2016-11-25 Let's look at the 15" Touchbar Macbook Pro: 1st "pro" machine w/ SOLDERED IN SSD!!!

2016-11-25 Let's look at the 15" Touchbar Macbook Pro: 1st "pro" machine w/ SOLDERED IN SSD!!!

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Interesting points:
1) When doing an ffmpeg encode, CPU goes to 99c. No throttling that I saw in a cool room after 5 minutes, worked at 2.90 GHz, this was the 2.7 GHz model.
2) When running Unigine, it heated up more than ffmpeg, to the point of keys being considerably warm.
3) When using the Powerbit USB-C dongle, video worked! Video did not work on the 13″ with this one, or wifi, but wifi/video works. HOWEVER, with the non-Apple USB-C dongle, I was limited to USB 2 speeds on my HDMI capture hardware.
4) Further, when I used a USB to SATA

dmesg before plugging in adapter:
dmesg after plugging in powerbit adapter before turning on open broadcaster
dmesg after plugging in powerboat adapter after turning on open broadcaster
dmesg after removing powerbit dongle
dmesg after plugging in apple dongle, before opening OBS
dmesg after plugging in apple dongle, after opening OBS

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all right let's see are we here are we here it's about time to go over the the new MacBook Pro with touch bar this is the 2.7 gigahertz i7 16 gigs of RAM this comes with the Radeon card with 2 gigs of video RAM on it and is seeking a 16 gigs ram and a 500 gigabyte SSD what does this thing cost if you were to buy it this is like $27.99 plus tax tax brings it out to about three through three thousand thirty one hundred bucks or something like that so the first thing that I want to go over before we get into anything having to do with this machine we before we get into software before we get into specifications before we get into performance the most important thing to go over with this computer and the reason I'm going to open it before we even begin the review is something that anybody who's a professional user should know is that this machine has an SSD that is soldered into the computer so if as I have any of you have had a computer that died and after it died you decided we're not going to fix it you pop the drive out of the computer and right after you pop the drive out of the computer you plug it into another one you have your data used to be able to do that on all the old machines so let's say let's see if I have an old MacBook Air that's open over here that I can show you so this is an older MacBook Air right so this is this is old this is dead and somebody may decide that they don't want to fix it so here's how what data recovery was like for the standard user on the older machines so you decide you don't want your data I mean you want your data you do this you unplug the drive and right over here that's it you buy something on eBay for 15 bucks you plug this into that thing that you bought on eBay for 15 bucks you plug it into a PC you plug it into another Mac whatever you want and you're able to get all your data just fine now on this machine over here excuse the sniffles I got a cold on this on this thing the drive is soldered into the computer so if it dies and you decide that you don't want to fix it you're fucked so let's just go over what the insides look like first here before we get in anything else so I'm going to open this machine let's see we have crotch cam stamens oh he almost configured it with crotch cam let's say let's try to get the the least crotch cam that we can here let's do this yeah ah tighten the tripod we're going to raise the production quality here we're going to have a review stream you're not staring at my dick the entire time come on we can do there we go magic it's magic all right so let's open this thing up and see what the inside of this thing looks like and see what that's soldered in beautiful soldered and SSD looks like this is this is going to be good this is going to be sad the first proof so now I know people that used to use machines like this for things like mobile recording and they would actually carry a spare machine on them and what they would do is they would just take you know if there was anything on the machine that they saved that there wasn't on an external they could just pop the drive out the old one put it in a new one and continue this machine ends that trend all together it is 110% impossible with the thin reasonable means to upgrade your SSD you cannot upgrade this without soldering this is going to be one of those pans in the ass to open the one see this is what I get for cutting my nails a day before I do this let's see I should use a nice tool here we go there one of these green sticks here thank you to jerry-rig everything by the way for leaving me these sticks I kept it here knowing it was going to come in handy all right let's lift this thing up this is the thing we have to slide it don't you there slide slide or pry you need to use rose-gold tools probably so much for easy opening abracadabra that's a good idea yeah I give up go for we're gonna have our guests open it we're gonna have the guests open see the thing is if I if the guests breaks it while opening it I get the brain I get to blame the guests if I break it I got to buy them a new one and we're not having that there's not the support to know where for data recovery off the mobile my MacBook Pro late 2013 got artifacts and the screen is sometimes only black when I started did you have any of these issues with your repairs yeah yeah that's that's no good do you think you can solder one drive to another MacBook to save its data well that depends on whether it's encrypted one thing that I'm gonna want to do I want to chop I want to just try this with the with xeno a donor I want to try chopping the board in half applying the 1.8 volts with the SSD attaching the PCI Express Lanes of the SSD directly to a machine via some card bus or something and see what we get here we go open C it's a good thing to have somebody who's not an idiot because I am an idiot all right so let's take a look at the inside of this thing so what do we have here so I believe the SSD is going to be sitting under one of these shields over here but as you can see you've got speaker speak and let's zoom in a little bit make it a little nicer yes doesn't this thing kind of look like an angry gremlin like what I'm not serious it is just hear me out for sex you have eyes this here is kind of like the nose like we're where let's say yeah like this thing over here kind of looks like the nose maybe some of this is also the nose and this over here is like the shit-eating grin or maybe the battery this thing over here the battery which by the way is gluten don't don't expect that you're going to replace your own battery without a lot of cursing on this machine the battery is completely gluten a lot of cursing to replace that but it kind of looks like an angry grunt gremlin this could be the smile and this is maybe the goatee or maybe this is the smile that's the first thing I think of when I see this on camera but yeah so SSD is soldered onto the motherboard there's no place to unplug one so in addition of the RAM being soldered in your memory is also soldered and so this is something that's very important to take into account when you buy this machine don't buy this machine thinking that you can ever upgrade the size of the storage and don't buy this machine if you are careless and everybody says they backup but we get hundreds upon hundreds of customers a month and say yes I back everything up except for what I wrote yesterday and that's worth $2,000 or whatever so when you buy this just be careful that when you buy this you need to backup everything at all times because if even for one second you you forgot to back something up and this thing dies that you're looking at motherboard repair to fix it which again great great for people like me not good for the standard consumer so let's turn this on and go over a couple of the things that I want to try out check out on this so first thing have you seen how ridiculous the the trackpad is pretty large on this some people may like it some people may not like it I actually like the fact that the touch product the touchpad is large I'm not a big fan of that whole force touch thing because it doesn't feel like a natural click anymore I've not been a fan of the force touch I can say but the trackpad on this is pretty good it's very nice the keyboard is the same fare from before so I'm going to type in my password here I mean don't you do it one more time okay some people say I'm time tight I'm typing purposely loud to troll it's as soft as I can soft so often it's hard and you have to like you have to go out of your way to type really soft on this for it fits in you to not hear anything so you have to kind of be actively thinking about it so anyway screen looks pretty nice on this screen does look pretty nice all right so let's okay so there's this touch bar thing over here so tomorrow how much extra does the touch ball one cost over a regular if you're buying let's say a 13-inch like two or three hundred bucks so you got this thing over here might as well show this in the picture yeah I got it alright see you Ingo so let's say you want to make the volume higher I mean this is so you hit volume this is this is and then you can just slide it this is totally worth an extra two to three hundred bucks I couldn't I couldn't deal with having buttons it was just it was it was not possible I needed to pay an extra three hundred dollars to be able to do this this said Evo where is the emoji show me the emoji see it lets out how the hell do I find emojis let's get any open notes I'm going to open notes okay so let's see new note hi okay look check this out here look there's a little hand so you can you can correct you can it tight it comes up with words for you let's see does it does it correct heli heli hello hello okay I thought that's kind of cool a little bit kind of cool yeah I don't know what the fuck I would use this for I certainly wouldn't pay an extra $300 for this shit but that's kind of cool look how can look I typed CN instead of Ken and it auto corrects to see am i help you I typed why you instead of why oh you and it gives me yuck yeah and you can you okay so not exactly amazing their butts you got brightness you can do the same thing you could slide I gotta say this would be pretty cool if this came out like three years ago but yeah not not feeling it too much in the mm let's see well let's see what else we got here so I know that it's going to work with the Apple adapter but I know it's going to work with the snowflake adapter I'm kind of curious if it's going to work with this because this is it so newer it's got a lot of updates installed I'm kind of curious if it's gonna work with this as an adapter iuq yes iu q iu q but you have to look down all the time touch bar would interrupt my workflow that's the thing because like I already know when my buttons are for like you know for brightness and things like that it's funny cuz Lenovo had this idea in 2014 yeah but Lenovo's implementation of the sucked I say that as somebody who loves Lenovo love Lenovo products love the ThinkPad love my t520 I thought that the x1 carbon was pretty good but their implementation of the touch bar thing was like it was bad man it was bad it was bad I love Lenovo but dear God that was just bad that was it was like the blackberry storm of touch bars alright so let's see if it works with this adapter I'm kind of curious if it's going to work here if it's going to require the special snowflake adapter because that's another thing somebody brought up so let's say that you're in a meeting and you forgot your adapter and somebody says oh I have a USBC adapter in my bag you're now at that awkward point of having to explain to them oh well I use a Mac and my Mac will not work with your adapter so I can't yeah and then you just stuck with them staring at you kind of funny so let's see if this will work with this before we