Apple iPhone 6+ Review!

Apple iPhone 6+ Review!

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iPhone 6 Plus is everything about the iPhone 6, amplified!

iPhone 6 Review:

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hey what is up guys and que PhD here and this is the iPhone 6 plus in my iPhone 6 review I mentioned that by upgrading to it from an older iPhone you get a bunch of the benefits that naturally come with a larger display and an overall larger device with the iPhone 6 plus all of these differences all the pros and all the cons are magnified they're amplified by an even bigger device so if you're trying to decide between the 6 and the 6 plus hopefully I can help you by going over these benefits and drawbacks as someone who's used both phones benefit number one larger display so the iPhone 6 plus has a 5.5 inch 1080p display versus the iPhone 6 is 4.7 inch which means everything you look at on the screen everything you interact with the panel that you're staring at all day is bigger so you get a bigger keyboard for an easier typing experience especially if you have big thumbs like me you can watch videos bigger and game bigger and browse the web bigger and read more documents bigger basically anything consuming media is bigger it doesn't necessarily show more information but it shows the same amount of information in a larger and generally more enjoyable way plus if you have games and videos that are 1080p the 6 plus will fully take advantage of them now despite how huge this display is Apple doesn't really do a whole lot in iOS 8 to take advantage of the extra real estate besides the extra row of icons and reach ability so really essentially it's just a blown-up version of the iPhone 6 experience which is fine I just wish they'd done a little bit more like I mentioned but one thing you can do on the iPhone 6 plus that you can't do on the 6 is Home screen rotation anywhere so you can go 90 degrees to the right or you can go 90 degrees to the left if you want or sometimes and I don't even really know why he would do this but you can go completely upside-down 180 degrees in fact sometimes I end up taking it out my pocket and unlocking it and it's already upside down and I have to wait for the animation to flip back honestly I think it's pretty silly I think they should remove the upside-down rotation but yeah homescreen rotation is a thing and yeah you also get a slightly more spaced out keyboard so it's much better and much more efficient when you're in landscape on the 6 plus complete with its own copy and paste buttons which is too bad because I never type in landscape benefit number to a bigger phone means you have a bigger space for a bigger battery so the iPhone 6 plus has a huge 2915 milliamp hour battery I say huge because it is way bigger than the one in the iPhone 6 and the immense battery life is one of the best traits of the iPhone 6 plus I can basically guarantee you'll never kill the whole battery from 100% to zero in a single day and you can't say that about many phones and there have been plenty of times where I do two full days of light use while forgetting the charger or something overnight I saw a battery to spare for the second day I typically get 7 to 9 hours of usage or screen on time but again it's there have been plenty of days where I get way more than that and I don't use the phone as heavily take this day for example when I was mostly using it as a camera all day and had the six and a half hours of usage with 61% battery left at the end of the day basically this thing is a battery champ go to sleep with 50% charge you'll wake up with that 50% charge standby for days and the only con here really is that it takes a little bit longer to charge up benefit number 3 optical image stabilization this is huge the iPhone 6 camera was already really good but having more space inside the body of the iPhone 6 plus gives some space for some bigger camera optics meaning they fit optical image stabilization in the iPhone 6 plus this is stabilization done with hardware which is different from stabilization done with software as the actual elements of the lens moving around to compensate for your shaky hand rather than software stabilization that a lot of other phones have that doesn't work nearly as well the result is two things one the iPhone 6 plus becomes a low-light beast allowing the shutter to stay open a little longer to capture more light without blurring the image and this combined with optical image stabilization makes some of the best low-light shots I've ever seen from a phone with no flash and to oh is is awesome for video you can take a super shaky shot and make it seem slightly less shaky or even take a slightly shaky shot and they can seem like it's on a tripod so you can move around a lot more and have a lot less fear about getting the shot you want from a fast-moving object or subject that's moving all over the place basically the iPhone six-plus now takes some of the best 1080p video from any smartphone and also takes some of the best photos from any smartphone period and as a pixel peeper I love that so downside number one optimized apps this is something that's getting better every week but it's the same situation as the iPhone 6 like I mentioned in the review but again magnified even more it's a 1920 by 1080 display and you would think that you know that's a pretty standard aspect ratio and resolution shouldn't have any problems but apps that haven't been updated for this new phone look either fuzzy or wonky and weird so developers get on that quick downside number to slipperiness so this is a big phone the iPhone 6 plus has rounded edges all the way around like the iPhone 6 and it's even bigger so you're gonna have to manipulate it around more often to reach all the corners of the display especially if you're one handing it which you're probably not but so this is the one phone where I would really recommend covering it in some way to at least get a better grip or make it easier to hold in the hand I mean at all super thin rounded slab isn't exactly organ amah Capel knows that but they do have some first-party case options they have a leather case and a couple colors which i think looks pretty nice from the video reviews I've watched so that I will link below my preference though as I've said before is a skin just to change the texture of the device but not add much thickness at all so I'll leave a link to that this is a D brand skin right below again they have a couple different colors and you can choose which one you like best from there downside number three bendgate and I'm only including this section because it seems like anyone who's ever seen my phone and asked me about the iPhone six-plus always seems to have a follow-up question about whether it bent or not so for the record no mine hasn't bent and I don't expect it to because I'm careful with my phone but listen it's an expensive electronic device you paid a lot of money for it don't sit on it don't put a lot of pressure on it and watch my bendgate explainer video if you want to know more about that I got the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 plus at roughly the same time and I took the Apple in six out the box first and played with it and started using it a lot and set it up and then I took the iPhone six-plus out the box and immediately knew that I liked it more than the iPhone 6 I don't know if it was the feel in the hand or just the fact that I'm more used to devices this than the smaller iphone 6 whatever it was I am one of billions but I like personally the iPhone six-plus more so that's why I picked it and that's why I chose it more and you can choose if the benefits that I showed you are worth more than the drawbacks to you but that's been my overall thoughts on the iPhone 6 plus so that's been it thanks for watching and I'll talk to you guys in the next one peace

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  1. Dream11 IPl

    Hey I m from Future😂 ! And YOU WONT believe that there is no Headphone Jack and physical Home button in iphones! And in few years this price tag of iphones Will sound cheaper 😂

  2. smiley

    Iam a Android user and I currently have the Stylo 4 I want to make the switch to iPhone 6 plus but I was told they don't have SD card I have way too many pictures to lose when making the switch and I also heard allot of things you can do with Android you can't do with iPhones can somebody help me out would it be wise to make the switch

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