Apple OS  / MacOS futuristic UI concept - Edge to Edge Macbook & iPhone design

Apple OS / MacOS futuristic UI concept – Edge to Edge Macbook & iPhone design

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It is an unsolicited visual direction exploration done just for fun.

The goal wasn’t to solve every problem and it is by no means stating that it is “better” than what we have now.
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42 Replies to “Apple OS / MacOS futuristic UI concept – Edge to Edge Macbook & iPhone design”

  1. Harry Katsaros

    This is what macOS should look like. The current macOS UI is so outdated. Windows looks more sleek and mature. And I haven’t been able to say that about Windows in almost 20 years.

    This is still every bit a Mac UI/UX but just so much cleaner. The current UI looks very busy. There is so much noise standing between the user and the interface.

    The implementation of Marzipan in this video is also fantastic. Much more natural the sidebar that Apple added to the ported iOS apps (i.e. News and Stocks) as part of Mojave.

  2. Exzmo

    I can't put into words how inspiring it is when white space is taken seriously in minimalist user interface design. insanely great!

  3. altrogeruvah

    It's such a shame talented artists like you invest so much time and energy creating original concepts for big companies that might or might not use your ideas for free and won't reward you for your talent. I know Apple is for graphic designers what honey is to bees, but if only you could work with up-and-coming tech startups that actually need your talent in design!

  4. KAT KUM

    Not trying to be mean but this doesn’t look like Mac OS some of the applications shape Ian’s the full shape and it makes it look more like iOS but great effort just try to make the icons look more like Mac OS.

  5. I’m stupid, but

    Has anyone noticed how Apple has completely given up on the dashboard?
    They got rid of the site on to download widgets, and the icons are still out of date

  6. Minoan Light

    That much UI rendering is gonna keep your CPU fan spinning like crazy whole time. You got to wonder how much of concepts similar to this end up in trash can in Apple.

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