Apple Macintosh LC III (1993) Start Up and Demonstration

Apple Macintosh LC III (1993) Start Up and Demonstration

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Welcome back to Jason’s Macintosh Museum!

This is the second video in the series on the Apple Macintosh LC III from 1993.

In this video, the Macintosh LC III from 1993 will be started up to demonstrate the Macintosh System (MacOS) 7.6.1.

The games “Cyberopoly”, “Dynamic Video Poker”, and “Super MacMan II” will also be demonstrated.

hello and welcome back to Jason's McIntosh Museum this is part two in the video series on the macintosh LC 3 from 1993 in this video we're going to start the lc3 up and as always show a couple of old macintosh games so as you can see we have a keyboard mouse and ones are hooked up into the lc3 we've got the 14 inch macintosh color display up here we've got the Apple keyboard 2 down here and over here we have the Apple ADB Mouse so start up the lc3 we need to use the power switch on the back because the LC pizza-box series of machines don't support soft power so first of all we'll turn the monster on that will walk for a second and now we'll switch on okay we now have a macintosh LC 3 up and running so let's have a quick look at the system software so on this Mac we're running system seven point six point one with 36 megabytes of memory so in fact this all c3 is running the latest system software that it can run with the maximum amount of memory that it can handle service as a fully SPECT up it will see three I should also mention that because the lc3 has had its video ram expanded if I go to the monitors control panel I had the option of thousands of colors which I don't have without the VM expansion so let's try a couple of games so first movement try is called cyber ops a a really am a calm version of monopoly as you'll discover yes unroasted copy yes thank you so if you look closely at all the different properties that you normally find on a Monopoly board they're all technology related companies you've got Sony Panasonic Philips Xerox Kodak Adobe HP compaq Dell Symantec into it I Omega and Hume X and the age of this game is really is shown up in the fact that you have some companies like HotBot and like us who certainly are not around today and notice as well of course you've got the Department of Justice down here earthly um well I think other things are still around but they certainly don't use a dial-up service anymore Alta Vista or they're long gone free breath free browser America Online hmm well they're still around but certainly nocturne not using dollar you ain't let's start a new game and no I'm not Steve Jobs so and I'll playing as Bill Gates what the hell done my turn roll dice Metro works don't know who they are but hmm notices pull the property card rather than paying rents based on number of properties a number of fun houses built you've got a number of patents it's very it's a very calm style of game and will purchase that Bill Gates buys into it for $100 hmm roll em codec yeah I'll buy that $480 seems like your price he buys hewlett-packard oh no we're buying up big here Michelle his house ah very nice Oh have I landed on must have landed on on the Community Chest or rap doubles so I get to roll again haha Motorola oh yes I like that converts Bose Panasonic hmm he's got more money than I do right now blackmail each of your a well that's fine by me if I get 15 Compaq yes I'll buy that you know I suspect I see utilities and imaging at service providers I see both ice pizarra memory Adobe yes I like that oh he's already around the board once Phillips yes I'll buy that I think I've gone round the board yet have I think I'm still up here I've bills over here sorry gone round the board once it's taking me so long don't watch the money here here by Netscape years he's always let these already left me around the book wow this is this is this is not good it's always rolling doubles I'll get me around the board Macworld yes Bill Gates is low on money they're both more money by Microsoft and Bill Gates how nice except I can't afford us baby have you passed go yay oh all right well one yeah I'll definitely pay pay 10% thank you very much Oh Bill Gates isn't a pie let's think the Department of Justice oh what a shame mmm yes I'll buy that I can't afford that they're raised declines to buy my Microsoft no one's paying each other much rent at the moment little great spies Mac addict mmm interesting no I can't afford it oh I'd love to purchase Apple but I can't afford it I don't have mortgage anything yet Microsoft Bob anyone remember that advance token to Microsoft hmm no I don't know I'd like to but I can't ah got a pay read ah they're charging a fee for technical support not very good Oh Bill Gates pays income tax tax evasion what Wow get out of here not much happening here at the moment might need to do they'll start mortgaging some stuff let's make this interesting now like I like ah interesting in monopoly you don't only have a negative balance or a or a or a debit hmm I okay I must have I need to mortgage something that I presume oh right I be well I'll pay the 10% well is that 10% of your total worth always 10% of your around of your cash balance well great I'm dead again it's not gonna move you something do I do I own hmm can't remember now our mortgage Phillips Oh how to deliver inheritance hmm no I'll take that hmm yeah not much really going I think we might just do a few more rounds and then call it quits I think yes it's gonna just dip now so now I've got oh I have not their group seven yeah but I have to mortgage something else do my own mortgage that and I'm still in debt okay I got nothing on those rights that once mortgaged anyway no what the hell is mortgage there as well simulating all properties of already own hmm he's getting a lot of doubles oh we're not gonna drink wine at all ah okay I see what he's doing right do the same on mine can I do that he just like Han it's by some patents I owe the mortgage like of course I can't mmm that's not good does Bill Gates own the nearest publication oh right he does oh now what the hell right what can i mortgage mmm still not enough you all not enough hmm still not enough I'm still sick stuff for short oh come on we're serving mortgage now I've got a sockeye so paitent you pictured shooting ocean advance too soon but picture tube hmm little old hat isn't it yes I'll buy that Bill Gates's indeed now haha it was mmm a 50 don't you're trying to get myself from myself in debts of the game for games over but I can't seem to do it end up big now what can I have our mortgage that Wow right look your turn of dollars again Oh excellent it's meant no matter what I do I can't I'm still in the game but I know how I'm still in the game Oh fine Ralph Nader ah yes Oh give me a house oh this is this game it's can't seem to I'm just I'm just go no matter what I do I seem to be getting more money I think this games that I heard a little boring the house I think we all that they all quit now and move on to something else okay well the next thing we're going to try is dynamic video poker as opposed to static video poker watch what the difference is there but let's see how dynamic it really is rut so and that oh that's that's that's got max there we go mmm we think what am I gonna hold hold mmm not much there at all I'll hold the ice let's go yeah nothing next Oh woah jacks or better one mice might want these hmm no get something back now the two pair at least hmm I seen it I've noticed oh that's pretty why now we got some sound let's see mm-hmm well the chance we get out of yeah mm-hmm all fives me hmm not much there much you lose here consecutive nope oh okay oh yes we're on the chair although let me get a 6 on the next drawer nope I think I should mention I am I'm hopeless of playing poker as you can probably tell now let's just draw them all again nope what do you want this control valve here is hmm not sure let's crank it all the way down we got him we've got different different games hmm okay hmm wonder what the advisor is gonna told me to do well the pair of fives drug yep that makes sense hey I didn't do me any good well thanks a lot Rick so much for the advisor oh that must be the speed which the cards are dealt okay more crank that back up fold the P receipt sixes hmm not sure that's the right spelling six well maybe it is actually I thought it was it was es hmm anyway no hey chipiya hmm well the three card double side diamond straight flush transfer Jim is that nope no good my cat was gonna hold the six seven and eight mm no surpass that okay let's try it nah nothing it's another game we can try all American how that works looks the same to me hmm don't you yeah let's just hmm mostly got 5 dit frenzy what are those mmm ah you're playing with more than one dick huh now I'm not gonna do much much there am i I'm losing I'm losing badly well I think that's about it okay now I'm gonna try one more game now I'm not sure if I bet she played this one before but I'm not sure but I'm gonna try it again super Mack man now let's get the keyboard setup and macho just use the arrow keys for this let's try it Oh do what stas oh oh they're right and uh-huh that's it no where's the sound there we go ah I'm not picking anything up now you know notice I'm the Mac and the PC is is after me of course sounds a little repetitive really get him a today come on come out of there that's it mm-hmm oops also thinking that way ah oh wait until I can Oh didn't get the bonus but I did I can speak this game up a bit it's a little slow at the moment yeah no no I can't oops okay do that form hmm design maze oh okay hmm interesting hmm if I can put that do it for each one have IP weapons if I yeah we run with that no I didn't save my changes no well okay hmm ah never mind that's my pack ban will Mac man that since pretty much all there is to it but I think it's time to quit that's shut down so that was a demonstration of the macintosh LC 3 from 1993 so I hope you enjoyed the video and thank you for watching

