8BitDo SN30 Pro+ review: The best controller for the PC?

8BitDo SN30 Pro+ review: The best controller for the PC?

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Adam compares the SN30 Pro+ from 8BitDo to the SN30 Pro, DualShock 4, and Xbox One controllers to see which is best for PC gaming.

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Shot on Sony a7s ii’s:

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48 Replies to “8BitDo SN30 Pro+ review: The best controller for the PC?”

  1. 2a_amine

    I really wanna buy this controller just one question, will it work like xbox one controller as native for any aaa modern games ?

  2. Hunter Bungay

    Mine just arrived. OMG. It's freaking amazing. I'm using it for emulation and honestly, my Xbox 1 controller and my GameSir G3v are officially retired. BTW, 8bitdo have a gamepad clip accessory for your smartphone but it's roughly 10 dollars extra but worth the money.

  3. Cole Cousins

    PLEASE in the future cover the durability and build quality and connection type/quality. I have had controllers that have drifting sticks, paddles that get stuck, direction pads that just go haywire, and wireless connections that you may as well tape the wireless receiver to the controller and still cross your fingers it won't drop out. Also input lag and general tactile response. I have NEVER owned a 3rd party PC controller* that has worked well. They get treated like oddities. The slim model has a good use case for it, but the full size one, until I see some in depth reviews that cover these heavy use case issues, I will not be buying it. (the asterix is for the original gravis gamepad plugged into my Soundblaster, I could just be nostalgia tinting it though)

  4. Travis Fuller

    Dude listen, I bought two of these controllers when they first released and both had the same incredibly weak vibration problem. Returned them and was really disappointed because other than that the controller is perfect.

  5. RedPillLoneRanger

    Does the controller work when you plug it into your PC with the USB C connector to charge it, in other words does the battery pack have to charge separately from the controller or can it load at the same time as you use it like any other controller? I know this seems like a stupid question but nobody is answering it! all you say is that the battery pack is removable. But I'm not gonna change batteries every god damn time I need to charge it. That's like two steps forward and then three steps back…

  6. Phantom Wind

    Nobody and i mean, NOBODY talks about what's one of the most important points when considering to buy a new controller and that is: DURABILITY.

  7. Shane Levin

    Used my Snes30pro from steam/usual place gaming for a year. It's the only windows controller alternative that works with all games a 360/xboxone joystick will work with. Get the controller and spend more time gaming and less time configuring.

  8. AVM3798

    How is the joystick accuracy. As inaccurate as the regular sn30 pro (basically felt like joycon joysticks) or do they feel like the pro controller joysticks

  9. Mean Gene

    Which to get for the switch sn30 pro or sn30 pro plus the plus has grips but the original is a more portable form factor 🤔

  10. Martell Tha Cool

    For the PC: I'm going to use either 8bitdo SN30 Pro Plus Controller and Xbox One Elite Series 2 controller (once I've got the money for it)

  11. tactition777

    All the need to do is add mappable buttons to the underside and they have 3/4 of an Xbox Elite controller at a third of the price. I would buy that day one.

  12. kcvriess

    Comfort and ergonomics have no downsides so I don't mind the thiccness. Finally a multi-platform controller that doesn't make my hands cramp up.
    And Adam, why the hell do you act like you're ashamed of using a controller on the PC? How else are you supposed to play platform games and beat em ups?
    Imagine playing the Batman Arkham games with K+M…. brrrr…. No thanks!

  13. logicalfundy

    As far as PC gaming goes, it's great for non-Steam games because of the profiles. The software is a bit less useful if you have all of your games exclusively in Steam because of Steam's own insane ability to customize the controls and automatically use them. That said, the device itself is great and is good for games that are made for controllers. For games that aren't designed for controllers, I'd still use the Steam controller or mouse / keyboard.

    It's also a great controller for the Nintendo Switch, especially with the customization software. Probably the best controller for the Switch.

    My only complaint is the SNES layout of the buttons. They are spaced a bit far apart for me.

  14. Space Captain

    does the dpad work when u press diagonals? if not waste of time. bought the sn30pro after your review and am still very dissapointed. all this talk about the dpad "feeling" satisfying from reviewers is crap, its stiff AF and if they didnt fix the diagonal presses its useless.

  15. drunkredninja

    how good is the macro software? imagine perfect electric wind godfists and taunt jet uppers in tekken 7. frame perfect inputs.

  16. TechNemesis

    I've messed around with DS4, Switch Pro controller and an old Xbox 360 wireless controller that I bought used, and didn't work. All for PC. Given how many extra steps the DS4 and Switch Pro controllers take to get working on PC, I bit the bullet and went with an Xbox One controller.

    It works easily with everything right way with no hassle. That being said, my favorite controller to use is the PS4 controller. I've always liked Playstation controllers over Xbox. I might have to get this Pro+ controller as it looks very similar to Playstation. And I love the SNES colors lol. My favorite old school controller.

  17. Zeph Davis

    My biggest gripe with the Xbone controller is that the d-pad is trash. And I've found it to be uncomfortable. The shoulder buttons on mine are hard to press.

  18. Svard

    I own an SN30 Pro, and love the hell out of it! From what I can see so far, I might love the Pro even more, especially because I do like the Playstation-style grip. I wonder though if they plan to do a Gamecube-style grip in the future, since they seem to be going generation by generation (NES > SNES > PSX > ???).

  19. Cheappy V

    Is this the highest quality controller under $100 you can buy right now? Quality higher than Xbox One, Xbox 360 and Logitech controllers?

  20. CubeyPrime

    The Sn30 Pro+ is basically the button and stick layout and form of a DS4 but with the superior battery life and Xinput capability of an Xbox controller, and totally beats both of them by including a rechargeable battery pack, USB-C cable, and customizer software all for $50. PS4 controller doesn't even include a charging cable. Pretty sweet deal if you ask me. Hopefully the buttons and d-pad are less clicky and stiff this time around unlike my SF30 Pro's.

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