Beginners Guide: Battletech

Beginners Guide: Battletech

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For those of you who are struggling this should cover the basics of mechs/pilots and smarter fighting.

yeah it's not exactly the most accessible of series to get into is it so I'm British we depend on t like the Americans depend on assault rifles it suffice anyway so yeah you bought battle tech you think this is great I'm a giant robots and they're stamping all those shit in pew pew lasers and but you're thinking hang on a second it's a lot harder than I thought it would be and I'm getting my shit pushed in this sucks you're right that's because battle sticks been going for over 30 years now and I I'm a bit of a veteran Ave I mean I started back in around 93 so I first saw the cartoon then I played the McQuarrie – he's kind of bit of a slippery slope since then it also made him quite also shuts up but yes battle tech is an old franchise and it's a well-established one it's hash this again so really is I do strongly recommend it but you know like I said it's not easy and the tutorial is pretty much non-existent so what I do is I can't help you with the campaign because the campaign is it's open-ended it's open you know it's it's unboxing you know you're gonna have different roles different characters you may have different Salvage so there's a lot of things that different or however what I can do is I can better explain how or Battlement works how the pilots interact with it and how best to go about fucking shifts up on the battlefield I'll explain you know complex systems like the initiative system managing heats targeted shots so on and so forth and hopefully you know from this you can walk into a campaign a bit more prepared and basically just be better which is what you wants why you're here all right so all right I'll do is I'm gonna assume it you've got no experience about saying you know you saw this on Steam or your district this will dispute sure it's fucking and then you bought it and you're sad so we'll go from there alright let's continue the basics of a mech first oh you know I'm so glad I'm not playing this on a mechanical Drive beer forever however I'm gonna drink some more tea because I can aha Ashley it's like heroin to us right okay so it's um look at the mechs okay now a battle mech is it's a giant robot but there's a bit more to it than that each mech has nine segments to it but it has eleven hit locations barrel me on that's always playing alright you make us nine segments to it okay you've got the head the centered saw so the right source so that left saw so then you got two arms and two legs the sensor right and left torso have rear armor now the rear Armour is always weakest alright so flanking shots on a mac are always best it means you can get through the armor a lot quicker a lot easier and get to the goody-goody GUI good shit on the inside so you can start breaking mechanics and blowing on the mac it's great okay now Mac itself each segment consists of armor and an internal structure okay you get through the armor then you get to the internal structure when you start damaging the internal structure you have a chance of damaging equipment and weapons there in that section right for instance if you get through the armor you have a chance of hitting a mobin's you have a chance of breaking heatsinks shooting jumpjets or destroying weapons and this is obviously detrimental to the mech now it's a killer mech there are three ways of killing a mech cleave it's fucking head off okay and kill the pilot pop the center torso or core it or blow off both legs and leave it crippled like the black from Monty Python in fact there are achievements based around Monty Python's Black Knight and this is hilarious give them more but yeah basically those are the three ways of killing a mech and with practice you'll learn that every mech has a weakness okay and you're gonna have to find what this weakness is and exploit it in order to best the enemy at the same time you need to learn what this weaknesses so you can best protect against it now mechs basically are useless of our weapons and Maxell depending upon the variants of the Mac will depend upon what hard points you've got by for instance this machine in front of me is a hunchback 4p basically it has lots and lots of lasers so you guys pew pew pew all over the place you can see the hard points in the bottom right basically it's got no ballistic it's got eight laser hard points of which I'm using seven it's got no missile it has three support weapon points okay now support weapons are little tiny guns so they come into real contact when you start getting up close and personal basically in the face of the enemy if you punch an enemy then you have a chat well they all want actually activate and basically you smack the guy and there you shoot him in the face it's it's a win-win however so be honest I would personally pull them out and replace them with things like armor because to begin with when you start off you've got to be really really careful you can't afford to be breaking shit you ain't gonna have the money you're gonna have the resources to keep things up and running it's going to be really difficult for you to get by okay now mechs have oh yeah they also have another jump another hit point yeah and the hardpoint that's the word monkey for god this is a complex game they have another hard point called job jets jump jets basically a little rockets which help it to fly it doesn't fly a lot around like Gigantor or Iron Man it does allowable is jump around the battlefield now jumping is a great way of getting around the terrain it also means that you can jump out of danger you can jump over obstacles like environmental hazards you can jump over other max to get flanking shots if you wanted to there's lots of ways of using jump Jets they're also a great way of getting out of combat and protecting vulnerable parts of your map by pointing it in the direction that you don't want I'll explain this as we have a skirmish now mechs have another a big weakness they have heat Oh enemy of a Mac is heat okay every time you fire a weapon you generate heat the more weapons you fire the more heat you generate there will come a point where you overheat the Mac if you overheat the Mac now this is different from the tabletop rendition a lot of people have been arguing over this as to how it should be implemented but I think this system is great for video game purposes basically if you overheat the Mac you take internal structure damage to everything section okay this is bad because you're then gonna have to spend a lot of time and money repairing that internal structure die and this is really really expensive especially in the early parts of the game if you keep on overheating the Mac you run the risk of shutting it down and this is really bad because leaves you in a state of vulnerability now vulnerability allows you to have a cold shot basically if the enemy is shooting at you constantly