AfterParty Review

AfterParty Review

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IGN’s Jonathon Dornbush reviews Night School Studio’s Afterparty, the next game from the Oxenfree developers. Afterparty tells the story of two friends, Milo and Lola (Khoi Dao and Janina Gavankar, respectively), who find themselves in Hell and trying to escape, believing they’ve wrongly ended up there.

The only way out? Outdrink Satan (The Walking Dead’s Dave Fennoy). But the path there is not so easy, and Afterparty’s gameplay will have players choosing dialogue, drinking cocktails of the underworld, and navigating the bar scene in Hell on the way to Satan’s.

Afterparty will be released on October 29 for PC and Mac, PS4, and Xbox One.


37 Replies to “AfterParty Review”

  1. ProgrammedForDamage

    I "think" I am close to the end of the game. I'm hoping I can somehow work things out with Wormhorn. I've been too mean to her when she's just trying to do her job.

  2. BadUploadScheduleツ

    Wormhole best girl, was sad that she was only meant as side role but I shouldn’t have expected more, great game though

  3. Dre Lara

    I got it on accident off the Xbox game pass for free and now I like it, not that far in, only at the part when they trynna find a vip invite

  4. Sander Bouwhuis

    This review is more than 5 minutes, and yet I still have no idea what this game is. Is it an old school adventure with an inventory where you have to try everything on everything before you consult a guide like Thumbleweed Park? Or is it more of a walking simulator like TellTales games?

  5. Derek Ewart

    Well it's on Game Pass so I'll give it a try. Game Pass in my eyes is really worth the price considering Outer Worlds just also became available on there 👍

  6. Alan Vieyra

    Don’t get me wrong, I definitely wanna play this. But, you gave it all the praise in the world save a few glitches, and it gets an 8.5? What’s the thought process here.

  7. CaptainTalon448

    Satan is Lee from The Walking Dead?! Oh boy he's not going to be happy about how I played Clementine throughout the TellTale games

  8. Feverroneous

    Confirmed: IGN is Hell.
    But I am stoked this game turned out well, definitely going to give it a try.
    Also, two great Ashley Burch games in one week, what a treat!

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