Are Budget builds ACTUALLY worth it?

Are Budget builds ACTUALLY worth it?

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Budget gaming PCs are super popular, but are you actually causing yourself more harm than good when you shop for as cheap as possible?

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what's up guys Jase $0.02 here and summertime is fast approaching and that's the time a lot of people tend to build their new systems because they get graduation money or they just have the summer off they want to entertain themselves and usually they want to do it by gaming or upgrading their systems well today we're going to try and head off some of those purchases by giving you guys some information that will make your purchases hopefully smarter and more intelligent because today we're going to talk about something that gets really overlooked and that is our budget builds actually worth it with its aluminum bezel solid construction and adjustable base the vast 35 inch ultra wide 100 Hertz VA panel for mass drop offers performance at an affordable price learn more about this drop by following the link in the description below now budgets what are they a lot of people take the term budget and immediately just apply that to mean the cheapest build possible and although that can be very true you can have a $5.00 budget you can have a 5 trillion dollar budget like countries have so let's go ahead and just come up with a universal understanding of the term budget meaning you don't have a dollar above your set spending limit that's what a budget really is a budget just means all of your money is allocated towards various things it has a purpose it's meant to go in certain areas and then your budget is then basically budgeted but when it comes to computers most people just have a total amount but they don't budget it to X dollar amount for the motherboard X amount for the graphics card X amount for the memory which is how a budget truly would work but most people don't do that so hopefully today I can get you guys thinking in that sense so that you don't take your budget build and make it entirely not worth it because you sort of built it for today and not for the future and then you're stuck later having to upgrade by changing everything out because you made poor choices today so that's what we're trying to avoid with this video now what I have right here are some motherboard examples motherboards like I said are the easiest way to over spend a lot of time there's features on here that you may be paying for that you're not going to use there may be features on here that you want and didn't get because you made poor budgeting decisions so you can have this basic board right here which is pretty much the cheapest intel board you can get for I think it's what it's 11 5 X a 1156 technically you could you've got 4 channels which is actually pretty decent on here but there's not many phases to this power delivery system you so you couldn't overclock and stuff with it but you could put in this technically what like an 8700 K if you wanted or you could do the very same thing with this empty box because there's no motherboard in there wait right we'll just pretend like that never happened let's upside down there we go the point I was trying to make is both of these motherboards but the point I'm trying to make here is that you could spend 500 plus dollars on a motherboard and stick an i3 in it these both these motherboards accept the same CPUs should you put an i3 in this but now that we talked about how you can really over you know buy on your motherboard versus your CPU talk about the features that exist on motherboards and where it's ok to save money this right here is an a320 I would I would never really buy this even for Rison because every single Rison chip whether it be the cheapest one – the most expensive one is overclockable we ran Intel it might make sense because you can get a locked chip on Intel which is very inexpensive and there's no point in buying an overclocking motherboard or not overclocking chip but AMD sort of a different story because every single chip is unlocked now what you're gonna notice here on the build quality between this guy is the MOSFETs are exposed there's no active cooling on them the chokes as well there there's no cooling on those the MOSFETs up here these little squares that's the power delivery system when you hear about phase power like how many power phases there are that is it specifically what we're talking about those get very hot that's still a bring power to the CPU and stepping down 12 volt and all of that but the next step up here with the be 350 you can see we do get a heatsink on our main phase delivery right there our power phase delivery still none up here at the top next to the chokes but at least a little bit of additional cooling now both these motherboards look very similar but they're actually quite different we already talked about the heatsink design on the power delivery but if we look now at the PCI Express slots you can see that the more mid-range one has a kind of a metal reinforcement on there which gives it a little bit more strength and rigidity they both have two PCI Express One X on there this one has an additional slot at the bottom which is kind of useless these days which is a standard PCI nobody really you PCI anymore on any modern capture card or whether it be MDOT two slots for PCI Express or whatever now one thing that worth noting on here though is this is a more intelligent design in terms of the spacing they put one of the 1x above the graphics card to keep it a capture card or sound card here and then they spaced out three or two slots down the other one that way if you put a graphics card in here which is a standard two slot you can still utilize that one problem with this one here is every single graphics card is at least two slot now so as soon as you put in a graphics card this one becomes useless anyway so this one pretty much pretend it doesn't even exists this one shouldn't even exist ironically though the cheaper motherboard I think has a better layout in terms of SATA where they all face the same direction whereas on this guy here two of them face up and then two of them face out which i think is kind of awkward but another sacrifice you make because these boards come in 50 bucks 60 bucks range just when you have like as low as like $40 if you shirt if you really shop for it they only have two RAM slots so here's what that means in terms of future compatibility and where you could start costing yourself money now let's talk about where you actually would end up costing yourself some money in the future if you ever wanted to upgrade this system when people are shopping budget systems they tend to like I said one ago as cheap as possible and the cheapest ddr4 you can get now is 8 gigabytes or to 4 gigabyte sticks now a lot of people would do that because they want to use dual channel rather than getting a single eight gay now if you did that you would utilize both these slots because there's only two slots on each of these motherboards meaning if you wanted to up that Ram capacity later you've got to buy all-new Ram if you didn't go with the single 8 gig now depending on what you're doing you can often get away with single channel Ram and not really notice any difference when it comes to gaming and stuff like that by going with a single 8 gig stick so I'd recommend that if you have a dual slot board like this or a dual channel board with only one slot per channel so make the sacrifice of dual channel down to a single 8 gig rather than going with 2 4 gigs if you think you're gonna upgrade later on otherwise you're buying all new memory so here's the ax 370 from Ora so this is obviously has all the features that you would want its overclocking capable it's got passive cooling on all of the power delivery it's even got a bigger chipset cooler on here it's got 4 Ram slots so you want to make the same sacrifice as we mentioned before you can do 8 