and it overheats it'll shut down if you have a cold shot against it basically instead of shooting at the enemy and hoping you hit something special you can specifically during a cold call shot pointer a part of the Mac and say I want to shoot you in the face and you will shoot it in the face or you say I want to shoot you in the leg and I'll take your leg off basically all the damage to their fire is rolled up specifically towards that point there's no guarantee you're gonna hit it but there's a good chance you will and this is great for exploiting weaknesses of a Mac again you'll have to learn by looking at the mechs and studying them to see how best to go about exploiting it let's have a look at we should cover our yeah another witness okay I've mentioned that you can shut down through overheating and that leaves you open to a call shot a cold shot can also come about if you fall over mix it up like giant people you know if you push them hard enough their fall over depending upon a pilot skill will depend on how well they can stay upright depending you know of course how much damage it takes if you have a Mac pilot who's really sheets of piloting it's gonna trip over their shoelaces now falling over is a vulnerability it leaves you open to a cord shot but it does something far worse than that it injures the pilot now pilots unlike makes a squishy meatbags alright and if you fuck around with them too much you're gonna kill the pilot and basically you'll get the met back and you'll have to hose the neck back the cockpit out you know with a bucket and sponge because you're basically gonna turn the guy into paste it's also as well you're gonna lose all the experience and the skills that these McQuarrie's bring into using the Mac and that's you know that's really expensive you don't want to lose that because you can't replace it you have to get new pilots retrain them then they're gonna be shared they will be missing shots all over the place I was falling over you need to look after your pilots pilots are important that's very very valuable if you think a pilot is in the risk of getting himself killed or the map is going to be completely annihilated you have the option to manually eject makes the important those big leaver you shout ejecting and basically shoot off into the sky it's really cool the mech is then disabled but you will get it back at the end of the fight you also lose that mech throughout the entire fight but you know what I'd rather save it then have to replace it or replace the pilot okay now I touched upon that mechs have a weakness right it is usually what I call a loadout weakness now every mech has one some are more weaker than others you need to Vance assess the Mac and discover where its weaknesses all right I'm going to show you a mech weakness with this mech all right so put up the reefer page Oh God scary things I know now this mech has a weakness its weakness is the right sourcing why you want to take the head off you want to kill the pilot you want blows legs off why would you want this Tori the right torso but very simply if it can't shoot you it's fucked so you deny it it's weapons you tonight its ability to fight so if you hit the right torso and the right arm you're basically crippling and it will have nothing left to do but run around like a headless chicken on the battlefield it may potentially run up and punch you but it's got a run to get to you and you can gun it down like a dog in the street not like not like no gun thing of dogs Jesus Christ but no but yeah the idea basically every mech has a vulnerability and I find that stripping a meki its threat value it's a better way of leading into killing it simply standing there shooting a trading pot shots at it isn't really going to help you learning how to exploit its weakness to better it is the benefit okay right what we'll do let's cover that's pretty much it for battle make something oh yeah one thing I want to mention as well right you've got four types of weapons in this ballistic lasers missiles and support okay only lasers don't need ammo everything else does okay so if you go to bolt a weapon in you need to factor in ammunition for it as well my for instance at the moment I don't need ammunition for this mech because light doesn't have anything that can use ammo all right fine skip back and have a look at my c9 a no it's a refit you can see that this mech is very different it has lrms it's got a medium layers and it's got a c10 which means it has ammunition now where would be the weakness of this mech well automatically it would be the part which contains the I mean you get through to the internal structure of that you start whacking ammo bins you run the risk of having an ammo explosion which is gonna of course tremendous amounts of damage okay so often than not simply stripping weapons off a mech is one thing blowing up its ammo can be another it's volatile it's a good fun it looks very showy when you do it right okay you can factor in these weaknesses and you can build around them like for instance I took the ammunition from my a c10 I moved from the right source to the sender torso meaning if I lose the arm but I'm not gonna lose the ammunition it just means it doesn't explode enough it's a bit more security practice you'll learn where all these vulnerabilities are and you'll learn how to patch and build around them at the same time you need to study the enemy on the battlefield to find out where his weaknesses are and how best to do about fucking it up right let's go and have a look at the MechWarrior themselves leaving you hey I kept my Decca sorry it's been a running joke since this game come out that Dekker is the first person to die he's in the weakest mech at the start of the campaign a lot of people don't use him properly and he gets turned into paste quite quickly anyway so yeah basically pilots have four major skills okay they have gunnery piloting guts and tactics now what are these skills well gunnery kind of says it already it's the ability to shoot something right the higher the gunnery skilled the more chad is gonna hit piloting is where it starts getting more fun piloting is the ability to control the mech the higher the piloting the less chance of it falling over when it's taking damage right also as well it means that you can with enough party skill you can run further you have a better chance of hitting someone in the face at close range melee and you can build evasion better alright I'll explain how that works in a bit guts basically is the stamina or the strength of the pilots being on a second draining complete there we go guts basically increases the health pool of the pilot and it also reduces the amount of time it needs to be in the medbay if it takes if the pilot takes damage now pilots like I said are squishy you can hurt them in several ways for instance if you hit the head you will injure the pilot if you cleave the head off you'll kill the pilot if you knock the mech over you'll injure the pilot if I destroy a torso