ATLAS.ti Mac-Auto Coding

ATLAS.ti Mac-Auto Coding

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In this video tutorial, you will learn how to code automatically using the Auto Code tool. You may learn more about this by reading pages 32-36 of the manual:

hello in this video tutorial I will show you how to use the automatic coding tool on autocoding code autocoding first of all let me tell you what this is about Auto Koren is a tool that would allow you to code automatically in the sense that you tell Atlas T I look for the following words and when you find any of these words select the segment of the text in which the word is found and then connect to that segment the following code and Atlas the I will proceed to do that for you so the first thing you need to do is to determine the code with which you are going to do this so you have to select in your list of codes so if you want to use a code that you already have well then that's fine the the code will be in the list but if you want to create a code especially for this automatic coding process do not you will have to do that beforehand by going to the plus here new code and write down the code name let's say X and then you go to the today to the code list inside of the outer code and dialogue and look for the code you created well in this case I am NOT going to use X but instead I will use illness now I have to specify the words that I want to look for so let me select let me write down the word illness and now I will enter the pipe sign which is the vertical line located on the same key as the backslash so it's a shift backslash and pipe means or heal or illness with an asterisk because it could be illnesses so it's it's a wild-card it adds other other or all in it capture a word starts with illness but continues with something else illnesses for example shift back slash which is pipe disease with an asterisk because could be diseases pipe again Hospital if it's hospitalization with an asterisk asterisk or hospitalized let me see infection infection infectious could be infectious right so let me say an Asterix there and the final one I'm going to look for medic K could be medication medicated medicating so let's keep it keep it like that matching let's select Gregg Gregg means that it will use in the search the symbols that I inserted into the search expression that is it's going to use the asterisk as well as the pipe sign now there is a table with symbols and those symbols specify conditions that will make this search more precise and the table is found on the manual and on the description of this video tutorial I will tell you where in the manual you can find that table now I have to determine how much text do I want to select so let me say exact match for now below I have to determine whether I want to do this in one single document the one that is loaded on all documents of the project or in a specific group of documents you see the importance of having good document groups I will select this single document for now I will I will start let me see here I will start and look at that found ill and why not illness if the entire world is illnesses well because I selected exact match and one of the terms that I entered into the search expression is precisely precisely ill I will select now word and now it's selected illnesses line line applies to PDF documents rather than word so in this case it selects entire paragraph the sentence the paragraph the document now I will select all documents and I will select the paragraph and let's start it found something and now it's my decision whether or not I code it or do not code it if I do not call it I click Next if I code and I click code next let's say I will call it next code it and now I will ask atlas the I'm not to ask me any more and to do this in a fully automatic way and for that I click code all and let's see what happens now illness has 24/7 quotations so that was done automatically and of course you have to determine under what circumstances you would do this automatic coding because there must be a reason to do that right of course if you have a lot of documents it make it may make sense but there could be other reasons as well so that's something you have to determine so with that I want to finalize this this automatic coding or this video an automatic coding and thank you very much

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