BATTLETECH | Beginner's Guide - 10 Essential Tips

BATTLETECH | Beginner's Guide – 10 Essential Tips

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In this Beginners / Essential Guide video for BATTLETECH, we take a look at some essential tips to help you get your bearings, especially if you’re unfamiliar with the mechanics of battle and systems in BATTLETECH. For more detailed guide videos, subscribe to the channel and feel free to request topics in the comments down below.

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hey everybody it's party elite and today I'd like to go over some important tips that might help you in your battle Tech playthroughs some of these tips might sound obvious and some will hopefully come as a surprise by the way let's not waste any time with a long intro let's dive right into it evasion is your best friend maybe a bit of a hyperbole to kick things off but evasion is an extremely important tool that will increase the survivability of your mechs evasive pips are applied to your mechs during movement and the number of pips added vary based on the distance moved and skills that the mech warrior within might have each evasive hip on a mech makes it harder to hit implying that the mech is evading fire so when it's time to move your mechs around pay close attention to how many evasive pips they're gaining one tile can make the difference between life and death health before you put a mech warrior in a mech keep your eye on the skills they have available to them mech warriors with high piloting skills will have access to extra evasive hips or allow them to generate more with less movement this can be especially helpful for your light mechs that rely on the enemy missing shots rather than heavy armor for protection naturally if evasion can help you out it can also help the enemy which means evasion is your worst enemy just like evasion makes it hard for the enemy to hit your mechs your mechs will have a harder time hitting enemy mechs with high evasion it's pretty clear so you need to learn to either reduce it or avoid it entirely each time a mech is fired upon no matter the size of the payload the damage done or even if it misses the targeted mech loses an evasion pit this makes multi target fire extra valuable when you might want to spread the love a little bit by killing one mech and then setting the next target up for hits and it also adds value to attacks with weapons that have a low hit chance apart from that don't be afraid to use these sensor lock ability to not only keep an eye on an enemy mech but also to remove two of their evasive pips making it easier for other mechs to hit weapons classified as support weapons such as machine guns flamers and small weapons also ignore evasion completely and finally remember that melee attacks not only ignore evasion completely but also remove a pip just like any other attack and they also trigger attacks from your support weapons on which note melee is extremely useful one issuing a move order you can move into an enemy mech that's close enough to order a melee attack this type of attack ignores any evasive pips that the mech might have opens fire with your support weapons reduces an enemy's evasive pip as discussed but it also damages mech stability and doesn't increase heat levels on the attacking mech this means you can output some damage without having to worry about overheating making an enemy easier to hit and potentially topple it over or at least slow it down by making it unsteady all at the same time landing a hit also removes the guarded trait some things that improve the defensive capabilities of a mech death from above or dfa is a melee alternative triggered by jumping onto an enemy mech and it can cause a lot of damage but it is guaranteed to damage your mechs legs so keep that in mind pay attention to firing angles direction of damage is extremely important in battle tank mechs are weakly armored on their backs for example so if you can get behind a mech without stretching yourself too thin or if you can bait a mech to expose its back you can cause a lot of damage otherwise firing in from the sides of a mech is more likely to do damage on the side you're firing upon rather than the center or the other side that's just logical so if the dice gods have focused your damage to one side of a mech or if a particularly threatening weapon is on a specific side of an enemy mech consider focusing on it from the angle to focus damage accordingly keep in mind that it applies to you and so it needs to be used defensively as well say you have a weak inside make sure you face it away from the enemy when giving a move order or make sure you protect damaged sides with cover to keep them safe this is especially important when considering your mechs legs if it loses one the mech can no longer sprint if it loses both it's out of the engagement you can check which angle you're firing in from by paying close attention to this ring below enemy mechs manage turn orders initiative and turn orders are key in turn-based games and they need to be treated as such while it can't be set and it isn't randomized you can take actions to benefit your specific composition as needed like mechs typically go before medium who go before heavies keep that in mind before you block movement off because of oversight to see where a mech sits in the turn order just take a look at this number here you can see it on enemy mechs – allowing you to assess imminent threats the higher the number the sooner the mek goes and if the numbers are equal either mech can go use reserve to hold off on your moves to the next phase allowing you to react to enemy movements rather than allowing them to react to yours with the master tactician trait reserving a mech will also reduce stability damage helping a mech recover from a potentially dangerous situation you can also affect enemy turn order some attacks will reduce initiative on a targeted mech and this can really mess on opponents plans up when it comes to turn orders there are some specifics to consider to remember evasive pips imagine using sensor lock on an enemy mech that's going to move again before any of your mechs are able to fire on it wasteful and while it might feel like the enemy mech closest to you is the primary threat you might want to try and