Assassin's Creed Unity Review - Xbox One & PC

Assassin's Creed Unity Review – Xbox One & PC

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Assassin’s Creed: Unity Review for Xbox One & PC.

The laptop Gamer presents a full review of Assassin’s Creed: Unity Review for Xbox One & PC.

Set within Paris during the French Revolution, the single-player story follows Arno Dorian in his efforts to expose the true powers behind the Revolution. The game retains the series’ third-person open world exploration as well as introducing a revamped combat, parkour and stealth system. The game also introduces cooperative multiplayer to the Assassin’s Creed series, letting up to four players engage in narrative-driven missions and explore the open-world map.

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member there's a very good reason why this review is late Assassin's Creed unity was not finished it launched in the state which would leave the average indie developer simply breathless the backlash was as harsh as the frame rate that was found within the unpatched game and the publishers stock price took his severe hit as a result still it's become very clear that after five major patches the rush for shareholder of satisfaction and the acquisition of the lucrative Xbox one bundle has produced a game that will lodge firmly in the minds of all gamers but for all the wrong reasons without other way let's take a look at what can be considered to be the final version of the game is it worth a place on your gaming shelf or should it be sent off to meet its end and the embrace of Madame guillotine let's find out what's going on where is mr. left honea he's dead what Assassin's Creed unity tells the story of our no Dorian Dorian is an assassin by birth yet he is brought up under the roof of the Templar this strange scenario feeds into a greater conspiracy that affects both factions and may be responsible for the chaos of the web now finds itself in our know is a French naval who is unfortunately alive at a time where being a French noble is hazardous to your health French Revolution together with a Templar who happens to be his love interest both factions from us get to the bottom of the conspiracy in order to not only save the world but also very respective ideologies and prevent France from tearing itself apart unfortunately despite the glorious backdrop of revolutionary Paris unity story never really blossomed into a narrative worth investing in there are some cameos of historical characters but none of them feel fully fleshed out the only time the player truly is reminded of the significance of the time period is during a couple of set pieces such as the murder of Paul Louis the sixteenth and the downfall of rope spear otherwise the narrative is firmly placed on the personal relationships of the assassins and the love affair between are no analise in many ways almost journey mimics entierro de tories from assassin's creed 2 however there is one important difference arnis judgment is often pet by his feelings as opposed to being focused by them whilst Ezio was a love-'em-and-leave-'em type of character who always knew that the mission trumped any close relationship Oh No who is not only a victim of the greater battle is being waged around him but he's also a victim of unrequited love the key to this word here is victim whether a player like saunas character or not will certainly come down to their own personal preferences and life on the surface Assassin's Creed unity appears to bring some much-needed additions to the gameplay firstly there is the addition of a parkour up in park or down buttons this allows the player to navigate various buildings found within the city with as much grace going down as going up this certainly speeds up the traversal of a massive game world and is a most welcome addition however is not long before the cannibalization of other various gameplay mechanics found in other Ubisoft games become apparent the stale functions within the game are taken directly from the modern splinter cell and watchdog games this provides the player with a snap to cover mechanic and finally gives us the ability to crouch the problem is that it's hard to see why these mechanics were not incorporated sooner within series they are mechanics that could have been included from a technical perspective and therefore don't feel as special or as nuanced as they should still what should be lauded is for refocus and assassination missions not only as a solid narrative context given for each mission making the target more than just a name on the game's going but choice is given to the player presented in options as how they want to go about things there are multiple entrances to buildings opportunities to weaken any security the target may have around them and there are a number of distractions which you can use to lure your crane to a more vulnerable area this is by far one of the greatest developments to those series to date and it firmly reestablishes the core principles from the first game interesting and creative assassination scenarios unfortunately is not long before the trends of modern gaming River pop marked and bloated heads there's an upgrade system within the game player to customize our nose appearance and adorn him with step boosting armor and weapons however none of us feels as necessary as it should be we've all but the most expensive armor and weapons bringing a tangible benefit to the player for most actions performing in the game crude points are awarded and these can be used to increase on those abilities however these feel like and addition of the skill tree where known is actually required for example abilities that were provided as standard in previous games and they locked down into enough creep points have been gathered or certain parts of the story have been reached why is this been done well one quick look at the micro transactions 8 inventory screen and the answer is revealed in all its horrifying glory this kind of thing has no place in a full price retail game none whatsoever there is