6 Best Mac Apps: June 2019

6 Best Mac Apps: June 2019

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Welcome to episode 27 of Best Mac Apps video. Today I’ll be showing you 6 best mac apps for June 2019.

(Best Optimizer Apps for Mac)

CleanMyMac X |
Wallpaper Wizard 2 |
Setapp – Alternate AppStore |

Descriptions & Download/Purchase links of all the 6 apps:

1. NTFS for Mac—allows you to read and write NTFS formatted drives directly from your Mac.

Download Link:

2. Jump Desktop—allows you to remotely control your Mac computer from another Mac computer or other iOS devices with full access.

Download Link:

3. MultiDock—allows you to add multiple docks at multiple places on your Mac HomeScreen.

Download Link:

4. Smart Player—allows you to add multiple movies to make a movie library and play those movies like a pro.

Download Link:

5. WebToLayers—allows you to screenshot the whole web page even if you don’t see the rest of the page.

Download Link:

6. Combo Cleaner—allows you to clean not just your Disk, but also Big Files, Duplicated files, Privacy caches and temporary files and also any viruses.

Download Link:

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hi guys welcome to episode 27 of us maggots today I'll be showing you at a sixpence my caps for June 2019 if you liked the video please subscribe to the channel so that you won't miss out any future video okay without further delay let's get started the first step on the list is called NTFS for Mac here did you to look up the air what this app does is that it allows you to read and write NTFS formatted drives directly from your Mac if you are a Windows user or used to be a Windows user your flash drives or external hard disk or other handy storage and all formatted using NTFS file system unfortunately this format is not supported on Mac OS if I'm trying to plug in my flash drive here and you go to Disk Utility here let's say I want to reformat it I click erase so on Mac usually it only supports Mac OS extended journaled Mike OS extended with case sensitive or exFAT or ms-dos or fat32 these four formats here you can read and write directly from it it means you can copy from this external hard disk or flash drive copy from it or into it with no hassle but for the last one NTFS he only support Windows which means you can only copy from it you cannot copy into it there is a big restriction on Mac but you don't have to worry about that anymore after you install this app called anti FS for Maki and then it wiII ask you to restart after you to start then you can just copy and paste any file or folder from and into this NTFS flash drive conveniently just like using Windows computer let me show you example so if you look at the information here about this flash drive they say the format is NTFS which mean it is Windows formatted system and because I already installed NTFS for Mac here it means I don't have to worry about being unable to paste it here I can just copy from any folders or files so just go to download have some files to copy they say what a copy these three files just select copy it right click and paste see it works just like when you're copying on supported file system on Mac again if you go to the info here it's the anti FS but it's support because of one because of this a view so it works great next time you don't have to worry about formatting your flash drive anymore any flash drive or Handy's external habits that they use with PC or windows computer you don't have to reformat it you just use it because after you install this NTFS from a key which is what like charm it's really cool ok this is AB number one before we move on to the next I above the list I would like to take a moment to thank PDF element for sponsoring this video recently PDF element has just released a new version of PDF element its PDF element 7 so you don't know what is PDF element it's one of the best tool to edit any PDF file into the way you want it to be you can modify the texts highlight add some pictures to it and also you can convert it to any format you want like Microsoft Word Excel PowerPoint or even image file you can do so with ease this tool is one of the greatest tool that you need for editing or converting your PDF conveniently like I said earlier you can use this PDF element AB to edit any PDF file like what I'm having now if I want to add it a text right now I cannot do anything to it but you can see tools here at the top you can edit the text click there now they allow you to edit the text let's say you want to modify here not 1230 but let's say 5:00 p.m. you can just do so and if you want to let's say remove this image you click on image you and click on the image right click you will see these trash can or you just click on delete key on your keyboard and now it's done you can add a new one let's say you put this one and add it here for the image also you can modify it say you want to crop it when you're done click confirm me and you can resize it put it right there again any image of these you can remove it easily you can even add or edit the link if you have link here for the forum you can also add forms here like radio button drop-down list park and so on have tons of them markup you can also highlight any part of this like that you can choose the color to highlight like so you can also stripe through or underline or use the pencil to draw text Bach and a lot more here you can even give text company and for Julia you can add watermark or I did water man if they have water monkey you