destroy the enemy mech that is about to move next rather than the ones that have already moved line-of-sight is key knowledge is power knowing is half the battle and you can't shoot something if you don't know it's there scout mechs are usually light fast mechs ideally with sensor lock able to move forward and find a nice hiding spot from where to light up the enemy this then allows your long-range mechs with indirect weapons to fire on the lit up enemy mechs even though they don't personally have line of sight as engagements begin you'll notice that even weapons that don't fire in a straight line benefit from having line of sight from shooter to target but there's no harm in knowing what the enemy has and what they're up to line of sight also comes into play at closer ranges in a few different ways when giving a move order there are a few types of lines to consider straight red lines mean there's a direct line of fire arced red lines mean there is an indirect line of fire red lines that change to a deeper red halfway down the path or so and they have a little red eye over where that change happens imply an obstructed line of fire while white dotted lines mean there's line of sight but none of your weapons can hit the target from where you're about to end up a red eye above an enemy mech means it can see keep all of this in mind alongside turn orders to make your moves focus fire whether on a micro level or on a macro level focus fire is very important in a game like this and defeat in detail is not only a viable tactic it is an important one if an enemy mech has separated itself from the herd and you're able to eliminate it before the enemy regroups then do it a half damaged mech can still cause damage from range or in melee so assess the situation and wipe damaged mechs out accordingly using multi target to lightly damage three separate mechs doesn't really help unless you split your Lance apart so use it instead to destroy one target and then damage the evasive capabilities of your next target all the supplies on a micro-level to think like a boxer an enemy mech more hurt from one side than the other focus in on that side a specific part getting low on armor focus on that part if you can get called shots in consider the values headshots and leg shots are harder to hit but they can remove a mech from play while maintaining a better amount of salvageable parts in single-player alternatively you can focus on the central torso or CT as destroying that instantly takes the mech out and if you're worried a mech is going to survive through a bunch of focus fire maybe try to disarm it instead literally and figuratively of its most threatening weapons manage status damage remember that scene in Robocop with the stairs there are more ways to take a MEC out of commission than straight damage stability and heat are two factors that come into play a lot and there are many factors that act upon them when a MEC gets too hot it will suffer structural damage and put itself in a rough spot or if a mech takes too much solid projectile or melee damage it might lose stability becoming unsteady affecting movement and accuracy or worse falling down and needing to get up at the cost of movement points while also exposing itself to call shots while it waits to get up on its turn using jump Jets and laser weapons generates a ton of heat and being in a hot or atmosphere free biomes reduces the effectiveness of heat sinks on the flip side cold biomes are a quick dip in a nearby water source help heat sinks to varying degrees walking through rough terrain meanwhile makes them ECMO susceptible to stability damage for the turn and losing a leg causes a permanent reduction in stability by a pip using brace at the end of a turn can completely remove all instability however except for the permanent reduction of course just like you need to keep an eye on these critical stats the enemy does to use flamers and solid projectiles and melee to heat up or topple over mechs that might survive longer through conventional approaches quick related sidebar don't always alpha-strike that is to say if firing all your weapons will cause you to overheat for minimal tactical gain consider turning off some of your laser weapons to minimize heat levels and yet there are times when you're better off cooking your mech warrior a little bit if it means alpha striking and destroying a very dangerous enemy mech use terrain your biggest ally and your biggest foe apart from your inner demons are the terrain this tip is simple but easily overload use terrain to block enemy line-of-sight and lines of fire use high ground advantages when it makes sense use forests for extra cover water to reduce heat marsh to increase stability and roads to move faster force your enemy onto rough terrain deny them access to water consider also the biomes that you're fighting on don't take flamers in an ice cold biome and maybe leave lasers and jumps behind on extremely hot ones learn your ranges this one is probably a pretty obvious one but try to learn what your ranges look like on the map without the need for the very informative guides you're given when you're commanding your mechs around more important than that to a degree is understanding and accepting the fact that your weapons will sometimes have a minimum effective range weapons such as long-range missiles or lrms will do a lot worse from point-blank ranges for example this is another example of when multi targeting can come in handy if an enemy mech is in your grill you can use your other weapons to focus down on it and use your ineffective weapons elsewhere for a higher hit chance than you'd get at point-blank range –is there you have it 10 tips that should get you off to a great start hopefully there were some things in here that caught you off guard and if you'd like to see more battle tech content make sure you subscribe to this channel if you have any thoughts for what else needs to be covered and you want to see more tutorial videos let me know down below in the comments until next time thank you very much for watching and Cheers

41 Replies to “BATTLETECH | Beginner's Guide – 10 Essential Tips”

  1. Kris C

    Hey PE , are you going to do anymore battletech content? Would be good to see a flashpoint review from someone like you. Cant find one anywhere.

