Apple Macbook Air 13" 2013 Review

Apple Macbook Air 13" 2013 Review

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This is my review of the Macbook Air 13″ 2013 base model with nothing else added. In this review i cover some of the main features and give you thoughts and experience with the laptop so far.
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I walk ahead in this video I'm going to be reviewing the macbook air 13-inch 2013 model with the Haswell processor inside and I don't normally review laptop I just want to give you my thoughts and experience on what I've experienced so far I've had the laptop for about a month so yeah let's get into it those stuff we're going to take a look at these specs I have the base 13-inch model with nothing added so I've got the fourth generation has Wi-Fi processor that's a dual-core processor is clocked in at one point three gigahertz and also has turbo boost so I can go up to 2.6 gigahertz it also has the Intel HD graphics 5000 which is a huge improvement over the previous one you get better performance and when you're playing games and graphic intensive programs it also has four gigabytes of RAM which is okay just for normal use by if you're going to use heavy intensive programs you might need a little bit more in terms of higher storage is got 128 gigs flash storage so the flash storage is going to be much faster than the normal hard drives which is great and in terms of battery life on this model you get up to 12 hours Barry left by talk about that a little bit later on when it comes to hardware hasn't changed much since the previous versions the only way you could tell is the latest version is by the dual microphones on the left hand side however the hardware is still beautiful thin and light one of the main reasons I personally got the air over the pro was portability I like to carry around I like the lightweight laptop and that's a big selling point for me but when you're looking to buy this you need to take this into consideration and take a look at what your needs are will best suits you overall the laptop is solid and mobile and with its aluminium show you will not be disappointed by this board quali now we're just going to take a look around the laptop so on the left hand side we got there we put your power you got your USB 3.0 headphone jack and dual microphones and nothing kills and on the front you got nothing is this lovely and sleeping a lot to help you actually open it up and nothing else and on the right hand side you got your fundable USB 3.0 and SD card slot and that's only available and the 13-inch model and we've got nothing kills a very sleek on the back is very nice and clean nothing there just where it opens up no pulse rifle color back nice and clean and of course we got the apple logo right on the vm front of the laptop which actually glows up when you actually have it on there you go now for the keyboards the keyboards are very nice evenly spaced out very easy to type on and they are backlit so when you're using a laptop and the docs very easy to actually see the keys which I like and you've got this nice glass multi-touch trackpad which is the best trackpad I've ever used in any laptop very responsive and accurate and the keys are beautiful as well you got a macbook air and a 13 inch screen right there with their webcam on top when it comes to software runs mountain lion OS which runs very smoothly with no issues if you ever use mountain lion before you should be very familiar before it looks like and some of its features it's a very solid operating system there's also an app store we could get some of your favorite applications and games from which is pretty cool that it's all in the operating system now for the barrier life they claim that you can get 12 hours battery life however I haven't been able to get 12 hours I have Wi-Fi on all the time I normally use it for web browsing watching videos youtube videos and some like a word processing and maybe the order game here in there and I've gotten close to the nine hour mark which is still impressive and remember it depends on how you use it every day and what programs use and your how much power they take up on your PC so just keep that in mind this is the 13-inch model and it has a resolution of 1440 x + 900 and you're going to notice some pixels if you look very closely but for normal use like web browsing watching that video word processing and there's no muslim everyday task it should be fine and you shouldn't really know is it that much but if you're looking for high resolution display you know crisp nice graphics and stuff like that definitely look at the macbook pro retina edition when it comes to gaming this isn't a gaming machine however could still handle like gaming for example I've tried games that nigga lesions minecraft Borderlands 2 CR racing and it's playable in a laptop without any major issues after playing it for a while it does get hot and you can head a friend stop blowing now I'm underneath the screen I have videos on my channel if you want to check out those videos I have the links somewhere on the screen you could just go to my channel and check out since using a laptop I've only run into one issue that I've noticed and that is sometimes off the kind of wake up the laptop and type in your password or unlock it after a few seconds you automatically shut off and we lock itself and this does happen quite often doesn't happen all the time but when it does happen it was really annoying when you just want to you know turn on a laptop and just get working the distal side is just a software I'm little bug hopefully that they could update and fix this problem relatively quick overall had the laptop for just over a month and it's been great so far it's been fast very easy to use and I really enjoyed using it so far and the only thing is I would have picked a slightly bigger storage space than 128 gigs but you know think very carefully about which caste origin might new one before you actually go out and get it and yeah um I have no problem recommending this laptop to anyone is well worth your money if you decide to pick this one up and that's about for the video and leave your comments in the comment section down below them know you think do you like it are you gonna be getting one deal i click that like a thing is we bought a good stuff in the comment section down below if you enjoyed it give it a thumbs up subscribe before you see more I'm thanks for watching please

20 Replies to “Apple Macbook Air 13" 2013 Review”

  1. Maaz M

    Hi Oawalker,
    Am planning to buy a Macbook, which one do you suggest for overall better performance as below
    Macbook Air 13" – Core i7, 8gb ram, 256 ssd
    Macbook Pro 13" – Core i5 8gb ram, 256 ssd

    Pls reply

  2. Kynigos Hunter

    Beautifully done review! 
    My question to you Oawalker is that with the latest macbook pro 13"(intel iris edition) retina, do you still think that the macbook air is still a better value?
    note: base line model for both
    thanks in advance for your contribution 

  3. kelly berina

    I'm getting one tomorrow, well hopefully! I'm going to do a First Boot and try – tutorials. Funny stuff in this vid, this will be my first mac. Please check it out, please! I'm new to Mac as well, I've tried my friends for like 5 mins. Hahah check my channel tomorrow x

  4. MTNitroRC

    Just ordered one with the i7 and 8 gb of ram but the standard ssd, how much available space is left on the computer after the initial setup? Thanks.

  5. GeekHelpingHand

    I'm very jealous that you have the MacBook Air. I'm looking to upgrade and thank you very much for helping me decide!

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