ARMY MOVEMENT! - Total War: Warhammer Beginners Guide

ARMY MOVEMENT! – Total War: Warhammer Beginners Guide

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A guide on all the different controls and ways to move your army around the battlefield in Total War: Warhammer!

hello people of the old world and welcome to this total war Warhammer army movement guide if you're new to the Total War series I think you'll find this particularly useful or if you're struggling to manage your troops and wondering about the best way to go about certain things this may be for you and if you are one of those that's new to the series you may watch this video at the Jesus Christ that's a lot of controls to remember well you don't really need to remember them all I'd say most people probably try out all the different controls all the different shortcuts all the different ways of doing things and then they pick one they like and use that way from there so don't think that you need to memorize every single one of these controls that I'm about to show you it's simply a case of picking and choosing the ones that are most effective for the way you play so let's get down to business right then so here's my beautiful army we're first going to look at different ways of selecting units so let's start with some ways to select your entire army there's the obvious drag box method I'm sure we all know about this you just drag it and anything inside the box gets selected left click anywhere in space to deselect units then we have control a which selects your entire army so pretty much just those two ways are the best ways and now if you want to select individual units then you just simply click on the unit on the unit card or on the physical unit we all know this okay well what if we want to select multiple units all you have to do is hold down control and do the same thing see I can click multiple units and it doesn't deselect the previous one I click what about if I want to select a certain chunk of my army a few units have the same type perhaps all we do is left-click let's say unit a hold shift left click unit B and all units in between on the unit cards will be selected you can see it selected my front five units this also works on the physical units themselves select unit a go up to unit B shift left click and all units in between will be selected pretty handy for selecting your frontline now a few shortcuts for selecting unit types control I will select all your infantry that includes any melee fighter on foot Spears axes swords and if you have an infantry Lord him too and then we have control-m which will select all your missile units this can be handy if you need to pull them out of trouble in a pinch and then we have control C which will select on your cavalry so if you need to get your horses all somewhere you can and control B will select all your artillery if you should have some not that that's going to need to go anywhere quickly because it can't the HOME key selects your general or Lord so if it says he's under attack and you need to find him quickly the home Keys got your cupboard so that's where your keyboard shortcuts for selecting certain unit types but how many of them are useful hmm probably not that many in most cases there won't be a situation where you want to drag say all your cavalry to one place you'll usually have them split up and the same is true of infantry but for moving missiles artillery and your Lord I think they're pretty damn handy so now that we know how to select all these units let's look at ways of moving the units one of the quickest ways to move your entire army in their current formation is to hold down alt then hold the left mouse button over any unit and you can see my cursor change and it becomes a draggable form of the current formation and they freely move to your destination if you do the same thing alt left-click move it around hold ctrl and you can rotate the army on its point you can also achieve the same thing by holding alt and the right mouse button to rotate on a point this is great for Tony to face an army that's moved off to one side you don't have to read rag and reposition your entire army and end up messing with unit depth now all this stuff on the right here you can select all the indicators the effects the unit roster stuff you can turn it on and off nice and simply this is a nice touch I think makes life a bit easier for getting the clutter off the screen that you don't personally want and you can find this by holding down the spacebar we can also move units with the arrow keys forward left right back wherever you want to go these can be useful if you only want to move units a tiny bit in certain directions now of course all this stuff applies to single units or just a couple of units let's say we've got somewhere coming up over here I want to rotate these cavalry to keep an eye on them just in case they try to charge us so we can use those methods just to turn the cavalry where they are nice and easy or I could use the arrow keys do the same thing so these can be useful to you for the simplest way you can achieve exactly the same thing it's just a box drag select and then drag to rotate as you please that's probably the quickest way the least thought processing way of moving units quickly on the fly now let's say I want to send off a unit on a super-secret special mission through the woods to attack from the rear I could grab them hold shift you'll see the cursor change and then right-click drag the custom route that I want them to take and release and they'll follow said route this can be really useful for flanking telling units to go around other units to get behind or to the sides I'm not sure what's going on here this is an interesting formation and I want to actually see if they stand there let's find out yeah yeah they're gonna stand there okay that's a new formation that's that's different I like it Mavericks Mavericks okay let's not ever do that again a simple but effective one now so you know when you drag your units they'll automatically run to the destination you can see that by the double arrow if you hold ctrl do the same thing they will walk to their destination so if you want to walk your army somewhere hold ctrl when giving the order now let's take a look at groups and what we can do if you select the units you want press G it will put them in a group there's two kinds of group locked and unlocked if you put them in a locked group hold the right mouse button and you can move them to wherever you want in the formation that they were in when you press the G so this can be useful for moving your army up initially but when the battle begins your units going to be kind of all over the place and this formation will become redundant but this can be useful if you say send off a couple of units there's some cavalry coming in from the left I'm going to send my cavalry to go and attack them now my army is a little bit out of formation because the horses aren't there so all I can do is press one which is the number group for this group it will select the group which is the entire army in this case and put them back into the formation that they were in when I press G so the horses go back to where they were now what is the point of an unlocked group I hear you cry well it's only really to select a whole bunch of units if you try to drag them they're not on any kind of formation they're just next to each other like that and it's all just a mess so unlocked groups are only for selecting groups of units quickly you can put your army into a couple of precept formations missile front and melee front these can be good if you just want to set up a basic formation they will also put you in a locked group straight away they're also useful if you've got units all over the place let's just say you've been having a fight they've retreated