BEAUTY NEWS & REVIEW: What's New from MAC & Urban Decay | Kandee Johnson

BEAUTY NEWS & REVIEW: What's New from MAC & Urban Decay | Kandee Johnson

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Beauty News & Reviews is back! I’ve got the latest scoop on the beauty products just out and just about to be out! The new Retro Matte Lipcolor collection from MAC and the Urban Decay Vice Palette 2 are among some of the goodies I’m gonna show ya! Click here to see the retro matte swatches on my bloggy:

So here we go with some of the goodies and links to the NEW MAKE-UP goodies you might want to go get:


MAC Retro Matte Lipstick:

Sticky Makeup Palette – Stick With It:

OTHER Goodies from Urban Decay:
Illuminating highlighter
Heavy Metal Liners (I have on Midnight Cowboy in the video)
Shattered Face Case

Other Goodies from MAC:
Antonio Lopez Collection

MAC Indulgence Lip color:


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DISCLAIMER: No one paid me anything to tell you about any of this stuff. Urban Decay didn’t pay me to tell you their face cases are hard to open, either. Neither Urban Decay nor MAC even know I’m making this video. The sweet lady that invented the Stick With It palette has no idea I’m making a video with her palette either! The 80’s did not pay me to dress in their style and the 80’s didn’t sponsor this video. My name is Kandee Johnson, and no one paid me to tell you that either.

Song at the end of the video was written and played on the piano by yours truly, Kandee Johnson.

