Apple's New Mac Pro and Premiere Pro CC & GPU Debayer

Apple's New Mac Pro and Premiere Pro CC & GPU Debayer

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In this video Dave Helmly gives you a quick tour of Apple’s New Mac Pro running Premiere Pro CC in various workflows including Multi Layer GPU Effects, 4K, Mixed 4K timeline, the power of Dual GPU Exporting vs CPU (software/CPU) , and finally GPU based Debayer for Red RAW R3D files. Also featured in the video are a quick peek at the new LG 21:9 UltraWide QHD Monitors , Promise Pegasus 2 Raid, LaCie Little Big Disk Thunderbolt 2 and more.Special thanks to Sony, Panasonic, Mammoth HD and Devin Supertramp for the use of their footage.

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[UPDATE July 1st 2014]
We (Adobe) are aware of an issue affecting users of Adobe Premiere Pro CC and Adobe Media Encoder CC on Mac OS X 10.9.3. As of today, Apple has released OS X 10.9.4 which appears to address the issue.

Dave Tech table hi I'm Dave homely and today I want to take you through the incredible performance we're seeing with Premiere Pro CC running on the new apple desktop powerhouse to completely redesign new mac pro we're really excited about these new machines as are huge numbers of our customers who want to get the best possible performance out of the demanding ultra high resolution and heavy effects projects they're all working on the examples I'm going to walk you through today will show you just how much you can actually do with Premiere Pro on the most powerful Mac ever shipped this new Mac Pro is also inspiring a whole new set of Thunderbolt 2 devices to add to the excitement devices like these new 21 by 9 LG Ultra monitors which is the best way to display your footage other devices like expansion chassis –zf or magma and even portable small Thunderbolt 2 devices from lesea and let's not forget one of the drives that started at all which was the promise Pegasus now the Pegasus 2 at 32 terabytes since cs5 Premiere Pro is featured the mercury playback engine designed to leverage all the computing power you can throw at it it's always been optimized to be massively multi-system memory you can give it and making full use of today's modern GPUs for fast fluid performance as with every release we work on we're always looking to improve performance and make no mistake Premiere Pro CC loves this new Mac Pro and I think you'll be very impressed to see what you can do when you use the two together let's start by looking at this complex sequence all of the effects on the new Mac Pro are using OpenCL running on the first GPU in the system later in the demo I'll show you how you can leverage the power of multiple GPUs for exporting so for now I want to show you how you can interact with your content while you're editing I'll start by playing the timeline jumping over to my project been grabbing an adjustment layer and stretching it across all the way to the end of that sequence you want to keep your eye on the green dot here which is our drop frame indicator and you'll also notice that I'm at full resolution jumping back over to the effects I'm going to select the adjustment layer double click on crop and then I'll just bring this in by about 10 on the top and maybe 10 on the bottom and I'll type in a couple of other effects may be something like a sepia effect called back in the day which is a speed grade luma tree effect so that looks great and maybe I'll just tilt this a little bit by using a basic 3d I'll apply that maybe bring it in by 35 or so and you'll see all of this has been happening I'm not dropping frames I'm getting great interactivity full resolution everything just looks fantastic even on my external display it looks awesome so you'll also notice one of the great things about the new Mac Pro I'm able to get in here and just scrub all this very very fluid whether you're using your internal drive for smaller projects or your external drives like the Pegasus drive for larger projects this new Mac Pro really really does fly and it's a great experience another thing I might try to do at this point is just add something like I don't know a rolling title I'll drag some of this out hit play and it plays back beautifully exactly like I would have expect so as you can see adding effects interacting with your content is really really easy with Premiere Pro CC and the new Mac Pro I think we can all agree that raw and 4k workflows are becoming more and more than norm and that there always seems to be another new high resolution camera coming on the market as many of you know Premiere Pro offers deep native support for all of these cameras meaning you can go straight from the NLE without the need to transcoder keeping all of your media in its fresh pristine off the sensor condition now let's take a quick look at this timeline here I'm mixing Sony raw Panasonic gh4 canon 1dc Sony X AVC and Apple ProRes all at 4k and everything plays back perfectly at full 4k resolution without dropping any frames and I do mean full resolution there's no downsizing happening the time line even on my external 4k display in these new ultra wide LG thunderbolt ii displays the new Mac Pro and premier Pro are a perfect match and it really makes editing 4k a lot easier than I think a lot of us thought it would be this new hardware is really amazing let's go ahead and add a 4k adjustment layer to this sequence add it to the timeline throw it up on video track 2 my adjustment layer