  2. Missile Lermer

    Thanks for this. Subscribed. "Like a boxer." Glad you said that. I often compare the patience needed to succeed in MWO to boxing.

  3. Fred Landry

    It would be great if they had a Fourth Succession War game. This game is set a few years before House Davion and House Steiner attack the Capellan Confederation and Draconis Combine.

  4. Daniel Newhouse

    I'm unfamiliar with the new storyline. But, one thing I misread, because I screw up, is Hilton Head island. It's in Canada. The star League is ruled by the Cameron family. They die. I presume it's a nuclear disaster. Afterwards there's a succession war fought principally between the Kurita(Japanese) and Davion(English) families over leadership of a new star league. The planets ruled directly from earth are divvied up after the first succession war. The only core world that the storylines obsessed about was Dieron, and Kurita got a larger share of the core star league worlds than anyone else, and Davion the fewest. Earth is left independent, run by an organization called Comstar. Their HQ is Hilton Head island. They run hyperpulse generators to allow for interstellar communications. It's not a technology anyone else understands. Hilton Head? The earth, in other words, is ruled by Amerida.
    There is much ado about the planet Hesperus is the story telling, this planet is an outer world posession of Steiner (German). Robinson of Davion, however, is far more important.

  5. Jeremiah Bullfrog

    While I was aware of all these, it is almost impossible for me to remember them all when playing. Even with the computer handling dice rolls, heat management and line of sight (partially anyway), there is still tons of stuff (pun intended) to remember to keep track of.

  6. Brother Malachai

    Is there anything equivalent to the Archer or Warhammer in the game (alas, not in-game at the moment due to legal BS w/ Harmony Gold)? I really like that pairing. The Warhammer and soften up the armor and the Archer can then pepper them with missiles. Plus, both have great range. Also, does this game have Overwatch?

  7. Joko Susanto

    Consider these:
    1. Extra evasion on assault mech seems less effective compared to guard and bulwark. True, if you plan to play straight shoot out. However you can't kite (and thus keeping your enemies at longer range) using bulwark, and eventually, enough damage will be dealt to your bracing mech, get knocked down, or being melee'd. And kite, against other assault mech (especially the dreadful King "ED209" Crab) may be your only option.
    2. If the mech and pilot is designed correctly, evasion can still be used on straight shoot out. Try Battlemaster with full jumpjets, plenty of armor, and medium range weapons (possibly AC20, but SRMs works wonderful too). You jump jet as far away as possible (toward or flanking the enemies) and gaining as much evasion as possible, and the BRACE. Yep, wasting a turn. However, this mech will be hard to hit and hard to damage. Every attack directed at this mech is an attack not directed at your other mechs, and if they ignore this mech, next turn, it can move to a more favorable position and perhaps fully flanking the enemies. Combined with cover (Forest or whirlwind, or other biomes) and you can even shoot instead of bracing. Why Battlemaster? because it can use 4 jumpjets, and sits at the sweet spot of 85 tons, the heaviest tonnage to jump using H jumpjets which weighs only 1 ton, while heavier mechs uses A jumpjets that costs 2 tons per jumpjet.

  8. B8factor and Gameg1rl

    Very helpful. Stumbled into this game just recently, was a big fan of all the older Mech games; However, when I started playing this I was LOST! This video provided all the basics I needed to turn a frustrating experience into a fun one!

  9. Eric da' MAJ

    Great stuff! The only thing I can add are the following:

    1. It pays to move your lance in close formation – no more than 1 – 2 spaces from each other. This way you can achieve immediate firepower superiority when you attack your enemy in detail. You do this and you don't normally need any fancy maneuvers. A medium lance moving like this can pound any single heavy or assault mech into the dirt.

    2. Sprint when approaching those pesky tanks. They're much easier to stomp than shoot and the worst have the long range weapons that suck at point blank. Get in among them and do the stompy robot dance. Sprint your heavy and assault mechs in close to anyone. That physical attack is a valuable asset.

    3. Jump jets. I love 'em and you should too. They provide SOOO much tactical flexibility. Half the time your situation can be improved approaching from a different direction – over a hill rather than around it. Along a ridge rather than in the valley. If you love fancy maneuvers, jumping over the enemy so you can shoot them in the back is about the fanciest. The jump ambush – when you jump your entire lance out of defilade to destroy an enemy at point blank range – is a thing of beauty. Only slightly less so the jump escape – jumping into defilade to avoid an ass beating. If the jets are located on the mech's body you can jump as fast as you walk even with a leg blown off. Death From Above is a desperation move. But if you're desperate it's the best thing ever. Better than hoping you can turn the tide with most of your weapons blown off. I killed the Warden in that prison break battle with a DFA and it swung a losing battle to victory. A lance mate with no jump jets is like the sad fat kid who can't keep up with the rest.

