Awesome Audio Card! (EVGA NU Audio Card Review) - Ultimate Audio PC Build #014

Awesome Audio Card! (EVGA NU Audio Card Review) – Ultimate Audio PC Build #014

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Take a look at the EVGA NU Audio Card it’s a sound card built for 2019. Watch this EVGA NU Audio Card review and make up your own mind!

21 Replies to “Awesome Audio Card! (EVGA NU Audio Card Review) – Ultimate Audio PC Build #014”

  1. joe C

    mike do you only need the sata connection for the card,,,what is the other connection on the side where the lights are,,,,,im getting the new upgraded nu audio pro card soon,,,(noob here)

  2. Pedrito lanzo Tina Nueva

    hi bro ,i need help, I hesitate to buy the Sound blaster ZXR or EVGA NU sound card.

    I do not know what to buy.
    Greetings from Peru!

  3. Umer farooq

    i own DT770 pro and im thinking will it make a lot difference…currently using with On board Recon 3d from Creative on hi Amp support .on Gigabyte Auros motherboard
    need your input

  4. J. Love

    Or buy an external audio interface and have all that plus AD/DA converters, actual quality mic preamps, ADAT I/O, monitoring control…good luck trying to use that in a legitimate studio setting and sorry not to throw shade but this is coming from someone who lives and breathes audio. The only dedicated audio cards worth getting are usually made by RME or Lynx and they’re upwards of $1000 AUD each.

  5. Shehan Jayasinghe

    Why a sound card when there are external Audio Interfaces for cheaper? Also, doesn't placing the interface outside the motherboard result in much less noise too?

  6. Anthony Efx

    Is their a program that exists that shows up on the screen as a digital stereo with graphic eq maybe vu meters ? . Kind of like winamp used to

  7. Jeffrey Photonboy

    I wondered why 600 ohm headphones generally need an amplifier for portable devices. Was the power draw THAT much higher? Not sure on the power draw increase, but no, the reason is that portable devices tend to have a max of 5V (five volts) and as I mention the voltage requirement increases as the impedance of the drivers increases. So while the amplifier add-on device may have a better DAC and may last longer depending on the battery, the reason is it needs the extra voltage as well as other changes to optimize impedance matching… you know, I kind of wonder if it's theoretically possible to monitor the voltage vs current draw to a headphone jack and make dynamic impedance optimizations in a circuit. I suspect high quality audio needs a dedicated, physical path through all the components so I'm not sure if there's a way to dynamically adjust impedance etc. Good question or not though?

  8. Jeffrey Photonboy

    HIGHER OHMS means lower power delivery guys. Sort of as I'll explain. I see people getting that wrong constantly. Of course the VOLUME also goes down so given roughly comparable designs I'm not sure if the power draw ends up the same at the same volume level… I'm trying to understand exactly why lower OHM headphones are so popular for portable devices. It would seem that means power delivery is in fact lower overall with lower OHM speakers. Or is it that lower OHM speakers are simply cheaper? Or is it that high-OHM (high impedance) amplifiers are too expensive? Or both? Feel free to call me a moron or just explain this.

  9. Clemens Henning

    Great PC build! I'd love to help you out with your cable management, though. Maybe pick up an NZXT H500 if you have $70 lying around? It's a great case for managing cables.

  10. Gradius2k

    If you really want some audio quality you need to forget those crappy OPAMPs on it. Use something like Burson v6 classic as OPAMPs. Now if you are really SERIOUS about audio, go for RME ADI-2 DAC, for that money you cannot get anything better. I have Asus STX modded with Burson opamps and a better precision cristal (CLOCK). Now I want to go for RME. My speakers are already high-end with Yamaha HS80M where I have modded ALL the opamps on it, plus put a toroidal power supply for each one too. Yep my friend, here you wont hear music… but MAGIC. Cannot wait for my RME btw.

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