Acer Aspire all in one PC model AZ5101 Disassembly

Acer Aspire all in one PC model AZ5101 Disassembly

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how to remove the plastic pc case so you can upgrade the memory or what ever.

okay uh this video is going to be very short but it's for anybody who owns the new all-in-one a seer aspire I believe the model z51 oh one four gigs of memory one terabyte hard drive the problem everybody that I was having was that we didn't know how to open the case so they could upgrade the memory which I did and found out myself basically what you're going to need for two is one simple thing I used could use a credit card but it's extremely hard and not durable what I use was believe it or not my poor mother passed away but she had a metal social security card and here it is okay it's made out of metal you can see it has a little bang to it because you're going to use it to undo the clips that are all the way around the computer okay this computers already been taken apart I've done it myself you got to be very careful because you're going to break a couple clips outside but it's still clip on now as you can see it's all been taken apart once you get your tools that you're going to work with basically hopefully it's something of metal this is more durable stronger than pound into you just started one in start pounding in I use a small ball-peen hammer which is right there and you just insert it at the beginning and start pounding in I can't use both hands and hold the camera so I'm sorry but basically get the idea you'll hold into card like this and then there's Clips all the way down now I'm going to show them to you you're going to be very careful when you're pounding in because you're going to power down to that a little angle there and then it Clips all the way around now I'm going to show you how with the other hand how I did it look at this amazing see that here we go I'll link this down here on the side excuse the mess by my but I'm uh okay let me try to get this here for you that's what the cover looks like when you take it out and when I'm talking about other clips that hold it in place you see them see there there they are right there all the way around that's the bottom of it where the legs are at right here sorry but I'm trying to get this better for you so you can see Hey now once you get that open to get into your case you open the case to go upgrade your memory you just got this one screw here one right there one down here one right here and one right there basically these are the feet right there you see that okay you undo them screws pop it up I already put it back together so but it's same thing like a chassis of a PC tower okay you got your two slots extra for your so you can upgrade to four eight gigs there's a PCI Express slot basically for another graphics card but I don't know what what kind of grandpa's going to have to get in here because you have to open this up here on the side but the graphics card that comes with it is fine with for me okay now I'm going to show you how to put it back on we're going to grab the case pick it up that goes around there when I'm sorry we grabbed the case I'm sorry that I'm doing dog trying to do to hold the camera with one hand and show you how to put the case back on then basically the case is just going to snap right in there you got it to work at it okay being that I have one hand you get the idea you're going to line her up and you're just going to snap it right back in you're going to hear it clip see that slipping into place there we go so um basically after you get it all done just a second pick it up so I can show you what this exactly what we're talking about here now this is the Aesir okay aspire a Z 501 – you are 20 P all in one computer you definitely have to take off your arm before you even attempt to do this you have to take off your back stand okay huh give me a minute here I'm sorry about the camel work like I say I'm doing this with one hand you basically have to take up your sandwich I have right here this stand with this this unclips right here for you dip it comes right up real easy and you have your three bolts you see them screws you get it you know what it you don't have to really take this off but I did because it makes it lighter for the case to come up so yeah you do have to take this off take the three screws out I put mine away because I don't need it anymore because I use an articulated stand to hold up my computer so it basically looks like it's floating on my desk okay there it is snap it all together carefully you snap all the way around and that's how you upgrade this computer I tried my hardest to find out how I call a seer they don't give you nothing but heartache for the support this is a good computer but when I went to H H Greg where I bought of that there was a technician there who used to work at Best Buy he knew he worked on these before he knew exactly what the do he told me what to do and when I came home I finished everything it was I did everything in a half hour half hours all it took okay I'm going to let you go now and hopefully good luck for you it's just take your time you need a tool these are basically your new tools anything that's metal and this is this form right here like I said I happen to come across my mother's uh poor woman passed away long time ago but her social security card wasn't metal she had one made out of metal and it's durable enough you can't use a credit card really I tried you know something that's and it's just not there not just not strong enough and I use a small ball-peen hammer I guess you can use a regular hammer but you're going to use too much force you've got to just be easy you stick it in like this and it just keep tapping all the way down you're going to hear the clips come on you start on the sides first I power you that's what I did I started on the sides and then I worked on my way from the back okay I worked my way from the back the sides for it and then the top to the top of the computer before you know what you're going to hear clip clip clip you take and bingo I just further it out like that see it's already starting to clip back in and you got it out of there so there it is that's the problem solved hopefully that I helped a lot of people out there explaining this to you a lot better and trust me you can upgrade this computer you just got to work things out on your own or do the best you can to find out okay this is rod one signing off

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    I opend it all ! I found so much dust before cleaning my videocard would go over 99 degrees celsius and after cleaning only 76

  2. Aquakey 98

    that is worth salvaging from this pc? i'm thinking maybe the touch panel but where can i find a slim regular monitor enclosure to house it?

  3. George Cassimatis

    What a moron. Do you really think Acer going around smashing these with a hammer to open them up. OMG. You have to think like a computer service agent. I opened mine by using putty knife to slide around the joint and prising the clips apart wherever I would strike them. Very simple. Very quick. No damage. BTW much the same as the Z3761 and you need a special adapter for that video port. Takes a common PCIe video card.

