Accessible iPhone Apps: Earl

Accessible iPhone Apps: Earl

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Earl is one of our very favorite accessible iPhone Apps. Earl makes it easy to read newspapers, books and magazines. It’s voice activated and users only need to double tap. We also love Earl because when we asked about Entertainment Weekly– they added it right away! How’s that for service. Find out more about Earl here:

welcome to CC VIPs favorite accessible iphone apps this presentation is brought to you by the computer center for visually impaired people at mirage college my name is 3 and this is your host the Scorpius in this video we're going to be looking at an app called Earl which was created for a man named Earl Barlow after he lost his vision so that he could read his favorite newspapers the way the app works is everything is voice controlled so you control the app by telling it what you wanted to do the screen displays only a logo for the app which is I think a stylized letter E but you don't actually see the newspaper articles as they're being read by the app welcome to well newspapers one Chicago Tribune to Entertainment Weekly magazine three Los Angeles Times for New York Daily News 5 The Huffington Post Huffington Post The Huffington Post sections one breaking news to top stories top stories top stories articles one burner genre levy towards a Turkish spring to Noam Chomsky humanity imperiled three filipino today m how to make the art world bearable again for Marlo Thomas in their own words sixteen celebrities who survived bullying Bradley money Marlo Thomas Marlo Thomas in their own words 16 celebrities who survived bullying Tyra Banks got called light bulb head Chris Colfer was stuffed into lockers her handle was mocked for not being black enough and as for Howard Stern he had to go to Judea just to learn to defend himself and Olaf stopped so double tapping the screen with two fingers pauses and then resumes playback of the article that is currently being read so the app does still keep some of the basic hand gestures that those who use voiceover would be familiar with and it just really makes interacting with news a lot more enjoyable one of my biggest complaints ever since losing my vision was that I was not able to read my favorite magazine entertainment weekly and I haven't been able to read it independently for going on 13 14 years now and we got in touch with them within 15 minutes they actually went on and added it so it's they're really responsive and they're really wonderful people to interact with and what what happens is these apps give you access to a lot of the public articles that are available on the web sites for any of these publications and that's why we love Earl no animals were harmed in the making of this video somebody stop me please

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