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Hello WinExp!,

Today again a Macintosh video of the company
Yeah I heard some feedback of viewers that my name isn’t fit to my video that I made.

I make a poll about it because I want to upload way more than Windows.

But still there are more Windows videos than other stuff.
Windows Expert is called that way because my most popular videos are from Windows and my first video is about Windows 😛

But anyway this is the history of Macintosh.
I tell you the story of Macintosh and what kind of updates through the years captured.

Things like iMac, Macintosh LC series that is all what I’ve mention in the video!

Every Tuesday will be a video uploaded with a theme of Windows 98.

I hope you will get the 90’s time back! Like wow that was a great time!

I hope you enjoyed the video and a lot of nostalgia.
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Windows Expert!

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39 Replies to “APPLE MACINTOSH HISTORY (1984-2019)”

  1. Антон Крылосов

    Macintosh Plus имел 1 ГБ памяти?! В лучшем случае только 1 МБ

  2. Vertobits EP

    Did you know how much time it took to install a Mac OS VM program on my computer. It was 2 days to set up the program then 1 hour to set up Mac OS 9 then a week to download some programs and I got to say

  3. Windows 7 is ending support in a year

    180 likes on this video.

    Who wants to continue this meme of liking their own comment? If u do, like my comment

  4. randominist xd

    I kinda surprised that you have made some videos that are interesting in just a few days. Keep it up man!

    Also the release of the original Macintosh ( Jan 24 ) is my birthday!

  5. MacBack123

    please do an apple commercial video
    sub to my channel
    please heart this and highlight this please i have about barley any subs help 🙁

  6. Gabe’s Ultimate Gaming and Vlogging

    I use a Mac Pro today! I use it to play Roblox, make websites, code on Scratch, and do my work.

  7. Nico Neumann

    My operating system:
    Windows 10 Professional

    My pc specs:
    1 CPUs
    Intel Pentium T2400
    118 GB Hard Drive
    4 GB Ram
    Maximum 1600 x 900 Screen resolution (Widescreen)

    Can i have a love? :3

  8. DroiditydoesYT

    All my teachers at my school use:

    A windows laptop at school.

    And a Mac laptop as they’re personal laptop

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