Bad Apple Mac's - Lessons Learned from Indiana Businesses

Bad Apple Mac's – Lessons Learned from Indiana Businesses

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Meet the team at Bad Apple Mac’s, a great Madison restaurant, and find out what makes their business a success.

I actually dream about food so those dreams I work with the recipe in my head and I come up with them and we give it a try the restaurant was named after my grandfather he was a maritime sailor his parents forbid him to join the service in World War two while they're vacationing ran away to really join the service is what he did and forever was known as the bad apple man what makes bad apple mac scrabble max is just the food and the atmosphere I travel so much that you know to me of most restaurant food tastes all the same and her foods more like home cooking just the food in general is really good you have to have a solid business plan you have to know your numbers you have to know how much everything costs right down to the ounce of how much feta is in your Greek salad that is the biggest challenge is making sure you had a great business plan you know your numbers and you stick by your numbers I have a fantastic staff that are fun and it's a pleasant experience when you come in here so you wanted me back my insurance agent I've known her for 25 years she's always looking forward to helping me improve whatever I'm doing – they've helped me by just building that friendship you

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