get onto benchmarks or anything else or do you need a special snowflake adapter so I'm gonna plug this in we're going to turn this on here hey check it out okay so 15 inch 15 inch MacBook Pro works with an on snowflake adapter this is pretty cool ok they actually fix something you know what I give you credit Thank You Apple that's pretty cool you don't need the snowflake adapter anymore see I'm using my regular piece of crap one this is the the power bit see so it's on this now I'm kind of curious if on the 13-inch one if it still does there but yeah so if you buy the 50 if you buy the 3000 dollar model then you can use the any adapt do you want yeah yeah this is pretty cool it actually works with the regular adapter they give Apple credit you fix something thank you because I mean how long could you really have done that for like yeah you can use the machine but you can only use it with our fucking adapter that costs $80 it fuck you yeah like they were acting like you know a New York City Sanitation company from the 80s like you use us or you or what is Wi-Fi still work good question yeah you can see Wi-Fi networks before you couldn't even see them yeah I'll attach to something here let's attach to one to my guest Wi-Fi here let's not remember the network okay we're going to go to a website and I think the only thing I didn't do is get open broadcaster so I set up a test account for myself over here I'm not in the main dude's account it's blurred I mean it's going to be blurred because it's scaling because this is this only works at 10 DS Cabbot this capture hardware only works at 1080p yeah so check it out Wi-Fi works too I got to give Apple credit on this they made this shirt they made this better that's the thing I don't know if this if it's the 15 inch one works and the 13 inch one doesn't or if it was a software update of some type because I don't have a 13 inch share that I can test with but I this is actually some great progress like we're right back to where we where every you know $500 PC was a year ago but but still I mean that is progress that is progress and you must give credit when progresses when there is progress so now I want to see can I use my USB capture dongle with this so I'm going to download open broadcaster software here and we're going to use my capture dongle and see if I with this machine I got to say I'm pretty happy with that I had to give credit where credit is due do you think if enough people try that the memory will be upgradable yeah it's just a question of whether or not it's going to be worth it so yeah soldering job like that let's say you have 32 chips right so if you have 32 chips that you need to solder on if you have 32 chips that you need to solder on and it doesn't work what do you do like which one of the 32 chips is bad how do you know you know it's not like it gives you more code it just beeps you know it doesn't go it's not going to tell you which one is bad so that that creates a bit of an issue so we're going to see if this works with my capture dongle so let me get my captured on go and I pray I didn't bring home okay awesome I didn't bring it home because if I did that would've been a fail that would've been a huge fail if I brought that home and we're gonna see if if I can if I can use because this is this is going to be the real test here because the the output of this camera is I believe four to two uncompressed video I'm not a hundred percent sure I'm like 90% sure it's like four to two uncompressed video so that's going to be some 1080p 60 frames a second that's going to be around I would say just to be conservative two to three hundred fifty megabytes a second so that that's so that that is going to put some load on it so let's see what I get so we're going to see what I get so I'm going to plug this in okay we're going to add a source here video capture device mage well okay man you can see I'm not used to typing on macbook keyboards mage that that's my spelling of mage well alright I got the one thing that I don't like about the keyboard being so flat is you can't really tell when you're on a key or not look what I don't know if I can explain this but okay let see see this so you can see the distance between the key and this over here like how do I show this to heaven okay I don't know if the cameras going to point this out but you can see that the key is not very high above the casing so the so if what I like to do is I kind of like to feel around and I can see now I can feel whether or not I'm on this key or this key you know just based based on kind of feeling them the indents between and you can't really do that so let's see if I have any any other types of keyboards here that I can show you do I have anything else that I can show you oh let's see anything that's still intact here we go so I have an old MacBook Air okay so this is not exactly the nicest looking keyboard it's not the nicest looking keyboard but let's let's put an 11 inch MacBook Air over here so you can see the difference so this is 11 inch MacBook Air so we're going to see the keys are almost flush with the surface of the machine whereas on the MacBook Air you have a little bit more travel see and you can kind of feel the difference between them and also I have a think pad t520 keyboard here I know this is this is a frigging in this it has that little curvature at the end of each key so you see that so you can kind of feel where the with the end of each key is and where the beginning of the next one is I love this keyboard I wish every laptop had this thing I would pay so much money to get this in a desktop keyboard like with this original layout but some jackass right now is selling it for something like 300 bucks he's gonna go to hell when he dies but that that's another set of things altogether can you compare touchpad sighs okay do you have another 15 inch ear let's see 15 inch yeah there we go yeah why not okay so see this is the touchpad on the new one so they don't knock anything off the desk getting that in the view that's 15 inch touchpad on the new one ready one two and this is on the old one so see that old one new one a 1286 new one h1 it's it's huge it's ridicu jan honestly the the the trackpad being larger feels great the only thing I can say I'm not a fan of I'm not a fan of this whole for its touch shit I just I'm not a big fan of it because it just feels kind of funny feels a little weird when it clicks like it's the same it's the same complaint I guess I have at the keyboard with the keyboard you don't really get to feel a full travel and over here with the trackpad you really don't get to feel the full travel so it's something that you probably have to get used to I just hate getting used to these things particularly when they don't find it to be much of an improvement okay so we're going to set this thing up and plug it in and we're going to turn it on and let's see if I get anything out of the made well so the major oil is plugged in cameras turned on and ello let's see if I configured it wrong frame rate simple frame per second values I forgot the set frame rate okay there we go now it's correct so we're going to make it fullscreen oh dude it's working at us it's working at USB to speed over there see that it's not there let's try let's try unplugging it and plugging it back in and I think that this is actually going to work with the power bit adapter now it's working at USB to speed yeah let's unplug quick program plug back in yeah it works at USB – you have the snowflake adapter up there I'm going to try the special snowflake adapter I have power bit and we'll look for the snowflake adapter later maybe benchmarking and then snowflake adapter test results if only it worked with all the DAP ders well alright Oh Pisa it's right go fake go figure it's right in front of me go figure it's right in front of me it was right in front of me it was under a paper towel oh here we go okay let's see what it does with snowflake adapter that works it just only worked at you it was only negotiating USB to speed properties next yeah with regular adapter it works so with regular adapter with me with with the snowflake special snowflake adapter the original Apple adapter it works at perfect 60 frames a second I'm just going to confirm that it only negotiates USB to speed with the with the power bit in the second and do keep in mind I know everybody's going to say no is using a better depth OD'ing magnet among it down there even though it works in every other computer it works in the razor it works in the Dell XPS and it works in some other machine that I forget the model number of it beautiful 60 frames a second USB 3 so let's see you have a chance to redeem yourself your MacBook come on I said something good about you and I want to be able to stay true to that let me say something good about you please everybody's going to think I'm sabotaging you on purpose come on sit now look it's still it's it's like two frames look at this look at the frame rate watch I'm going to move something on let's move them like yeah it's dead that's shit yeah that's like three frames a second alright so you have to you okay so I take it back I'm sorry I was it should have said something good about Apple before confirming my bad my bad you still need the snowflake adapter you still need the snowflake adapter yeah so if you want I'm glad that I use this because if I had used something else I wouldn't let that like a USB Drive or something I would have noticed that instantly so let's say D message D message we get anything interesting yeah later later on the laptop is xenophobic against third-party adapters yeah that is kind of lame all right so what do we do next let's get some programs installed on here we're going to do we're going to do some tests of the graphics we're going to run that Intel power gadget see if we get any throttling we're going to do some encoding of that same ProRes clip from before see what speeds we get compared to the to the 13-inch one and go from there so okay so first thing I want to do let's go back here and see what D message has to say since somebody brought that up and we should might as well check it out that's going to be it's going to be a really long ass log file though that's going to be some long long ass log file all right come on see the adapter go for it huh are you tired of looking at the power bit adapter hello okay there we go I wonder how many people are going to read through all this yeah this is the long story short it don't work the way it's supposed to TLDR okay next up here so verdict you still need to buy don't you still need to buy a snowflake adapter this machine does handle the the non snowflake the regular adapter a little bit nicer but still needs a snowflake adapter run the console app Louis it'll show new messages as they appear I mean it doesn't work that's really that that's really what we have to get we could come up with 20 ways to say it doesn't work but yeah I don't want to type my one-two-three-four pass on stream that's exactly what it is each one two three four is the best temp password ever okay we'll open the console app will make you happy will make you happy we're going to plug in this thing but I'm telling you this is boring how much did you pay for this model I didn't pay shit somebody kind enough to let me borrow it paid twenty seven something $27.99 I think this one costs alright so let's see what we get over here d message – w-wow duh that's password ever hey somebody hacks with me and changed my password there we go though being an idiot alright D message – W I'm being an idiot so oh well I already showed you it was on D message I we did this already alright on to let's see Intel power gadget where did I put into power get it Louis can use your other USB see the USB 3 adapter tell me I didn't forget the password of one-two-three-four what do you think about MagSafe removal that's why I'm being very careful not to move here see this like you notice how my chair is not moving too much though actually