is already selected jump over to effects I'll double click on a three way color corrector and then I'll start to make some adjustments give that a little bit of life and you can see it plays back flawlessly this ability to allow you to interact with your 4k media play with your effects make those adjustments really makes it easy to get used to working this way as you may recall I talked about using dual GPUs when we render the timeline or when we export let's see how that works I'll jump up to file export media and I've already got an Apple ProRes 4k 3840 timeline at 23 nine seven six setup that's what I want to export at and I'm going to go ahead and queue this and send this over to the media encoder and show you where these dual GPUs really pay off now you can see I'm all cued up I'm just gonna hit the play button to start the processing and you'll be amazed at how fast this is this is a fairly short timeline only about 15 seconds for the demo just to keep it quick and it's going to be pretty close to real-time so with a 15 second timeline in this particular case you'll see it'll finish in just about 15 seconds absolutely amazing one question I get all the time is in regards to dual GPU versus single GPU and I'll tell you right off the bat we're about twice as fast when you have dual GPU certainly in this new Mac Pro it's really easy to see when you have multiple GPUs what it can do now one easy test that you can do to show multi-gpu versus software-only mode is just to go to the renderer and Adobe Media encoder set it to software only mode let's go ahead and select that same media that I had I'll hit command D to duplicate that and I'll start that processing and you'll get a real quick sense as you watch that progress bar you know we're already at five seconds and it's really not very far along even at 10 seconds it's not very far along and you'll get a real sense of why Adobe has spent years developing its 64-bit platform for memory management and GPU and CPU processing it is absolutely imperative the way that these new workflows work especially 4k and higher resolutions that you have a well balanced optimized system and there's no question that we are at state-of-the-art with 4k editing today and this new Mac Pro really makes it easy again look we're at 42 seconds and it's not even halfway through the project yet so I'll go ahead and let this fast-forward a minute and then we'll go ahead and see what it finishes at and as you see it's wrapping up its down to about its last 10 seconds and you can see from the 15 seconds with the dual GPU it's now at about 2 minutes and 31 seconds before it completed the render absolutely amazing difference and again this is why you want to put your money in a well balanced systems and no question having dual GPUs is highly recommended now let's talk multicam here's a 4k multicam sequence that I can easily play all of these new angles on the Mac Pro I'll just go ahead and put this in multicam mode I'll set my cameras down to 1/8 hit play and just edit as needed you'll see I'm not dropping frames the motions very fluid and it really works fantastic on this new Mac Pro I can take this add a multicam mode put that back up to full resolution wind this back and preview it on my external display it really looks fantastic again I never thought I'd be able to edit full 4k multicam so easily and finally I'd like to talk about red Adobe and red have had an extremely close relationship for a long time and as many of you know already is supported natively in Premiere Pro even with red source settings available directly within the UI now in order to playback red media at the highest possible quality with no reduction in full quality that was captured by the sensor historically you've needed a device like a red rocket in order to play back full 4k well today I'm really excited to give you a technology preview of something our engineers have been working on for quite a while where we can use supported GPUs to manage the debayering of red media what does this mean it means that you can now play back in real time every single pixel of 4k media without dropping a single frame and even more amazing I'll go ahead and apply a green screen to this particular clip here while it's playing I'll jump over to effects double click on my ultra key setting let's go ahead and pick out some green that looks pretty good I'll set the output to alpha Channel let's put an aggressive setting on that you can even start to adjust some of the settings on there maybe take the highlights up or down put that back in a composite and you can see I'm playing all this back at full quality with no drop frames absolutely amazing even on my external display now at this point I can go ahead and pick out a graphic here drag this on here I'll wind this back and hit play again and you can see it looks absolutely fantastic it's not dropping frames you've got two layers going on there full quality absolutely amazing this really shows off the power of Premiere Pro running on the new Mac Pro absolutely incredible to wrap up this demo as you can see the new Mac Pro is really a phenomenal machine and Premiere Pro is the perfect video editing application to partner with it you can expect best-in-class performance incredible fast exporting and the ability to play back multiple native formats smoothly and at the highest possible quality so keep watching your Creative Cloud application for new updates and you'll see what's next you

