An Honest Review Of The F1 2019 Game

An Honest Review Of The F1 2019 Game

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What is the F1 2019 game like? How much of an improvement has been made since last year?

We take a look at the brand new F1 game from Codemasters and give an F1 fans perspective of what it is like to play.

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the f1 20:19 game it's that time of year again when we have the next installment in the Codemasters franchise and better yet you're sat here watching this video getting my honest opinion on it all last year I threw prices into the equation which unfortunately caused a little stir so this year I'm gonna be slapping on good old-fashioned numbers out of 10 on parts of the game I feel a worth rating let's start with the all-important career mode then shall we the main talking point this year is the addition of f2 is your starting block something I think a lot of us f1 fans wanted did you know that means we're in the game an element of progression working your way up the ladder as opposed to just doing 10 seasons in f1 and that's it for another year now let's start with the positives first I absolutely love what they've added WTF on is in the game did you know not only of Codemasters added f2 but they've added an element of story to it scenarios giving you that feeling you're involved in something bigger than just racing against the computer which for me is all I've ever wanted from single-player and honestly I'm very impressed with the concept the way in which your decisions genuinely impact the cutscenes that follow are really great to see it's a step up from an already solid career mode in f1 2018 and double it if one is in the game on my god however and there are always howevers as I come to the end of what is admittedly a very short f2 career only three short scenario modes I can't help but have a feeling of being slightly shortchanged I really enjoyed the new challenge of driving the f2 car and it's taken away from you rather quickly after only three very short races I know there will be people out there saying well I only wanted a taste us so it's the perfect length for me and that's fine but I really feel like it's an unfinished job not only are you fast-tracked into f1 no matter what your result in the f2 championship but all the personality cutscenes that you experienced in f2 disappear when you get to f1 back to bog-standard career mode yes you will see the generic press clippings here and there and the odd commentary piece to make it feel like you're still in a story but we all know deep down and I guarantee you'll think this – after playing it but they could have taken this so much further and I really hope they do for 2020 that's what it's keeping WTF all in the game of course quick word on the AI they seem to have a decent amount of race craft and a racy which is what I like there was a tweet from the handling designer of the f1 game David Greco only yesterday stated that the AI can take better lines through specially fast corners they have smooth inputs and he believes that the handling model is more simulation which for me is a massive tick f1 2019 seems like it might be a challenge back to career mode and overall not much has really changed if you discount the f2 Edition however I feel like code masters are onto something big here if they heavily invest in the story element more for 2020 career mode gets a 7.5 out of 10 for me next we move on to the graphics of the game now I recorded this footage on my old generation Xbox one which you may notice occasionally doesn't have the best processing power at time so I'd be lying if I said I was blown away by my individual experience however I have seen other pieces of gameplay and have been extremely impressed if you wanted that level of water then you'll need to play the game on the PC with a rather expensive computer but the fact these graphics exist at all is a positive from me 8 out of 10 let's talk a little bit about the actual handling and experience of driving the cars I mentioned briefly that I enjoyed the f2 experience especially with the fact that this completely new challenge with its and the f1 cars are no different I found it much easier to pick up and play this year as opposed to last and felt like I was on the pace pretty much from the get-go I'm playing on the controller but have been given some Intel that the cars are more understeery this year on the wheel it's more difficult to tell them the controllers you always steer to what the game allows you I personally found the cars rather enjoyable to drive so with that in mind I'm gonna give it an 8 out of 10 my enjoyment is everything when it comes to these ratings can you tell multiplayer we can't comment on too much as it hasn't been let loose to hundreds of thousands of players yet but I can see that there has been a decent sized effort to make multiplayer a reason to continue to play the game once you've finished career mode you have weekly events in a spec car which is an interesting concept it certainly is a challenge to drive and you will have to work hard to set the car up perfectly for each track you can earn competition points which you can then reward yourself with some customizable swag including liveries helmets and so on which is awesome although I feel like the introduction of microtransactions good cause riots I feel like the multiplayer is at a 7 out of 10 more and more layers to the experience of being added every year with things such as safety rating competition points etc but the issue is always the connectivity and online experience for players it always seems to struggle maybe this year is the year we don't get wiped out by laggy Australians oh and before I forget they have an entire section dedicated just for f1 eSports I love that maybe I'll see my face in that section one day maybe now I've been rather positive throughout most of this video regarding f1 2019 it seems like a decent game that continues to build year on year and as an enjoyable play but and I mean a big but I am concerned that this game isn't different enough to last year I mentioned earlier about the career mode being pretty samey after the small f2 section they've added a small amount of flair but nowhere near enough if we were to strip back the brand-new HUD the 3 race f1 scenario mode and the tiny little changes here and there would we simply have f1 2018 I don't know it's food for thought for everyone watching who and never tably try out the game at some point I've not mentioned classic cars it's not a huge amount has changed with them apart from the addition of a few they still integrated it into career mode which I find rather strange especially when you're signed for Ferrari and then yourself and Vettel are driving the 2008 McLaren around Silverstone I'm not sure how that would be taken if it happened in real life overall f1 20:19 gets a seven and a half out of 10 from me it's probably nearer an 8 if you look at it without any previous knowledge of the other f1 games it's a decent experience but as an avid f1 fan and gamer knowing where the game was twelve months ago I feel like not enough has changed to warrant a higher rating than this is a shame if the storyline had really been nailed down and extended into career mode I would be singing from the hills about this game instead I started singing and didn't even get to the chorus because the f2 career had already finished what do you think of the game and what you've seen let us know in the comment section below

21 Replies to “An Honest Review Of The F1 2019 Game”

  1. Daniel Nakhamkin

    I feel like the price is a pretty important point to talk about. Throwing that out the window just because it gets hate isnt a reason to get rid of the fact its $60 and not worth that amount comparing it to other games

  2. ZZstaff

    I do not care about the story element, just make the game fun to play and last long enough to get my money's worth. I do not want hours worth of fast action I want days of it.

  3. Red Rafiqy5

    I would like it to be more of a journey like Karting to F3 to F2 to F1
    Commentary during qualifying race
    More strategy options
    More communication with Jeff
    More Game modes like Demolition Derby or a motorsport manger like thing
    Bigger deal at he end of a season
    Different practice programmes per season to make it less tiring
    And maybe a Pro Am series like Fortnite
    Forza Horizon 4 story like your lifestyle, houses and more customisation

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