Best Budget rgb pc case 2018

Best Budget rgb pc case 2018

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Best Budget rgb pc case 2018 . This less than $60 case is from amazon. Thermaltake C22 black edition. This case is strong and with the buttons on top is great for under desk use. Thermaltake makes good quality products so you can’t go wrong.

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Equipment Used:::
Acer Z-35 Monitor Gsync 200hz
i7 7700k Overclocked 4.8Ghz
Geil Led Ram 3000 Mhz
Two Nvidia Gtx 1080Ti Fe in Sli = Stock Speeds No Overclocking
Aorus Gigabyte G 5 Led Motherboard
Evga 1050 Gold Power Supply
Deep Cool Captain Liquid 340 Cpu Cooler

hi everybody welcome back to the challenge today we're talking about case replacement what do you do whenever your kid decides to put his leg on the tower and it falls over and breaks three times ah well you buy a new case today I'm gonna share with you a great budget case from here it is if you climb out within the next 20 minutes because you know we can't do this all day okay here on I've got a thermal take vs. C 22 black edition RGB LED light it's a mid tower computer chassis it's just the case don't get excited 57 bucks comes in black white and c21 whatever that is I went with the black case it's so beautiful and glorious RGB lighting to your gaming PC it supports two USB 3.0 s two USB 3.0 ports HD audio ports LED RGB control as you can see right here all the buttons are right up on top easy to get to and got your RGB in the top and the front comes already with fans not bad at all for the price definitely a good deal here's another better view of the top power button plugs on each end button for the RGB alright let's open this bad boy up okay it comes in a package like this from Amazon one of chips meanwhile Thermaltake versus c22 cool all of your life we're taking the time to cut it nice okay let me pull this out a quick second okay here's what it looked like out of the case impressive there's most impressive side it's a nice acrylic side you can see it still has a plastic on top and at the front okay it's a wires plugged up and then show you what it looks like okay here's what the case looks like when it's all plugged up and running now it has double light bars on top plugs for your plugs light bars in the front indeed you are powerful as the emperor has foreseen very nice looking case sturdy durable definitely good replacement this it has all these little pieces that you can pull off there they're left in to cover the plugs to protect them but you got your USB USB 3.1 headphone microphone jacks yeah the power button you can turn the lights on and off or you can cycle them between the different cycles that it does yeah you can do solid you can do breathing just whatever you prefer hey if you need to the channel make sure to hit that subscribe button you don't want to miss anything make sure to turn on post notifications to see them next time up for video thanks for watching the video we'll see you soon

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  1. Chas harper

    Thank you all so much for 400+ Subscribers. You all are the best I hope I saved you money and look forward to saving you more to come. The best is yet to come have a wonderful week everyone. ๐ŸŽฎ๐ŸŽ๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–

  2. Phillip Dugan

    I've BEEN having this case. I bought mine in November 2016 around the time my two year old was born. I have the white edition though. I don't think they had a black edition out back then…not one that I could see. I'm about to sell mine and rebuild. I just might go with the black version because I simply haven't found a better looking case. I don't want to go backwards lol

  3. Crystal Clear Crew

    Omg I love amazon lol. Just got a 50 inch Smart TV for 289!!! I love it lol. Great deals for the cases! Hopefully your son doesnโ€™t break anymore towers lol

  4. Cheiko Sairin

    Awesome PC case, Chasharper. LIKE # 19. Congratulations on 400 + subscribers.
    Greeting from Singapore and stay connected.

  5. KingsToYou

    Cool video bro .. that is cheap ! You said amazon but the title said Best Buy? Did you get it shipped from amazon from Best Buy ? I might need one of these

  6. NaughtyStrawberry

    I love the colors lol!!! I love colored lights lol!! Your thumbnail was awesome heh!! Great video๐Ÿค—๐Ÿค—๐Ÿค—

  7. Kat9453

    When you're thinking about building your own pc and this video pops up. XD. Thanks for the product review. Ill keep it in mind.

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