nevermind this is what I think about it yeah I haven't I haven't had this thing plugged in I'm scared to death I'm going to win the Boeing somebody 3000 bucks after I knock it off the desk look at how short this cord is like I'm sure it this fucking charger is loose I guarantee that this thing gets knocked off the desk at least once at least once this dream until power gadget I already had Intel power gadget here this is what happens when you skip breakfast alright so let's see so whatever night were at a nice idle temperature here 58 degrees Celsius and I'm going to try and coating something and let's see if it throttle remember the 2011 one used to throttle all right so I have ffmpeg here ah died and copy it's a shared library phone where's where's my ffmpeg yeah ah duh um I should have got a burrito before either this dream why didn't I get a burrito before doing this definitely should have got a burrito before doing this chmod ax aha yes and you don't use Linux for a year and a half and you become a complete fucking idiot here we go give me my ffmpeg alright so what settings that I use on the last stream – so I was getting about eight point four eight point five frames per second with the 13-inch one so broadcasts CV lib x264 okay now I just have to look up what the settings were that I used for the last one so let's see the last video that I did what settings that I use with ffmpeg what setting did I use with ffmpeg I think it was CRF 14 preset medium but I don't trust my memory let's see it was no CRF 14 preset medium Wow Oh invalid data found while processing input roar okay we'll move on to that one later it's not yes it is idling at fifty fifty seven point eight Celsius no I mean it's it's a lot I mean my my Lenovo used to idle around there a lot of modern laptops idle at these temperatures my laptop has sixty C under full load somebody says why did you fifty seven Celsius is pretty yeah that's something that that's pretty good that's pretty hot I'd say that's actually really that's that's incredibly warm they do not I to let that temp Oh what so I have a stove under my desk is what you're saying I'm sorry do I have a boiler under here look I don't even have the bottom on the computer is that a bit of the way that's a good question are the fan spinning yeah the fans are spinning fans are spinnin the fans are spinning huh interesting ffmpeg doesn't want to do my encode hmm invalid data found I need a different video clip how about we record a video clip and then we encode it it's the paper towel okay now I'm getting troll okay we're going to take the paper towels off this isn't the bottom going to make it a little bit it does feel kind of warm not warm actually it's a little warm take finger off hey the fan just kicked in a little louder you hear that so the fan does eventually kick in no no put the paper back not going to put the paper back come on all right let's yeah it doesn't like my file for some reason maybe I downloaded the wrong if I didn't down on the wrong ffmpeg all right so the fan kicked in a little higher and now we're at 47 Celsius BAM that's more like it what's scary about the 2015 and 16 MacBook is that the fan doesn't kick in very quickly I mean it doesn't kick in at all when you first turn on the 2015/16 a 1502 the fan doesn't turn on it only turns on when it gets ridiculously hot which is a little bit scary alright let's download a different ffmpeg build here this is just a clip from the microscope that MOV file so huh replace yeah same crap hmm why don't you like my video file alright we'll do that we'll do encoding later let's see do you need a website let's see if I can use my disk speed test application allow apps downloaded from why how about everywhere interesting won't let me open black magic disk speed test okay now you now I know this machine knows I'm live-streaming because that's trolling can't open black magic disk speed test all right let's see if anything that I that I downloaded to use works here so we're going to move over to let's what's next on the list what oh let's grab that o is the name of that you engine thing the heat helps it get aged faster perhaps you need adapter to open downloaded apps can you please use the adapter at no hdmi two straight USB see the USB 3 after the benchmark Schorr let's download you engine Valley we'll take a look at with how this works out updates available no not updating no my one minute remaining so that look at the touch bar actually does this really pretty funny thing let go check this out look it's showing me a picture of what I'm looking at on the screen so on the screen right now I'm looking at the you engine Valley web site and you can actually see that over here it lets you switch between Brad tabs in your browser that's actually pretty interesting so you can switch between tabs in your browser using this hey let's plug this in so you can see add video capture device add my microscope shrink this a little bit where can I move this so you're out of the way and we can move this yeah so check it out I can switch between tabs in the browser using the touch bar that's that's kind of cool again that's not $300 extra cool kind of cool but it's kind of cool but it's not that cool but it's kind of cool but it's not that cool that's an old it's true look you can shoot you can open new tabs with this thing I mean that guy can kinda yeah let's see it execute applications from other developers you're gonna put a special commands all right remember it's the easiest thing in the world to use so long as you don't want to do anything special you seriously have to open a terminal now to execute applications from other developers that's insanity I don't think it's from other developers I just think I have a crappy copy of black magic disk speed test somebody was kind enough to send this to me minutes before I started this because I couldn't find where I found it from and I just I don't want to I don't know what it I just don't want to log in with an Apple ID to download a free piece of software okay looks like you engine is just about downloaded so we're going to install that and run it with the same settings that we used last time this trackpad never ends I got to say like it really never ends this is like the trackpad itself is just about the size of my hands like this is my hand and they take a look at this yes yeah no wrong one desk can this is the trackpad this is my hand Harry I know I'm a beast Lou this the trackpad is pretty much the size of my hand which is nuts and not a donald trump and you could probably fit three of Donald Trump's hands in the size of the set it is as a distract fat Oh why'd you have to say that out loud oh I'm gonna stop laughs okay we're going to install you engine Valley I feel like I have a kindergarten that I'm laughing at this okay now to make everything fair we have it plugged in and I'm going to unplug the external screen because that may slow down the benchmark I should I should put the bottom cover on for the let's just check temperatures and all that stop triggering me it's Unigine not you engine nucular it's nucular the repairing is a component level is easy taking the bottom cover off that's a whole nother that's a whole nother ballgame so let's see you have these little snip things over here that's slide and yeah oh my god turn the Mack off first I'm not molesting it I'm putting the bottom cover back on chillax it's soul its sodding as well yes sorting sorting like Hodor anti-icing off quality medium and we're going to use the same resolution that we used last time we're going to run run yeeh it's kind of fun triggering people okay so we have to hit f9 right you hit f9 and start the you gotta say that the speakers on this are really good listen to that because I have two deaf nine uh-oh here we go GPU chip temperature 62 temperature sixty-four temperature 65 it's actually doing pretty well let's take a get out of the way microscope so it's plugged in somebody's going to ask them I'm scared to rotate this just God did this a this is not a mag see if you pull and the machine just pulls with slower the volume a little graphics chip is 74 Celsius we're getting dangerously close to 2000 to 2011 MacBook territory let's see if it can cool itself now please plug in for charges at once not not my computer that keyboard looks tiny it is kind of tiny this is the Radeon 455 with 2 gigabytes of RAM that benchmark is shit but it says the thing somebody said I should run this one if I run the one that you want somebody's going to say your benchmark is shit and we'll just continue on this is on this rabbit hole so you find a benchmark we use it we're gonna use the same one in all the machines do you miss MagSafe I will say I miss MagSafe because that was one thing I can complain about anything I want with Apple MagSafe was genius and nobody else did it did the whole idea that you could no longer trip over the adapter and break the machine that was that was pretty good that was a good thing this is this is fail how do you like the bigger track that I like it I don't like this clicking thing I don't know how they got away with labeling it forced touch either I mean like forced touch just sounds like something Donald Trump would do you know like why would you call one of the main new features of your machine forced touch what are they going to name the 2018 macbook force grab like Apple patented the crap out of that that's why nobody else did it put a USB killer no Steve Jobs rolled over in grave cause no MagSafe yeah well this is running I might as well find another clip genuinely curious why ffmpeg doesn't like that file anymore let's see I really shouldn't try to encode something on my main machine that I'm streaming from while I'm doing this but just for the let's see this ffmpeg work on this one yeah then codes here and I'm going to stop before I fuck up the stream but I guess I have time to recopy the file how bright is the touch bar okay so we get a score of 1587 1587 that's what we get on this thing 1587 isn't that bad ah this wasn't running at the same resolution that's that's cheating man okay we have to run it again run it at the wrong resolution I'm an idiot man I'm telling you fixing stuff is actually easier the component-level repair is easier than reviewing and let's see what temperature is everything at here what do we have on intel power gadget the cpu went up to a peak of 74 75 Celsius I don't see any throttling it was a 1440 by 900 previously what are your thoughts in the Lenovo p-series I don't like the fact that they don't have a fork a touchscreen option component-level review yeah graphics chip is sitting at 73 see we're going to run this one more time I'm going to copy the damn file in one more time because I do want to see what happens when I stress out the CPU to the max it doesn't want to encode my video file because I'm doing a live streaming review and it's supposed to work so it's not it's let's try this again I do like the music from that in that benchmark that's some pretty music nice relaxing music mmm I have to check out how the speaker sound on this one I imagine the 15-inch may have some better speakers in the 13-inch traditionally they give better speakers to this one we'll do an unfair comparison macbook speaker vs t LCS 3.6 graphics chip is up to 80 Celsius geez I mean it is doing let's see the machine itself okay it feels warm by the touch bar the touch bar is definitely warm to the touch and so is the keyboard the palm rest areas is standard temperature that is a very hot keyboard though I got to say I'm trying not to press a key because I know with my luck I'll disable the benchmark yeah your hands are gonna sweat if you're using this while you're um I guess it supposed to with the damn laptop what's it like under it not terrible the keyboard is actually much hotter than the bottom of the laptop yeah the keyboard is warmer than the bottom of the laptop wait a second I can't be right Lisa a chance to have a fuck oh yeah okay I'm not kidding the keyboard is hotter