Apple's New MacBook Pro and Macs: The Final Rumors (Apple Byte)

Apple's New MacBook Pro and Macs: The Final Rumors (Apple Byte)

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It’s every MacBook Pro, MacBook, iMac, Mac Pro and Mac Mini rumor we’ve heard before Apple’s official announcement.

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Apple's new Mac announcement is just a few days away so this is really for all of you who need to know every rumor every detail just everything that we've heard about going into Apple's new MacBook Pro and Mac key notes coming up on October the 27th this could be one of those keynotes where we really see a few surprises because we really don't know exactly what's coming we do know that the MacBook Pros they haven't seen a significant design change in over four years so that is one thing we know and out of anything it's the Mac books that we have the most information about we're expecting to see a revamp 13-inch & 15-inch MacBook Pros we expect a thinner design there are rumors that we'll also have a dedicated touch ID sensor and they'll include USB C ports and Thunderbolt 3 as well now I don't know how you guys feel about this but reports say that Apple will be ditching their MagSafe tech you know just the biggest innovation in power cabling that they've ever come up with that doesn't sound good to me but the biggest change that we expect to see is the all-new oled touch bar this oled touch bar will be above the keyboard it pretty much replaces that row of function keys and it will be able to adapt and change depending on the app you use so if you're using Safari or you're using a media player the buttons on top will morph and change to that bloomberg says Apple is calling this internally the dynamic function row but that name may change and also we might see the Polaris AMD chip expected to come in the higher-end 15-inch models now let's talk MacBook Airs and Mac o to car reports that Apple is going to discontinue entirely the MacBook Air 11 inch model but they still expect to keep the 13 inch model in play one of the new changes and tweaks that we expect to see is that the MacBook Air 13-inch will now also come with USB sea ports instead of the standard USB they used in the past and Apple's ultra-thin MacBook 12-inch will still remain in the lineup that one's really a keeper but if there's really one thing that I want to see at this announcement that no one's really talking about bring back the black MacBook it doesn't have to be that crazy shiny jet-black finish on the iPhone but for those of you that want to go old-school I'm telling you bring back the black MacBook now we haven't really heard any major news in regards to updates for other Mac's there has been one nugget about new iMacs possibly coming with AMD graphics chips for the new models but if you talk about the Mac Pro that hasn't been updated for three years then you talk about the Mac Mini that hasn't been updated for two years so well just have to wait and see if Apple does anything with those models and for all of you who have just been asking me when is Apple going to bring out a brand new Apple display well bloomberg reports that Apple and LG are working together to create a 5k display that can connect to some of its computers again this information is very early so if we see at the keynote this is the time to show it off Apple's new Mac keynote happens on Thursday October the 27th that's at 10 a.m. Pacific time it will be held on Apple's campus in Cupertino but that's pretty much everything we've heard about Apple's new MacBooks and new Macs before their official announcement

44 Replies to “Apple's New MacBook Pro and Macs: The Final Rumors (Apple Byte)”

  1. Wizzy Watkins

    The glowing Apple logo on the back of the computer (which I love so dearly) is not on the new macbook pro. 🙁

  2. Cayenne Pepper

    I really want a mac Pro. But I will settle for he mac book pro in the mean time. I want a 17" but I will settle for a 15".

  3. Caligula

    The OLED touch bar would needlessly increase the price without providing any real benefits. I would rather have a better CPU. I hope that they won't increase the prices too much because my employer give me fixed computer budget of $2000.

  4. Ignacio Argüello L.

    the main new feature of the new mbp is the oled bar? well I'll just save that money and give some steroids to my 15" 2011 mbp 😉

  5. Oliver Lavelle

    Id really appreciate it if someone could let me know,
    But is anyone aware of what headphones will come with the student discount for the new macbook ? Will they be beats solo 3 wireless ?


    All i see on this channel is apple news these days. Besides these so called "new lineups" from apple is not new at all. Whatever laptops apple come up with, they are still gonna have outdated hardware or low end hardware and still gonna cost a fortune.

  7. Robobox’s Computer Collection

    Stop criticizing apple cnet and I hate what that women thinks about the iPod nano. If you want accurate apple reviews go to DetroitBORG or me

  8. Roman Pierce

    Interested in a tech oriented podcast with a slight Apple and video game slant? Send me a PM. Our channel is called Tek Out Loud

  9. GameDay Sports Co.

    If the Macbook is announced on the 27th does anyone know how long after that it will be available to buy not just pre orders? I am guessing pre orders start right after the 27th but how much longer after that will the Macbook actually be available in stores?

  10. Angelo John Villas

    I am somehow relieved that they are keeping the 13" air. Give it a better screen plus black bezels and im good to go but please no core m's

  11. Sunflower_ Gacha TM

    Serious bro they need to really really really bring back the all black MacBook Pro… that will look so sexy and elegant 🍎😎👍🏼

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