An introduction to Practicode: Medical Coding Practice Software.

An introduction to Practicode: Medical Coding Practice Software.

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Practicode helps new and experienced medical coders get real-world experience coding actual medical charts. This new coding practice tool helps to improve coding skills across multiple specialties, allow a new coder to gain coding experience, and employers to evaluate and assess the coding skills of your medical coding employees.

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to begin let's log into practicode by putting in our email address and password when you log in you are first presented with the practice page here you will see three things first any assessments that have been assigned to you assessments are tests or assignments assigned by an advisor if it is blank that means no assessments have been assigned to you second you will see all modules that you have been granted access most modules represent a coding specialty like radiology neurosurgery to name a few each module has exercises an exercise is either a clinical record that you will be expected to code or in rare cases a multiple-choice question third on the right is an overview of your progress it shows how much time you have spent working on exercises the total number of exercises you have completed how long each exercise takes you on average made your overall proficiency if you have an advisor you also can see and communicate with your advisor from this page you can take an assessment practice in a module view notifications from advisors view reports manage your account or participate in the user community to begin practicing in a module click on begin the first time you enter a module you're presented with a brief overview of the module when you're ready to start click begin you are presented with your first exercise in the module you selected the exercise consists of four areas the first area is the patient information so you know their name gender age date of service and insurance the second area is the clinical record that you can read through to discover the correct codes to enter the third area is the patient history this allows you to view any patient history that may affect the codes you select fourth this is the code entry section here you can enter any diagnosis in or procedure codes you discovered while reading through the clinical record and patient histories along with any modifiers quantities and linking that would pertain to the code selected as you can see when you enter in the codes you are presented with a type-ahead drop-down that helps you choose the code you want in the procedure section you can put any modifiers that go along with that particular code if you want to add multiple modifiers then simply separate them with a comma you can then add the quantity finally you can link your enm and procedure codes to the appropriate diagnosis codes to do this you simply put the line number of the diagnosis code in the linking input box if it links to multiple diagnosis codes you separate the line numbers with a comma once you have entered all the diagnosis and procedure codes that you found reading through the clinical record you click on show answers to see how you did that brings you to the answer key which consists of three sections first the results section this area consists of the answers you entered into the code entry section of the coding exercise if any were entered incorrectly they show up as red next to your answers are the correct answers some exercises have multiple correct answers you can navigate through those answers to see all possibilities you are scored against the answer that gave you the highest score below your answers and the correct answers is the explanation area this area explains why the answers the system provided are the correct codes this area will help you improve for the next exercises you will take second the right panel this section displays the score a summary of your answers and the correct answers how long it took you to complete the exercise and how difficult the exercise should have been the reason the codes are summarized on the right panel is because on the left you can review the clinical record which brings us to number three the clinical record this allows you to review the clinical record after seeing your answers compared to the correct answers and after reading through the explanation from here you could click on next exercise to begin coding the next exercise in the module you can also click on the practice tab to get back to the main page

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