segment either like the left or the right sore so you'll injure the pilot so if you have a big mech shooting a little mech and you basically hit it was so hard that you blow off both left and right torso and a leg chances are the pilots going to die because he'll take damage from the left torso exploding the rights also exploding and the legs exploding so you'll fall over and take damage most pilots haven't come with three pips to begin with unless they've been trained so chances are you do that you've basically turned the guy into paste and this is a good thing because it means that then you can salvage the mech and salvage is good ok tactics is a little bit more interesting because tactics is for cold shots ok now all I said called slots are important they really are because it allows you to specifically target at part of the mech if it falls over or it shuts down you call shot it and with a higher tactic you have more chance of hitting that point that you exactly once perfectly which is really good it also means that you get a reduction to indirect fire now indirect fire applies to missiles basically if you can't see the mech but you've got a visual on it either through another pilot you can arc missiles over objects through the sky and basically they hit the enemies dead are you get a penalty against it because you're taking a blind shots of the guy but with a higher love tactics this isn't so much of an issue okay now you'll notice that I've got several icons here if actually it's better to strike okay every pilot has two skills in each field okay your two skills and gunnery two skills piloting two skills in guts and two skills and tactics as you level up okay you will reach a point where you can take on one of these skills like for instance gunnery the first skill you get is multi targeting which allows you to shoot two two things simultaneously well up to three things sorry in your firing arc okay piloting gives you extra evasion challenges alright – as we play the skirmish guts allows you to bulwark where basically you automatically gain guarded again I'll explain this during the skirmish that we're gonna play and tactics allows you to do what we call a sensor which allows you to remove evasion charges off a mech now mechs build evasion when they run or they move around and obviously the higher evasion the harder it's gonna be to hit but the same goes for the enemy if the enemies running straight at you it's gonna be hard to hit if you sense a lot of the bastard you take some of those evasion charges away making it easier for your guys to hit it again it's always good to bring the Scout along with tactic with high tactics okay however as you level up these pilots you can only pick two skills okay so first I could go with multi targeting and evasive movement once I've selected those two then I won't be able to select these here in fact I can see now if I look at Decker there's no skill in guts and there's no skill in gunnery okay but I can keep on leveling those skills up so they're better in those fields however once I get once I reach a certain point I can choose a mastery skill which is my third and master skill and I can only choose it from one of the two fields that I've got skills for okay now master skills are very very strong and you don't want to lose pilots who have got master skills for instance if I have a look at the master skill eyes appear we have breaching shots which basically means that it doesn't matter what cover or state the enemies in I'm gonna hit it so even if it braces it won't take reduced damage if it's in cover it won't say reduce damage I can basically smack in the face and it will feel it however I can only use one gun it'll be the biggest gun I've got but it will fucking reach you and you won't like it piloting master skill is ace pilot basically I can shoot and move if you play it XCOM you have two action points okay you can move and shoot or you can dash which uses of two action points you get the general idea it's very XCOM but it's not ex-cop it's that as stupid as it sounds but that's the best way to look at this game no ace pilot basically means that you can fire and then move it's a good skill to have especially for strikers guts is juggernaut basically if you run up when you smack someone in the face you knock your target back an initiative phase now initiative is a little bit more of a complex system to explain it's the only one I can really show you if I sit here and try and explain to you verbally it won't make sense okay but if I show you how it works it should and tactics basically means that you're master tactician your pilot can move in initiative phase which it's not designed for okay so that's basically your pilot's and these are really really important you've got to look after your pilots if they're dead they're fucking worthless right I tell you what we've done enough yet Jesus Christ have been 19 minutes of 20 minutes already wha let's get this show on the road now I'm nice I went off and I actually set up a couple of lances very quickly so I can show you this is skirmish this is gonna be very one-sided kind of like punching a child in a crib buying on however the purpose of the exercise is to show you how the game plays and how best to go about exploiting it single black welcome commander Oh Stephanie old age right I set this to unlimited because reasons Midlands and target practice I build these Lance's very quickly okay basically we've got a good Lance consisting of two have two medium X a light Scouts and a support striker right and we've got a an enemy Lance consisting of two lights in the medium okay and basically we're going to show you how to go about you know killing these things and we'll do it as best we can deployment warriors prepare for combat oh that takes me back to my commander preparing for combats all right big in command interface initiated now obviously when you play the campaign you're gonna have contracts and your contract will have different objectives but ultimately it's gonna involve shooting someone in the face so I want to teach you how best to go about shooting someone in the face so you can really shoot them in the face and they will feel it right now then this looks really complicated but it isn't okay when you first start right and you've got no enemies on the screen you are in what we call initiative 5 basically the initiative system is a way of moving basically it means all of the max move according to their initiative value so for instance the initiative I have the initiative for now you start off with 5 then you get 4 3 2 then 1 and then once you're at 1 you loop all the way back through to 5 again alright it's easier to show you this when we have enemy contacts okay but for now let's just focus on moving stuff around now what we can do is you can see our four pilots here okay we're gonna witness ozone apex of wildfire and we have form X we have a commando which is a light scout mech we have an arrival or as it's more commonly referred to as the onion