7 time saving Bullet Journaling hacks

7 time saving Bullet Journaling hacks

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I was really excited to receive these amazing goodies for BuJo from Erin Condren – I loved the monthly themed sticker sets and my gorgeous journal folio with my name on. Made me really excited to use my journal!

I wanted to create simple to create spreads that anyone could replicate, and I loved using my RoseKPaperCo Stickers for Weekly Names and Monthly Names where EC didn’t have these available. It made setting up spreads so awesome and easy!

0:48 Hack 1 – Washi Tape as a page marker
1:18 Hack 2 – Stencil out your Journal Spreads (See how to make the Stencil here: )
1:36 Hack 3 – Using Stickers
3:22 Hack 4 – Using Stencils for lettering
5:57 Hack 5 – Using Printables
8:33 Hack 6 – Using Stamps to save time
9:29 Hack 7 – Using sticky Notes to save time

Love the Cute little weekly spread stickers we used? Head to Little Miss Rose for those Cute Monthly and weekly headers:

Want to buy any of the awesome products you saw in this video? Head here to grab them!

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welcome to this seven time-saving tips for your bullet journal with my inner creative today we're going to be using this amazing set of Erin Condren products looking forward to it [Applause] happy number one is really easy with using washi tape as a page divider simply stick the washi tape down make sure that it's on both sides of your page trim it and I've used a page trimmer here to make it look really seamless in my journal you can see it's a great way to find the page that you're working on for the month hack number two is equally as simple I've cream made a stencil of shapes that I use regularly in my journal it helps me map out the spray that I want to do for the week quickly and effectively packet number three is really simple again we're using stickers to create really easy monthly spreads as well as weekly streets here a new Singham monthly sticker as well as something really beautiful Erin Condren stickers from their monthly pack you can create week he sprays as well using weekly stickers and really simple later in to create that really good spread style [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] struggling with your lettering well let's use stencils to help us here here I'm using a erin condren tab to find my page easily and now I'm going to use a stencil the stencil I made previously to map out the spread that I need for the week and then going to use a lettering stencil to make sure that I have the days of the week really easily made up on my spread I can color them in any color I want and I can keep the pages really straightforward [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] if you're feeling completely uninspired it's really straightforward to print out some beautiful printables and stick them into your journal I suggest printing them out an a5 and trimming them so that they fit really well into your journal you can use weekly spreads monthly spreads habits and then you can personalize them with stickers or anything that you need to make it feel more of you [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] number six using stamps to save time here I've used the new Erin Condren and Amy tangerine steps to create weekdays and some really great trackers at the bottom of my spreads I've been excited to use these and I'm absolutely loving them [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] ak number seven this is a great hack if there are things that you use regularly in your journal that you may potentially want to migrate from one journal to another put it on a sticky note 14 she and a five sticky note and you can even use it for your trackers that you might want to move from month to month thank you so much for spending your time with me today please feel free to hit the subscribe button down below and I look forward to seeing you next time you

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