Are you too old to learn code? honest response!

Are you too old to learn code? honest response!

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hey guys, a bunch of you have voiced your concern about your age in regards to learning code and getting into the tech industry. hopefully this video can provide some inspiration 🙂



hey guys thanks for stopping by us another view so I sent do a quick video erecting this because I've been getting a lot of common female people really concerned and what is their age coming into development and I get people you know as young as 26 asking me you know am I too old to get into the into development I have people who you know are in their 40s 50s 60s asking the same question and you guys my short answer is no you are not too old to get into development just like you are not we're never too old to learn French or Spanish or German or to take up a new skill to learn the piano or you know learn how to cook rice you're never too old to learn something which and Gideon's development is moving you to just learn code Nouriel welcome to a company and I you know meet my co-workers and there are older developers I definitely assume that to get there and more on that they are definitely on a senior level in terms of development now I've got into stereotypes that I think is very common in the development world you don't usually see I think older people as junior developers or entry level jobs and development so I think that's a stereotype that you know does exist but that is not something that should stop you from pursuing your goal of getting into development in fact I think that should encourage you even more innovation barriers is something that I think people should be encouraged to do in tech um so I understand that you are concerned but definitely your age should not have anything to do their learning ability or capacity but um yeah so definitely know you there is no age limit to learning code I remember when I got the neck start learning code we assumed that just because we hadn't started learning at thirteen or six that we were too old so and we were a lot younger than 26 so um I find it so funny because we can totally relate to how you guys are feeling but yeah don't ever let you know your age or anything like that stop you or make you assume that you do something do it you know put everything you have into it you know put all the effort that you can afford to put in and you know apply for the junior development job and you'd be surprised you know I felt the need to talk about this because I suddenly see it as a topic that as a question and concern that repeatedly comes up so yeah short answer no it's not a problem it never will be and just um don't focus on your age don't even make it a concern just focus on your pose because like I always say like ultimate matters is what's on that computer screen it doesn't matter who's behind it as long as the code works and that you can do your job so yeah you guys I hope this video comes and encouragement people who have this concern please don't focus on it don't let it stop you from doing something that you want to do don't ever let your age stop you from trying something new I think that is such an injustice to yourself because you know it's your life you have one life and you have to live it to its fullest don't ever let Society put all these like standards and stereotypes on you you know just because you're older than you know the little kid or the hot-headed I don't know college graduate like it doesn't matter all that matters is about how you feel about yourself and what how much you value yourself and what you want for your future and to come and effort you're willing to put in to get the results that you want I think it's really that simple you guys and I hope that you can see it that way and um you know and I wish you guys the best and please keep me posted on how everything goes and yeah if you guys like this video please give me a thumbs up and please subscribe and I will talk to you again soon bye guys

27 Replies to “Are you too old to learn code? honest response!”

  1. Samuel Westknee

    yes you can, BUT no you will not get any junior position (if you 30+), there fore – your carrier wont start at all, but if you like it for your self, sure – go ahead, it (learning to code from scratch) is not as hard as one might think.

  2. convex

    Yes agree. But the point is will people hire u. And can you do it until retirement. Seems dountfull especially on the west coast

  3. Defias Bandit

    The upside to an older person starting in development is that you should by now have the business side of things nailed down. Management of people, processes, projects and the business. There you go, there's a senior developer in the making.

  4. Tony BP

    Depends on what's your objective. If your aim is to work at some tech company, 40 is out of the question, we can even go as low as 30. NO company will hire you. If they do, you will be the exception not the rule and you can consider yourself extremely lucky. If you want to freelance you will do better but every day competition grows and gets tougher as there are some very good freelancers out there. If you have an idea for an APP or you have a business that can benefit with you learning code then go ahead, of course. But if learning to program is just for the sake of getting hired by some tech company and you're above 30… 35 at the most, you're going to go through a lot of frustration. Sorry for not being ra ra ra here, but I've seen many older folks go this path only to waste time, money, and energy and get disillusioned by how things are in the real world when it comes to getting hired in this industry.