now you've got time to recover you can grab all your units select one of these formations and bhangra straight into formation no questions asked you can also move this formation as a adjustable depth formation which leads me to my next point which is also a bit of a curiosity there seems to be two different kinds of locked group one that is adjustable and one that is not adjustable so if I select my army press G put them in a locked group I can move them information but I can't adjust the depth of by dragging but if I put them in a formation locked group that you would think would work the same as the previous group type but it's draggable now and I can adjust the depth as I wish so that's an interesting little thing I noticed thought it might be worth knowing so keep that in mind now one thing you can try out and see if it works for you is to put different parts of your army in different little groups so my missiles are going to be Group one we're going to have my cavalry on the left is group two and then I'm going to have my cavalry on the right that's group three and then all these boys in the middle spears swords great swords they're going to be good for their my frontline so from that you can move sections of your army really quickly just by pressing the number keys group two over there three over there Group one I'm going to pull you back because the enemies come in group four you're going to move up to attack the enemy bang I've just moved my entire army in four different directions in the space of like ten seconds so it can be useful if you can learn to play that way I don't personally but I think I can see some advantages in it I may have to experiment nothing let's talk a bit about battle lines or front lines first off of course if we're in an unlocked group we're in an adjustable formation which is fine if you want to adjust the formation but we can't attack how we want to out of an unlocked group so lock up your group and then you've got all your units selected you can move them but they're stuck in formation but that's fine what we're going to do is a single right click on my enemies in the distance and you'll see six different lines have appeared which means they're all going to march up and they'll automatically choose different targets when they get in range let me show you this in a more controlled environment so I've got my four units if I have them ungrouped and I give them an attacker on one unit they will all attack that one unit not what we want if I put them in a group that is unlocked I'll get the same thing click one unit they all attack that one unit not what we want put them in a locked group select one unit run the middle of the army if you select it off to the right they'll go off to the right or the left or go off left so run the middle of the army and they will march up four different lines looking for four different targets so that's what you want if you're looking to move up your battery lines as you can see they were walking up together they're not walking up separately so this is a good way to move your battle lines up and what they'll do is they'll walk because I did a single right click they'll walk until they get closer and then they'll charge and I don't have to do anything it's automatic if I double right clicked they would run from where they are which of course if you're a long way away you're going to get fatigued so that's not a good idea but in a lot of cases you probably want to set them to run sooner because otherwise you're going to take range stuff like this magic attack for example and then away gave the enemy ashaming but there you go it means you can have time to do other things with the rest of your army so if your cavalry needs some assistance you can go and sort them out all the while your frontline will be marching up to attack so these boys are moving up the Nelion range now they haven't started charging it I did give the enemy a couple of miss our units here because I wanted to see what my units auto attacked whether they'd intelligently choose to attack the melee units rather than the skirmishes or whether they just attack what's in front of them so it looks like they're in range now they've picked their targets is the unit going off to the left these boys are going for them they're going for the skirmishers okay so you see here these two units are badly chosen they're both going after the skirmishes they haven't chose separate units they're attacking the same unit so that's not good so with this you do have to be careful and keep an eye on who your units target because things like this can happen is a very unnecessary for two units to be attacking skirmishes so it can be good just to walk them up there with the auto attack ready and then when they get in range select the units for yourself that's a safer way making sure you get the good map chips otherwise if you get bad matchups just letting the computer do it it could be the end of you now there's a few other little shortcuts and things that are just good to know so as we know a single right-click will walk our unit to our destination if you press R it will make them run it does the same thing as the run button down here but it's right next to our WASD so it's really simple and easy to press same is true of melee mode if you press F in toggle melee mode this is obviously only for skirmish your cavalry and things you can turn on melee mode just by simple press of F which is right next to D so it's really easy they can be useful for just saving a bit of time in your micromanaging world then of course there's hulked down here which can be done with backspace with backspace is a little more out the way so sometimes pressing this button down here instead of pressing backspace can be easier then there's a group button but that's probably easier done with G then we have the guard mode button this is pretty useful because it will stop your units from chasing after units that you ordered them to attack so let's say I want to get charged in on a certain unit I click to give the order they engage my unit wins and the other enemy routes that runs off my unit without guard Mobile then chase that unit that's not what you want so with guard mode they won't chase them same with skirmishes let's say there's a certain unit coming in I'm focused firing on that unit that unit routes runs off over here without guard mode all these skirmishes will run off that way after them which is just a pain in the ass and can cause you a lot of problems so with guard mode on they won't run after them they just focus fire and then leave it there this could be useful for all unit types another little cheeky trick you can issue a one-time melee attack order so if you've got a skirmish unit like skirmish your cab for example if you hold alt you see it changes to a sword my cursor across her sword cross her sword so if I issue the attack when it's a sword they will mainly attack them but they won't be in melee mode useful if you attack some infantry skirmishes with cavalry and one final thing I'll just have to cancel an order let's say you've dragged an Arnold I want to make that move anymore just press escape and it will all go away you could do the same thing drag to make your order don't want to do it drag your mouse off the bottom of the screen and the order goes away so there you have it most of your total war Warhammer Army movement controls as I said earlier you don't have to memorize all of these controls that I just showed you try them all out by all means see which ones work for you see what you like see which is most efficient for your play style and then roll with it so I've been Zhirkov it you've been the viewer thanks for watching subscribe for more total war Warhammer videos guides online play campaigns whatever your bag is I'll probably do it now go and move your army efficiently

