7 Best iPhone Apps For ORGANIZATION!

7 Best iPhone Apps For ORGANIZATION!

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7 iPhone Apps For ORGANIZATION!! Ready to slay in 2018? I’ve picked my favorite 7 iOS apps that will help you get your life in order! Hope you guys enjoy!

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you can literally plan your entire week of outfits from the comfort of your couch well that actually looks pretty good I can plan out the video right from here which I just think is so cool a one-stop shopping app for all your favorite brands it'll show how many hours I slept oh my god I only have 180 dollars left hey what's up guys it's Adrienne and welcome back to my channel I'm a little bit psychic right now so my voice might sound a little funky but that's okay in today's video I'm gonna be showing you guys seven iPhone apps that are in my opinion the best for organizing your life I meant to do this video a lot closer to New Year's because I kind of thought it would be inspirational for getting your life together getting organized especially coming off of that nice winter break obviously like my other videos in this series there are so many other apps I wish I could talk about but I just don't have time because it's only seven and because the title of this series is 7 iPhone apps you guys haven't seen the other videos that are part of this series you'll definitely want to check them out I will link the playlist down below and as always comment down below right now other suggestions for this type of video so 7 iPhone apps for what it can be for anything for working out travel let me know and I will definitely make them and as always I like to remind you guys that I have a second channel it's my vlog channel so if you guys want to check that out I've been posting a lot of my Thailand vlogs I went to Thailand it was awesome and I'm gonna be posting moving vlogs very soon because unfortunately this is one of the last times I'll be filming in this bedroom with this setup so if you guys are curious as to what my new place looks like and what my new setup will look like and go follow my vlog channel are you guys so I typically like to start with my favorite ones or the ones that I think are the coolest so that you know we can start off strong so the first app that I'm gonna be talking about is called style book now I feel like I've been looking for something like this for ever it is literally a outfit planning closet organization app and you're probably like but Adrienne your closet isn't virtual is it well now it is I will warn you and say this app does cost three dollars and 99 cents but it is so worth it if you do utilize it for all of its amazing functions and features and I'm gonna be honest I actually only bought it like just today so I haven't had a chance to go through my wardrobe and actually take pictures of all the items after you get through the initial hump of taking pictures of all your items which can be definitely a pain because you have a lot of things I'm just planning on doing like kind of over time it literally seems like the most revolutionary thing okay so this is what the home page looks like and of course again I don't have anything in here yet but if you click on closet this is where it'll organize every piece of your wardrobe so you'll take a picture and they give a great tutorial on how to take pictures for it there are also some on YouTube I'll link one down below you can actually take a picture so that the background is cut out from the item and so that it actually looks like a magazine cut out picture like so which just makes it a lot easier to actually tell what your outfits are gonna look like instead of looking at like pictures with backgrounds and just you know so as you can tell in the closet I'm just gonna look at the examples they have tops bottoms shoes all of these categories which is awesome and then when you click on the items you can write notes about the items enter details you can write down how many outfits you've used it in how many days you've worn this piece of clothing and everything else about it and the price so that if ever one day you want to sell it you like remember what you bought it for so obviously this inventory feature is awesome then if you go to this look section will help you when you feel like you have nothing to wear because essentially you can just pick pieces from your different categories of clothing and put them together into an outfit or a look as they like to call it so an example look would be this which is the shirt shorts purse and shoes and from there you can actually add this look to your calendar so say you have a party and you want to plan your outfit you could just click on this calendar button and just add it to a day and it can give you calendar reminders which is so cool I just think it's awesome because with the calendar feature you can literally plan your entire week of outfits from the comfort of your couch you can also make a packing list which for me will help so much because I over pack for literally every trip so this is going to be such a lifesaver if you click on the packing tool you literally can just like put items in and put looks in how does it know that I go to London in New York and I'm from LA cool also if you click on style stats it'll show you how many times you've worn each outfit or each piece and that can help you with things like decluttering your closet you can say oh wow I haven't worn that in a year I should get rid of it and you can also shop right from the app which is kind of awesome because you can look at items and add them to your wish list and then you can pretty much like test them out with outfits so instead of buying something and then thinking oh I don't like this you can actually