can remove it as well you can edit background or add it or add edit footer say I want to add header footer click here click on create and where do you want to put let's say I wanted to put in the center and the tanks is hello world look save they pop up here it's really cool once you're done you click on apply if you save it close this and if you done you want to save this file as the word file you can also do so go to file here go to export and you click on word save done here it become word file it's amazing with this air and if you interested in this app you can go to its website currently if you try to buy it it cost 99 for one year plan and you want to buy it permanently it comes 129 but if you go through the link that I have included in the description you will get 15% discount which means you only pay $59 for this app it's really awesome let's move on to have number 2 F number two is called Cham desktop yeah this is the look of the app what is that bounce is that it allows you to remotely control your Mac computer from another Mac computer or from your iOS devices like iPhone or iPad with full access but fur on your iPhone right and you have to purchase this app separately before you are able to connect I mean you have to purchase these app for your Mac and for your iPhone or iPad but this app looked really great compared to other apps on the market even a free amp like TeamViewer and Paul also allow you to share the screen and remotely control the adamak through its Mac OS sharing feature here but it still doesn't work as well as this one because if you want to remotely control your Mac from the other Mac using the same Wi-Fi it works great but you trying to use different internet sauce somehow I cannot get it to work that is unreliable for me but if you manage to get it to work then you don't have to buy this but still you can only control from one man to another you cannot remotely control your Mac using your iOS device but with jam desktop here you can control your Mac from the automatic or from other iOS devices it's really cool let me show you an example yeah so usually when you download this app for the first time you will not see this I said I remove it it will show you like this so when you install jam that stuff for the first time if you show you this and they say almost done install automatic setup from this link you just click here then we'll link it to this jump desktop konnekt you download and install it and you run it like this it's right here click show so you have to install this app both on this Mac and the other Mac that you want to control install the same thing install jump desktop and jump desktop connect and then you open jam desktop connect like that and then you sign in because I only add one account you can just click Add down here and it may ask you to link to an email this email will be used to link all your connected devices so I use my gmail here and then I connect the Adam MacBook with the same Gmail after you connect that you're good to go and usually if you pop up here you have to wait after you can make it your sink and it very take a while so good night let me show you my macbook screen because I want to remotely control my Mac off-screen you take a look at my macbook screen here so I installed jam desktop and I also installed jam desktop connect but I haven't signed in it yet so what I do is I click on add remote access user if you pop this up say click here to sign in wire your web browser click there and then you can create an town if you don't want to use your Gmail just create an account a free account here inside jam desktop server if you don't just click on sign-in with Google here so I will use the same account and now it's a link if you look at my Mac screen right now when you sign in then it will pop up on the other Mac no matter how many Mac's you sign in with if you pop all of those up here so right now it just pop up and it showed this color the blue color means it is now online or the Mac is now on if it is kind of gray it mean it's off you cannot control it you want to connect to it it's simple all you have to do is just click play and then it will connect if you ask you to type in the password the password here is the administrative password they lock in password so they pop up the username here you have to type in the password so let me type in the password real quick and you click on login and you can see here right now I'm locking in this is my macbook screen I can't just quit it I can use it to do anything I want on it I can't even shut it down if I want to so basically you can just do whatever you want on it compared to other remote control desktop app this is the best in terms of how smooth it is it works great it was smoothly even if you don't use the same Wi-Fi right now I'm using the same Wi-Fi but what if I switch the Wi-Fi to my cellular data so I quit this and I change these to my cellular data I connect my iphone 6s okay now it's connected that's open again see I only connecting to the internet from my iPhone but it still work if you look at my macbook twice a year it's from different internet sauce it's really cool I mean with this app you can control your Mac from anywhere in the world ok this is a number two let's go on to at number three AB number three is called multi dock here it looks like this so as its name suggests what this app does is that it allows you to add multiple dots like what you seen here add multiple places on your Mac home screen so usually with this stock the