47 Replies to “Apple's New Mac Pro and Premiere Pro CC & GPU Debayer”

  1. Unreel FIlms

    hi dhelmy i have a issue which i hope you can help me with i have the mac pro late 2013 i want to run 3 monitors, when using premier pro cc, one for the time line, second for displaying all my video clips, third for full screen playback,
    i also need a tv screen connected but this is just to mirror the main monitor which the timeline would be on. is this possible?

  2. fruitcat32

    Dave, thank you so much for this detailed and thoughtful review. I really appreciate your proactive stance and comments that take into account the overall environment of what we in post are now contending with on a daily basis. I finally switched to Premiere after dragging my feet forever on it– I was very partial to FCP7 and AVID, but as more and more clients demand 4k and above, my favorite softwares simply can't handle the 4k workflow with the speed and efficiency that Premiere can, and I don't like FCPX. Have been shopping for a new editing station and needed some feedback about how Premiere processes data– you just clinched it for me, and this video is just pure gold for anyone trying to figure out how to upgrade hardware in order to accommodate clients who need 4k uncompressed with fast turnaround. The comments are very helpful too, especially the discussion about the graphics card issues. You just got yourself a loyal subscriber. Thanks again!

  3. Steven Schultz

    Is it necessary to have the RED ROCKET-X for editing the Red 4k to 5k on a Mac Pro Processor 3.5 GHz 6-Core Intel Xeon E5, Memory 32 GB 1867 MHz DDR3 ECC, Graphics AMD FirePro D700 6144 MB? I am looking at the Raven 4.5K. So will I absolutely need the RED ROCKET X?

  4. Bryan Pentecostes

    I have the same Mac Pro and Im currently working gettting some storage arrays. I need help deciding what arrays to get. I currently just bought a 15tb storage array from OWC. It's a raid 5. Im still looking to get a scratch disk as well? 

    My questions are: What are you using for your storage array and how is your system setup? What drive are you using for your scratch disk? Is your media cache placed in the same place as your media storage? 

    I just want to be able to edit 4k without any stuttering. 

    Thank you!

  5. Craig Wright

    Hi Dave Thanks so much for the great video – extremely helpful.  I noticed in the comments that you have used the top spec machine.  If only I could afford that!  In that I can't I need to compromise somewhere.  Where best to do this?  Put simply what is the minimum spec processor and minimum spec graphics to run comfortably editing full res 4k (possibly 6k red) into a 1080 50p timeline in real time?  I understand the base machine will likely do it and the top spec machine will fly.  But where would you consider the minimum 'sweet spot' to be?  Thanks so much in advance!

  6. dhelmly

    Lots of questions on this: Current version of Premiere Pro is CC 2014.1 (Premiere 8.1) There are 2 issues that can happen with the New Mac Pros and Premiere Pro and several other non Adobe apps are effected as well. First – 10.9.3 has known issues with new updated OpenCL drivers and you need to be running 10.9.4 or 10.9.5 or 10.10 (as of today) to insure those bad OpenCL drivers from 10.9.3 are not in use. Yes, it caused major headaches for all of us and took Apple , AMD, Adobe, and others a while to figure it out. This video was done using 10.9.2.  There are some people confirming bad AMD D500/D700 hardware and getting those boards swapped out. If you are seeing crashes 100% of the time when OpenCL is turned on (File>Project Settings>General>Video rendering and Playback>rRenderer   in 10.9.5 and 10.10 (Yosemite) then it could be hardware. The New D500/D700 AMD hardware and New Mac Pros are an excellent choice for Mac users. We are hearing less and less about this hardware issue so hopefully it has been resolved.