find out beforehand if you're not gonna like it kind of you know any way that is style book I am so excited to use it let me know if you guys end up using it because I can't wait and I'll I'll keep you updated on how it the next app is called Trello I've actually talked about this app in one of my other iPhone app videos for back-to-school but this app is honestly just perfect for all things to do an organization the reason I like it it's more complex than a traditional to-do list but I love to-do lists so basically when you open the app you first have your boards so you can make different boards for any part of your life meal prep YouTube video ideas schoolwork anything you want so let's just say I click on YouTube video ideas then it has lists so for me I put each list being a different category of YouTube video style so like I do iPhone videos social media videos back to school videos this is just an example then on each list is actually an item so like I do hacks videos what's on my iPhone as you can see you can actually rearrange the order of these and if you click on an individual know itself you can add what you would do there so here I say like apps that will change your life intro apple on fall wha I can plan out the video right from here which I just think is so cool so you can do that for anything your schoolwork anything like that which i think is just really really helpful and you can also collaborate with people so you can add people to a note so if you're doing a school project and you want everyone to contribute it's super super easy so I highly recommend Trello I really really like it I haven't been using it as much as I want to be honest I actually redownload it that's why it's like empty right now but it's really really cool the next app I'm gonna talk about is called dote this is another shopping app but it is let me just tell you about it do-don't is basically a one-stop shopping app for all your favorite brands so when you know in your online shopping and you go to like each individual store and then you pick out stuff and then you order it and you pay for shipping and all of that so basically with this it's like you can pick out items at different stores all on this app and then just checkout once so you just push checkout you pay for it all at once and then they all get shipped to you my favorite part is that you can make favorites lists so when you're shopping instead of like buying it right there you can actually add it to a list kind of like Pinterest but shoppable if you will and you'll get a notification when items on your lists go on sale so that's super nice if you're like not trying to buy it now but you want to see if it'll go on sale later it'll notify you you can also make collaborative lists like Morgan Janina and I like made a collaborative house list of things we wanted for the house so if you guys are interested in seeing what we've been picking out for our rooms and our houses and if you're watching our vlogs and seeing cute stuff just know that you can probably shop it right from this app because we have these lists I have closed lists I have my room list and another cool thing is that a lot of your favorite creators like myself will have their own profiles that are kind of special because they have their Instagram posts and some of their YouTube videos and they have the items linked down below so for example here is a photo that's on my Instagram and right underneath are all these options of like things you can show up that are very similar to what I'm wearing we have like the actual sweater that I wore and then we have other sweaters that are similar and stuff like that so it's just a really easy way to also like shop all your favorite creators looks I will put the link to download go and check out my profile down below I'm gonna be doing giveaways actually with items from do't and I'm gonna be doing them over on my Instagram but all you have to do is be following the andö so again I'll link that down below go follow me and if you follow me and see the giveaway like you're still qualified it's just my followers in general so if you want to keep up with that follow me on Instagram and look at my stories because I will be showing the items and then I'll be announcing the winners so yeah the next app is called unum and I've talked about this app before but basically this app is to organize your life of Instagram photos so what is so great about this app is that basically you can completely plan out your Instagram feed before you post it as you know these all pictures I've already posted but if you input new pictures you can basically arrange things around to see what it would look like on your feed so say I do this and then if you click on that and you click this little squiggly thing it'll like push it down so you can see what it'll look like you could say and I don't like that I'm going to rearrange it like that well that actually looks pretty good so if you want to be extra and have a really really amazing feed then I really recommend this app it works really well it's not glitchy like some of the other ones and yeah there are a lot of other things you can actually do on this app as well I just haven't really but really I just use it for the organization factor and since this is an organization video I figured you would like it the next app is called LastPass I'm actually not going to open it because it has a lot of my passwords and email addresses on it but essentially what it is is it's a password stormer store so I know now that the iPhones with iOS 11 do this same thing and chrome also does this so you don't need an external third-party app however I just want to reiterate how important it is to have different passwords across all of your different accounts it makes it really