18 Replies to “Apple Macintosh LC III (1993) Start Up and Demonstration”

  1. Jess Hull

    That was cool seeing all those old tech companies that are no longer around. I used to use Locos everyday all day long when it was still around. I miss it now.

  2. mevsthor

    Are there screen savers on this model? I've been looking for a specific one for awhile. I use to watch it as a kid. It was a city in darkness with silhouettes in the windows and every once in awhile a lightning bolt would strike and light up the city.

  3. Chris

    I reckon you would be fun to play Cyberopoly against Jason! You wouldn't happen to work in the IT industry would you? Your knowledge of these older Macs is very impressive.

  4. stelios Desperado

    Macintosh LC III

    Έχω έναν ακριβώς τον ίδιο , παρακαλώ  όποιον τον  ενδιαφέρει  σαν αντίκα  τον ανταλλάζω με ένα σύγχρονο PC.

    Δουλεύει κανονικά

  5. SavyIsJoshoArts

    You wouldn't happen to be Australian are you? you sound it on your videos.
    Love your videos of the Old Vintage Macs you got too. 🙂

  6. LHGeee

    I have a problem with MY Macintosh LCIII, The first time I turn it on, it boots fine, but the next time I go to boot it up, there will be a chime, but that's it. Then the third time I boot it, NOTHING. I'll have to wait a couple hours until booting it again… If anyone knows what's going on help is much appreciated 😀

  7. daguchful

    I know it's not a Macintosh, but do you have an apple //c you could do a video on? I just purchased one, and would love to see you do a video on it.

  8. Frodrick Fronkensteen

    I appreciate your commentary and knowledge of the industry at that time. It really takes me back to the start of my career as a Graphic Designer in the early 90s. Those were the wild wild west days of Mac and PC gaming. Please keep up the good work. If you can, please review the Quadra 700 and 7100 series desktops. Also, the 6100 AV series. Thanks again!!! I look forward to your shows nightly!!!!

  9. 1912RamblerFan01

    Nice computer. The LCIII is one of my favorite smaller pizza-box-based Vintage Macs. The hard drive doesn't sound too healthy, though.

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