Best FREE Video Editing Software for SLOW COMPUTERS

Best FREE Video Editing Software for SLOW COMPUTERS

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Best FREE Video Editing Software for SLOW COMPUTERS | Jack Cole
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Top 3 Best Free Video Editing Software (2019)

In today’s video we’re discussing which free video editing software is best for slow computers. This video will be very helpful for beginner video editors and learning how to pick a software best suited for your computer.

1. iMovie


3. Shotcut

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all the best – Jack Cole

what's going down today we're gonna be talking about the best free video editing software for slow computers huge huge topic surprised it took me this long to do it saying is this is a problem plaguing my community heavily well a certain section of my community we'll get into that in a second without further ado my name is Jack I produce daily content based around video editing video ography and how to make money making videos subscribe now if that sounds interesting to you today just like I said best free video editing software for slow computers my biggest video ever top three best free video editing software it is you know 1.6 million view video within six months huge video the biggest video on my channel actually and it's got a lot of different versions of you guys in there okay some of you have a good computer some of you don't and some of you don't know that a good computer isn't good for video editing so today we got a break a whole bunch of myths and legends down and also give you guys a little boot in the right direction and give you some software which is gonna work for you on slow computers and also show you a trick to make your current software improve in speed whether it's a good software for bad computers or not very powerful episode without further ado was jump into it now something that needs to be stated right off the bat video editing is in no an all the way something that can really be efficiently done on slow computers I'm talking about like real video editing not just shopping the video in the middle and making a small clip I guess that is technically video editing but more video shopping chops and cuts really I'm talking about video editing anything where you make it a proper production a proper project something that is not just a couple chops and cuts you're gonna need a relatively fast computer is just is what it is right and you can get around it but you're gonna have to sort of accept that you're dealing with a little bit of lag right now and the future version of you is editing in smoothness right so if you right now are just you know realizing wow damn it is clearly because of my computer my programs been going a little slower it is what it is I was there as well and you know I mean all you can really do in that situation and make the most of it like I'm gonna show you a couple tricks right now and a couple good software's to look out for with the slow computer and also just set in your sights to get better equipment that's pretty much the moral of the story right so gonna cover some software that is manageable and also how to speed up your program so when you're going to get a video editing software right so you type in you know I assume people found my video they type in free video editing software boom they hit Enter right so they've typed that in they've hit Enter now obviously because it's a free video editing software you kind of mistakenly make the assumption that you can download any of them what I would definitely suggest for you guys to do right off the bat if you're still in the searching mode is always check the minimum specs of the video editing software check the minimum specs the you know the absolute minimum specs required and then compare those to your computer you could simply go to settings and under in your computer tab you know and find out details about your computer you could see how much RAM you have you could see how much the graphics card you have you could see what what bit your your operating system is all type of stuff which is important information that you can then kind of just compare against the minimum specs of a program which is always available on their website always and it's not hard to find just go to the About section whatever the case may be right so always first off the bat when you're going to get a new software whether it be video editing graphics whatever whatever it is animation even on slow computers always check the minimum specs make sure that it's gonna be something that's going to be compatible with your computer that's the very very minimum obvious thing and you start upgrading you don't even need to check the specs anymore because it's assumed that you're you know program is gonna be able to run on your computer but when you're in the early stages a lot of the time it's not the case now software that runs regardless of a bad computer I'm gonna break a couple down now first off if you are a Mac user iMovie is a cool inbuilt software that honestly you're gonna not do too bad using now I've got a whole no the video breaking down iMovie I've got videos breaking down all these software's I'm about to talk about so I'll leave all those down below but iMovie is a cool bet if you're going for some simple chops and cuts some simple little merging of clips and stuff like that and you know basically the more simplistic side of video editing I think I movie's gonna not be too bad I've edited a few things and I'm moving myself and I've actually got an awesome video that's like seventeen minutes breaking downloads and cool effects you can do in there so even though it's a free editor you could still do a bunch of cool stuff and it's usable net is gonna be vs DC v s DC shove it to my my people over a vs DC I got a good relationship with those guys it is a pretty good editor it's by no means up to par with some top-of-the-range stuff like Premiere Pro and stuff like that but by all means it is a cool video editor that you can do a bunch of cool stuff in and it's not gonna lag too much it's going to be pretty easy to run on your computer again I got a couple videos breaking that down over here I'm gonna link all that down below again and they're pretty cool for YouTube this software right here it's pretty cool for YouTube rather it's got some various different effects in there that definitely relate well to youtubers and that's kind of the angle that I've explored documenting these software based around in the past alright so vs DC very simple very nice it does have a paid version but there was a 100% free totally free version and you know make sure to look out for that obviously when you're purchasing it everything will be linked down below including the programs right and the videos accompanying them finally shot cut now shot cut is on my other list so a lot of you guys actually might even have it and I'm actually gonna show you a further method to make it run even better and I'm gonna show you a further method to make all of these run better actually in a second but shot cut is a cool software it's a free video editing software there's a misconception a lot of people go to Microsoft Store which is some nonsense place I've never been there in my entire life and they look it up and it costs like 8 bucks on Microsoft Store stop going to Microsoft store you're in the mindset of being on a phone you don't go to an app store to get a program you go direct to their website you then download it so that's where you're going wrong if you're one of those people you know make it as a pretty general video because this is a massive topic on my channel so you'll be surprised the different angles people are getting stuck on you know what I mean so that's the reason I'm being so general essentially right with this but shotcut totally awesome fully free from their website and honestly I think shot cut out of all these three right here can do the most you can easily do the most but also it's going to be the most intense out of all these here right here so I think shot cut might have a minimum spec requirement of like 4 gigabytes or something like that of RAM and you know I've got people on my channel who say they edit on shot cut with like a i three processor all sorts of stuff so I think shot cut is ported it's a very supportive program I think you can get away with it essentially right and not to mention that it's available on Mac Windows Linux everything shotcut is actually available on anything so if you're the rare Linux user right not a lot of people use Linux I guess in the grand scheme of life there's probably a big pool of them to do but in terms of just the average person not a whole bunch people are tapped into Linux but shotcut supports you so a lot of people on my big video obviously in 1.6 million views there's going to be some Linux users and the Linux users were very vocal about being happy that I targeted them in you know that massive video of mine the top three best free video editing software but all of these have big accompanying tutorials so if you've now decided you're editor you said you know what oh sorry desk I'm a shot cut person or you know what I'm a I'm a vs DC person now we're on iMovie person now all the videos are linked here or those are the thumbnails there again I'm sorry desk this is a it's a new set up me recording these videos here getting used to my space but the thumbnails are there so you can see what they look like and all three of those big videos big tutorials are gonna be linked down below breaking down those free video at any software and finally I want to show you a trick so this unfortunately will only work to my Windows users I'm not a Mac user so I don't know the tricks of the trade in terms of speeding up max maybe you could find something similar to this on the internet but I'm going to show you a trick to drastically improve the speed of a video editing software on Windows while you're using it right so all you have to do is go to task manager so what you'll want to do is you'll want to right click at the bottom sort of little bar at the bottom right go to task manager click it and you want to actually navigate to details details should be on there and you want to then find the program that is currently open right so you then want to right click the editor that you currently have open right click you then want to go to set priority and it'll be on normal you then want to change it to real time or high and what this does is it allocates more processing power more RAM more graphics power it allocates more power to this program so it's phenomenal it literally tells the computer to set this as a priority as you know basically you know say you got two programs running you've got Google running and you've got or Google Chrome running and you've got your editor it'll set to the priority to the editor and say you know what screw Google let's not give them much much data they're not let's not give them much juice for lack of a better term analogy let's give it all to adobe premiere or let's give it all to shotgun or let's give it all to vs DC let's give it all to whatever editor you guys are using so that's a final little trick of the trade just to wrap it up I think I wanted to provide as much value to my slow computer users as possible I used to be you it was such a struggle as a kid I'm 10 years into my editing career let's say to em near a year ago I actually got equipment this properly legit realistically about three years ago four years ago something like that where I first started getting good equipment after a good five six years seven years of just having to struggle I used to do cinema 4d animations on an acer laptop that in retrospect I don't even know if the laptop had four gigabytes of of RAM I used to have to sit the laptop down and leave it to render for days at least the whole night the next day you just have to not use the computer and let it render believe me I share your pain goddamnit the end of that clip corrupted my bad it's wet it's hot this down in the office that's why my tops off right now but the end of that clip just corrupted what I meant to say and I have to end up because obviously I'm talking all my people who are on slow computers I was you – it's all good make do with what you got this is some suggestions and you know the future you is gonna be set with some nice speedy equipment thanks for watching guys take it easy have a nice day and hope you enjoyed the video seeing another one [Applause] [Applause]