    4. Do your management stuff. Make sure you train your pilots (increase their skills based on their XP). Keep a few in reserve and swap them out so they stay current. Buy those "+" weapons and swap 'em with the vanilla ones. Buy Farah her ship upgrades. Shell out bonuses before big missions.

  10. VerumAdPotentia

    If you have support weapons (lasers, MGs, Flamers), not only does your melee attack reduce the enemy mech's evasion by one chevron, but the following support fire ALSO reduces the enemy mech's evasion by a SECOND evasion chevron. VERY nice if you have even a small mech near a highly evasive mech to engage it in melee, especially if you've used your team's sensor lock already, or for high numbers of evasion chevrons (4 or more) when combined with your team's sensor lock ability.

    Also, regarding your guarantee that DFA will damage your mech, you can pick up parts to add to your mech's legs that will reduce the chance/amount of damage, and perhaps it was a glitch, but when I first started playing, I pulled off an occasional attack without receiving any damage.

    Thanks for the great video. I hope my points came across as constructive, and not as nit-picky.

  11. Elenna Pointer

    I just bought this game and I'm really struggling to understand some of it. The tutorial in the game is so short that it's inadequate and I don't think it covered enough to help out newbie players like me. The biggest, most annoying problem for me is that the game keeps greying-out three of my four mechwarriors so that, every turn, I can only move one mech at a time, while the enemy gets to move all his stuff. I'm doing something wrong; i get that, but I don't get what it is. So how do I play the game without having to take up to four turns to move my lance just once?

  12. T D

    Hey PE, great vids. You've come a long way from your rambling stuff. Nice and tight content, good stuff! Anyhow, this tutorial is nice because the game tells you pretty much nothing.

  13. Lucian Jacota

    this video is preety bad imo,the tips here are just general basic mechanics you get to learn in the tutorial,real tips are how to build effectivly,tell everyone that the stock builds are all trash and its made that way so people make their own builds,no actualy tip in salvaging effectivly wich is the most important part of the game,evasive mechanics become null in hte mid game once heavy mechs hit,no actual tips to the tactics tree,if you wanna make a tip video actualy play the game and get far enough to learn how the game is played

  14. NoesisAndNoema

    Biggest flaw in the game, is the fact that you can't target the arms or legs from the back… I am not sure what idiot programmed that, but they need to be fired.

    The other annoying thing is almost every shot has a crit-hit, which almost makes armor pointless, to an extent. Especially since ammo blows-up so easily. Honestly, ammo would be well protected, demanding multiple crits before spontaneously exploding. Not to mention that unarmed ammo usually doesn't explode. This isn't the movies… Well, apparently this isn't even based of any physical reality at all, so my expectations may be a little high. Reality, who wants that? Fun, who wants that? Constant saving and long reload-times, yea, gimme that!

  15. Browntau

    I've put in over 100 hours so far, and I'd agree with everything in this tutorial. A few things I'd add: 1. Evasion becomes less important as your mechs get bigger. 2. Try to always move your mech into cover. 3 Don't forget to use your morale effects, especially with your high spirited mechwarriors. That way you can precision shoot AND brace. 4 Think about what each mech in your lance is there for. Give them all a job. Choose one as an LRM carrier, and keep them back. Choose one as your recon mech, to spot for the LRM carrier.

  16. Marx Keen

    No eject metion ? :v that should've saved alot of pilot lifes…. i lost 6 pilot after 30hrs of playing before i found the eject button. :v

  17. nwstraith

    For setting up strikes against solo mechs, I have actually pulled back from engagements with the enemy in order for their light mechs to out pace their medium and heavies. The AI does not appear to do well at keeping their mechs in a cohesive formation, allowing you to pull them apart and blast them to slag.

  18. blktom

    As a old school Battletech player and beta tester for this game, I have some further advice for new players. Put your ammo in your legs. When ammo is hit it will auto destroy the location it is stored in, so if it is in your torso, you will lose all weapons in that torso as well as the arm weapons. On top of that, exploding ammo will damage your mechwarrior if in the upper body, while in the legs your mechwarrior will not be injured. I am not sure if ammo stored in the arms, when detonated, will injure the mechwarrior, but I would never put it in there to find out, as arms tend to be one of the first thing that gets blown off of a mech. Personally, I would rather lose a leg than a torso. I can still fight with one leg, and any damage that would go to that leg now goes to the torso anyways, while all damage to a missing arm and torso go to the CT. That means your CT is getting hit 3x more often than normal when your torso is blown off, and no CT means no mech.