we have a hunchback which is a close-range heavy hitter you know seriously fucking yeah proper punching job Mike Tyson start punch and then we've got a catapult which is a long-range support mech with lots of missiles fly everywhere and you know why was it me sighs so what we've got is we now have four max now we can choose to move these anywhere we want as you move around the map okay you will see there are dots everywhere these are points that you can move to there are dots which are colored differently and these are usually environmentally based so for instance over here you can see that this loss is a forest it's green okay and it has attributes to benefit your mission your max for instance a forest reduces movement cover and spotting distance okay but it provides 25% damage reduction that gets ranged attacks it doesn't stack with guarded right I'll explain guarded in a minute but this is good you want to be keeping your max running between cover all right now you'll notice as I move outwards little Chevron's appear next to the mouse and these are what we call evasion charges basically the further and fat you know the faster you run the more evasion charges you build it means you're gonna be harder to hit you can still have a chance to be hit but it's a lot harder so if I wanted to get this commando somewhere fast i charging full speed and this would make him harder to hit for the enemy there's a chance he might be hit but as chance there's a good chance he won't what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna run this guy into the trees now because I've moved him to the trees I get this big cone this is my firing angle okay I can hit a big area the firing cone is built up into three three layers you've got your short-range your medium-range and then your long-range you also have a big blue line running around the outside this is what we call your sensor ring okay any enemy mechs that pop up inside here you will see okay you won't have a visual on them but you know they're there in the beta our high tactics would enable you to see what makes it worse by don't think pretty certainly doesn't do that in the final near the final game which is a shame really but anyway so yeah we'll move him into the trees and it'll point him in this direction and off he runs hi I we shall move apex forward and we'll do the same but we'll sprint into these trees here they'll notice that the mechs themselves actually now have a little shield on them this represents it's got partial cover it is very luxe it's very XCOM your partial cover and you've got full color now you can't get full cover by simply running into some it like trees full cover comes from bracing the idea is that you sit there and you basically say come fucking at me motherfucker and you sit there you shrug it off you get a 50% damage reduction that's good okay but it means that you're going to use an action point it's great for if you're in a bit of a tight spot and you're worried that you're gonna get shot up at for now running forward sprinting has used of both of my action points and we're in trees we've got partial cover and we've got three evasion charges so he's in a good spot at the moment let us move the onion now then this catapult has jump Jets so what I'm going to do is I'm gonna make it fly fly am I pretty you can see the arcing angle alright and I can jump in a big distance I can specify the angle as well on how I want to land now the firing angle if you run a great distance you're gonna have very little maneuverability for actually changing you got a firing angle but with job chess you can change your direction any way you want it's really helpful especially if you're in a fight and you want to get out and protect the vulnerable part of your Mac for now I'll just stick him up here now he's not in cover but he's got high evasive charges so he's a haha targets a hits at the moment because I've used a one action point I can use another action so for instance I could now choose an enemy or I can brace bracing puts me in some states of guarded and entrenched okay guarded basically you know you puff up your chest and you're sticking you know you say coming at me you reduce fifty percent of incoming damage okay from the front and side entrenched basically reduces stability damage remember what I said that Mex will fall over if they take too much stability management again this due to the pilots skill if you are taking stability damage and it's looking like you're gonna get you know possibly tip over bracing is a great way of getting rid of it you will remove some stability damage just normally but it's nowhere near enough sometimes bracing is the best we're getting rid of it bracing stacks with evasion so if you've got to go somewhere fast oh here we go alright now we've come into contact with the enemy the game is now going to play properly and you can see at the top of the screen I've got this big thing come up at the top this air is the initiative system all right we were in initiative five because we didn't have enemies on screen which meant we could send it max everywhere as you know as as far as the eye could see however now we've come into contact with the enemy we now have to play in phases or initiative phases now the initiative phases are built on the class of Mack alright initiative for is your light max initiative three is your medium two is your heavies and one is your assaults okay now looking at the Pips i can see that we have two enemy light mechs and one medium mech now these enemy pips will only appear if you see the mech on sensors bear in mind that you can still be shot by a mech you can't see on sensors if a mech is using it as a spotter it's like swat sine XCOM basically a mech has the line of sight on me I can arc missiles at it it's a long shot but it will here I can see now that I've got one mech in one light mech available to me and the enemy has two light mechs what I can do is I can move my light mech now if I wanted to what could run into a different position or I could shoot at the enemy I don't really want to do this I've got another option called reserve the idea is I say you know what I don't want to move in I'll keep him back and let him play in another initiative phase so I can basically bring a light mech to play with the mediums I can do the same with mediums if you wanted to I could bring them I could reserve them all the way down soon it to phase one so basically I've got my lights my mediums my heavies and my assaults all fighting at the same time which is great for if you want to overwhelm an opponent completely the nice thing about reserving is if you keep any evasion charges you've got so if I reserve him now he's simply gonna just character stay as he is so he'll stay in cover and he'll keep the evasion charges so he's not gonna be harder to hit we can do this as well because the enemy we can see what the enemy is doing mate sometimes I want the enemies to make the first move so I can best see about how to counter it in fact you