no defense there is no justification and given the fact that the first patch released for the original broken code of this game was to ensure that the online store is fully functioning framerate issues be damned when you start to see the mindset behind the inclusion of such vapid customization one area where unity delivers a true generational leap over its predecessors is its presentation put simply the Paris for Ubisoft of creative in this game is the most beautifully realised open-world seen in any game to date bashir attention to detail here is mind-boggling major Parisian landmarks are created in stunning 121 accuracy and no two streets feel the same help no two houses feel the same areas within the city of her own character biet one of wealth and affluence or poverty and the intrusion of industry upon domestic life unity also sports one of the best lighting engines ever seen within an open-world game buildings are given a great level of depth and definition and the way in which the individual materials reacted by light and moisture is something to behold all of this being generated in real-time was taken into account such things as time of day cloud cover and weather character models are also best-in-class facial animations are convincing to the point of being hauntingly real subtleties rarely seen during vid game cutscenes are apparent throughout the game whether it be the grimace of disgust from one character to another or the glint in the eye of our know as he delivers a well-timed retort or something as tender as a kiss all of this is of highest quality and realism however like many beautiful things in life this visual flair comes at a terrible cost performance in the game can be shocking at times at launch some areas of the game particularly on console were a slideshow even to this day five patches later the console versions of the game struggled to stay at 30 frames per second and this actually has a negative impact upon the game for example the refined combat mechanics which focus less upon vanquish in a number of foes speed and more about the ability to deliver a well-timed pareil strike are heavily impacted by the sub 30 frames a second frame rate blocks can be mistimed something as simple as dropping a smoke bomb can also become an arduous chore the delay in controller responds diminishes the simple yet sound combat system and turns the act of lock-picking into a hair-pulling exercise of course if you have a PC these issues can be avoided but only if you have a horse power needed to achieve a stable frame rate on my PC gaming rig which has an i5 processor 8 gigabytes of ram and a gtx 980 i was able to run the game at 60 frames a second with the occasional drop into their late 50s this was only with effects AAA being applied of course the PC also has in video game works built within the game and this gives better shadows txa a and some better ambient occlusion however again their introduction poses more of a problem for AMD owners than anything else this can lead to sluggish frame rates and it's best to probably avoid these options on lower level GTX cards as they are quite intensive all in all I can't really recommend the pc version above the console version the console version does have the added bonus of having at least some level of stability but I think it's going to be really hit and miss if you're a PC owner as to whether or not you're going to be able to run this game as satisfactory level still back to the positive thankfully the same design in the game not only matches expectations it goes far beyond them the sound effects are all of the highest quality from the clashing of swords to the revolutionary banter spilling out onto the streets of Paris the voice cast is one of the best assemble for an assassin's creed game with truly remarkable performances coming from all members of the cast the only criticism that can be levied is for lack of genuine French accents within the game something which is truly puzzling given not only the context of the game boss of heritage of the studio that's producing it these are the words spoken by our ancestors the words that lay at the heart of our Creed stay your blade from the flesh of the innocent I didn't plain sight never compromise the Brotherhood that these tenets be branded upon your mind follow them and be uplifted break them at your peril musically the game delivers in spades golliver themes that we've all become accustomed to since Assassin's Creed to these being replaced with beautiful melodies and a masterful use of themes for example the delicate theme played during our nose childhood and Versailles during the prologue of the game reappears at various points within the story and it's used to evoke memories of loss and even anger this is one of the best scores so far delivered for any Assassin's Creed game and the composers involved should take a well-deserved bow so what did I think of Assassin's Creed unity all in all it comes across as a bit of a disappointment microtransactions aside and all other beefs about various bugs within the game which have been well publicized it looks as though Ubisoft have gone for a quantity over quality of content there are far too many collectibles within the game to the point where the map is pretty much obscured by icons and none of it feels fully fleshed out the story doesn't feel as flesh tears it should be the Paris missions and the murder mysteries don't feel very fleshed out torn can become repetitive over time and all in all the game just feels very very rushed it doesn't really feel at times like you're playing a triple aim or some sort of experimental well-funded joke I can't give this game anything higher than a 6.5 out of 10 hopefully Assassin's Creed victory will remedy some of the problems that are found within unity and maybe explore some of the avenues it's opened up a little bit further but until then I can only say that my love of the assassins creed genre has certainly gone down a peg or two thanks to this game anyway all that being said I'm electric gamer and I'll see you next time

