Beginners Keynote Tutorial - Creating Your First Presentation

Beginners Keynote Tutorial – Creating Your First Presentation

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Creating Your First Presentation in Keynote

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In This video tutorial I am in the Presentation software Keynote. (It is very similar to Powerpoint) In this video I go over all of the basic tools and how to start your first presentation.

If you have any questions feel free to put them in the comment box below!

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hey guys welcome to another techguru video today we are in the application keynote it is kind of like PowerPoint for the Mac but you can also get it for Windows if you kind of work around it but anyways I'm going to show you a beginner keynote tutorial on how to get started with your first presentation when you first open keynote it's going to give you this option here when you go to file new it's going to say a theme chooser and you have a lot of options here you have your white black gradient showroom retro and all kinds of good stuff that they give you to begin with here there's a plethora of options that you have here to select from but I'm going to go ahead just for the purposes of this tutorial and choose show room there just because I like that one once you choose your theme this is what's going to be the basis and what the whole slideshow will be based on will be this theme so if you choose black obviously the whole the backgrounds for all of your slides will be black so here is the interface for keynote and in this tutorial I'm just going to go over the basic tools that you can use within keynote and then after that I will go forward and do some more videos so let's go ahead and get started and let me show you some of these basic tools that you can use so first you started out here with a blank slide and that says double click to edit here and that's where your text can go but I'm going to show you some few tools first to begin with so obviously the text you can double click here and type in some text here so tech guru guru 77 and then you can go here and type a tagline you know so so I'm going to type in making your technology life easier one video at a time so go ahead and you can type in some text there now there is a text box you can add text to it by going and clicking on the text box tool tool which is right here so you click on that and it'll automatically have some text in here and this will allow you to do it now keynote so kindly puts in a some gridlines here within the the application that will show you when something is centered so as you see my text here it's now centered just like this and I can go to the center of the slide and now both lines are aligned and now I'm right in the center of the slide so I'm going to go ahead and delete that text box if you want to add the text box you can go up here to add text box to this slide now let's say you want to add some cool shapes to your slide all you got to do is go to the shape bar up here and I want a nice little arrow right here and the arrow that I just put in was right here so I got the arrow here you can change and edit all of the arrow points of the arrow so you can go up here and make it a little bigger so go ahead and make it six points thick you can make it a dotted line just like that you can go and change the end points to like a circle or you can make it a square whatever you want I want to keep the arrow here you can go up here and change the direction and put some on the bottom opacity will make it kind of less apparent on the screen I'm going to leave that 100% shadow I love adding shadows to stuff it makes stuff looks this stuff just looks so much better and you can even add a little reflection to it kind of like that but I'm not going to do that so that's how you add shapes now you may be asking how do I add a new slide I'm about to show you all you have to do is go to insert okay that is not at all what you want to do you want to go to slide new slide so once I create a new slide this comes up automatically because of the theme that I did create so this is an image here so that's how you create a new slide just like that now let's say I want to add a table to this slide here and that could be something that you definitely want to do oops I open iCal there so if you want to add a slide or I'm sorry excuse me a table to your slideshow you click up here to the table and it will automatically go into it the slide just the presentation just like this I'm going to shrink it down a little bit bring it down here now you have a table that you can format as you see once you click on it the table formatting information comes up here and you can go here and you can add rows you can take rows away you can add columns just like so and you can take columns away you can edit rows and columns you can sort them by a sending descending you can change the width and height of the table you can also change the shading information here so all of that can be done within the table editing box and all you have to do to get that is just go up to the table here and click on the table tool there you want to add some charts everybody needs charts to your slideshow so if you're doing some percentages go ahead and add a new slide here so I want to add a chart to my slide show here in keynote all I have to do is go to charts and you have a all kinds of charts you can add I'm going to add a nice little three-d bar chart here and up here this will come up just like this and it'll show you 2007 it kind of adds information but once you have the information that you want on it you can actually go in here and you can edit it just how you want how you want it so I'm gonna go ahead and delete that picture out of the way and I'm going to go ahead and show you just this what the chart is here so once you've got your chart added to your keynote presentation you can go up here and change the numbers around however you want them to be and as soon as you change the numbers if you watch the chart carefully it will change with the numbers that you use there you can also change the title screens by just going in here and double-clicking on them and you can change those to whatever you want to change those to so that's how you add charts to your keynote slideshow so I'm going to add a new slide just like that now once I add a new slide here the last thing that I'm going to show you that you can do is adding media if you want to add a picture or if you want to add a video or if you want to add a song go up here to the media tab up here and it would pull up your aperture iPhoto whatever program you use to get your pictures and it will all be right here within your media bar so if I want to add some movies it will pull up the movies just like that from iMovie or iTunes whatever program that you use to format your movies and audio you can go in here and add some audio straight from your iTunes account and you can do all of that directly from the media toolbar right here in the top right corner and the last thing that I'm going to show you is how to edit and format your text so once we have that there the media and you've already done that so you don't want your media anymore what you're going to want to do is you're going to want to go in here and let's say I want to edit some of my text ok so I'm going to show you how to edit your text within KYNA so what you want to do is you'll want to select the slide and select the text in which you want to edit okay and so in this case I've got my title screen here where it says tech guru 2 7 7 and I'm going to double click on that or I can add a text box however I want to do it okay it just depends on what you want to do and you can go up here in the top right corner and select the fonts key toolbar right here in the right and I can click on that and it will show me right here on a new line will be added you can actually go up here and you can change the text so I want to change that to some cooler text so I want that to be a little bolder I can go ahead and add that just like that and you can do that all within the fonts tab right here within keynote so this is just a basic overview of the tools and options you have within keynote if you have any questions please share them with in the comment box below don't forget to subscribe like and comment it does help me out and if you want any more tutorials on any kind of software let me know in the comment box I'll be more than happy to help you out and guys I will see you next time