know what we're gonna do that now will reserve so he moves down to initiative phase three Ryan because the two light mechs are now going to fire mob then they get to play an initiative face for we just have to suck it up and wait for that to be done all right now you see my hunchback it took a few shots nothing too serious but it was enough to tickle okay right-click you on a Mac will bring up what we call the paper doll now the paper doll basically is at this a complete display of your Mac you've got an overall of its status the dark grey line is your internal structure the white line is your armor you can see your loadouts on the right so I can see over an AC 20 or sub cannon sorry auto cannon I've got two medium lasers and a small laser I can see my armor status and mousing over it I can see what armor I've got so for instance I took a bit of a heavy hit there in the left torso so I've lost 25 points of armor so my left torso is vulnerable if I keep the mouse over it it will actually tell me what's in that part of the mech so I can see looking at this now I've got two tons of AC 20 ammo if I keep on taking damage in that part of the mech it's gonna be open meaning that I'm running the risk of an hour explosion if I do that I'm gonna injure the pilot I'm gonna lose all the ammo and I'm gonna lose the left arm because what wasted left arm can't hang on to any and it doesn't exist so your left and right torsos are very important but they're also a great target to be shooting at now the enemy has moved so there are no light next to move so we moved down to initiative phase three which is well right now and we can see that I have two mechs to move and he has one and you will take turns moving your max okay the game alternates depending upon what who moved last so I may move a mech then he moves a Mac that I may move another Mac or he moves first then I move mine it alternates between turns alright so you can see that I now have two metal bottom I've got witness in my commando much much my Scout guy and I've got apex which is my heavy hitter now I've got two light mechs in front of me okay and you can see from their evasion charges that they're going to be quite difficult to hit this commando has got three evasion charges whereas the spider has four if I right-click on him I can see how the mech is built by simply looking over and mousey I can see I didn't look for exploitation or weaknesses it's a fun to look at so I can see that this Mac is particularly vulnerable on Wow let's be honest at 30 points of armor and thirty structure it's not really that strong but our bigger mechs you want to find a weakness you can exploit however I now want to kill it but those evasion charge is going to work against me so I've got to do some about that with witness he has sense lock he's got he's a tactician okay so we're gonna use sense a lock and as long as the MEK is within the sensor ring you set up blue ring in the back distance there I can sense a locket so what we'll do is we'll sensor lock this guy so he sense a lot he's lost to evasion charges a second okay because I moved my Mac he then moves his and now I move mine again okay we just might my initiative phase three Mac so at the moment the commando has got sense a lock on it which is what the two little Chevron's on the next to his number are so it's easier to hit so what I can do is I can bring Apex in and take a shot of it now if I'm within firing distance you can see these red lines and the red lines indicate line of sight to the enemy basically I can shoot it at that it also means that the enemy can shoot at me as well okay so I have to bear this in mind if I was to move over here you'll notice that one of the lines is broken okay the middle line to the commando is broken basically it's a partial shot so I'm not gonna get it alright if it's a white dotted line it means art he can see me but I can't shoot him what I'll do is I'm going to take a shot at the commando so we go to attack and basically we'll shoot it head-on if you look at the paper tiger at the top you can see this red outline sorry not paper tiger paper doll you can see this red outline which indicates where it is I'm gonna hit depending on where it isn't standing will depend upon where I hit now the system shows a front a back left and a right but it's more more detailed than that so the actually does take into account my nudes angles okay so if I was standing over to its left in fact let's do that yes move over to here okay you can see from the ring to its feet that I'm gonna be hitting it in the face but because of the way how the line is reaching it I'm gonna be hitting it on the right side so basically I'm gonna potentially rip the arm off and I'm gonna potentially rip the right sorcerer in half so you need to bear this in mind when you're moving especially when you want enemies and you've got enemies who have got weaknesses you want to exploit now the same goes for your mecca's as well okay depending upon where you position them will depend upon where you get hit so if I move him here okay and I set him up exactly here I'm exposing my right torso to him if I let's do that now so there's one action point but if you look at the line right it's point it's my right tour site and my right tour so has the I see 20 which is the biggest gun I've got so that's a that's you know opening up a vulnerability to the enemy so ideally I want to kill the enemy before I can do that so you know let's just blow something up you a little man die this is suck that's battle sick baby okay so all of our initiative three max have moved so we now move down to initiative two which is the heavies this is with us you know the good stuff really comes out so I missed with the big AC 20 gun but I did hit him with a little late a couple of lasers and you can see on the paper doll I've done some damage I've ripped his armor off so the right side of him is quite weak and quite vulnerable now I can exploit this and I will do exactly that so I will take my catapult which is currently sitting up here and I will jump him let's see that's not great shots actually strip him over here and do an indirect shots on him now you can see how the the firing line is a big curve leading all way to the target this shows it's an indirect line of fire so only missiles can do indirect fire now because I'm aiming a little over to his left I'm gonna hit that right side are potentially gonna destroy all the arm that taller serves and everything else and I'm basically gonna fuck that make up some agreement 5% chance to hit this is good holding my mouse over I can see all the attributes of that shot so I can see that it's arm mounted it there's a height difference so on and so forth but I'm seeing a nice big number at the end 75% this is good you know what fuck you mom right they all see that because we hit him from the left side we've damaged all of his right torso here so though Ivan he's down to GUI internals there's a risk now if I keep on hitting him here he's gonna have an ammo