    I also suggest you put extra heatsinks in your legs, where if you stand in water they give a bonus to reducing your heat. I also like putting jump jets in the legs and CT when possible, as it means your mech might have the chance to get out of trouble and get out of sight (and fire) of the enemy if it is to the point of having it's torso blown off.

    As for evasion, it seems important, but never think that evasion is a substitution for armor. The enemy will also focus fire, and even when you have a pilot that does piloting and you have 5+ bars, every enemy that fires on you reduces your bars. On top of that, nine times out of ten, you will be outnumbered by the enemy. They will have 2-3 times the number of mechs, vehicles, and turrets to your lance and they will focus fire as much as possible. And even with a reduced chance to hit with the first thing to fire on your mech, things like missiles will always get a missile or 3 through. And since Assault mechs fire last (the mechs with the most and/or biggest guns), they are going to be hitting you with one or zero evasion bars. Also, the bigger mechs /you/ get, the slower they will become. You will just not generate enough evasion bars to even make it worth it.

    So… max out your armor as much as possible, or you will literally become a glass cannon. Do not be afraid to remove LRM 5s, SRM 2s, MGs and their ammo to add on more armor. If you like to do melee, go for it and keep the MGs and their ilk, heck, even max it out with a mech like a Banshee that allows you to mount 5-6 of them. Very few stock mechs start with maxed out armor (or nearly maxed, rounded down), as most mechs run light on armor and extra on weapons. For example, we all get a Blackjack starting out. It is a good mech, but those AC 2s are super heavy (7 tons), don't do any more damage than a medium laser, and have ammo that can be exploded (and take up even more tonnage). What I did was change one of my medium lasers to a Large Laser, give it a few more heat sinks and max out the armor. It does a little less damage over all, but it will also not be shredded by enemy fire either. It has the ability to do something at range and can still be effective at close range since it has no minimum range with the ACs.

    Now, you may think I max out the armor on every mech I own. I do not. There are some mechs that I will leave the armor as is or even strip down. I do that with the Trebuchet. My 'Trench buckets' have only two MLs, I dropped one of the LRM 15s to a 10, added 2 heat sinks and gave it 3 tons of ammo. You do not want it to be a direct fire mech, you want it to sit back and launch 25 LRMs every round indirectly, which it can do without overheating now. When I first faced Assault class mechs in the game, I had two Trebuchets as part of my all medium lance (yes, I didn't even have heavies yet) and I managed to win by just outmaneuvering them (Trebs are 5/8/0 mechs, so can outrun every Assault in the game) and staying out of sight. Yeah, two mechs with 600 armor shouldn't be fighting Heavies much less Assaults. But as indirect fire LRM boats, armor and even evasion hardly matter.

  19. Matt Voelker

    playing this game gets me all tingly, as I used to play the twist-base MechWarrior games. I got in trouble with the guy in charge for always deploying tanks because they were the best units I had. I would keep 4 tanks with really long rang in forest terrain and just bomb the hell out of whoever I was against. Sure, I lost pretty often. But I was playing against people who were using income to buy mechs, and I was only 14 and buying them with present money(my 'allowance' was hit or miss. Sometimes I didn't get it). Most of the guys had some really powerful clan mechs and had been playing a lot longer.

  20. James Coffin

    Do you people really know the rules to BattleTech. And I'm talking about the board game rules which apply to the video games. if a Mac loses a leg it can't move its they're dead. That's real one. Apparently you people do not know the rules of anymore I can't believe this. And I know I play BattleTech the board game since 1993. I suggest you get hold of an old BattleTech compendium and read the rules. Apparently people are making up your own rules. I don't know if FASA exist anymore but they wrote the rules of this game. You can go online to PlayStation all the rule books for the game. But I have the actual original books period to both BattleTech and battle space. I know the rules I know the movement rules I know the firing rules. It's since when can a Mech from cover fire and another Mech unless you have angel or Guardian suite what's your long-range sensors then you can hit them back from cover. I understand the BattleTech rules away they why they were written. Do you people just change up things because you can.

  21. Ruan Jung

    tip 11.. only have heavy and assault mechs equipped with weapons that could shut down your mech in 2 salvos..focus fire on torso. and you'll win the game. should've mentioned in battle run out till you get enemy contact them fall back to a defensible position

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