original built in dock you can only have one row of dock on your Mac home screen and you have to choose the cipher that you want to put it right here on the left or at the bottom or right you cannot have it in multiple places but after you install this app called multi dock you can leave the original one or the built-in dock right here and then you can add more docks to it at different places let me show you how to add this let me remove this first you can see I can add as many dogs as I want to now we start from beginning just click Add here again let's say I want to start adding my favorite games I want it to be on my dock so one here you can add multiple files folders or application just click on command key then you can select multiple file folders or applications okay let's just imagine all of these have games right once you're done you just click open it and it's right here you can drag but be careful if you drag you may accidentally click on the app so make sure you click on the edge you can drag very well you want it to be just put it right there and you can see here it looked like a setting you click on panel preferences to make some changes to it you can rename it you can put the name I say gaming if you click on display running applications it means whatever applications that is running here if you show it here as well but I don't want that to happen so just I'm take this and for that mode a light and this will work on Mac OS maja we as well but unfortunately my Mac is not Mac OS Mojave so this feature doesn't work for me yes hi Sierra the item size you can enlarge it like that it could big or small like this and transparency you want it to be like this almost invisible or clear like that you want it floating or fixed sorry I mean you can move it everywhere you want it fixed you can't move it if you choose fixed you can choose position where you want to put it you want to put it at the bottom right on top on the left you already have this so you don't want it to be overlapped so choose the place where you want it to be let's say I want to put it at the top and fix it fix it mean you cannot move so you don't want it to be fixed just click on floating so that you can add more and this is important as well you try to open another app it's still on top you don't want it to be on top you only want it to show when you're on the home screen or on a desktop because that's tough you click desktop which means if you go to any air it will not show but if you move your cursor next to this pad it will pop up you see like that pop up is really cool but still it one intrude your view here you can just see what's in here only when you move your cursor to this area it will pop this up it's amazing now I want to add some more dark see click this and new panel you want to add let's say some folders yeah I choose a folder whatever photo it is let's say 1 2 3 click open again so you want to move it left or right just go to preferences and again I would choose desktop in fixed position I would choose right if you stay here now I have two places I want to add more ok this time I choose fouls let's say I want to choose four of these files click open and again just let the edge move it there I have two ducks at the top ok let's say I want to add one more dock at the bottom click add new panel click add items so let's say I want to choose my favorite apps here ok let's say all of these here again I can just drag it there oh I can just fold in preferences and I select fixed bottom and click on desktop it so that it would not intrude me while I'm using other apps and if you want to remove any of these F or files or folders from this doc make sure you move your cursor on top of that icon right click say remove from panel click OK done and again you go to other apps this one I forget to make some changes to the Preferences again now if you scroll your cursor close to that area you see one here one over there one right here one at the bottom see it's really cool this is multi dock ok let's move on to app number 4 and number 4 is called smart player here this is the look of the app but this app you are able to add the poll movie fouls onto it and it will automatically recognized the thumbnails of those movies and added to its library making it look like you are watching a library of movies on Netflix or other movie apps what's most important about this app is that it can play common video formats like MOV mp4 avi MKV and a lot more let me demonstrate for you here so you say add or you can just drag and drop let me show you example so let me plug in my flash drive I have some movies here again you can drag and drop like this see here it shows you the movie in the library like this it even show you the thumbnail that it downloaded from the internet the official thumbnail it looks amazing it show the name and you click on it it will show you the detail you can even view different thumbnails here it's really cool and it just detect the movie and recognizes the movie by itself and it shows you the synopsis of that movie a short description of the movie how long for that movie the cast and so on you don't have to search for the cast you want to know which actor actresses in that movie just added here it will show you all the lists of those people detail here this is it will show you what kind of video it is the resolution the size and so on it's really awesome now let me add some more to make it look like movie library let's add angry buddy again it's searching for its fell on the Internet