explosion because that's where is our SRM mo is and that's gonna make a lovely fucking mess also as well because we've hit him quite hard in that direction we've also weakened his centre torso so he's quite soft and vulnerable now you'll notice the notice as well there's this yellow bar which is building up underneath this is stability damage because I've hit him really hard I've I've capsule hit him hard he's built up a lot of stability now the white points ended is a threshold if he goes over that he will become unsteady when a mech is unsteady it can't sprint it can't build evasion charges properly and basically it's primed for falling over you've need to keep on hitting it to fill up the bar to knock it over this is where the initiative system comes into play with reserving so what I want to do is if I have I can reserve a mech down to set off a two mechs in the phase I can knock him over and then bring the other mech in to hit him one is on the ground with a bit of practice you'll start learning how to use the initiative assistance and take advantage of the enemy and will try and do that here but it depends on how the game's gonna play out for now I just want to share this bastard in the mouth let's move the onion forward now you can see that I've got really poor line-of-sight here I've only got line of angle to one machine however if I bring him here I've gone into her ik so let's do an indirect shot on this guy now because I'm hitting the wrong side of him all of his heavy armor is expert you know he's cooked I'm gonna be hitting a heavy armor I might hit the other sections but as a good chance I probably won't but let's have a go anyway so what we can do oh there we go he's unsteady so there's a risk now I can knock him on his ass he won't be able to sprint either until he braces right so we can see now this commando is in a bit of a state he's lost his right arm he's lost his torso he's got well SRM damaged he's got no SR m4 and he's got medium laser so he's in a state he's only got 11 hit points left so I could just look at him now however what I want to do is I'm gonna hold back on my Scout guy I can send him in now and shoots of the guy if I wanted to but I'm gonna use the initiative system to get a drop on the heavy punch back now the hunchbacks a big nasty mech and remember when we looked at the hunchback earlier it has a weakness in the right source all of its weapons are there my dude over here is set up perfectly for hitting that right torso but if he moves I want a sense to lock him down so he doesn't have any evasion charges and my hits are deafening and I can pick so what I'll do is I'll reserve my scout so he's moved down some initiative three now the max of how their turn we're now doing move down to initiative three so I now have witness and apex to play with the enemy also has evasion as well so what I'm going to do is I'm going to lock him down I hear you with a sense of lock you may move you may not but that's gonna stay until the end of the phase you missed this is good so the sensor lock has kind of worked but it kind of hasn't probably could have waited if it if he'd moved before I did I would have had a better chance of that but there was no real way of me dealing with it I could have shot first like Han but I thought you know what I'll try this didn't work that's fine we're gonna work around it now I want to destroy that source sale so what I'll do is I'll point it in a way where I can get the best hit fortunately he's got two evasion charges at the same time I don't want to expose my left torso my rights or so because I'll expose my orzo cannon so what I'll do is I'll points the Mac in this direction so if he does fire he's gonna hit the left side of me now the left side does have ammunition in there but it's got more armor so I'm hot well I think it has anyway I have a look too carefully but let's just bring this fire there we go so we've done what we sailed to achieve we've basically seriously damage the autocannon I mean look at that you know we've we've ripped the armor off we're down to the internal structure the AC 20 is primed to be destroyed and that's what I want you'll notice as well that my catapult is also set up over here so he's in a great position to rip that right sorcerer to pieces so what we'll do is we'll jump him let's have a look at the numbers first so if I'm moving there's only a 70% that's not that good that's a 70% again that's an 80 with a 40 now the lrms are basically 15 shots of for damage apiece it's not much but it's enough to rip him to pieces you'll notice as well we also have a new color of field on the on the grid rough terrain I can stand here but I'll take extra stability damage so and I've also got a defense against melee attacks so if someone runs up to me he's basically a nap unsure footing as well but it's it's a risk do I want to take it well I'm not particularly now so let's see what we can get through number wise 70% it's not direct fire you know I'm gonna just move him a little higher up good I'll check in and even though the angle is registering as a front hit its angle so I am actually going to hit his rights also so I can rip that AC 22 bits do it oh he's unsteady now this is pretty good he's unsteady which means I can potentially knock him on his ass that right sorcerer has taken some damage but it didn't do the damage that I wanted to but I'm gonna exploit the frankly he's unsteady and push him over onto his ass I'm gonna move up now when I said pilot skills are very important I meant it okay this playlet has an ability called multi target so I can shoot three targets at once so what I'm going to do is I'm going to take advantage of that now of these three targets this guy will fall over if I built him with missiles all right this guy over here is prime for an AC ten in the face all right he's got one evasion charge on him but I can really hurt him with that so what we'll do multi target will target him first and then we'll target this guy second will change the fire so we can specify target a target a tag a all the way up to B and just shoot yeah oh dear oh dear he's dead now he's fallen over this has primed him for a call shot now he's gonna stay form over until it's his turn to move again so I've got up until initiative 3 sorry know what I'm saying what a pilot falls over he goes down an ish ative level okay so he won't move on initiative 3 he'll move on initiative 2 so that means the my medium max can come in and have a fucking rice swing ahem which is what I want commander let's do another sensor lock on this guy if you think this is slow you should have tried the pen and paper version my god he used to take hours thankfully though a good fight on this one last year around half an hour right so we're in a good spot the moment this guy's down his eyes ass he's ready for a cold shot okay and I want that sore so so good position this guy into a better place okay what what's this moonwalking shit what's the enemy killing there we go guys – sure enough and now