Best iPhone X Productivity Apps August 2018 - ALL FREE!!

Best iPhone X Productivity Apps August 2018 – ALL FREE!!

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This is a review going over the best productivity apps for the iphone X.

1. Dashlane:
2. Scanbot:
3. PDF Element:
4. Voicera:

Last week’s review:

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what is going on everyone my name is Jason and these are the best productivity apps for the iPhone 10 a main reason why the smartphone has become quite possibly the most important device to a lot of people is its ability to help us better manage tasks considering that modern smartphones are basically many computers in our pockets that continually become more powerful by the day there's a plethora of things that you can use your phone for that you couldn't in the past that being said today I want to look at some of the best productivity focused apps for the iPhone 10 that really illustrates how versatile of a device your phone could be a big bonus here they're all free and yes I've linked them all in the description down below in case you guys want to check them out now before we get into the review if you're into checking out the latest consumer tech products before you buy them or if it just the tech head like me I make a video like this every single week so make sure that you hit that subscribe button and turn that Bell icon so you can be the first to know when a new JSL reviews out and you don't miss anything that being said let's get into these apps okay first up is an app called – lean – lean is a dedicated password manager that helps you with a recurring problem that I know I struggle with forgetting your password – lean allows you to save all your passwords for your most used websites in one place and once you do – they will simply encrypt them and then Auto populate passwords for you when you go to the site that you have set up this is super convenient as with the number of different websites people use on a daily basis continually grows trying to remember a ton of passwords can get annoying and let's face it most of us end up reusing three of the passwords that we could remember across multiple different sites which is really a hackers dream come true – Lee provides an additional awesome service that can generate passwords for you you can adjust how long and the type of password you want it to be all to make sure that your passwords are super secure you can also store and encrypt all notes information like Social Security numbers payment information like credit card and debit card numbers and even personal ID information like passports and driver's licenses so essentially – lien allows you to vault all this critical information securely in one place and you only need to know the password for the dashed line self which for iPhone 10 users you can have the option to authenticate using face ID once setup chicken is really convenient you can add trusted users to access accounts for emergency situations and you could sync – Lane with multiple devices overall this app is really convenient especially if you're out there trying to remember 20 plus passwords or if you're just waiting to be hacked using the same password for every single site don't be that guy and scoop up the dashlane app as soon as possible okay next up is an app that I surprisingly use a lot and that's scan bond scam bot is a very simple but extremely useful app that allows you to use your smartphone camera as a scanner you can virtually scan anything and the app automatically turns it into a PDF file now this becomes extremely useful when you're filling out something like a lease or anything that requires your signature and you don't have a fax machine or a scanner nearby to send it back to the appropriate party and I swear these look better than scanning them through those old Xerox machines and the app makes it super easy to do once you're done click Save and then you have the option to share the PDF via email fax text message or send it to a wireless printer again it's super simple and that's kind of the point because usually when you're in a situation where you're signing something that needs to be sent back it usually needs to get done in a hurry and there's almost never a spare fax machine lying around would need it so it's quite convenient having a scanner in your pocket that's easy to use and very functional at the same time love this app definitely check it out again it's totally free and something that comes in really handy in a pinch so the next step is a great follow-up to the last one and that's PDF element it's an app made by the company wondershare we're awesome enough to sponsor today's video and PDF element is a Productivity app that allows you to edit and adjust PDFs PDF format is great for final drafts or things like contracts resumes etc but they're often really difficult to change once in that format PDF element allows you to do a bunch of edits directly such as making highlights and adding notes underlining or striking out text for editing purposes adding symbols like a sign here flag or a draft indicator and you can even edit text like you would say with Microsoft word this is great for making quick edits or Corrections without having to convert the file into something that's editable and then trying to convert it back to a PDF you can also use PDF element as a scanner as well using your smartphone camera and you can connect it to a computer that's on the same Wi-Fi network to add and share files across devices which is really convenient overall this is an extremely useful app particularly for those who deal with putting together contracts or other official documents this that makes your life a lot easier definitely check it out you're gonna be surprised at just how useful this thing is okay last stop great for all of you getting ready to go back to school and that's voice Sarah boy Sarah is an AI powered virtual assistant that can listen and record lectures meetings conversations etc and help you take notes and analyze what was said thereafter it can capture live conversations and what's really cool is that you can have the built-in AI assistant Eva call in to conference calls and record those live as well Eva can sync with your meetings via your Google Calendar and she'll automatically email you afterwards with notes from the meeting once it's over and as far as dictation ability goes I have to say it's pretty dang good and what's great is that you can highlight the important parts of recording by other pressing button here or you could ask Eva to do it for you afterwards you can view the portion of the recording that you highlighted or you can view the entire transcript and a cool thing is you can search the transcript for a specific word or phrase and even will not only find them for you but will also bring you to the part of the recording to when that particular word or phrase was said again super convenient for classroom lectures definitely snag it up if you haven't already okay that's about it for this review don't forget to leave me a thumbs up guys enjoyed it it really helps me out anyone else have any recommendations for awesome and make your life easier productivity apps that I need to check out leave them in the comments down below along with any other recommendations for next month best app video and in case you guys missed my last review on these awesome tech devices perfect for the outdoors and for what's left of the summer definitely check it out I'll leave a link to it in the description and I'll throw it on one of the end cards in case you guys want to check it out thanks for watching and I'll see you guys

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  1. Noah Nardozza

    As a first year college student just finishing up my first week, I can say that these apps have been a tremendous help! Thank you for never failing to put out a great video every week, Jaesun!

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