than the bottom of the laptop Wow does it work with cheap dongle semi works it's semi works with the cheap dongle at least it doesn't blink anymore it doesn't blink and Wi-Fi works but when I try to use a this USB capture device this thing limits itself to like five frames a second if you use usb too but it'll work at full 60 frames a second at USB 3 and it limits itself to like five frames a second okay that's pretty cool 2043 is the score you get when I'm using the same settings I was using in the previous review 2043 that's pretty good because I was expecting it to be more like at least twice what it was with the integrated graphics that's not bad I liked it the keyboard is event though that that's and that's an interesting design right there did you remove the board before closing the machine no the SSD may be on the other side of the board point is you're not unplugging it you're not unplugging it 20:43 on resolution 1440 900 quality medium and no anti-aliasing same as the other ones heat rises huh yeah I should play DotA on it we'll probably be dead if I play DotA on you know how bad I'm going to be sweating this is interesting because usually the bottom panel of the machine is burning in the keyboard is semi hot but here the keyboard itself is actually warmer than the bottom of the computer I think it's kind of interesting yeah that's definitely that definitely was was was a that's pretty interesting all right so let's see if I can get an ffmpeg encode going maybe maybe my file just didn't copy properly that could be what it is I'll give benefit of the doubt I think I copied the file using this I may have copied the file not using the snowflake adapter you can't do that that would that so that's no good all right is it just uncomfortable warm or warm it's in between uncomfortable warm and warm it's not a deal-breaker it's just I mean again how many people are going to buy this thing to play games on it though anyway does anybody buy it buy a MacBook Pro because this is the best gaming machine I don't I don't know if that's really going to be an issue for most people all right let's let's copy my file using the snowflake adapter replace it's a TextEdit is winter and that his hand is warmer that's probably game on MacBook can you remove the mainboard know that this isn't mine man I know what my luck is going to be with that if somebody wants to donate one sure this is in mine okay hey here we go okay so the file so I copied the fucking file to the to the machine that I was going to do the encode on I copied it with this adapter and then go fucking figure alright so let's check out what type of encoding speeds we get now then I'm using the snowflake adapter that's why my ffmpeg wasn't working the file that I tried to copy was corrupted when I use this what I every copy didn't we're all good okay yeah you gotta buy the snowflake adapter you got to buy the snowflake adapter you gotta buy this toughly okay cv live x264 hey I suck at typing on this thing preset medium CRF 14 output mofo move all right let's see what we get ready we're plugged in so I got temperature up here I might as well just do this let's see what I get so remembered on the other Mac the back book goes getting 8.4 to 8.5 I'm Jason's Dell which I really should remember the spec so but I don't it's a quad-core XPS 95 50 I was getting somewhere around 13 or 14 frames a second and over here it's at 20 it's probably going to go a little bit low oh my look at the CPU temperature dude look at CPU temperature 99 Celsius are you fucking kidding me I just started this in code dude 100 Celsius 100 fuckin Celsius actually so I'm not familiar with this program can anybody tell me where I'd go to see if it's throttling how would I tell if it's throttling is assume I'm a complete fucking idiot because I am what would I click here to see if it's throttling did you hear the fans those are some fan spinning ok now we're down to 18 frames a second ok it's a 2.94 gigahertz I guess that's what this thing is supposed to be right this is let's see what with the specs on this yeah this is 2.7 this is the 2.7 gigahertz processor so 2.99 it's turbo boosting but dude 99c qualifier depart here we go okay now what's going down to 94 no no no it's back up to 96 yeah let me just do this you can see how close I am to the machine this is an omnidirectional DPA 4065 microphone so it's going to pick up sound from every direction this is me at standard distance this is me close up to the machine you need hot water at least in the winter you'll be warm just by encoding video okay so we get 17 frames a second so this is about three frames three and a half frames a second faster than Jason's quad-core doll from last year pretty fast but I'm kind of curious if it'll eventually throttle do you guys want me to just keep it on and see if it eventually throttles who do you want me to move on to doing something else do this this keyboard isn't yeah let's let's see how uncomfortable is it type okay so it was it was actually might the keyboard was warm and I was using the GPU the keyboard doesn't get that warm the keyboards not that warm and I'm just using the CPU CPU it when you use the GPU that's when the that's when it's going to start getting boiling premium clicking this baby premium click enos you like that premium click eNOS rose gold look I even wore a rose gold shirt for see everybody happy award they say the biggest complaint about this machine according to Google's motto is it doesn't come in rose gold I come in rose gold my office comes in rose gold I come in fire red I come in fire red this is Bernie should I turn this off this just could have died Louise is 95 I mind litecoin on my t520 a hello a temperature this where no no like that's the the 10 Hertz monitor that it's plugged into over there yeah I mean it's using every just about everything the ffmpeg is using almost a gig it's interested but it says memory use 7.5 gigs but I'm not doing anything other than ffmpeg which says it's taking up 712 megabytes interesting is how much how much RAM does this operating system mean oh I'm kind of curious yes its physical memory 16 gigs memory use 7.90 6 gigs but the only thing that I have open that's doing I guess Intel power gadgets or doing something the ffmpeg is using 712 megabytes so damn I feel bad for the people that bought MacBook Airs last year with 4 gigabytes of soldered on ram my my sincere that my sincerest condolences if you're one of those poor bastards that bought a MacBook Air with 4 gigabytes have started on ramp you guys got fee like I mean I'm from the bottom of my heart I said I'm sympathetic for you because you all got fucked fritzsche using all the RAM for caching I still feel bad for people who bought four gigs will throttle fast a lot on battery instead of AC let's check that out alright so right now we're still encoding it set it evened out the 17 frames a second so I'm going to unplug the the charger right now and as you can see I'm no longer charging up there and we're going to see what it does on uncharged without the charger plugged in do we get lower performance Bernie seems to be still kicking along 2.9 good Gertz 17 frames a second 95 Celsius 98 cell C and say look we gained a few degrees there I never mind went back more than four gigabytes will compromise our bad if it's good one so hot you have to measure in Kelvin okay so we got that part so it doesn't seem to throttle much or at all when you take it off the charger I mean I wouldn't expect it to unless you specifically set it up that way does it throttle or keep temp at 95 know it keeps temp at 95 and I'm not gonna mean the fan is supposed to be loud like right now I mean it's supposed to be loud when you're doing something like this in a laptop you're not supposed to really do shit like this on a laptop and expect it to be quiet so it's running within spec yes through the in spec I seriously want to see you cook an egg on this bastard let's see let's see can you melt take a piece of solder take a piece of solder let's see ya know I'm not that hot I'm afraid it's not gonna cook if it's not gonna cook solder it's definitely not gonna cook an egg can you even stole yeah I could still touch this machine yeah it's only when the graphics chip is going that it's really that uncomfortable okay so enough of this because I'm gonna wind up killing this fuckin thing enough enough see let's see how quickly the temperature goes down after I stop it here we go so I just stopped the encode it's at 62 Celsius 61 Celsius this is with the bottom cover on by the way and there's nothing under the machine somebody asked about speakers all right so four speakers let's play some different stuff so the thing I was using last time is this Yuri Caine song Yuri Caine right back so let's check that out but nothin you tube and I'll play some other stuff just to check it out check out audio now keep in mind you are listening to the speakers through a microphone so it's going to end then through your speakers so it's going to be a stupid comparison let's see your cane right back so I'm going to play this well it's not going to I have to unplug the damn dongle hey check it out you can actually this is pretty cool okay so let's say you're on a YouTube video and you want to fast forward or a wine look at this look at this I gotta say this is actually kind of cool that somebody that uses YouTube regularly and wish it this is this is a really quick way to go back 30 seconds I wasn't expecting to start liking this touch barb it's just cool you can go back to the other tab in your browser can you X the tab in your browser using this er that's asking too much no that's it this is pretty cool you can fast-forward through the Utes let's go to the beginning with a basic borders you all right now we're going to compare to my other speakers not fair oh there we go let's restart that because it was playing through desktop audio yeah so we're going to go through laptop again honestly this is the best sound on laptop speakers I've ever heard obviously doesn't oh the candle of mine but it's a they are laptop speakers up there they're pretty good for laptop speakers let's put something else on let's see what else do we got here so remember that guy that showed up that was my boss from Avatar studios from when I used to work there as a tech law eight years ago he I went to see the show on Broadway Cirque du Soleil is power more and it's funny we were talking he had just got done recording the entire soundtrack at Avatar to Cirque de leus Paramore I was listening to it right before you showed up this is a good and again it's a laptop so you get with yours you know it's not gonna be amazing this is my regular ones really good soundtrack I got to say hey there laptop speakers you can't expect much out of it because it's a laptop but still there that's pretty impressive haven't speakers in the new 15 inch pro compared to the old 15 inch 2015 15 inch MacBook Pro I'm only going from memory because I don't have it in front of me but it craps on them completely these speakers are much better these speakers are better it's not bad for laptop speakers SSD speed okay there's one so what application you want me to use to check the SSD speed because the whole Blackmagic app is a it's driving me nuts I refuse to log in to download a free application I'm not going to come up with an Apple ID and register to download a free application so what application do you want me to download for OS 10 to use the test the SSD somebody was kind and emailed me the black magic thing but that one doesn't want to open I will stop it before it dies is a good enough reason I'm being on the I'm being on the conservative side here all right black magic yeah but I don't I don't want to I'm not locking in they're not logging in App Store I just on principle I refused to log into an app store to download a free application for a computer crystal disk all right let's see are you let's let's grab this thing till one standard edition or Shizuku Edition shizuka