we can call shots on the enemy now remember call shot only comes about when you knock an enemy down or overheats and shuts down in the campaign you can spend morale to do a call shot but let's I don't wanna cover that right now that's let's focus on getting the combat on the way first so you can see this guy he's fucked he's lying on his ass I've got a 28% she has to kill him if I had a high enough tag dick set skill this would have been even better but you know what let's just do it and see what we get so I've targeted the right torso with a big AC tan that's a nasty hit and his killer gets up and he's now in a world of trouble because I've destroyed both torsos so he's got nothing his threat is next to nothing oh look you did nothing so now I can rip him to pieces however what I'm now going to do is I'm going to get a call I'm gonna shoot this guy right in the face I'm here hoping I'd get a best shot all right okay if I move my onion here I can get a rear angle shot on this guy so I can punch her right through the rear armor and kill it remember flanking shots are the best sometimes it's good to try and pincer the enemy so when it faces one thing you get to shoot it in the back this is cool move the guy up knowledge now I am a little concerned about the onion because it's got a bit of heat on it which is this red bar underneath you can see on the paper doll that it's a good shot you can see from the flashing bar on the bottom left of the amount of heat I'm going to generate that's going to be pushing me very close to my threshold but I'm still good what I can do is I can look down my weapon list and see hang on a second which one these numbers isn't that good well the s our room 4 is a 65% it does generate quite a bit of heat for turn it off you'll notice the heat is lesser than those listed P generated so it's gonna put me in better stead later on if I wanted to I could move within the water to cool myself down even more so so I can keep on shooting a lot harder a lot more faster oh he still survived for hitpoints are you shitting me fine all right let's do a right now I've got a problem here my catapult is very hot you can see from this flashing by if I now try and shoot the guy I'm gonna potentially overheat so I need to now turn off weapons or I can cool him off now it's cooling off just stop firing okay if I brace I will cool down considerably but again it means I won't be able to shoot the dude I'm not sure they're good it's so what I will do is I will turn off my medium lasers and I will aim at this guy and you can see now I'm still well-known than my heat threshold so I'm not gonna overheat now which is good I'm also gonna hurt the spider me and hurt is the word hello now the spider used this job Jets to jump over me and shoot me in the back however his aim is shit and he didn't do much damage what I'm now going to do is I'm going to censor lock with my scouts again I don't want to lock that spider down it's got a lock oh you want to play rock and Sock'em do you they're blowing through my armor now my pilot is unsteady at the moment so I'm going to get a penalty to aiming and it's all kind of things it's really bad so what I'll do is I'll back him off and I'll brace unfortunately this it's apexis policy skill – shit so she has problems in keeping the Mac upright which is why the PIP is so low down so if I'm brace I call the Mac and I'm in a better position we're now down to finish to face – so the heavies are coming out now wildfire is the onion is getting hot now so what I want to do is I want to cool it off so we'll run into the water and we'll call it off so now when I fire I'm gonna do less heat which is good and I want this guy in the back ten-four there we go looks like I'll need a new target now the spiders still up is the only pataga we've now left got a kill this is what we want to do so we can see he's in a bit of a state one he's not in a that much of a state but he is soft so what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna do something really ballsy I'm gonna be what we call a DFA or death from above basically you take the jump Jets on a Mac and you basically jump on the fucker now when you go to melee someone you can specify where it is you want to hit so for instance if I land here I will potentially damage his left side if I doubt jump here I will damage his rear side okay this is the same when you've got to punch someone you could specify the angle of the hit so if you wanted to you could hit the left side of the Mac you could punch the right side you could punch him in the face or you can just kick him in the ass I want to kick this guy in the ass so what I'll do is I will jump here so click on the mic first then specify where it is you want to jump okay the angle the Arad shows you Viet direction of the impact now you'll see that the shield here even though he's in cover it's flashing orange meaning that the conker won't work cover only covers you from the fronts and the sides that's fine so I think he's dead and that's how you fight remember look at the enemy see how it's built look some weaknesses vulnerabilities position your max in such a way that you take advantage of them like we did with the Hunchback we killed its rights or so I'm actually we did more than kill its right sorcerer but you could see where we were going with softening up the right side strike Erie the autocannon DFA is a very powerful melee move but it's a double-edged sword you will potentially damage your legs and you can see here from the DFA I literally destroyed all the armor on the legs so it's really something you've gotta move look at how it really was a price difference between it wasn't it 13 million difference but yeah that's battle tech combat hopefully you've learned something from this okay and you can do a better job do try keep decora live if you can if you can keep him to the point where you've got the agro then you're doing really well so yeah but anyway you know I'm gonna go disappear and make it another cup of tea because I'm thirsty and I've talked for far too long mmm crazy isn't it but anyway like I said you should not have a better option idea of how battles matter how battle makes work how pilots work how best to go about using them on the battlefields to keep your shit out of things okay use cover you speed use evasion charges what keep a Scouts on hands you know scout the enemy lock them down with sensors use the advantage of missiles which do get lots of stability damage to knock them over on their ass do come talk that you know targeted shots and just basically have fun and you'd be surprised at how good it is I mean you haven't laughed until you've ripped the head off an atlas with a with what we used to do with an IC 10 back in the beta but they kind of stopped that because that was a little oppas fuck yeah it's quite funny having an urban Meck Meck destroy a hundred fun behemoths but oh huh David and Goliath anyway I'm out of here I'm gonna read this and make another brew catch you all later you