  5. Annette Spears

    Thank you so much for this video! I'm an older lady wanting a career change and this is so encouraging. I feel confident that with hard work and dedication I can learn to code; my fear was would I get hired at my age after being a nurse for 17 years. Thanks again and have a wonderful day.

  6. Cesar gomide

    Im 36 and i start and stop with code becouse im afraid of the age, but now im done and make a decision to move foward and have fun with code and create things, first you need have passion for that, and then the things will fit by itself, push yourself everyday and the results will come

  7. Sadirdin Tojiboev

    Hey just loving your videos, these are are really inspiring, just wondering you have mentioned yourself as very young, I am very sorry if it is personal/offensive. I am wondering how old are you?
    P.s fan from Uzbekistan, 23

  8. Seth Wilson

    I’ll be honest, I’m 36 and learning to code, and I am finding that my mind doesn’t drink in some of the complex concepts as quickly as it did 15 years ago.

    That’s not meant to be discouraging. Obviously our brains are all different and your mileage may vary. I just have to remind myself this is challenging stuff, and to not be hard on myself. If you haven’t run for years and have been sitting on the couch, it’s unrealistic to expect yourself to run a marathon right out of the gate. BUT, it’s completely possible to work up to that level, and probably quicker than you think.

  9. Ed Rosario

    Good Video as always, unfortunately there are two things that are a very common theme in these types of videos. 1.) The, "YES, WE CAN" theme. It is very true that age does not matter when it comes to learning something new. Many have done it,. I think that it is sad that a 38 year old is concerned with someone will hiring him cause he's 38, or someone 52 I think this is a testament to society's regard towards older workers. anyway, 2.) Everyone telling us that age doesnt matter IS YOUNG!!, lol. It would be nice if Ruseberry could scope out an oldie but goodie developer that transitioned from one career into webdev and talk about the process he/she took to becoming a developer. Anyway, keep up the good work.

  10. Asleepforaweek

    I'm 37 years old, and work 60 hours a week so my wife can stay home with our 9 month old. I started learning with a Udemy course, and then used Code Academy as reinforcement. I feel like HTML and CSS are pretty easy and I understood them very quickly. Now, I have started climbing the JavaScript mountain. I decided even if no one will hire a 38 year old coder, I can freelance. I have a strong old-school work ethic that not many seem to have anymore, any place that doesn't want to hire me because of me age will be making a mistake.

  11. Mani Singh

    I think it's a stereotype with learning code and age.. anyone can learn to code, I feel like cooking when I code, making everything ready and then joining them for the final product..!! computer/laptop PC is the dumbest thing in the world, It's u only who make it think smart and work faster than human..!!

  12. All Things MiMi

    Hi, I really love your videos. They are very encouraging and inspiring to me. I noticed you said you and your husband both learned to code. I'm 20 and my husband is 23. Do you have any tips for learning and growing together? Or was your journey separate from your husband? Sorry if I'm asking too much. Btw please keep making videos. I really enjoy them and you're such a huge inspiration to me.

  13. Brett Hutt

    Age is only a concern when learning something new in regards to 1. available time to learn a new skill sufficiently and 2. having the humility to accept that you know nothing about this subject, you are probably wrong and you are proactive enough to learn from your mistakes.

    I've been studying coding now for 3 months hard and you make SOOOO MANY mistakes on the way. If you can make these mistakes motivate you rather than discourage you I think coding is definitely for you!

  14. M Covo

    awesome info!!! a question a little off subject but what should a backend dev portfolio include? it's easy to see front end stuff but not backend.

  15. Fintech

    Mostly agree, but lets not pretend that software development doesn't discriminate based off age especially for jr devs. However, like all fields there is a limit in terms of junior positions. If you are approaching retirement age and are looking for a developer job, why should the company hire you over a younger jr dev who they are looking to train, invest in and get a return back on that investment in the future. Just something to think about

  16. Amira Durham

    Thanks for this. I have been wondering as a more established person if I am too late to get into tech. Thanks for the encouragement!

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