hello you tuned into Beauty news and reviews and I'm your correspondent candy Johnson hello there if you guys do not remember I used to do this video called Beauty news reviews and I would show you all the coolest newest thing now tell you if you waste your money on it or not not waste your money but you know what I mean and thumbs up this video if you like these look at the swatches on my hand if you like these and want me to do more of them and yes the 80s called and asked for their style back and I said nope okay so I'm going to show you the most hot off the makeup presses things in the beauty world and they're from two of my favorite brands well and another one that isn't related but Urban Decay and MAC Cosmetics so if you don't like Urban Decay or Mac just stop watching this video now if you're a fan like me let's go on an adventure okay so the first thing I'm going to show you I'm kind of like SuperDuper excited about it's on my mouth right now this is called all fired up and it is the retro matte lipstick from mac cosmetics that was probably a horrible accent and I apologize to everybody from the UK that is watching this okay so this is the retro matte color and retro matte has clay and um that's what makes it matte if you don't like that matte feel or look then don't wear it or you can just put a little chapstick on Ruby will is their claim to fame and if you don't own Ruby woo just go to the MAC store and buy it it is the most amazing red matte color you'll ever own they are lovely as you can see all of these different colors here there's even these nude pinks there's a couple different shades of red but my personal favorites would be all fired up this matte pink called steady going because it's just like an awesome cool pink as you can see that this deep color because it's just this would be like a beautiful contrast this is called fixed on drama and this is called flat out fabulous with a name like flat out fabulous how can you go wrong this is kind of like a cool raspberry this would have been lovely to wear today but this all fired up really has me excited this is runway hit it's another kind of nude it's like a nude peachy pink color which is gorgeous I love all of them and they also have these Power Point lip pencil long-wear Pro we're wrong wrong wrong we're pro long wear lip pencil this is in dynamo it's kind of like this I just love this color I don't know what it is it's like a coral flamingo you pinky color I love this um they have like many more but I but I love this all fired up it's what I have on right now okay now we're going to move on to a little bit of urban decay we'll jump back to Mac jump back to all kinds of other things are you ready for this dun dun dun the urban decay vice palette to look at these colors there's math there's shimmers they're all new these are all new colors that have never been made before this shellshock is just amazing and I really love this damaged color I'm going to show you on my hand okay this silver color is the most amazing silver I've never seen the silver eyeshadow like this and this green is just like it's just gorgeous these colors are just amazing I love urban decay I just love them for years look at my fingers look at the pigment okay now we're gonna jump back to Mac because this is from Antonio Lopez amazing famous 80s artists as you can see my little designs you know how I love me some red lipsticks so BAM look at that this is scarlet abyss Mac red and deeply adored in a little palette they just want to jump onto my lips I love this should I do a tutorial for this look comment below if you think so um this is the six eyes violet palette and it's not crazy 80s it's like there's no like hot pink eyeshadow why can't I open this there we go um see it's just like these pretty colors that are totally wearable well maybe pink and purple may not be wearable for anybody would I like them and then oh combs in your hair look at that her did okay this is cool because look this is a beautiful cool paint and then this shimmer is just gorgeous it's just let me find a place to put it on it sound like the lightest shimmer effect Matt does highlighter really well it's not too glittery that's what I love about them and then ready are you ready miss boom there's a little pressed powder in here that's just like this peachy you could use it as a blush you could use this with the eyeshadow I just I love I love those colors they make other ones but those are my favorites okay now we're gonna go back to urban decay are you ready for this to holiday palettes shattered and anarchy and I'm gonna show you how awesome these are you get a saturated lip gloss like so and you get perversion which is my favorite black eyeliner I'll show you what this looks like this is called what scandal where can I put you it's like a really glossy hot pink you see that right there really pretty and then you get a couple of these matte colors which is gorgeous you get a couple more shimmers I will just show you how a Marie they are I'm really running out of room on my oh my gosh these are so pigmented look at these they're gorgeous can you see that on my wrists so these are cool and then wait that's not all this they open okay a little side note to Urban Decay the bottom thing on here is stinking ridiculous to get open okay like a I have scissors is there like a trick I don't know to opening this palette totally pried it open with the scissors okay so you get these beautiful blushes you get this really pretty cool pink and then this rosier pink and this shimmer is really gorgeous it's not glittery at all it's just like the most beautiful it's just like the most beautiful light iridescent shimmer that's gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous I love that that it's like a tone down shimmer there's no glitter particles in it at all so this is an R key palette I'm not yeah and then this is the shattered palette so let me try to break a nail opening this so this one comes with the zero pencil and then you get love a child which is this light rosy lip pencil and then you get a matte color a slight shimmer and then this would just be a really pretty smoky eye and then again are you kidding me I can't open this unless I use my feathers oh no it's broken the lip color fault look at my shimmer is totally broken so you get this cool of pink and then you get like this peachy color and then this this is a beautiful shimmer that's broken and I will put that it's more peachy it's more peach this is more like a yellow pearl shimmer and then this is more of a peach shimmer look at my hand huh so those are those and then another one from Mac we're gonna be long back to Mac this is from their collection I don't even know what it's called these are just like some nude colors can you see these this is like a kind of a topi nude feed the suit see that it's kind of like a topi nude you know me and my nudes I love them this is by design and this is more like it's kind of got a little hint of a shimmer I'm not so much a fan of this and then this is called dazzle lipstick smash-hit and it is like so shimmery it's like a shiny disco ball can you see that color right there it's like super shimmery so that one is fun and then almost last but not least this is the stick with it little palette is you don't need magnet so if you're depositing things you don't just stick magnets on anything it's just sticky so look put your eyeliner boom right there pencil it just sticks right there and then you can wash it off a little wet wipe you can put your tweezers you can stick your tweezers all your tools so if your makeup artists you could take this on set for the look you're using on somebody or you can just travel with it just pop them I just pop this little blush palette in there and it's not magnet it's kind of cushy so it'll protect it and then you just peel this off and stick things down and wipe them off with their dirty super cool it's called stick with it I'll put a link for that below and then back to naked since we're talking about highlighters well earlier we were um this is the naked urban decay illumination powder this is gorgeous so this it's got a little more like reflective sparkly bits so can you see see the shimmer whoa cheekbone highlight all from this baby oh oh oh oh oh I'm firing myself these are also from that matte collection more nude lip colors just a nude peachy I like this color ultimate dish this is called fashion punch and this is called nickel last but not least are you ready for this this is the banana vanilla eyeliners from urban good guy do you like these look at these colors new packaging and two new colors so these are gorgeous and then what you could my favorite color I just love this amp color and the purple silver I don't know which one is your favorite I kind of love them all but the gold is what I've controlled over my eyelids now you can use this as just an eyeliner just paint it on like a liner but what I like to do is I just paint it all over my lower lids just stay looking down like that so you don't like blink and get it up onto the brow bone or up above this little lower lid so I put it all over like that let it dry for a few minutes and it does not come off like you want a glitter falling down it just stays on so I'll put my normal eye shadow on and then I'll put this on on top and it is just at nighttime it is amazing I also love this ACDC color on put purple eyeshadow and then put this on top oh you just want to like bite your eyeball eyelids I don't know it's awesome so that is all the newest latest greatest hot off the Beauty news-press from your news correspondent candy Johnson okay now it's your turn you guys comment below what would you guys like to see next from me do you guys want to see a haul video I went to the vintage store and I also went to the makeup supply cinema secrets and Nene's the professional makeup stores in LA where all the movie movie makeup artists go to get their makeup in so because you will not see that stuff in any Sephora around and I also have some DIY projects so if you wanna DIY it up with me comment below so I can't see ya if you follow me on vine you see my you see my stupid little raps I do I don't know how to rap but I just hope it makes you laugh um yeah if you want to follow me on Instagram Twitter Facebook I'll put out a link below and then if you wanted to read my blog with Kenny J calm I've been walking for like five years and so I'm gonna send you guys from my house to yours and always remember that if nobody else has told you today I love you I think you're amazing I think you're talented and even if your life feels rough it feels a little hopeless right now no that made me a little bit farther right around that then it's gonna be the most awesome day of your life or your dreams are gonna start to unfold and if somebody tells you anything less then you're awesome you're amazing and you should go after your dreams give them the hand plug your ears because I would tell them do not talk to them that way you are awesome you're amazing and you have talent and awesome things to do just know that I love you and I will see you in the next video

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