26 Replies to “Best FREE Video Editing Software for SLOW COMPUTERS”

  1. ActiveSound

    Have you heard about olive? It is an amazing free video editor. I use it and it works fine for me, and I have a slow computer

  2. CooledIce

    Thank you so much man, I have a crappy old computer and just wasted my entire week editing a decent montage (at least in my eyes) and got greeted by a water mark bigger than my youtube career will ever be. Your going places my dude keep doing your thing.

  3. Aww Youtube

    How to create videos like you specially glitch lower thirds and glitch animation that you have used in how to grow YouTube channel without niche?

  4. Israel Nick

    OMG 😲.
    @JackCole your channel deserve 1M subscribers, everyone that watches your Videos needs to share it with friends and family, I'm sharing it right now😍.

  5. Gamer Azad

    shotcut crash, i have ryzen 3 1200, rx 560 and 8 gb, so i am using camtasia, wondershare freeze like for 3-4 clips.

  6. L Craig

    You should do a video on troubleshooting Shotcut. Yesterday, I used 2 videos and song. I used Shotcut to edit and no problem. But when I tried to continue the editing today, every time I tried to open the 3 files (vid or song) I got the following message "There are missing files in your project." Nothing worked. I was never able to open the files.

  7. Bandanamei

    I have a technical question about Shotcut if you(Jack) or anybody else can help. I'm trying to edit a video and it lags but only when it starts. No matter what time I start it at, it lags for a few seconds then runs smoothly the rest of the time. It's just the playback start. Any help would be highly appreciated.

  8. Doing Exploring

    If you use VSDC, if you put all the footage on a USB and open the footage through the USB on the editor, it will speed the CPU up and render the video faster

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