Beginners Eye Makeup Tutorial  | How To Apply Glittery Smokey Eyeshadow

Beginners Eye Makeup Tutorial | How To Apply Glittery Smokey Eyeshadow

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For Today’s #MondayMakeupLesson we are talking how to blend and and how to use a blending brush. Different ways to hold the brush and how that will change the application. How far to blend eyeshadow and more. Let me know if you’d like more details on anything I have covered and check out my favourite blending brushes below.

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Blending Brushes
For Small Eyes – E10 –

Deep Set Eyes – E42 –

Prominent Eyes – E25 –

Very Larger Eyes – F28 –

My Favourite blending brush –

My other Favourite –

Glitter Helene Sticky Toffee
and Fixing Gel

Beginners Eye Makeup Tutorial | How To Apply Glittery Smokey Eyeshadow

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50 Replies to “Beginners Eye Makeup Tutorial | How To Apply Glittery Smokey Eyeshadow”

  1. TheMakeupChair

    Hello friends!
    Hope you enjoy this glitter, I wasn’t gonna getting it but the women selling it was like – you need this glitter!! I think it’s beautiful 😍

  2. Samantha Fontaine

    Simply overall awesome look! Thank You so much <3 <3
    *Sinead Cady your tutorial ROCKS!! – it was so easy to follow, clear to understand/listen to and your voice is very soothing ((therapeutic almost)) GREAT Job!

  3. Lucinda S

    Great tutorial as always. Just fyi the brush links in the description box don't work anymore but I did find a set of double ended brushes on their site that covers all of the eye brushes except the E10 that was pretty good value. All the individual brushes are still there as well just not using the links above not sure if you can edit that once it's posted. (They said they have a new site at checkout could be why?)

  4. Javeria Tabraiz

    I'm sort of new to all this glam and I've watched so many tutorials but no one was as descriptive as you. This is so helping. Thank you. Love you! ❤️

  5. Charisma Dace

    I have watched so many tutorials and yours was the best so far Thank you I’m just getting started with the makeup stuff and I need help with a lot of things I think I will get my eyeshadow right this time 🥰😊

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