32 Replies to “Beginners Keynote Tutorial – Creating Your First Presentation”

  1. Darya Said

    Hell and thanks for the in depth of the tutorial. I have got a question to ask you. I have got keynote downloaded into my MacBook Pro (when I purchase it). However, having looked at your tutorial, the interface of yours is totally different from mine. So, my question is, why is this please? Your looks like almost Microsoft Word, but my does not show much tools to work with…

    Once again I would be grateful if your reply to my comment…

  2. chuck alberding

    Loved your video – very informational
    Could you make a video on trouble shooting keynote…you know sme little thing you forgot to check or hit while making a presentation on Keynote, just for a heads up

  3. Luke Andrews

    Hi, thanks for the tut!

    What I like to see is a part 2,3,4… where you get into more detail about paragraphs, slide masters, importing, etc.

    ps: is your voice in caps lock?Β  πŸ˜‰

  4. Corona Li

    What if my original ppt proportion is at 16:9 then I might need it adjust the item and content , it shows only 4:3 of course every slide is disordered ?

  5. Dusty Porter

    Thank you for the positive feedback! As for getting Keynote on the PC I have checked and they have since removed the software that I used to do this SO as far as I know it is not possible…

  6. Irish Murph

    From a pure beginners standpoint, this is not a beginners video, your going way too fast to keep up.
    I'm as green as they come, and you just rambled on through the shape tool, the slide to without really explaining what they were.
    This an intermediate video, not a beginner video.
    But thanks for making the vid, but by the time I got to the 4 1/2 min mark, I was completely lost. Slow it down, and explain a little more without making it sound that you're trying to fit 7 mins into 4.

  7. noran galal

    Hey, first I want to say THAT YOUR VIDEOS ARE FANTASTIC!!! I have a iPad, and I wanted to ask : Can I , somehow, show my Keynote presentations on a computer which is not a Mac?? And how??

  8. Dusty Porter

    Yes, in my opinion Keynote is much more user friendly than Powerpoint.

    I use a screen capture software called ScreenFlow for the mac and it has an option for that. (My mouse)

  9. Sean Delevan

    Hi, I am kind of new to Mac and I am used to PowerPoint. I got 2008 Word for Mac but do not like it that much. Do you find that Keynote is better for a rookie like me?

    Also, how do you make your cursor pulse like that?

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