you're all yelling different programs you're all yelling different programs and okay fuck it out of town or whatever that's ah look at this how many times you can see geez all right fuck chat I'll come back to chat when it makes more when it when it starts making sense again let's pull download regular edition you guys are making me download Windows software aren't you yeah you guys made me download okay I shouldn't be reading this thing Aida okay let's check out Aida Aida oh I eat a 64 is yeah okay fuck SSD testing well we'll get to that one look at this chat this is like you need a person just to watch them scroll through this shit I actually wait I transferred the Blackmagic application with the same dongle that I transferred the broadcast file that didn't work yeah maybe maybe that's why I have to use the snowflake adapter you expect YouTube chat to make sense yeah that's my that's my fault my bad my bad I'm being did it's not about that I already selected that it's it's it's not about the application not being signed it just doesn't want to open because it's a corrupt somehow it says it's crooked so it's crooked Lois please inspect the mysterious connector which Apple is planning to use the recovered data from the SSD where is that thing bottom of the border top I don't think allowing third-party apps works on Sierra that would be a fail I don't it's black magic disk speed test all right now we're going to copy using the snowflake adapter I'm just not logging into a fucking App Store to download a free application like no you got my fingerprint that's enough I'm kind of like creeped out that Apple has my fingerprint right now it doesn't leave a fingerprint but it does have my fingerprint I mean I should have its uploaded to the NSA database there's people drawing on the high high you can you can open the door and come in oh god this is painful you pull foxy Wow that was painful it's today's not a good day to be customer service I just had customers walk in that don't know how to operate a door oh that was painful okay so let's move Blackmagic speedtest dude here we go it's on all right BAM okay so now see I needed this this is nuts if I use the non snowflake adapted I can't even copy a file yeah yeah that was why I wasn't opening the I guess that's the cool thing about doing like this is the cool part about doing a live review like on one hand you look like an idiot but on the other hand how would anybody know that their file that the files that you copy using a third-party USBC adapter to USB adapter would actually not copy properly and not show an error dude dude you can't again you can't make this shit up that's why my boo that's why my other thing wasn't encoding that's why black magic did look this that's why this was an opening and that that was why my ink code wasn't working before and it kicked giving me that error you're never gonna find the error here we yeah you're never gonna see the error now but still if you whine the video you'll see there but damn that's nuts okay speed test so what settings do you want me to use on black magic speed test I have it right now it says five gigabytes so let's try that I'm going to start and you're using it wrong of course I'm using it wrong I'm not smart enough to use a Mac man I'm telling you I'm not smart enough you got to be really smart to use these computers man you got to be you got to be Apple doesn't have your fingerprint it's stored in the device and the secure arm clave yeah I'm sure the NSA doesn't have my fingerprint the NSA has to love stuff like this I mean like just just the idea of getting everybody's fingerprints I mean I get my fingerprints already on file with the state because I needed it once to open the store and get the license to do a consumer electronics repair and then I needed another license I needed another license to do the camera system installs and for that you have to get everybody that works with you fingerprinted this isn't okay these are some pretty impressive speeds you have here where do you get your spare parts from the Internet I got to say this is pretty that's pretty fast SSD actually you know what I'm going to do I'm going to do the test that everybody was trolling me for before so remember I was just copying a file from one folder to the other we're just going to do that again and I'm going to do it the exact same file so the file that I was copying before was this broadcast dot MOV file and this is just a file of me doing a repair of my of my captured on bullet that I used for the jerry-rigged everything video so I'm just going to go over that and what we're going to copy that file from one folder to another and there's going to be six pages and how that's a newb test and blob but let's see what I get I'm just curious how this compares to the SSD in the in the other MacBook Pro in the 13-inch non-touch bar so the last time we tested it was a 13-inch non-touch bar model and the speed we got copying that file let's just take a look and see if I find it I believe it was like seven somewhere around seven seconds but I had sent a description of that video oh it's not in the description it's in the comments I never I'm lazy I never put it in the description of the video damn okay well fish through that in a second so I'm just going to copy that file from desktop to documents and I'm going to use my phone as a timer I know this this is as professional as it gets right this is as professional as it gets it should be googling a command that shows you how to do it over the command line when it tells you how much time it took but is this getaway is faster and requires less use of the brain all right okay like a second faster so it's a second fit it's a second faster than the other one and copying a file that is what is eight nine gigs it took about six and a half seconds to copy a file that's nine point three gigabytes okay I mean come on that's impressive nine point three gigabyte file that got copied that quickly that's kind of cool you could use our sink yeah but I ready to use our sink in the original benchmark so the command is literally called time see I learned something there we go that's pretty fast that is much faster than I would have thought it would have been you know I'm still not going to forgive them for soldering in the SSD but that's a pretty fast SSD Louis do you get mad when people visit your shop and want to take a picture not really man I just dunno just a waste of time kind of what do you think a little novo l-series anything other than the P the X and the tea is usually shit like I'm very weary with Lenovo like the tea series on the W the t the w the X like the real X like the x1 carbon nuts and the the new P series is alright anything else and you're kind of getting into Lenovo's really weird shit you copying from different device or lanta through cable I'm just copying from the desktop to the Documents folder just moving one file to different directory on same drive as silly as I said people are going to whine and scream about it it's real-world usage I copied a font this is the point they use for data recovery use a proprietary format that's a good question cached it definitely copied a little faster than the other machine tiny bit teeny tiny bit alright let's see I see raging oh there's raging oh okay let's check out and see if there's a connector let's turn it off is it ok when they bring you a burrito in exchange for a picture I can't do that because I have to have somebody standing by to test the burrito to make sure there's no cyanide in it I saw the IceMen after I saw the Iceman I don't let people bring me food anymore anybody see the IceMen with michael shannon after you see that movie you're never gonna let somebody bring you food again just never you didn't copy the file if you moved it on the same Drive yeah oh yeah you have to see the black magic design disk speed test if you're not happy with me you got to be happy with black magic right what about stress test for SSD it worked with the asset with Sam this thing is my mortal enemy this is going to get me until I figure it out what did I do what how do you how the fuck do you open this this will towards you okay push towards you what a piece okay let's see connector jato where's the little connector now I'm shielding like protecting Micro for pretending as a trump in the room Harambee approves there we go okay so where is this connector supposed to be that is it going to be on the bottom of the board because if it is we're not we're not going there today hey does this thing I've Wi-Fi on the board too is it why do I see what I think I see dude Wi-Fi started on here too is zoom in over here zoom in' you guys see this so yeah metal tool great into a great job metal tool this is the rest Nvidia okay okay so the Wi-Fi card is the wires for the Wi-Fi are going directly to the board so if you have no Wi-Fi any of you have Wi-Fi go out you buy a new card on eBay for like 20 or 30 bucks and you plug it in your Wi-Fi works again Oh they're right next to the fans so the fan is going to get the water it's gonna go pro Wi-Fi to CPU do yeah but Wi-Fi do ya you know as much as I'm not a fan of this design this is probably gonna wind up being a gold mine for repair how how was the how was the standard end-user gonna get any data off of this they're not sad but port below the left fan your left or my left this left or this left does this mean I have to stop removing the JTAG connectors now to fix the machines cuz you know any of you who watch my repair streams regularly know that ninety ninety percent of the repair stream start with me removing the jtag connector your left which is my which is this no which is this alright where where is that little connector it's not if it's on the bottom when we're not going there today let's see oh this thing you mean this thing is this what you're talking about now we need a microscope camera for that does anybody have a schematic for an 8 – 0 0 0 2 8 1 – 10 please please brother give me a schematic this is like the chip masters form oh alright let's check out the we need a microscope to see this what what is it that's a good question what the hell is maybe that thing is covering the JTAG that's recovering the connector so this is the fucking JTAG all right no everybody's screaming no this is not it ok below the fan but this is below the fan right this is the fan that's below the fan under the shield with two screws so are you saying you know for uh I can't listen a live chat you just said no wait what that's not a t5 screw is it a pentalobe or what what the fuck type of screw is this let's see penile oh no okay what is the yes keys is there it's fine – t3 up there okay of course it's not going to be a t5 for a pentalobe but you have to make sure we use at least three different types of screws in one laptop you have to make sure that you use at least three different types of screws or it's not an apple that's how you can tell if you bought a real Apple or a knockoff Apple I know there's a t3 on the bottom of the pile there that we've never ever used before whatever you hear cuz nobody uses fucking t3 and I just decided if I could use it this is now this is this a regular pen elope this is the same one that I have it's on the bottom of this pile some we're gonna find a t3 now if they use t3 for the bottom screws that would make sense but they use pentalobe for the bottom screws and then t3 for the fucking SSD you serious oh man so okay where guess we have to rip through this whole thing to find a t3 I know I bought one I bought one like for some phone four or five years ago what's the screwdriver that nobody is going to have in their fucking collection it's on the bottom of one of these piles it's a we ha one two it's one of the red ones it were here we go t3 right in the bottom okay let's see if it – t3 it's right on the bottom of the pile cuz I would be ok with them using t3 seriously cuz it's at least it's a standard you can go into a store and fucking find the t3 I would be ok with the t3 if