gigs and upgrade to eight gigs later with a total of four sticks three full-size piece Express slots so you can use SLI crossfire multiple 1x yeah so this one also has extra features like extra fans slot our fam headers you can plug in more fans it's got bunch at the bottom few at the top it's got a i/o cooler on there it's got you know surface mounted buttons for start reset and where as you can get a board that has similar features to this for around a hundred to one hundred and fifteen dollars if you can use the same motherboard for future upgrades then it makes sense to spend a little more now to get this than to spend a lot less now and get this and then later have to upgrade the motherboard and the RAM anyway alright so let's talk about CPUs this is an area where I think a lot of people just get really confused on where they should be spending their money it depends entirely on what you're doing with your computer so if you're just gonna be doing gaming though you don't need as much CPU power as you might think this isn't a 371 hundred this is what was kind of considered like the go to budget CPU back in the 7 Series and then since then AMD has really stepped up their game with like the 2200 G which is what we have right here but it's really easy to overspend on your CPU like I said depending on what your use case is so you wouldn't necessarily need to buy something crazy like an I $9.99 hundred K to play games unless you're starting to push your frame rates really high with a very high-end graphics card so here we have two different graphics cards that live on the completely opposite end of the spectrum the roughly 120 dollar GTX 1050 and the $2,500 Titan r-tx if you pair this card with a terrible CPU something like a 70 100 that's would be an absolutely terrible combo because what's going to happen is the CPU has to prepare the frames for the graphics card the graphics card does all the eye candy and post-processing and stuff and sends it off to the monitor if the CPU can't send the information to the card fast enough the card has to wait which brings down your frame rates it goes all over the place which is a terrible experience so this pairing would be a whole lot better because this graphics card is not going to be necessarily slowed down by an i3 70 100 quick way to waste your money obviously would be buying a tight mix or tightening r-tx altogether in fact some people are even stupid enough to put two of them in their system what so a more logical pairing to either of these because the 1050 is definitely gonna start showing its age and more modern titles like things that have come out since r-tx has sort of been announced and developed now like over the last seven months or so games are starting to want to utilize more of the modern technologies that are found in graphics cards so what I would recommend is kind of throw both of those to the side and get something more middle ground like what we have right here is a gtx 1660 or you could even pair it with something like an AMD radeon 590 which is gonna give you very good 1080p gaming experience it's gonna be forward compatible with a lot of modern titles without feeling like your graphics card is suddenly becoming what's holding you back and not only that it's it's fun to buy a more modern graphics card than buying an older tier one because there are options that are available in current generations without completely breaking the bank now you might have noticed a bit of a theme here and that being not buying the cheapest that's available because in my opinion that is the quickest way to overspend on your system but that's not the easiest way to overspend on your system let me go and show you what I mean by that I present to you the quickest way to overspend in your budget we're talking about RAM what we've got right here are two different sets of RAM ballistics and the Trident 0l so I get I chose two very opposite ends of the spectrum similar to the Titan r-tx and the 1500 or the 1050 90i now let's just say for instance here that these are identical in terms of capacity this is technically 8 gig kit 2 times 4 this is the 16 2 times 8 but the capacity in this discussion doesn't matter so much as speeds and timings I can pretty much guarantee you that even someone like myself who is used and experienced every single piece of equipment and stuff you see on the shelf behind me in first-hand experience that I could not tell you the difference between two identical systems running 20 400 megahertz CL 19 vs. 32 hundred megahertz CL 15 of the same capacity I guarantee you I would not be able to tell the difference in general workflow gaming or whatever so save some money by buying basic Ram but a heatsink or something on there you know buy one with the heatsink but don't over spend on something that's very boutique with like all of this craze the RGB and shininess and don't be fooled by the word gaming trust me anything that says gaming just take it as a marketing gimmick because you can game on anything so the last thing we're basically left to talk about here is storage because storage is going to be a very subjective thing now what we have right here are two different types of two-and-a-half-inch storage devices so this is a solid-state drive right here from inland professionals the cheapest you can get we I think we paid like $40 for this 240 gigabyte this is a spinning drive right here and the only difference between the two of these is gonna be how long you're willing to wait for your computer load in your games to load so if you're the kind of person that's like I need to spend the least amount possible like literally the least amount possible then I would recommend getting a hard drive but with prices being what they are now and stata SSD is really getting extremely inexpensive because of the rise of MDOT two drives I still would usually recommend getting at least a 120 gigabyte or 128 gigabyte SSD because you can get it for like $25 now and then getting a large capacity like 1 terabyte or 2 terabyte hard drive to put all your games and stuff on and then just move your favorite game to your SSD whichever one you're playing through and then when you're done move it to another Drive or get rid of it altogether and then have your OS on here as well then the last thing obviously is your case get whatever box you think is prettiest that fits in your budget I mean there's so many out there I can't really help you with that you could spend 20 bucks you could spend $2,000 on a case so obviously spend $0 yeah but you might put it on the box put it in a cardboard box I mean we should do a cardboard box case around here anyway guys I wanted to make this video because I know a lot of you are going to be doing builds and upgrades this summer it's a very popular time for upgrades and I wanted to sort of head off some of the buying decisions you guys are gonna make to kind of make you think a little bit differently before you go and spend your money nothing sucks more then buyer's remorse because you found out you overspent somewhere and you could have had this instead that would have been better as a whole after the fact and returning PC hardware usually comes with some sort of a restocking fee or a no return policy at all once it's been used depending on where you buy it from so I'm trying to avoid that happening if you guys have topics you want us to talk about this summer make sure you comment down below or hit me up on twitter we are going to be taking obviously a lot of subject matter directly from our audience and don't forget every single summer I like to do water cooling month so we're gonna have a lot of water cooling subjects coming up here in the very near future cuz as the weather turns warm so do your computers and we want to stop that from happening alright guys thanks for watching as always we'll see you in the next one I asked someone's is a Sasori Seuss and they said just remember dr. Seuss a Seuss okay why don't you spell it ASO OS a Seuss a soon as US hostages