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  1. iWillWakeYouUp

    I picked the game up for 17 Euros on a key sale site. Since my last comment from 10 months ago I have since bought several upgrades to my PC, including a Gigabyte G1 980Ti, and most importantly, an Acer Predator 1440p IPS 144Hz GSync monitor (I highly recommend you buy a proper 1440p GSync monitor – it has been the best and most useful gaming upgrade ever besides more graphical power – obviously).

    Unity runs at 45-80FPS – everything on max except for antialiasing, which I have on off because I use a third party solution (ReShade/SweetFX combination, I use it to inject SMAA because it looks quite a bit sharper than FXAA for about the same performance cost of 3-5FPS, to my eyes it even looks better than nVidia's Gameworks TXAA, which looks very similar to FXAA in my opinion, but the performance cost is off the charts). I of course run the game at 1440p.

    Here comes the clusterfuck, if you're interested read this:
    My biggest criticism by far so far (I'm currently playing sequence 8 I believe) is the fact that the game supports only one safe slot. That's retarded. Even more retarded is the fact that you cannot just start a new game and overwrite your current safe file. Guess what… you gotta go into your Ubisoft games folder, locate the Ubisoft save games folder and search for a folder named "720" (I've heard that it can be named differently, but in most cases it's 720), which then has to be deleted. But wait! First you gotta start up that rancid, pathetic excuse for an app called uPlay, go to your settings and disable cloud save synchronization – then start a new game (after deleting the 720 folder), establish the new save file, then after you're done playing enable the cloud save synchronization again in uPlay. It will ask you which save file you want to use, so you gotta choose the most recent one. Then, and only then, will you be able to enjoy a new game properly.

    Crazy, isn't it?

    Anyway, if you're still reading this, I just want to say that now, almost one and a half years after Unity's launch, I'm far less agitated by its shortcomings and I find myself enjoying the game so far. The freerunning annoys me though because despite the more fluid animations, it looks less fluid because he skips stuff. For example, in previous games, if there were – for example – planks, or platforms, or especially wooden beams, Ezio, Edward or Shay would hop from one beam to the next, maybe swing from a lamp or signpost or flagpost to another beam or balcony and then hop to the next one, etc. etc.; well in Unity, he doesn't do that. Arno just jumps as far as he can, instead of hopping across every single wooden beam. I hope you understand what I mean by this.

  2. aZeddPrattFilm

    I pretty much agree with yah besides the story and the music. Music wise, I felt it lacks character and isnt memorable of any kind. Playing any AC game, I know a lot of the tracks/songs being played. I think Unity suffers from being more ambient then anything else. As for the story, it simply lacked. I think one of the biggest things to remove was the confessional scenes after you kill a target. There has always been this show don't tell in stuff like this. But in doing so they made the story, for me, I didnt know what the fuck was happening. I couldn't tell you the story. Though the confessionals were tell stead of show, because of this, this is where all the major character development was given. Removing them made the character a silver of any other characters from other games, It's characters just kinda fade away, like the music.

  3. iWillWakeYouUp

    Wow. Just wow. I'm glad I waited for your review! I'll pick this up for REAL cheap on a Steam Sale. I'll probably have to upgrade from my GTX 780 to twin 970's or something even more expensive (should I just purchase a second 780? you know… second hand, from ebay?).

    My PC:
    i7 4790K
    16GB RAM 1866Mhz
    1TB SSD (Samsung Evo 840)
    GTX 780 3GB

    I fear that my GPU won't be able to hit 60FPS at even medium settings. I played Freedom Cry on my PC and it was horrible. I had to turn down almost everything down to medium to have a semi-stable framerate of 60FPS.

    I guess I'll finally start to play either Mass Effect or Deus Ex Human Revolution instead of a Ubisoft game.

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