  7. duncanalecfilms

    Hi Dave great video, we're keen to buy the 2014 Mac Pro 6 Core, with 2 x D700 cards. Please could you let me know the spec of the mac used in the video and if you think the Mac we're looking to purchase would work well with Premiere. Thanks Alec

  8. Ian Blei

    Hi Dave!

    I am having serious issues with being able to render on my MacPro using my Graphic Cards (Dual AMD Firepro D700) in Premiere Pro CC 2014. It is a known issue that Adobe software DOES NOT work with the new MacPro Graphics Cards(D300, D500, and D700). I wish you all at Adobe would just own up to the problem and fix it. Instead of all this propaganda.


  9. Gigi Luigi

    Hi I have a new Mac pro 6_core, and when I open After Effects Cs6 I have this message Ray trace 3D rendered enables ….
    Do you know a Tuto or a solution to correct this problem ? thanks hope there is a solution

  10. William Dean

    I'm shooting in 4k via odyssey 7q, raw 4k and soon in prores 4k. Looking to build my next workstaition to edit this stuff, torn between a HP z820 or a Mac pro.  You really liked the HP in the past, but preferring the mac pro now Dave????

  11. J S

    Hi Dave. I have just tried queuing some gopro hero 3+ footage (all yellow bars on the timeline) and it seems to be processing it all via the CPU in media encoder no matter whether I choose gpu or software. Do you have any pointers here as my export times are the same no matter which option I pick. I have os x 10.9.4 and PremierePro CC 2014 (fully patched). Thanks. Jules

  12. Emerson jhuly

    hello friend very good your videos have a question … the new video card GTX 750 and GTX 750 TI works with Adobe Premiere and after?

  13. Max Bard

    Hey Dave, I'm running Premiere Pro CC on my new Mac Pro (12-Core, Dual D700s, 32GB ram, 1TB hd).  And it took me 8 minutes to export a 6 minute 1920×1080 video.  Doesn't that seem a bit long considering it took you 15 seconds to export a 15 second 3840×2160 video?  Am I doing something wrong?

  14. Southwest Virginia

    I have a new MacPro running Premiere Pro CC and I can't run it with openCL it locks up and then crashes premiere – I can run it in software mode only and that sets new standards in slow – my P2 footage can't run in real time at all, my 2008 Mac Pro is faster – is there a bug fix – I've talked to the standard Adobe folks and they know there's an issue between premiere Pro and rendering on the new mac but I can't even playback straight footage – how are you running 4k files on the mac and I can't seem to run 1080p – speed is the reason I bought the New MacPro – it is a six core with 32 GB of ram and the D700 graphics with it – any help would be greatly appreciated – it also could be user issues but I have tried everything I read – some folks are telling me to return the cards to apple and get new ones – but it is brand new – thanks

  15. Michael Breeding

    Hey, I ordered my new Mac Pro 12 core top of the line yesterday and can't wait to get Adobe installed. Question: are you pleased with the Promise Pegasus and what other storage arrays might you recommend. Do you like the Lacie Big or the fast G-raids. I had some G-raids to fail so I am afraid of them. Thanks for your time. Michael

  16. Dom Malandro

    Hi Dave, wondering if you can help. I recently purchased a new Imac 27in with its intended purpose being to edit video in Adobe Premiere CC / CS6. I learned quickly that the graphics cards that come with the new Imac are not supported and leads to slow export and render times, making this computer useless. I want to upgrade to a Macpro but when looking at the selection i do not see any of the recommended graphics cards available either. Maybe I'm missing something, but I really want to use Adobe because of the workflow but am confused about how i should customize the Mac Pro to get max performance when using Premiere/ Adobe software. Thank you. 

