Amscope SE400-z microscope, a must have tool for repair technicians.

Amscope SE400-z microscope, a must have tool for repair technicians.

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Unlike these tools that take the screen out of the iphone and bend out corners and other stupid crap you can do yourself without wasting money, this tool allows you to perform repairs that you would never be able to do otherwise.

Further, this tool is VERY AFFORDABLE!

42 Replies to “Amscope SE400-z microscope, a must have tool for repair technicians.”

  1. Danfuerth Gillis

    Amscope, Koppace, Lucky Zoom and many others are identical models sold with different options. So your choice is yours but this has to be known as Amscope tends to the highest priced. The OEM is the same, just as Giant bicycle Corp makes 80% of all carbon frames for semi and pro road bikes, Cervelo, Colnago and even Trek are outsourcing to Giant.

  2. Seth Tucker

    I just got one of these and I threw the 20X pieces on to see what you were talking about. I see what you mean, the view at first seemed much, much smaller, especially if you use the eye relief pieces from the 10x. However, I noticed that the 20X eye pieces actually have built in eye relief. If you press your eye all the way into the eye relief, you will see the full image circle that the 20x eyepiece can provide, and it's actually about the same as the 10x. It is, however, less, comfortable as your eyelashes actually touch the area around the lens.

  3. Focken Focker

    I tried to solder with a small usb scope hooked up to my computer monitor lol I fudged up my home button trying to repair the turtle ic.

  4. y tho

    I'm a hobbyist. I like learning and soldering and fixing all my retro game consoles. Capacitor replacements on genesis, fuses on dreamcast controller ports, RGB upgrades on the SNES. My eyes start to go loopy after a while. Thanks for this review, i'm definitely pulling the trigger on this

  5. Nayef al kurahi

    I'm stuck on deciding this scope or one that connects to a tv ? Can you do work looking at a Tv? Or should I just get this scope ?

  6. ElectronicJunky

    Great Videos! im debating between the SM-4TP and se400-z. I can afford the more expensive one but wonder other then the semifocal and camera capability does the sm-4tp have any other features that warrant the extra cost?

  7. Victor van Herpt Valdivia

    Hi Louis, I've been watching many of your videos (thanks! They're very helpful).
    I was trying to buy stuff from your links, but I don't know if amazon picked up the referal, as I'm from Spain and my amazon store is There must be a way to internationalize your links so that you can benefit.
    Thanks again!

  8. Glenn Ferris

    thank you lou, what the fuck would i do without you and your tutorials? Louis! your an amax
    zingly genious man and one who loves helping his fellow Technicians advance in our with that being said THANK YOU. this student will pay everything you've taught me forward. God Bless you and your kitties forever and a day. oh! and to answer your question flowing throughout that genious brain of yours, NO! i am not a Bible totting christian and you dont need to be one just to send well wishes to a person you look up to as a NUMBER ONE TEACHING TECHNICIAN WHOS VERY CONSIDERATE OF YOU WHILE HE TEACHES HIS STUDENT/CLIENTS. TAKE CARE LOU.YOUR PROTOGERE .GLENN aka [email protected]

  9. spartan456

    Heya Louis. About the eyepieces, there's actually the SE-402Z which comes with both 1x and 2x objective lenses, so you can use the 10x eyepieces but have 2x the zoom with the FoV of the 10x. Thought you might wanna know. It's a bit more money (about $30 more than the 400Z) but well worth it just for the extra objective lenses.

    The light is also built into the stand for the scope so it's not in the way of your hands and such. The downside to that though is the light is tungsten whereas the 400Z uses an LED, so if it ever goes out you might have a hard time finding a cheap replacement.

  10. Pyroslav x

    I have a question…again…
    How much easier it is (well would be for me) to microsolder IF i had a real two eypiece microscope, coz now i use a 720p webcam, well the electronics and sensor from it with homemade objective (epoxied together bunch of lenses from broken cameras,lasers, who knows where, and plumbing supplies with threads, to adjust distances/focus/zoom 🙂 And i can get perfectly nice sharp focus image on computer screen, at different magnifications, BUT it "feels" strange to see your hands…detached..and there is a small time lag…
    I dont know anyone that would have me use their pro equipment to see the difference…

  11. john porter

    Good info thanks….now tell me again how you pronounce SOLDER?! 😉
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    A thoughtful silence follows and he waits patiently (and eagerly) for her request.
    She eventually replies shyly and unsure, "I wan …… numba 69."
    More thoughtful silence, this time from him. Eventually, in a puzzled tone he queries……… "You wan… Beef wif Broccori."?

  12. stazeII


    I seriously hope AmScope gives you shit for pimping their scope(s). I just bought an SE400-Z, and I can only imagine how many they've sold because of this video (and a few others). Seriously, they should be sending you free shit. =D

  13. Eli Hughes

    I just made this purchase and I 100% vouch that this is an awesome scope for the money. I do electronics design and it is great for fine pitch rework and inspection.

  14. Chay Donohoe

    I'm not a repair pro, but took your recommendation and brought an Amscope. This has certainly saved squinting shortsightedly through a magnifying lens when doing odd jobs for friends and the occasional bit of smt work. It's great being able to perceive tiny things in 3D! Thanks!

  15. Cristie R

    This looks perfect for me but at $450 in Australia I think I need to see if I can find something similar over here :/ thanks for the video Louis very informative

  16. MrWhite

    Love your videos. Keep um coming. Especially these tool videos.

    Thanks for all the free info. Im sure alot of people are thinking the same thing.

  17. raulmorel1

    i have a question? do you sell motherboard parts(resistan,diode,etc..)there are people confuse about you can earn more money if you sell that :), the people like you work and trust you.

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