7-Minute Review: PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, PC

7-Minute Review: PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, PC

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I made a comment about PUBG, then paid attention to how seemingly everyone I know was playing it, then saw a video on Lazy Game Reviews… yeah, I caved and thought I’d pick it up, give it a quick go, confirm my prejudices and move on.

Nope. Not at all. PUBG is pretty, pretty good. I stand by some concerns I have, but they matter little in the face of just how fun and refreshing an experience this all is. Sometimes it’s nice to be wrong.

The LGR playthrough/review of sorts:
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it's liberating to admit that you're wrong I mean it's also annoying and it makes you look like a schmuck and it means the internet will divide you merely for acting on the information that information being this game is really good basically you get disowned from life for changing your mind that's what I mean they're never change your mind kids player unknowns battlegrounds made me change my mind annoyingly see I've seen this game erupted out of nowhere I know it wasn't nowhere people have been following its progress for a while narrative the dayz own armor in h1z1 projects and all that jazz but I mean from a not hardcore fan perspective I would nowhere blammo like a bullet to the back of the head fired by someone you could never have seen in a million years that's some foreshadowing kids I'd seen PvP pew pew beat public public I'd seen publicly rots out of nowhere and I've reacted with my traditional cynicism world wariness and let's be honest a bit of good old-fashioned snark it's not big cool or clever to be snarky Internet or sometimes I can't help but let this finely honed facade sled just a little in short what I said was that player unknowns battlegrounds and flashing the pad success that would be quickly forgotten and that it looks like dull uninspired trash not my exact words but that was the general gist of it I've seen so many bland military shooters in my time and I haven't been paying attention to the background that this one and the sub-genre inhabits that it just instantly bored me gray more gray Brown shootie bangs with real world guns and real life opponents Jada's slightly but there's more than enough that stuff out there to confirm this reaction wasn't exactly an unfair one no it was just wrong see I kept seeing public group pop up around and I kept seeing friends people whose opinions I actually respect talking about playing the game a lot I hadn't bought in yet but it was there in the back of my head chipping away at my sports every single day and every day there was more news gifts reddit post god reddit is shit stories videos whatever you could think of so much so that when lady game reviews posted his story of getting into bloggers I actually watched the damn thing half an hour later I bought the game phase 1 the intriguing had commenced LGL look at public about having acronym to death and Italy enamored with the Glee on show throughout the single match the one and only game I had ever seen being played on this title if watching one round of a guy not playing very well on his own for half a sodding hour was enough to pique my interest I knew there had to be something more to it so I bought it and I played it and I very quickly fell in love with it sure I've only content four or five hours at the time of doing this video but for me to move away from stole it's like football manager and Metal Gear Solid 5 if only for a minute shows that this is some powerful shit some powerful shit I will attempt to convey right here in phase 2 the sort of reviewer nating now I don't give a shit about arc about survival games about straight of Death March I didn't play titanfall – at all online I couldn't care less about Daisy or Armour I've never bothered more than a passing glance of dota or legends if it's popular and online focused I've probably straight a big Mordor admittedly this means I still in play rocket League even though I got it when it was free on PlayStation Plus about 30 billion years ago but hey safe to say I answered prodigal with my head full of tree streams that I would see the appeal but not be dragged in I'd listen to the music but I wouldn't hear yes it's referencing white men can't jump come at me bro I would enjoy for a brief amount of time and move on I mean I've already told you how set up going so they won't surprise you to hear I liked it more than expected there's a real purity of spirit foul ground straightforwardness that makes it instantly fun up 200 players are dropped onto an island and you run around procuring weapons armor and items while trying not to die a circle of death closes the active area periodically meaning eventually everyone is forced into a very small area to compete and the final person alive wins simple as but it's not a death match it's not twitch-based nor is it something that needs the epic reading skills with a dead that I've heard so much about battlegrounds is actually more of a heightened seek simulator or when I'm playing it I hide and hide a bit more because I think I just heard a truck nearby the map is so big that you can easily go ten minutes without seeing another person and it's so punishing that as soon as they do see you shot dead but there you go but put public into its Bureau or team modes where you can go in with up to three others and things change markedly it's still about being the last one well last week stamping but with the numbers gameplay far more likely to meet up with other teams and well probably get shot and die quickly for anything like me but this brings with it the emergent action I loved so much from say the Battlefield series where everyone jumping in to achieve together and going on a road trip was the main draw it's funny like when you flip the car you're in the teammate legs are off down the road to grab another car which has been left as baked as I watch the ambush motorbike fly out and run him over I couldn't help but be impressed and laugh then I got shot battleground authority creating memories are now or keep for a long time like when I actually won around which I never expected to do my heart was beating so hard at the end of that game it was absolutely I managed to outsmart them purely by being a sweet bastard and that makes me feel credibly good and that is something a game hasn't managed to do with me in a long time so kudos there for all my cynicism I do often feel like I've seen everything gags laughs to offer because so many games themselves are pushed out with a cynical attitude pública showed me that while it may look like me to dress on the outside you barely even have to scratch the surface before you finding something that has you and three mates hooting with delight after you've been horribly killed quickly for the fourth time in a row again I can't think of another game that does that for me when you come to the inevitable phase three problems you might start to get mad at but battle grounds does have issues and some of them personal as they are are things that I highlighted in my initial barrage namely it looks really bloody bland I don't care if it isn't much of a looker which it isn't but stylistically you're looking at stage not literally Bay's just the feeling of beige black formulaic vanilla weight Vanilla's delicious and empty ice cream flavor so I think it's that regardless public is a bland looking game in a setting done to death in games the realistic ish military shooter as much as I love playing it that absolutely turns me off and makes me want to disappear into more wondrous exciting and unique worlds but then the tension hits me again and I forget all about it because backgrounds and with that we are met with face or the HD outro I'm not often wrong about games and in fairness I'm not entirely wrong in my immediate need your exclamation of battlegrounds but well it doesn't hurt to admit some Fault in our thinking and I am right now at this very second as I say this madly in love with this game I buy

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  1. ObsessionOctopus

    For me, about 90% of the game is dying in a field of grass, only because the grass didn't render for the other player. And the mix of realism and game logic is terrible – one would think to play this like ARMA, but when you watch how the best players go about it, and it looks like Counter-Strike, with chicken dancing and quick scoping. It was fun till I realised that, and went back to play Ubisoft games, which are – believe it or not – a bit less buggy. But only a bit.

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