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  1. Brian Cline

    I was a veteran of Total War: Rome when I started this game and I have to say I liked the controls back then better, it seemed way more simple and intuitive to just get the armies to do what I wanted…

  2. predwin1998

    There's an additional way of forming (unlocked) control groups. When you press G, it automatically forms a group bound to the lowest number (1) and counts up from there.
    But you can also press Ctrl + Insert number here to pick a number yourself. Which might be useful if you, like me, prefer the 2 (or any other number) key over the 1 key.
    This works in almost every RTS game btw, not just Total War.

  3. MicahTheZombie

    If you press the alternate mouse button, it cancels a movement comand. so pressing lmb if you're using rmb, and vice versa. This is a bit quicker than pressing esc or dragging your cursor off the screen. However, this will deselect the units. In order to keep your units selected, hold ctrl while pressing the alternate mouse button to cancel the command but keep your units selected.

  4. Codex

    Thank you for adding the keybinds on screen and for also editing out all the time waste in the middle of stuff and keeping the guide to the actual key binds and their uses. Really appreciate you not wasting time, and making a very informative guide.

  5. Yowatsapp 05

    I thought this was real life

    I'm having trouble looking for tactics and movements of ww2 soldiers so if anyone is kind enough to give me a link to it I'd be greatful

  6. Jer Smith

    Order for anybody to tell me if my computer can run this game they can't run battlefleet Gothic the boss is too small on it

  7. ljga02

    I dont know this gentleman, but the game need to put this in the Tutorial, is a very good explanation and easy to understand for all new players like me.

    I know bad english I'll not apologyse ๐Ÿ™‚

    Good video bro.

  8. Hollywood Burford

    I dont know if i just missed it and you actually said this, but isn't there a key (J?) that automatically has the cavalry withdraw from combat to allow you to get them in position to charge a little quicker?

  9. Sim. Frischh

    B for artillery because A is taken and B for "Ballistic" fits anyway.
    The base controls seems the same as Windows, so not much to remember.
    Nice vid, great help since STEAM just finished downloading my game XD

  10. johnnypopstar

    I come from RTS games, C&C and Starcraft, where control groups are a standard practice, so I'm curious how you manage your units in battle if control groups aren't how you do it?

  11. Emrom Naom

    Zerkovich why my archers always clump up like idiots when i group em, they always clump when i focus fire some target, then get wiped by some sorcery ยกยกยก

  12. vigitant

    This is by far the most useful game guide of yours I've seen so far. The others were helpful, but I've been playing campaign for a couple years now for TW:WH 1&2, and didnt know half this stuff. Thank you very much for the quality guides. Hell, I might even venture into multiplayer to see how badly i get my ass handed to me.

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