Apple Mac Tips - How to use the Mac OS X 3D Flyover (city tour) - Virtual Tour VR

Apple Mac Tips – How to use the Mac OS X 3D Flyover (city tour) – Virtual Tour VR

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Here is an Essential Mac Tip
In this tutorial, I will show you how to use the flyover (city tour) in Mac OS X Maps Application – Take a Virtual Reality Tour VR

Here is a great Mac tip that is already built into your Mac OS X computer is a feature called flyover where you can take tours of landmarks and Cities all around the world here are the ones I have tested that work try that at and travel the world



Apple HQ Cupertino
Colosseum, Rome
Golden Gate Bridge
Sydney Opera House

New York
London, England
Berlin, Germany
Barcelona, Spain


Ancona, Italy
Auckland, New Zealand
Baltimore, MD
Barcelona, Spain
Bordeaux, France
Boston, MA
Cape Town, South Africa
Cheyenne, WY
Cologne, Germany
Cordoba, Spain
Denver, CO
Glasgow, Scotland
Helsinki, Finland
Leeds, England,
Linköping, Sweden
London, England
Lyon, France
Madrid, Spain
Manchester, England
Marseille, France
Modesto, CA
New York, NY
Oakland, CA
Paris, France
Perth, Australia
Perugia, Italy
Sacramento, CA
Saint-Tropez, France
Saint √Čtienne, France
San Antonio, TX
San Francisco, CA
San Jose, CA
Seville, Spain
Stockholm, Sweden

Tulsa, OK
Valencia, Spain
Vancouver, Canada #apple Use these tips at your own risk DISCLAIMER: Use these tips at your own Risk Disclaimer – use these tips and all Mac tips on this channel at your own risk. – mac tips youtube

hi everyone in today's video I'm going to show you a new feature in Yosemite called flyover I'm actually running it in New York right now as you can see and you kind of get this aerial view as if you were flying on a plane and it comes in very close to the buildings as you can see here and actually tells you what you're looking at right here so you can basically take a tour of almost any city in the world there's they're not available for every single one but there's quite a lot of them that are available and I've compiled a list of the ones I've tested right here on the left side and most of them will work over here so there are some that have landmarks there's others that have the full city tour like we're viewing now of New York there's the Empire State Building and it's really easy to access so let's get started how do you get to do this well the first thing that you need to do is you go to your app flow menu and go to your applications and look for an application called Maps once you open up the Maps application all you'd have to do is put in the word New York London England or the Rome the Colosseum in Rome which is a landmark some of them do work with landmarks I have found that there's some that worked some that don't so you'll have to try them out and test what will work for you I'm gonna copy the Rome Colosseum one just the way it's written here it returned and this is what you see when you first get started you click on this little eye over here and it will show over something called flyover tour click on that and there you're getting started so let's take a look together at the Colosseum in Rome it's really wonderful let's now take a look at the Golden Gate Bridge here we go and again now you see the little Y but you also see this item down here quote 3d flyover tour it started and there's the Golden Gate Bridge in California so that's fun a really cool one that I noticed is that Apple put in their own headquarters and for Patino so let's go ahead and put that one in and hit return and as you can see it also came up with these items for directions yeah let's do flyover tour and here we go and that's actual apples headquarters in Cupertino I've actually visited this location and it does look just like that so it is the accurate version they actually have lunch out in the back area over here so if you ever wanted to know where the original headquarters for Apple Computer is you can take a little tour now let's try a different one let's try London England and again we're gonna hit the little eye here and click flyover tour there we go let's take a little trip to England now as you can see that's Buckingham Palace down here if you want to be really full if the option and the stinky 3d and it will read whatever's in that area if you have speakable items on as far as the music I just have some classical music playing in the background 3d flyover to Westminster Abbey I think that's where they can get married so as you can see it's quite a lot of fun just to kind of take these tours now let's try a different one let's try Barcelona Spain see what comes up and here we go and this one you can see down here also has the option to start it from here we're going to do that one and there it goes here is Barcelona Spain 3d 42 of sangrita famiglia so all of these items are really easy to access and once you click end that ends the tour if you click on the minus sign over here and you keep clicking the minus sign I also found this kind of cool it really brings you all the way back and you can see the globe and you can actually rotate it and see what the Sun is on which side of the world which is really cool so as you can see the 3d flyover tool is really easy to use it's already built into your computer and I've prepared all of these for you to try out so hope you enjoyed learning about 3d fly over on the Mac and if you liked the video click like and subscribe to the channel for more tips thanks for listening

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