4 Amazing Spy Hacks YOU SHOULD KNOW

4 Amazing Spy Hacks YOU SHOULD KNOW

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Here are 4 really cool tricks that you shuold know if you want to be a spy! Learn how to turn a disposable camera into a hidden taser, and a usb killer. Also learn how to control your computer form your phone and how to build a knife into your phone as well. Enjoy!
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hey what is up guys so in this video we are doing something new never before done on this channel I'm definitely not just running out of ideas but I know these are spying videos seem to be doing pretty well every time I make one of them seems to be what people like see how that's what I'm basing it off of but if you like any of my other projects or stuff like that you want to see me make more I don't know just refresh the video a couple hundred thousand times yeah maybe I'll make another one anyway so in this video I have come up with a few more spy hacks thank guys honestly probably one of doing anyway but you know it'll be a cool video to watch so let's jump right into this alright so to kick things off we have a disposable camera now if you guys watch this channel you pretty much know the only thing these are good for is the capacitor inside that makes the flash we knew a bunch of cool things with that basically we're going to rip this open and extract the inside and this is the only part that we need if you want you can save the battery to actually but yeah just these two parts is all need and yeah before you handle this at all make sure to discharge the capacitor by connecting these two terminals right here just like that yeah you don't want to shock yourself with this alright next you want to grab two pieces of wire and what we're gonna do is solder them to these two terminals right here where the sparks jump between [Applause] alright guys so at this point I've finished up all the electronics basically I just attached to wires off the capacitor right here and then I just attached the triple-a battery in place a little bit of tape right and so what this circuit does is um when I press this little lever right here it will charge the capacitor off the triple-a battery and now when I touch these two wires together a spark will jump between them just like that so now to turn this into a really cool spy device I'm gonna go mount this inside of an old deodorant stick yeah that's right we're making a deodorant stick taser so obviously the first step is to get rid of your old deodorant as you can see there's nothing in here but actually did go ahead and save this piece right here see how that just fits in like that so now the last thing I'm going to do before I put this in here is I actually tape this lever down so will constantly be charging basically what this does is charges the capacitor up to full until the discharge and then it'll immediately recharge it back up again so by taping this down it'll mean it will constantly recharge after you discharge it all right so once you add enough fun shocking people with your deodorant stick here's another cool thing you can do with the disposable camera so the setup is basically the same way you just want to solder on two wires to the capacitor and what we're actually gonna do is turn this device into a USB killer now if you don't know what these things are they've been pretty popular recently basically it's a device that you can buy actually if you want you know all I get down the description but I'm basically if you plug it into any USB like device like a computer or a phone or something it'll completely kill it it'll fry it so yeah it won't be able to work and I'm so how it works is it basically it has a bunch of built-in capacitors quite like the one that's in the camera but what it does is actually uses the voltage from the device itself to charge up the built-in capacitors and that releases all the charge just at once just basically you in the case of a spy device all you'd have to do is uh go to spotlight and if you swipe up you can grab a keyboard that you can type something like photo booth you can launch the application and as you can see you can now view through the laptop camera right on your smartphone so you can see waving my hand here let me can see my camera I'm filming with it's actually pretty trippy to look at it's weird that there's a mushroom in the background anyway so yeah that's a cool way this can be used in terms of us spy devices but honestly this is actually just a really cool thing to have set up so like if you leave your computer open you can just hop on through your phone get some work done if you can't do whatever you need to do on a mobile device like you can run applications you run programs you can email files and uh yeah it's just really helpful to have so yeah there you go all right guys and so for this last one I'm going to show you how to build a super thin knife into your phone case now I've done this type of stuff but it's just been like exacto blades and it's not actually built-in so that's we're gonna do today so if you've ever seen these credit card knives I've shown them a little bit but basically they're super thin knives like this I'll drop a link in the description if you want to go check it out um you can get them super cheap too so I that makes it perfect so the first thing we're gonna do is actually go ahead and remove the blade from the credit card part comes apart super easy just like that knees actually pop out so yeah now we're left with just the super thin blade and my case actually comes apart into two separate parts so what I'm gonna do is use this as the cover and I'm the building me blade down here so from the credit card part of the knife itself actually saved one of these little bumps they'll get that actually went in these holes and what I'm gonna do is stick this back up furthest hole in the back just like that and now that's how I'm going to attach it to the phone case because this swivels so this will lock the knife to just swivel out and once we connect the knife as you can see we can have it swivel out and swivel back and now as you can see it's also thin enough so all we have to do is just cover it up with the rest of the case and it's if they're just like a normal phone since you can see this knifes pretty sharp I'm definitely will do the job in a pinch and so I really hope you like this video just a couple more cool spy devices even if you don't make them I hope you at least found them interesting and yeah comment down below if you have any cool ideas like this or really anything else that you only see also hit that thumbs up button if you did enjoy this subscribe for more cool projects similar to this so that's been it for this video guys and I will catch you in the next one

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  1. Jeffrey Tackett

    Want to piss off your attacker, and push him off of the 'should I kill him?' fence, firmly onto the 'of course' side? Create a field-expedient taser, or simply drag your feet and discharge the static directly into his eyeball. Either way, look forward to being murdered immediately thereafter. Best of luck to you all!

  2. Thomas Cott

    Nice vids if you want to get better results you might want to look at soldering videos. Your soldering tip is a mess.

  3. SuperOnionmaster

    Liked, subbed and refreshed a bunch of times lol 😉 So excited to explore more of your channel what great ideas. Thanks for the vids, you are awesome!

  4. Hazim Jamal

    very good . the vnc connect . though i went to site but couldn't download it says site can't be reached any reason for that

  5. Michael Wood

    the thing with the camera used to be my favorite toy when working in a photo lab, after removing the film for developement, me and my coworkers would always charge the capacitor, then remove the board from the plastic housing and toss them at a random coworker, instinct kicks in and they try to catch what was tossed at them, at which point they complete the circuit and zap lol

  6. bac302

    that is usb killer has a flaw the high voltage output should be weird up to the data pin to kill the devise not just the usb port

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