these hinges and the LCD assembly is screwed back to the frame there is also a number of small components like these cable rear outers and standoffs that will need to be screwed in next it's important to use the right screws as you don't want to damage any of the frame or any other components by inserting the wrong screw into the wrong hole now whilst I was doing this I could have opted to replace the optical drive with another hard drive although I found that 500 gigabyte SSD should be adequate for what this computer will be used for I'll need to connect the three antenna cables coming from the LCD assembly as well as the one coming from the frame to the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth card it's also important to route the cables correctly so when you install the back panel everything sits flush and screws back together nicely with that prepped I can install the speaker back into the laptop itself making sure not to clip any cables while screwing it back together now I can move back across to the front LCD glass and remove the camera alignment bracket to transfer across to the new panel now the reason I left all of this to last is I wanted to make sure the laptop was a hundred percent working before I sealed up the glass panel to the new screen assembly the reason for this was as you saw at the beginning of the video it will shudder if I try and remove it I also took extra care to make sure no dust was left underneath in between the glass and LCD with that ready to go I can move across to the logic board before I install it and give it a good clean and a dust over of course this wouldn't be a restoration if I was to leave the old thermal paste so I wiped that off which was hard and crusty and then I applied some new thermal paste to the CPU as you can see I spread it out with a spudger I'm not sure if that's the correct way of doing it although I just thought that if it was spread out it would conduct heat better tightening up the screws gradually everything has been installed back into place I can then attach the microphone cable and put the logic board back into the new upper case assembly now this takes a little bit to a line as you need to make sure that the Flex cables for various components of the MacBook don't get caught underneath the logic board when you install it once it's sitting into place I then connected all of the connections and Flex cables going to various components throughout the MacBook I could then connect the new keyboard and backlight with that custom purple color and as you can see everything is now starting to look like a MacBook again can reinstall the fan assembly and begin installing all of the screws holding in the MagSafe connector and logic board after all of those screws have finally been installed I can remove this part number from the upper case before installing my new iFixit battery and screwing it in with two trailing screws I can then install the brand new 500 gig solid-state drive into the MacBook connecting up its SATA cable and connecting it down into place and securing it with a bracket and two screws after that's complete I can remove any plastic coatings that are on top of any of the new components that we've just installed I can reattach the bottom panel back onto the MacBook and this completes the restoration so this is in a 100-dollar trashed macbook pro brought back to brand new condition and even had a custom purple backlit keyboard and Apple logo installed taking a look at the specs this late 2011 MacBook Pro features a 2.4 gigahertz Intel Core i5 processor four gigs of RAM and a 500 gig SSD I am looking to upgrade the RAM in the future but for now this is looking spectacular and is performing adequately running Mac OS ten point nine point five and cosmetically this thing looks brand new certainly a lot better than it did at the beginning of this video and on that note this has been a huge Aries video if you liked what you saw hit that subscribe button and consider checking out the restoration playlist for more videos just like this one also make sure to follow me on my social media for behind the scenes and to get a look at some nice photos of this newly restored MacBook Pro link for which is down in the description that's all for this video and I'll catch you guys next time

45 Replies to “$100 Trashed MacBook Pro Restoration & Rebuild + Custom Apple Logo & Keyboard”

  1. Matthew Serdynski

    Sorry, but an 8 year old mac book with a dead battery alone is not worth 100.00, plus the parts you bought and the time it took you to "clean" the case? Surely this had to be for hits on a "restoration" video, rather than seriously bringing an old Mac Book out of retirement.

  2. Aldrin

    in Brazil and I believe that in the rest of the world too, working in a technical assistance, if you leave a logic board like that, you would probably hear complaints!

  3. TheIldebrandoz

    You did all this painstaking work and you have not cleaned nor the logic board and neither the fan that are the most important parts…bud result!!

  4. 800 Beatz

    Now, I know everyone sayin that you just replace everything, but you can’t just fix it like that the parts are too broken to be fixed itself. Good job btw

  5. Siavash Habibi

    I spent like 600$ on upgrading an old macbook once and it was a total waste of money… ! When the time comes, you better invest on a new macbook…

  6. Gvidas Teresas

    100$ trash to 200$ custom built of the price of 500$ invested. otherwise well done. i fixed my 2010 many time until sold, sad thing Apple building now macbooks that are almost not worth to repair anymore after few years.

  7. Smack2k

    This needs renamed "$100 Trashed MacBook replaced with enough new parts that I just should have bought a good one" Also, replacing all the bad parts is not the definition of restoration…….its the definition of replacement.

  8. Derek Emerson

    I’d have used a touch of thread lock on those hinges to stop the same thing happening again in the future. A price break down would have been nice as well.

  9. Serwis Nawigacji GPS

    For these spare parts you spent another $ 300 and the process of cleaning and replacing leaves a lot to be desired, glad you have a few pennies from youtube because in real life you could only remove stickers from laptops in the company.

  10. Unreliable Narrator 66

    My old 2011 MBP has almost the same dent/bend near the Ethernet jack, it's due to the thinness of the case section in that area. The day my (then) 5 y/o daughter sent it flying across the room when she tripped over a cable connected to a USB, I completely freaked as my Mac cartwheeled across the floor, getting the afore-mentioned bend and also a big dent at the top right corner of the display. Remarkably, nothing, including the 1TB disk drive sustained functional damage. Ultimately, I replaced the HDD with a SSD to give it a speed boost, but this soon to be 9 year old MBP is still in service as a net TV and media server for my now 12 year old daughter, who just got an upgrade with a new 2019 MBP for Christmas. But she learned to work and code on the old beat-up box and she loves to show people the damage and dramatically exclaim "I did that when I was a baby, but it still works!". So I'm not surprised to see you can rescue an old MBP.

  11. Spanish John

    hey man how cna i do this to mine i have macbook pro retina late 2012 (yes the worst one i know lol shitty graphics switching) but the case is dented where the hdmi slots in and it wont work properly, is it possible to replace the bottom half of the case then? do you have the part number by any chance? I want to do it myself. thanks in advance.

  12. Any Rebel

    I have the same computer. Just so you know, the nvidia GPU is defective. they don't last very long and although you can use it without this gpu perfectly fine, Apple's geniuses decided to utilize the defective nvidia gpu rather than the integrated apple one during startup (despite the fact that there are no graphics on startup…which makes me suspicious). So the thing doesn't start up. Every 2011 macbook pro will have this issue eventually. I used it for a year with an app that prevents gpu switching and made sure to never turn the computer off. But finally it shut off and won't turn back on. So this was a bad investment on your part.

  13. Ozzy

    So I'm guessing this cost around $450 in the end ($100 macbook, $150 SSD, $75 replacement back housing, $50 replacement battery, $20 replacement screen glass, and about $50 of tools)

  14. getmefixed getyourselffixed

    You are useless letting me watch this without mentioning a list of prices… Cheap trick to manipulate people into visiting the dumb iFixit webite so you can make money on us all. What a human you are!!
    Thumbs down and unsubscribed.

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