it wasn't for the fact that they don't they use pentalobe for the bottom of the computer you got to be kidding I'll see if that see if t3 does it excuse me to ground myself here since I got up and okay it's a t3 Oh motherfuckers maybe they put this over it but maybe they put this over to the JTAG connected as in corrode they've been watching my videos Apple has been watching my videos now they put they put a shield over the JTAG you know you know how the first thing I always remove on the voids is the jtag connector because it always fucks them all up look they put a shield over it Apple watches I'm touched I've touched madam such ok here we go dude look at covers though it shields the whole thing this is great no so I can't Kuro it I mean of course they left this JTAG over there to corrode but you know you got to make sure to use a non-standard screwdriver to cover the connector that a user may use to get their data you have to make sure all right let's go all over the microscope and check out what this thing looks like we're on microscope camera now so I just have to get this in focus just give me a second to get this back to where you can see properly so I have to make it and focus on my screen and I got to get focus on your screen okay so the PCH over here has a jtag connector that's completely exposed now as I say in most of my videos the jtag connector usually has all the main power rails and a lot of the main signaling lines going to it so if you get any liquid on there it's kind of like it's kind of like the difference between being shot in the arm and being shot in the brain if you get shot in the arm oh it hurts but man you'll recover you get shot in the head you're dead so it's kind of the same idea you get water on the back light circuit we can deal with it you get water on a keyboard something you can deal with you get water on the jtag connector and everything is destroyed until you remove the jtag connector so that's the the JTED connected by the PCH but this is the one that ends of the left fan that you guys were talking I think this is this is the connector you guys mean right under the left fan you see if I can I can't zoom out anymore so much if I put it if I put it in horizontal view maybe you'll be able to get a better view of it so let's put it in horizontal view alright so this is the connector so that's the fan over here the fan blades and right under you go to view of this little connector now as to whether or not it's proprietary or not I don't have I don't have a schematic or anything for this so I don't have enough information to really tell you if it's if it's a if it's something that's standard or if they're using some separate protocol but yeah this is the piece that I just removed to get to it which is this thing see this so this is to imagine to protect the connector that's a sexy connector it's pretty and you just put this thing back on like so let's see because it looks like is there padding on the side of this – this padding around this Apple I'm given you have a drop of water you have some coca-cola up there some cat piss maybe you could tell I'll check it out this is actually pretty cool oh they do this with everything then so at least they look yeah I mean but that's now I guess the question is does it matter I mean this this encryption matter does it need to talk to the CPU or anything or is it just a standard regular drive if they went to the effort to do this there has to be that's the thing is Apple going to offer data recovery services that's that's the question that I have is Apple going to do data recovery at the store now because the reason that this is a concern is there's a video that I did on Apple and data recovery there was somebody who you know who wanted to have the service done through Apple they went there and their machine was dead and they said you know your when you get the machine back it's not gonna have the data you know I unplug the drive I plug it into another computer it boots up the drive is fine the drive had no damage on it but when they do their tier 4 repairs for any type of a liquid you usually you have to have your data backed up in this person wound up coming here and paying for the for the data I should know they didn't pay for the data what they did is they pay they left the tip just so that I could remove the drive from their machine which I tried to refuse but people there so they left they left it here so I could take the drive out and put it a little anti-static bag so that when they took it to Apple they wouldn't just erase their data and it was actually an interesting argument that I wound up having in a YouTube chat not an argument I guess a debate let's find this here does this one person is going on and on about how no other manufactures going to do this by the way this is this this comment just kind of made me sad like this this really made me said just like reading through this made me really really like so sad let's see so the whole pipe the point that I was making and you can find this video how the genius bear handles custody Gnaeus bar handles kunti during customer repairs sucks I can't even talk I need to get a burrito I'm hungry it was a comment by Eric Emily were going through it and my whole point was that you should be able to simply unplug the drive before you do the tier 4 repair so that the customer doesn't have their data erased and he was saying well no other store does this so why should they and it's like dude you have to unplug a drive and he said yeah but that requires extra skill and these are not incredibly skilled technicians they're retailing sick dude if you have the skill to erase a drive you then have the skill to not erase a drive and Apple has a very very long history of not not doing anything to try to preserve user data in case you in the case that your machine is damaged and I know Lenovo does because I had a screwed up motherboard and they had a little checkbox on this on this warranty form it was do you want us to erase it do you want us to reformat it do you want us to not touch it and I said don't touch it some kind of curious I mean why would you put that port there if you weren't going to do data recovery in the store I feel like they are that I feel like this is kind of a this is kind of leaning towards them doing data recovery in the store now I really would want to see what goes to that specific connector I'm kind of curious what goes to it does anybody have a schematic for this because I don't have a schematic for this this is an 8 to 0 0 0 to 8 1-1 0 because if somebody has a schematic we can view it and see what's going to that connector and see if that's if its proprietary or if there's anything special or if it's just straight-up PCI Express in power if I slip the pin then I could kill it prods I know what I can and I kill the guys data so now I'm knocking no no I'm not I don't mind fucking up on my stuff I'm just not going to fuck up with somebody yeah I think they don't want to be responsible they're doing data recovery in the store that port is for the FBI to install their spying dongle it's a snowflake connector and using tamper evidence screws I'm not sure let's look at the screen I guess see it's too late because I already tampered with it what does the screw look like under the microscope good question it looks pretty standard to me looks pretty standard to me what is your your thoughts in the diagnostic program Apple uses in the store and that why they don't let users access it um cause they're dicks I mean that's this really no and if somebody has a good reason I'm all oh I'm all ears to hearing it but I just kind of think it's cuz they're dicks why is it that I have to look through the board for an extra 12 hours to find out which sensor has failed rather than just running a test that tells me what sensor failed that was a good question because the the question here is why don't you tzer's have access to the diagnostic tool that says what sensor failed so if you get liquid on it and it runs really slow or something runs like crap it's usually a bad sensor and it's kind of lame because without that software you have to look to the entire board and test every single individual piece which takes ridiculous amounts of time rather than just relying on what what the program told you and then looking at the sensor in that area and the reason that that's particularly silly is because the people who have the access to the software at the store do not fix boards they're saying that you if you do fix boards are not allowed access to the software that's kind of like giving porn to a eunuch and then telling that the rest of the world is not allowed access to porn but you're giving point to the person that doesn't have a dick I mean that's the best analogy I can I can think of you're limiting porn to people that don't have a dick I mean yeah why Dixon burritos look alike don't say that I want to get a burrito now I'm not going to be able to don't say that I'm gonna be eating my burrito today I'm just gonna be looking and thinking it's a big dick diagnostic tool can tell you exactly which sensor failed yeah it does it'll say vp0 r or IC 0 r then you can look in that area but looking through every single sensor manually is just lame a SD is now cloud-based due to rampant warranty fraud by Apple authorized service providers don't forget the balls are you homophobic or something no I just don't want to eat a dick it's not afraid it's just preference I would prefer to I'm not afraid of them I just have a preference to not big difference do you think it's worth going with the P series with Lenovo I only tried it to be an H I was expecting to be more pissed off at the off-center keyboard than I was getting used to the off-center keyboard is easier than I thought so what else is there to go over I guess we could check the D message thing again now that we're done with everything else now I have to put this damn bottom cover back on they're fixing the board is the easy part putting the bottom cover on is the hard part I don't know why is it so hard to do this basic shit t3 pentalobe and does the board use t3 screws may be they have the board using t3 screws oh okay so the board uses it see they have they use t3 NC 5 you need 2 different screwdrivers remove the motherboard look and check this out look this is this is this is really like why okay look this screw over here t3 t3 screwdriver unscrew and screw it back in this screw t5 screwdriver see whee-ha you can't read the top of it but that's a t5 you need two different screwdrivers just to remove the motherboard from the fucking computer what alright so you got to buy a t3 yeah so you have to carry three screwdrivers two dongles and a partridge in a pear tree yes the fucking toolkit to you Oh three different screwdrivers two different dongles 199 Celsius CPU Hey oh can you put the bottom cover back on because I'm an idiot I gotta figure this out prevention I have like six months to figure this out before I this is supposed to be the easy part you're holding it nice be glad it's only two screwdrivers hey it could be more I haven't taken everything out yet does this one also need apples snowflake connector yes it does if you use a different one so check this out so I tried to I thought it was working because it was the screen wasn't blinking then when I tried to use my mage well capture dongle which everybody says is a piece of crap even though it works with every computer I've ever used including a Dell XPS 95 50 a Razer stealth Pro and my custom-built desktop in my Lenovo T 440 it works at 5 frames a second with the standard dongle but it works at 60 frames a second with a snowflake dongle this will always work at 5 frames a second if you plug it into a USB 2 port instead of a USB 3 port so now we're going to go through and do the D message ship I didn't want to clog up too much time with that before because that's boring it's boring let's see what we get with this it's annoying up Abeka as that's just me it's a pain and did