24 Replies to “Are Budget builds ACTUALLY worth it?”

  1. WhyteLis21

    This is why you plan out your build thoroughly and follow through no matter what. Unless the item does not work from the beginning, that is. Second guessing really can kill your overall end build. Lol.

  2. Aeta Capella

    This video actually validated everything I have ever said about building a "Budget" build. Also if your plan is to do small/moderate upgrades as you go get an AMD motherboard so when it comes time to upgrade your cpu you don't need to upgrade the mobo too, just update the BIOS and away you go.

  3. Brian Bratusek

    I use a PCI slot for a Firewire card. I like my M-Audio 1418 audio interface. I would choose a board with a PCI slot over one that didn't.

  4. Balazs Zsiga

    you just can't get the rush of overclocking like you did in core 2 duo times. 1.86 ghz intel 3.2 ghz? No problem! 😀 Also if you choose ryzen build, forget about single channel ram build. You'll be shocked when you see you could have had 40% more fps if you chose a ram kit in dual.

  5. thilltrot

    I once was stupid enough to buy a gigabyte budget board.

    Computer kept on randomly crashing. People kept on saying stupid stuff like "Check you memory.", "Do you update your drivers.", "Have you tried a clean install?, etc. Turns out the motherboard couldn't handle the graphics card even though they said it could.

    Changed the motherboard and kept all the other parts. No more problems.

    Never Gigabyte. Never again.

  6. Robert Baldwin

    Great job and I would have recommended the same ideas myself(built for years when it wasn't as cheap). I would have just left out the tekkie stuff as you seem credible enough in the video and with the background environment.

  7. ThijsgamingNL

    I got an a320 from gigabyte and paired it with 1×8 gb of ddr4 3000mhz corsair Vengeance ram and a ryzen 5 2400g. The only issue I have with that mobo is that it only has 2 fan headers, so my 3 front fans of my cooler master mb520 are connected to molex and make a hell lot of noise. So I made a switch between the molex cable to cut off the power so I can turn the fans off when I'm studying. But it's not a "bad" mobo. It works fine.

  8. Alexander Moon

    I've talked about 5 friends into "splurging" on a M.2 within the past couple of months, especially with Samsung 500g and 1TB M.2's going for $100 and $170 respectively right now.

  9. Gregory Galyan

    I’d love to see a complete budget build with the msi 1660 ti gaming x, ryzen 5 2600 including the best monitor that is a great match for that GPU. It’s hard to find videos on what monitor works best with a certain GPU. I spent a day reading random posts on if I should get a 1440p 144hz 1ms response time or 1080 p 60hz.

  10. Jmz Haz

    What if you're going to buy a system on a budget and then run it into the ground by using it for as long as it will run before you get another machine? Say, perhaps, 5 to 8 years? What then?

  11. Rajeev Krishna M.R

    Hello sir.
    I want to know which one is better for long run Ryzen or Intel.. Coz I want to build a pc for gaming and 3d rendering. I really looking forward for your reply . Thank you

  12. Robert Ma

    The best way to do a budget build is buy an old workstation with an 2nd-4th generation i7 for like 100ish on ebay. Add in ram (if necessary) to get it to 16gb, add in an ssd (if necessary), add a new psu (if necessary), and throw in a nice graphics card. You can get a nice performing gaming rig for like 350 bucks depending on the graphics card you buy.

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