Azulle Access 3 Review & Test // Super Powerful Mini PC

Azulle Access 3 Review & Test // Super Powerful Mini PC

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Wassguud. We’re reviewing stuff. Buy the Azulle Access 3 HERE: The Azulle Access 3 is here and bringing a lot of power to the mini pc market. It is super durable and compact, also including the fact that it is a fanless mini pc. The one being reviewed is a 4gb ram / 32 gb storage with Intel Gemini Lake N4100 processor. It is powerful enough to run videos at 4k resolution with 60 FPS. Sounds like a great deal huh? Go pick one up!!

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hey guys what's as you can see we are back with another tech review and more specifically we're going to be reviewing the new azul access 3 mini PC and before I start I want to give a big THANK YOU to Azul for sending this out so that I can review it and yeah let's get right into it so first off as you can see from the packaging it's super clean very appealing I love the purple and the blue mixed with the white I don't know I just it makes it stand out but it's also subtle at the same time the overall aesthetic is a 5 out of 5 for me aside from that as you can see it's easy to open it slides right out there's no real hassle for you to get the pc out of the package and what's inside the box is the mini pc an HDMI extender and the power cable so moving on to the tech specs for the XS 3 it runs Windows 10 pro it has a quad core Intel Gemini Lake and four one zero zero 4 gigabytes of RAM 32 gigabytes of storage and runs 4k resolution at 60fps and not to mention it has two USB 3.0 another cool thing to know is that it's small enough to fit in the palm of your hand so it makes it portable enough for you to plug it into any TV display or projector making it easy for everyone to use so overall the installation was easy setup was flawless and it's pretty much you know like a plug-and-play thing and you're set to go but in terms of quality of the build it's super durable very compact it's fanless if you guys didn't know that and it's a lot faster than a previous build and right now I'm just gonna be showing you guys some footage of me using the computer showing you guys how seamless it is to use and as you can see here I'm playing Marvel Feature fight on the new BlueStacks 4 graphics are pretty good to be honest I'm playing on a 40 inch screen so it's everything is like scaled up but nonetheless graphics are good there's no lag as you can see here it might lag depending on the graphics you use I set mine on high for this game but you guys can you know tweak it to how you want it but for the most part the Intel graphics definitely can handle games like these and for sure if I minimize BlueStacks and made a smaller window it would definitely run super smooth and on top of that in game I'm moving a lot more just so I can cause more stress on the FPS to see if it can still handle it and it did so on top of testing games I wanted to check out how well it can handle YouTube videos so I just pulled up one of our recent videos which is the Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2 and as you can see it's playing 1080p pretty seamlessly but not only can it play 1080p it can go up to 4k at 60 frames a second I'm definitely gonna be setting this up in the living room so that the rest of my family can use it and if we have like cousins or other family members that want to stop by and use it and play some games with us or watch some movies this definitely can handle that this is definitely one of the more beastly computers let alone mini PCs that I've ever had and it's definitely a contender in the market there's just so much packed into this little thing and if you guys want to purchase one definitely click the link down below Zul is an amazing company and be sure to send them some love and that's pretty much it for this review let me know if you guys need any questions answered down in the comments down below I definitely give this a five out of five especially for the price point it's super easy to use and if you guys have a family this is definitely a thing that you guys should get maybe put in the family room your living room and everyone can enjoy it you know ya think that's pretty much all that needs to be said thank you guys for watching if you guys are new around here please be sure to subscribe hit the like button comment down below and we'll see you guys in the next video bye

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  1. Bob Logan

    i feel like they should go all out and go for higher specs that can handle AAA games like Overwatch or even Fortnite. If these mini pc's can do that, they will for sure take over the market and EVERYONE, I mean EVERYONE will buy these things. It has all the other capabilities and then some of a pc like the durability and portability. but if it had a wee bit better specs, I would be down to buy one. I'm not knocking it tho. I'll try it someday. But my gaming pc is a longshot from this. great review bros

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