easy for hackers to gain access to your personal information if you don't use different passwords so LastPass is just nice because it's like a secure separate extension and on Chrome it'll auto save and autofill all your passwords and then it'll sync right to your phone so if you're gonna sign up for LastPass which I highly recommend keeps your all your passwords organized and I suggest setting it up first on your computer it's just a little bit easier to use cuz it'll auto save and autofill versus if you set it up on your iPhone you have to hand enter all the passwords I did not the first time who took way too long and it made me hate the app and then today I like realized wait you don't have to do that good time and the next app this is so overlooked by so many people and even me I didn't realize how great this was for organizing all things to do with health and wellness and fitness right from the health app of your iPhone so this is not even one you have to download this comes with your phone if you have a newer phone and I never realized how many things were a part of this so basically how it works is for all these different things that it tracks activity tracks from your phone but things like mindfulness and sleep basically how they work is that they sync with another iPhone app so in order for it to track it you have to download one of these recommended apps so for example I had one of these apps I don't remember I think sleep tracker or sleep better or something and I only used it a couple times but when you're using it it'll sink to the health app so it'll show how many hours I slap same with nutrition you can record like exactly what you've been eating using any of the apps recommended it'll automatically sync to here and you can get all this data on everything you've had again I have nothing so I'm just figuring this out now and yeah you can have like all your body measurements on here and your health records your reproductive health so if you download any of those period tracker apps they will automatically go in here so what's nice about this is it's just everything in one place and also if you click on today it'll show you everything important from today and again I only have the sleep app and I haven't been using it and the walking distance and all that is already just built into the phone so obviously I have like no data here but if you do have those other apps connected then it'll just all show up right here and it's just super cool and super organized and the last app I'm going to talk about is called good budget someone recommended this to me there are several several budgeting apps out there mint is another very very popular one however the reason why I personally like a good budget is because it's a virtual bank so it's not actually your accounts connected to this but it is a virtual reflection of your account so everything in here is fake so to speak like it's not actually real money but you are treating it like a bank account so you're moving money from an account to a budget for different what they call envelopes which are categories of expenses so the reason I like the manual aspect of it is actually because I feel like I'm keeping better track because I'm consciously doing it instead of just going on an app that has my cards synched up and being like oh my god that's a lot it's like if I'm consciously being the one to choose how much I'm spending on certain things then I just feel like I'm going to be better at budgeting so I really like this app I made all these different envelopes and then you can put what's in your account which I have more than one account and the free version only gives you one account but if you have just one bank account then it's great and it works or you can upgrade to the pro version so yeah I think this is super cool with transactions you just like fill in your own transactions which again can get annoying but for me I want to be able to be keeping track of them myself and really like processing how much money I spend on certain things and I just feel like it'll be a lot easier to see basically once you spend something in this budget like let's just say add transaction who received it and then just you know Barmes and let's just say 20 bucks envelope eating out you will then see the eating out tab go down so that means I spent the $20 so you can see for a month or you can organize it in two weeks two weeks this means oh my god I only have a $180 left eating out this month so yeah I really just like it I think it's great I think it's the best budgeting app that'll actually keep you on track because again those other ones just kind of like you're still swiping your card and it's just showing you but you're not consciously like doing it you know I mean I don't know maybe that's just me but yeah all right guys that is it for my 7 top apps for organization I hope you guys enjoyed this video and if you debut have a thumbs up remember to comment other suggestions down below follow me on the dough tap you guys can't wait to collaborate with you on some lists it's cool oh I forgot to mention it's cool because it's like say I'm going to a party and I need help you guys can add items to my list and then you can help me pick out outfits so I just thought that was really cool download that and I look forward to see you guys in my next video I love you so much bye

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    I like these videos but I have Android. Would it be possible to try to find an Android version or if it's available on there???

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    Can u shows us using one of the apps and letting the app choose your outfit for u for a week and by the way I love ❤️ your videos

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