Best Keybinds for Beginners/switching to Keyboard Fortnite Chapter Two

Best Keybinds for Beginners/switching to Keyboard Fortnite Chapter Two

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Here’s a guide on what you need to consider for picking the best binds for Fortnite Chapter 2, whether you’re new to keyboard and mouse, wondering if you’ve got the best settings, or feel like you’re limited by bad keybind choices.

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  1. lupan

    you also have to take in consideration being able to strafe while building. what that means you need to try and not have many builds on your ring and index fingers cause your movement will suffer, that's why it's good to have at least one key on the 'optima' side (which refers to keys like c v shift or the mouse button which you can easily press without affecting your movement) or learning to quickly press movement keys to be able to strafe in the correct direction while building. another tip would be to try different keyboard angles from which you play (example , 45 . 60 or 90 degrees) to see if you can press or reach things easier. this comment is a tip to all players not just console players

  2. Scott Nankin

    Shift – auto run
    F – edit
    Side mouse 1 – wall
    Sm 2 – stairs
    Tab- inventory
    X – floor
    ??? – cone i never cone
    F -edit

  3. Brian Hennessy

    Nice tutorial..I've been thinking about switching a bind or 2 of mine up..I started two months ago and mine are
    Left shift-trap
    Scroll wheel button-pickaxe
    Z -sniper/explosives
    I'm thinking about trying to start using my thumb for something

  4. Yo Yo

    Q – wall
    E – stairs
    M4 – floor
    Lshift – piramid
    F – editing

    V – shotgun (I press with thumb)
    M5 – smg
    X – pickaxe

    Are this binds god for mongraal box fight move and thuneling

  5. Minoumimi

    any reason i do not see alot of people using "toggle pickaxe" instead of having it has a weapon slot?
    i cannot think of a faster way to pull out my shotgun after hitting a tree then that ~_~

  6. metra

    Q- Wall
    E- Floor
    M4- Ramp
    Z- Roof
    F- Edit

    i want to move another one of my build binds to my mouse which one do u think would be the most optimal, also are the rest of the keybinds optimal?

  7. The one and only

    V & 5-utility slots
    Scroll wheel up-interact
    Scroll wheel down-reset edit

  8. Mxttez

    My current binds
    Trap- L-ALT
    (I use my index for CVX)
    Weapon slots
    1. Mouse button 5
    2. Mouse button 4
    3. Middle Mouse button
    4. 4
    5. Scroll Up

    I was thinking of changing
    Wall: mouse button 5
    Floor: bottom dpi button on g402
    Ramp: mouse button 4
    Cone: X (could try l-shift but pinky isn’t strong as I broke it few years ago)
    Edit- F
    Weapon Slots:
    1. Scroll Up
    2. Q
    3. Middle Mouse button
    4. 4
    5. C

    Are these good keybind changes in your opinion?

  9. PhoeniX

    Z-slot 4
    X-slot 5

    I dunno if they're optimal or not

  10. Deft

    Shift= Wall, Floor = M4, Ramp= C, Cone= M5, Edit= E, Trap =T, Pickaxe= V, Shotgun= Q

    I tried to put all build binds on different fingers ( I press C with my thumb) and I tried to have a close bind for shotgun so its easy to pull out before editing and the same thing applies for editing. I also use F for use. The only fingers that I use two things on is both my thumbs ( I press M4,M5 with one thumb and the other on C,V for Ramp and Pickaxe) and my index ( Editing, Use, Traps)

    Do u think these binds are optimal for long term? Im very comfortable with them, I just want to know if I can optimize them in any way.


  11. Harrison Oest

    M4 – Wall
    M5 – Ramp
    X – Floor
    C – Cone
    Edit – E
    Z – Pickaxe
    1 – AR
    Q – Shotgun
    3 – SMG/Nades, etc
    4 – Sniper/RPG
    LShift – Trap

    I hit X and C with my index finger, which means that I can't move right with D while building. Thoughts?

  12. Visualize007

    Esdf for movement, i have azerty

    Wall is z, floor is r, stair is mouse 4 and cone on caps lock and edit is mouse 5

    Pick axe is q

    I use the g402, shotgun is next to mouse 1 small button above
    Smg is c
    Ar is g
    Rpg, all that stuff is mouse button underneath shotgun
    Healing is a

    Shift if free, cone used to he on that liked it more in caps sow don't know what to put on there was thinking shotgun or right movement sow i have a extra movement keybind when building

  13. Dazz Dostal

    I use the wireless G502
    stairs/wall – m5/m4
    cones – DPI shift button (has been remapped to a key on my keyboard instead of dpi shift)
    floors – q
    weapon slots 1-5 – e/r/c/x/z
    Pickaxe – caps lock
    autorun – tab
    crouch – shift
    edit – f
    traps – t
    open doors/use – 4
    reload – i have it bound to my mouse wheels side buttons
    reset edits – scroll wheel up
    confirm edits – f/scroll wheel up

    If you see anything that could possibly be an issue please let me know!

  14. Andrew Jordaan

    New to kbm, currently my binds are
    Wall – F
    Floor – mouse button 5
    Stair – shift (left handed so have a strong pinky)
    Cone – C
    Edit – E
    Pickaxe – X or tab (can't decide)

    Weapons on mb4, Q, R, 3, 4

    Right now I press C with my index finger, should I try learn to press it with my thumb to spread out the load or just move it to another key?

  15. Eddie Cranmer

    i've been pretty much following this philosophy since I switched binds: my current ones are
    v- wall (thumb)
    m5- floor
    m4- ramp
    shift- cone
    t- trap
    e- edit
    mw up- interact
    1- pickaxe
    2- shotgun
    3- smg
    I have four questions:
    – are these binds optimal (on of the philosophies I wanted to maintain was full movement)
    – should I rebind anything to Q and/or F, they seem like a wastes of a good binds
    – is having shotgun and pickaxe on the same finger a disadvantage (with wall taking & quick edits ect)
    – is having shotgun/ pickaxe on my ring finger putting me at a disadvantage (because I can't spam it as fast as my index)

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