the movies about 1 hour 37 minutes and this one as well then you can click on it and change the look of these this one okay so you can choose the look of it now that's a more you another one let's say I have this list of movies so it's like a library the way you view you can view as a list of you as a poster like this filter you can also change it as well if you have different kinds of movies like TV shows and movies you can also filter it like that as well it's amazing so you can just add all your movies here and you can just play it offline like that it's awesome it looks beautiful if I want to play let's say this one for copyrighted the reason I have to Mew the sound so click on it click this bottom to play it just recognize the foul and play it for you if you want full screen you click here like that it's amazing with this smart player app again you finished watching it you can go back and select another movies from the list and watch it it's amazing with this okay this is AB number 4 let's move on to that number 5 and number 5 is called went to layers here this is the look of the app this app is like screenshot app but what's really cool about it is that it allows you to screenshot the whole page even if you don't see the rest of the page let me show you an example you said we go to google.com it's a research for books so you see for normal screenshot you can only take the screenshot of what you see what you don't see you cannot take the screenshot off but with this you can take the screenshot of the whole page up to here let me show you an example you just click on this camera button here to give you three choices capture as PNG or jpg or Photoshop file if you use this it will be converted into Photoshop file and you open it it will open with Photoshop and say I want to use jpg or JPEG click that and it ask you where you want to save it I just put a desktop click capture done you double click on it you can see you it can tell from the top Panti at the bottom very cool you can enlarge it you see just the whole page it can capture it's amazing with this I mean this would work great with some websites that you need to screenshot the whole page but you are unable to do so because with normal or traditional screenshot app you can only screenshot of what you see but with this you can screenshot of whatever on that page no matter how long the pages you can just capture the whole page with ease it's really awesome ok this is our number five let's move on to the last app of the list today the last half of the list today is called combo cleaner here this is the look of the app but it's a pass is that it allows you to clean not just your disk but also big files duplicated files viruses that may also have your Mac well in privacy settings and CAPTCHAs and temporary files and also you can uninstall applications through this app as well so let's start from this cleaner you can click on it you want to scan for any chance just click start scanning here to show you these these are the applications caches it's 400 megabytes you can delete it as well you can also delete what's inside your download as well I have 223 gigabytes in there you can remove it let's say I wanted to remove some trash here so just remove there and it's done big files you can just start scanning for it we start searching for any large size files on your Mac all of these are large size file they would put them in order from big to small so this file is the big s it's forty seven point eighty two gigabytes I can just delete that to save some space duplicate it files you can also search for duplicated files on your Mac as well here it shows me which file duplicated you can just leave them antivirus the option you have the quick scan full scan or custom scan these will take a lot of time but you have viruses it's worth scanning right now it shows one thread that I can delete it keeps scanning it would take a long time for this so I would stop it right here but for you you can just leave it scanning for a night and then in the morning you can just delete all those threads from your Mac since suspicious here you click on it click remove it asks you to authenticate just type in your password and sometime it may require you to restart but in this situation I cannot because I'm recording the video right now for privacy scanner to start scanning here it will show you which sites you have accessed can remove all those as well from your messages Safari Google Chrome mail and so on you can also uninstall applications clicking here so this application you can install it right from this app as well it's really cool ok that's it guys these are six best Mac apps for to 2019 thank you so much for watching if you liked video please give us a thumbs up comment down below and subscribe for more useful videos in the future have a great day guys see you in the next video

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  1. Amber Barrett

    Love your series on "Best Mac Apps". As always, full of great, uncomplicated and concise information. Clearly explained, detailing apps, that are actually useful. The first app in your vid, particularly so, as I have multiple external HD's , some formatted for PC, the newer ones, for Mac. #Timesaver – In a day and age, where YouTubers waste my time with 80% of the video content, being about their ego and almost zero content… Your vids are "ego free" examples, of how information should be presented. Thanks so very much🌟

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