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  1. Evan Roberts

    I remember playing MechWarrior 2 and mech 2 Mercenaries back when you needed KALI to play multiplayer games.
    <— @SV.Khan Fayvitt. Go Steel Viper!!! Jade Falcon can still suck my balls.

    This game is just an evolution of MechCommander.

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  4. Mr Blewvane

    I bought Battletech the other day during the Steam sale. It's alot harder than i thought it would be and i'm getting my shit pushed in, this sucks. That about sums up why i am here.

  5. Gordon York

    Right on. Great vid. I used to play BT back in the 80s. YES, its a lot faster than the paper and pens we used. I teally think this is a good adapation from the board game. Id like to see some as eloquent for SFB to come out.

  6. Meme Lord 1337

    If you keep ammo in torso, it might explode after your armor is stripped down, and it wounds pilot, usually incapacitating him.

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    "We depend on tea like the Americans depend on assault rifles."

    Hey, hey, HEY! Ya Limey bastard! We depend on more than just our boomsticks! We also depend on coffee, beer, and loud V8 engines.

    Cheers to you and thanks for the fantastic guide!

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    As a fan of tactical RPG's (I grew up with Final Fantasy Tactics and played X-COM in high school), I was eager to play BATTLETECH; but the opening mission whooped my faggot ass. After watching your video, I can now proudly play the game with a least a modicum of understanding (and with time, maybe even skill!). Thanks a bunch NsN.

  9. Yuki Terumi

    I'll say this, the combat isn't that complicated. If say, you play shit like world of Tanks. Shit there works similarly. Angle, armor, ammo type, it all goes into combat. Only this time, you got lasers, so you can go pew pew pew. Well that's like x pulse lasers. Regular lasers are more like Peeeeeeewwwwww.

  10. HeadHunter

    I love your style of conversation – it makes the whole scenario even more enjoyable with the phrases you use.
    I've been playing BT since it was "BattleDroids" and I love this game – but I still learned a tip or two to play it more effectively. I totally saw the DFA coming when I realized you hade a Catapult close by… I was like "Death From Above! Death From Above!" and I'm glad to see you did just that. And what a spectacular result!

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    Best guide for the game I've found so far, wish I'd found you earlier. You are mature, concise, enjoyable without being a show boat,. You are the type of guide tourist would be fortunate to have lead them through dangerous territory.

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    Great video, one gripe though. It is generally considered a bad idea to store ammo in the CT. It is much cheaper to replace an arm , weapon and ammo than to replace a broken CT due to an exploded ammo bin.

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