  17. german mairen

    How do you get to use the GPU? I have the same configuration and it says that GPU option is not available, only CPU, what is frustrating! can you please advice? I would really appreciate it

  18. Michael Breeding

    When you say D500s and D700s, you are speaking of cameras? I have Mark 3 but may purchase the Black Magic. Thanks,

  19. Michael Breeding

    Hey, sorry to ask another computer related question. But, big purchase. Will the 6 core do the same thing? Thanks for the other answer.

  20. Michael Breeding

    This may be in your notes, but can you tell me the config. of your new Mac Pro. Is it 6 core, 8 core, etc. Thinking of switching to Premiere Pro very soon with this new Mac purchase.

  21. smootproductions

    Can you let me know what the specs on the new power mac that you were using?
    4, 6, 8, or 12 core… 12, 16, 32, or 64 memory… D300, D500, or D700 Graphics card

  22. Bob Marleyswar

    I have a Imac 2009 and i use premier pro i have done playback in the program view screen and enabled dropped frame to see dropped frames. The drop frames go from green on start of to orange in just about 10 seconds and remain the video playback slows down and I can see dropped frames only there are no dropped frames on other video programs like Imovie and FCPx. Is my hardware slow for Pr or is there an adjustment I can make in Pr to stop this slowing down in Program view to make a more smoother viewing experience?

  23. momobest E

    iSorry, f I put magic bullet Denoiser, the time line is not devisn accade and fluid can be e ^ Magic bullet should devlopper their filter because it's the aloudie rdinateur unfortunately, someone can tell me if it's fluid on mac pro? thank you infinitely

  24. momobest E

    Thank you for you interesting video, Excellent, i have already mac pro but its not the same like this one, apple inderstand what people want, if i put two GPU like GTX Titan, it  gonna be better like you film, i have 2 cpu Xeon 2géga 2650, EVGA Classified SR 2, 32gega of memory, 2ssd in raid 1 + one GPU GTX titan, i feel it's smouve and fluid, but not us smove like yours, please if i put another GPU GTX Titan, my be its gonna be better? if some can help me, thank you so much, merci et meilleures salutations. M

  25. TwatEarth

    I hope to god they are gonna work out all the dual display bugs to make use of those lovely new monitors wink-wink,nudge-dudge Adobe.

  26. Banks Meador


    Just got our new 12 core top of the line Mac Pro in and loaded Premiere CC. When I try to playback Red footage at 4K, I'm NOT getting realtime playback. Is there a setting I'm missing? Has they March 2014 release not come out yet, enabling that capability? Thanks for the help!

  27. Chris Heuer

    Thanks Dave!  I heard you on The Workflow Show podcast before the Mac Pro was released.  Awesome to see the results.  What do you use for a client monitor setup?  The HDMI out of the Mac or a breakout box?


    Hi I'm Alberto from Italy, Could you please tell us which version of Premiere CC you are using in the video? Can we expect the same power with After Effects in the new mac pro or  we will have to wait for general improovment?? I'm asking because I ordered The new mac pro 12 core and I hope software can take advantage of all this power! 🙂 Greetings from Italy and thank you!! Alberto

  29. Jake Hawkes

    Dave what would be a baseline Nvidia card you'd consider?  I had a single Titan in my cart but then again would be happier with a couple $400 cards to get my render times down.  I do some intermediate 3D work in AE and Cinema 4D, but I'm just interested in your opinion as it relates to render performance.

  30. Anaz Mahi

    In my Hp z820  in premier cs6 cannot support sony pxw100 mxf file . 
    it apper the video only green color the audio track is working.. 

  31. TheMaydayFlyers

    Love the video. How do the LG's stack up against the Apple thunderbolt display's? I need a new screen asap.

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