  4. Nova Flare Q

    Helped me a lot, btw. Just mounted external graphics card and now have about 6 or 8 gigs of ram. Wonderful little thing once you get past the casing issues.

  5. RODONE10

    I don,t see why not as long as you keep up with the dust ,thats whats the cover for to keep most of the dust out and i would think it will run much cooler.

  6. Russell Raynsford

    Can you leave the back off this after and not use the black back cover.i have have one of these and was just wondering as it would make sense not having to keep taking it off for later upgrades.

  7. Mark Stanley

    I used the 3gb already in the machine behind 2 x 4gb sticks and it recognized all 11gb. I also upgraded the hard drive to a 1tb 7200 rpm to get a faster seek speed. I didn't see any way to upgrade the graphics but I'll assume the increase in ram will help. I'm pretty impressed with the performance now. Hope this helps.

  8. Mark Stanley

    Thanks for posting this. It was very helpful. A putty knife worked very well on the dis assembly. Mine is a z3101 that came with 3GB of ram that suffered a hard drive crash. I was able to recover all the data from the old drive by placing the drive between two freeze packs to keep it cool. Next I wanted to upgrade the ram since the case was open. I had 2 x 4gb sticks from a system pull. With a motherboard limit of 8gb I thought I would throw the 2 x 4gb's in with the 3gb's…took all 11gb

  9. Carson901

    i know you can upgrade the ram of the z3730 without a problem, but i'm still running stock. (3gb) the only thing i want to replace is Ithe shitty integrade graphics chipset, which is useless. i think you can fit a low profile graphics card in the pci slot. but i dont know of anyone who has done that. My believe is the Z3730 uses the same slim case as a the acer aspire x series. And those you can fit with a low profile card. I asked acer about it, but they have not replied yet..

  10. Hazbiniznow89

    iam seriously thinking about upgradeing my ram have you already done it? would you have any more tips or advice? i have the Z3730 ours look exactly the same t this, i assume the inside wont be any differant :S lol

  11. Ivy Lu

    thanks for sharing this to us
    i want to know did you do upgrade to windows 8?
    i heard that the touch sreen is not working under windows 8,so it becomes a normal pc

  12. RODONE10

    Maybe the CPU but i beleve the graphics card is built into the motherborad that is why their is a PCI Express slot so you can up grade your graphics but it would have to be a low profile one.

  13. RODONE10

    I was thinking the same thing.No one can see the back off the unit unless they actualy look behind it.also i belive the pc will run much cooler.I have been looking to upgrade the graphics and i have all ready taken off the plastic back cover several times and i just know sooner or later i will break a locking clip or two.If you may have seen in my vedio's i did away with the original stand and have been using a articulated mount that hooks om to my desk.

  14. Michael Campellone

    Hey there Rod! LOL, you are SO polite! No need to keep apologizing about holding the camera and such – you are doing a lot of us a HUGE favor and we all appreciate it very much! Thanks for the great post! 🙂

  15. Rob Green

    Yes, I mean moving the data off the drive. Win7, won't boot up all the way, goes into repair for 2-3 days then just a mouse arrow on a black screen. Do you know of an ISO for a linux boot I can pop into the drive and copy the files to a usb flash drive?

  16. RODONE10

    I would try the link boot cd. Also do you mean swapping data from the acer all in one pc to another pc .If thats the case then just move all the data to a large flash drive ,thats what i would do.Then you can transfer from yhe flash drive to the other pc,

  17. Rob Green

    Hey Rod. I just got this from a client, and I can have it if I can pull the data off his drive. Is the drive accessible/removable? It's it's too much work, perhaps a linux boot cd to access the hard drive and pull his data. Please let me know.

  18. CONN3232

    i have a similar model but its a gateway all-in-one model #ZX4351. do you think it could be done in the same way? if you know the model.

  19. Whiskeydiver J

    It's an all in one PC. Anyone that knows anything about computers, All in One PC's are crap for pc gaming unless you stick to facebook games and their ilk…well All in one's are terrible overall. A fermi/low profile video card may fit in there, but I wouldn't do it due to the heat they generate and the terrible air flow that is all to present in all in one pc's.

  20. Shafey Abbasi

    @RODONE10 I opened my pc just like u said in the video and I cant find the video card!! PLease tell us where the video card is this pc? It will be very helpful. Thank u very much. I am waiting for ur next video.

  21. RODONE10

    @HARDcoreGamer081 yes you can. your best place to start is best buy and ask some one from the geek squid or wait untill my next vedio is posted it will be more in depth on how to take apart and upgrade i hope to post it real soon.thank you.

  22. Shafey Abbasi

    @RODONE10 Can i upgrade a new graphic card in this pc?? i have this pc and it has nvidia 9200! Can i upgrade the video card in this pc?? plz reply ASAP

  23. RODONE10

    @cubeofwater I would hold off on buying this pc.I went over the returnback date at HH Gregg.So i have owned this computer around three month's.I will be uploading another video that get's in to more detail about your question and many more after the Holidays.

  24. raygun53

    Thanks man. Entertaining and now I can get into without dynamite! The video was hard to find with the title you are using, but worth the trouble.

  25. DegeneratorPK

    Thank you soo much, you helped me out A LOT! If you want to help more people you should really rename this video to something more suitable such as "ACER Aspire All-in-one PC Disassembly"

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