Android: How to Get NDS Pokemon ROM Hacks! (NO COMPUTER) (NO ROOT)

Android: How to Get NDS Pokemon ROM Hacks! (NO COMPUTER) (NO ROOT)

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Hey #OPERATION in this video I will be showing you How To Get Nintendo DS Pokemon ROM Hacks on your Android Device now that CoolRom no longer has them. If you enjoyed this video please CLICK that like button and subscribe! Thanks and Welcome to the OPERATION 🙂


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hey Warsaw be operation idroid here and in this video I'll be showing you how to get MDS ROM hacks on your Android device however if you would like to learn how to get these amazing games on your iOS device follow the link in the description below for a tutorial on that now for those that don't know NDS ROM hacks are fan-made using official Pokemon Nintendo DS games as the backbone while creating elaborate new storylines regions increased difficulty and much more keep in mind that this video is for educational purposes only and with all that being said if you're excited to learn how to get the NDS ROM hacks on your Android device please hit that like button and let's try to reach 200 likes now without any further ado let's head into the tutorial alright getting in tend ODS rom hacks is very simple and of course you will need a Nintendo DS emulator to actually play the games now I recommend drastic Indies and if you don't have that you can find a detailed tutorial in the description below however you can easily find it on the Google Play Store by searching drastic where you'll have the option to get a paid or free version which is completely up to you but once you do get drastic DS what you want to do is go to your home screen open your operation idroid application which is just a web app to my website operation I droid so you can quickly visit that now upon arriving at the site you want to head over into the game section because that's where you'll find the Nintendo DS rom hacks among GBA and GBC rom hacks however scrolling down to the bottom you can see all the Nintendo DS rom hacks that I have and if there's any that are not on the site and you would like to see in the future definitely let me know in the comment section below however once you find a rom hack that you would like to download all you have to do is click on it and you can find tons of information on it but to actually start the download simply click on download now intend o DS rom hacks are pretty big files so it may take some time to download the on your internet speed so just patiently wait until it's done however once it is done what you want to do is head back into your home screen and open drastic DS and simply load a new game and your download should be going into your downloads section and as you can see I downloaded pokemon plays black and there it is so I can just click on it start a new game and just like that I'm playing pokemon blaze black a pretty awesome Nintendo DS rom hack thanks for watching I hope you found this video helpful if you did please leave a like as it's greatly appreciated as well as if you haven't subscribed yet I highly recommend you do so to be notified whenever I upload a video because I upload android tutorials like this one every week anyways thanks for watching thanks for subscribing and welcome to the operation

28 Replies to “Android: How to Get NDS Pokemon ROM Hacks! (NO COMPUTER) (NO ROOT)”

  1. Sheida Askari

    hi, i got drastic and perfect platinum, was wondering if i could hack the game like max the pokedex or get any pokemon i wanted?

  2. brayan Iturrios

    I'm buying a small tablet just to play these awesome games, are there any cheap recommendations you could tell me about? please let me know and I'm sure people would also love to know

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