I give it to you backwards maybe I gave it to you backwards I wouldn't put it past me to give it to you backwards I'm glad that somebody else is going to be doing Wi-Fi speed didn't look like it was affected by using the non snowflake adapter we're waiting for it to be closed and then we'll check the message and all that I'll do I'll put the D message output to a log file and put it on paceman and then we can look at it later so I'll put links in here for the paceman of the law of the D message log files I just feel like this is some troll by Apple and they love when you touch their dongle what what seriously looks hooks this is more crooked than Hillary what y-yes y-yeah I guess I might as well show every one of you yeah so you can see what I'm talking about there's hooks no look at this there's special little this little C lower the exposure look there's a bunch of little hooks on the side of the machine that can be bent very easily which one this one is this one it has those in the sunny on both sides it is four of those on each side and then you have this thing which is the the other clip I guess it's a crook book it's a crook book well we're waiting for that I think the D message thing will be the last thing I do and then we'll be out of here nan we'll be out of here what are the hooks for ah no I don't know I don't fucking know is there any actual benefit to soldering the components I guess there's one less point of failure but still I think it's just about making them about the manufacturing process being quicker because think about it with the MacBook Air screen like they used to have a the screen used to screw into a laptop now the screen is glued into the laptop and I feel like they started doing that in 2010 because they realized that in the beginning there was a good chance of the screen being bad once the screen had once there was so good at manufacturing screens that they knew that like you know hon you know ninety-nine point nine nine ninety nine thousand nine hundred ninety-nine out of a hundred thousand will be good they figured there's no point in having a screen that screws in because before if the screen was damaged or wasn't working the way it was supposed to eat is unscrewed it in you screwed a new one and you didn't waste all the display assembly eventually they realized that all the screens we manufacture does work there's no reason to have a separate assembly process we then screw that screen into the machine so to make the manufacturing cheaper it probably just made sense to design it as one full display assembly and just then and I feel like it's the same thing with the motherboard like you don't need another assembly step of make it of take of having somebody make the SSD and a different facility and then having a machine or something slide it into the computer and then screw it in it's just BAM it's part of production to the motherboard it cheapens everything so I don't mean cheap resin lower quality I just mean it's cheaper to manufacture that's my only theory because that's the only I mean I feel like they're doing it I feel like the middle finger to the customer is secondary to it being cheaper and more efficient to manufacture this way all right let's so let's check out some let's do D message this part is boring let's make chat great again see you later time man most accurate password on earth all right let's get the message to output to a file and then upload it to paste bin all right we're going to plug in a microscope camera back in because that's going to take up a lot of bandwidth here dad okay so first thing I'm going to do is D message let's see before dongle D message before dongle D message after dongle let's you know open open broadcaster as well they charge 300 for a book do you think they care about the increasing sales by lower price and they already have a huge chunk of market point taken after dongle OBS open and yet still even have to restart and everything it's still going at slow speed and it's I'm just going to make a couple of these different log files and I'll upload them to paceman what's that data fob a burrito okay we're going to take a five-minute break and then I'm going to upload them too I'm hungry we'll be back in five minutes man five minutes empty chair stream that was worth it I was hungry ah that was totally worth the drop in 200 viewers I was worse if taken I'm hungry take it second alright where were we after dongle with open broadcaster open now we're going to unplug the dongle and make another D message so I'm going to make a couple of separate D messages let me just label each one of them so I don't forget which is which I use the wrong file name hoid on we're almost there we can paste in these and then everybody who wants to know what the message says will have their own full copy I'll put it in the description too okay okay now I have to plug in the good dongle what is the reason for this stream to waste bandwidth to waste bandwidth I don't like time-warner so I just figured I would fuck with them and waste some bandwidth you know just because to watch an empty chair that's what the stream is for DMS we're almost there okay now we're going to open open broadcaster into another one here we're just about there we have every single one of these indy message and with a regular adapter I get my full 60 frames a second alright time to put all these on pastebin or be pasted I prefer B paste we'll go with B paste I like B paste a burrito ate Lois for a second I forgot my Wi-Fi password and it's not one two three four do you heat you i heated the burrito with another MacBook than with another one I ran the okay ah interesting comments in live chat you mean okay I'm going to put all the links directly into the video description don't want no don't use my Google account the message can contain sensitive info thanks for replacing the creepy clown why is somebody bringing up Hillary porn Jesus Christ you guys there it is kit just corrected D message two dimes I'm sorry this for real Steve it autocorrects did when I type D message into the YouTube chat description it could auto corrects it two dimes dude it corrects it's fucking correcting when I type in D message it auto corrects its dimes no seriously what the you kidding me now check this out okay I it's like almost like they try to get me to say bad things I said nice things about touch bar you guys saw that I said nice things about touch bar didn't you okay let's try to not show any sensitive information which I usually fail at no stream key and view I'm able to watch this D em e s G right G I'll go figure it types such DM ESG dimes that I'm sorry did I ask you to autocorrect this shit and it shows up on the touch bar to look did I ask you to autocorrect the shit look it's it wants to meet a correct D message to dice what okay it's new it's a new feature it's a new feature it's a new feature but G I don't want you auto correcting my shit alright D message before plugging in adapter paste D message a dime's DME asked motherfuck D message after plugging in adept where was the name of that adapter power bit after plugging in power bit adaptive powered boat they're fuckin kidding me look I got a good good let's bring this up is it f7 alright let's bring up the screen as well which I'm going to type pout because the name of the adapter is power bit you're going to up this put this over here okay I'm going to type D message after plugging in power bitte okay there it did at that one time power bit power boat I can fuck it autocorrected at the power boat this is trolley did you put something on my did you put something in that that burrito this can't be for real turn off auto corect why are you on by default fuck off with your autocorrect on by default I don't remember asking autocorrect to be on by default plugging in power bit and yes power bit right now this guy's going to go back to use his fucking computer he's going to type in power boat and it's going to correct a power bit before turning on where's the home button where's home and end because I want I wanted to delete the capitalized D D these keyboards don't have a home and an end do they is you have to hit a key to make home and then show up page up page down this is supposed to be easy there is this come on just work I want to see you just working show me my home in my end key command arrow here we go command arrow o command arrow does it there we go I learned something I'm a Mac user now I'm a Mac user Paige up is function up Jesus learned to Mac I like having my keys my keys have been taken away from me you're typing it wrong yes yes I'm typing it wrong okay I'll put all this I don't think there's going to be much fun information and D message but I'll put it here for the hell of it power boat mother I'll just leave it at power boat you guys don't know what I mean Oh paste this Dedic you troll a dedicated home in n dango that was hmm here power boat the keyboard is ASMR then you know what ASMR is let me show you ASMR the ultrasonic cleaner is ASMR you ready one two see code includes I should open my ultrasonic ASMR I can open it that's ASMR right there but nobody likes my ASMR none of you think that that's good ASMR oh man new paste I love B paste I'm just going to leave where it says powerboat in a description what are you going to do the premium click eNOS premium click eNOS only the dongle came in rose gold rose gold that would be all I need what you're going to do in powerboat comes for you powerboat yeah I don't think any of this is going to be useful maybe I'm missing a piece of D message mmm new paste okay so I'm not sure how long it's going to take for its update the video description I wonder if I'm allowed to paste this in chat let's see will it let me post links at night I can't mofo it won't let me post links in chat hopefully it shows up here soon well it says device is not fully functional at operational speed – that is perhaps related to the slow USB mode correct power issue to the US yeah can you do a drop test no no techrax can do drop test because they get over 2000 bucks of video I'm not doing it no no no absolutely not alright I think that's about it so we've gone over I compared the CPU to the dual-core one we did speakers we looked at the inside of it we looked at the port we tried out this little touch bar thing we saw that touch bar autocorrects we saw that if I use the anything but the snowflake dongle it slows down the USB speed and also that when I use a different dongle when I tried to copy the broadcast MOV file for ffmpeg to encode it didn't want to didn't want to work because the file was corrupted when was transferring the Blackmagic SSD tester didn't even work when I transferred the file using the power bit dongle so a lot of so that's about it did the GPU benchmarking we saw that it runs all the way up to 99 Celsius we saw that the top of the machine actually appears to run hotter than the bottom of the machine to make sure that your hands stay warm in the winter you don't want to get any frostbite while typing that's about that I think we've gone over a lot of the interesting points this touch bar really has some it has some it has some I guess potential to be cooler than it is but yeah just to turn off that autocorrect by default shit I like that you can actually go through a youtube video I really like that you can actually go through a YouTube video and fast forward and rewind with it for me that's the most useful feature of it and the disc that I was powering was an SSD it wasn't even a spinning hard drive so that's kind of interesting so now that I can see that what's in the chat is pretty pretty much all cancer at this point it's about time to leave and get on with the day of work so that's it for today and as always hope you enjoyed but yeah yeah there's nothing left to look at here I guess anybody who's going to sit through me eating me eating a burrito is probably not going to be the most not the most high quality chat you have time to get out of here alright that's about it

35 Replies to “2016-11-25 Let's look at the 15" Touchbar Macbook Pro: 1st "pro" machine w/ SOLDERED IN SSD!!!”

  1. Василь Баран

    It's good that they've added this word suggestionscorrection on the TouchBar because I'll be mistyping a lot with that keyboard =)

  2. Maphack

    well i'm scared…i got it used with basically no battery cycles (who cares) but the radeon 460 card (cheaper than "refurbished" from amazon……which seems incredibly crazy, relative to the price…even though i'm screwed. at least it's the silver lining, i guess

  3. Lucas Noble

    Does the one WITHOUT the touch bar have a soldered SSD???? I've been enlightened by Louis' video and am urging to get rid of my 2018 13" MacBook Pro without the touch bar, to build a much faster and better PC. LET ME KNOWWWWW(: FUUUCK APPLE

  4. Zawa Rudo

    special snowflake adapter 😂 that sounds so apple 😀 i havent met any person using apple in my life that wouldn't have extraordinary ability to be offended by the direction of wind

  5. Todestelzer

    The main problem with soldering the SSD is the limited lifetime of it. It will fail sooner or later and you can’t replace it yourself.

  6. Oleg Gritsev

    Embedded SSD ? no problem with data recovery. Just use NVME adapted to sata or USb and after decrypt data from partition use customer password. if SSD degraded in case with Samsung Photon controller use terminal connectors to SSD for upload firmware or rebuild translation system. possible use PC3000 with add ons.

  7. Garry Glendown

    Apple just loves to f*ck it's customers, and they pay premium prices to be f*cked … so it seems both are satisfied …

  8. Phil Morton

    It's not a genuine apple macbook if it doesn't have at least 3 types of screws! Lol holy smoke they shielded the connector…well looks like someone is listen…shame they removed the download connector from the 2018 model!

  9. TH3MS

    Its useless for such an expensive computer. The SSD will be worn out long before the rest of the components besides the battery. Its so basic everyone knows it and that makes it painfully obvious how bad it is.

  10. Ian Kelly

    That's what time machine is for. As every Mac user knows you keep a regular backup of the whole shebang on an external and you transfer that to your new Mac if the harddrive fails or even if you move to a new machine. Apple make backing up your data so, so easy. They give you the tools right away to do it. Free! Even on an old style hard drive and on Windows too if your harddrive fails what's the point of sticking it in to a new machine as you are screwed anyway if you don't maintain a proper backup?

  11. Cody Brown

    Can you do a video on making a motherboard with head cheese and cheddar cheese in a oven on cleaning mode. The motherboards I make at home are faster than a mac air

  12. Желязко Пехливанов

    OBS on mac? Wow can that machine even handle recording 1080p 30 fps? Cause streaming 1080p60 fps is definitely out of the question with their CPUs.No NVENC eather…

  13. TheyRiseBand

    The last Apple laptop I purchased was a 13" MacBook Pro, from 2009. That little thing was a tank and was fairly user-serviceable. I used it for live performance and had it mounted in an SKB rack case. It still runs to this day, but is no longer supported by Apple.

  14. Chad

    $3000 laptop barely runs Unigine Valley (no AA and Medium settings at 1440 by 900). But it gets better, the CPU is pegged at 100 degrees Celsius after 1 second of basic encoding level work.

  15. glitch 404

    T520? Isn't that 2nd gen? Oh wait no point in making fun of that I have one too😂 given that it's 200$ not a bad deal

  16. Renato Santos

    I have a 2012 and 2011 macbook pro and these machine didn't work with none of my "dongles" that were not from Apple. i had to pay U$99 ( Here in Brazil ) for a original special f*cking Apple edition to make it work with my monitor. This week my dongle died and i plugged in with my "non Apple" dongle and… it works! I think this dongles thing is a Software fix update or Apple conspiration to sell more dongles 🙂

  17. Andrew

    Yet another reason I will never buy another Macbroke Pro. These things aren't laptops. They're giant fold-able iPhones.

  18. gcv980

    Apple and Microsoft should be fined heavily for contributing to our throwaway society. Microsoft surface tablets are built pretty much the same way.

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