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you want some servers all right hey what is going on guys it is mr. lug here and today I have for you another yes I know another top 10 minecraft servers now you probably think I'm just doing this for the views and while you're mostly right I also need I also need to add sense to be able to afford my 27 children so um yeah also I just want to say really quick if we hit 5,000 subscribers by the end of next month then I will upload a video of 5,000 subscribers special why I will tase myself it's I'm I'm actually gonna do this so make sure you subscribe turn notifications so you'll know whenever I upload it also make sure you like share you know do all those kind of things and yeah that's all I have to say let's just get right into the video all right so for the first server we have the Hunger Games and as you can see the IP is on the on the screen right now and the server is owned by the beige Canadian and as you can probably already tell just by me saying that this is a hungry em server now you might be thinking well games is it's pretty dumb I'm really care anymore well what if I told you that this is literally 2014 hunger games that they brought back and it's on a honestly brings back so much nostalgia it's unbelievable I really really enjoy playing on the server it this honestly is the reason why I'm making this video is because of the server because this server literally brought me back to playing Minecraft again if you guys didn't know I've been putting forth and unlocking League of G Apex comm duty stuff like that a lot more recently and I really want to get back into the grind and this summer I'm definitely gonna be uploading a lot more consistently and I'll be streaming but yeah so anyways about the server like I said literally just 2014 minecraft nothing about the place though is really different a lot a little bit of things are in here hard from the Nexus but other than that really cool server and I love it so I hope you join me alright so for the next server we have geo geo graphic server IP on the screen once again and ok so how do I find the server so pretty much this server took a real life map of our earth and pretty much just replicated it into Minecraft and I guess it's some I guess it's almost a faction server I guess you can call it and and you can actually make nations and claim land and you can go to war with other nations and as you can see on the map I'm show you right now this is the map on the website there's the whole United States that's that those are blogs by the way each one of those pixels is a blog so they really did replicate the entire thing and it looks honestly amazing in there is in about three months I think they said about two months they're gonna be wiping the whole map so it's gonna be fresh I guess you could say yeah I think I might play whenever that happens because that's right now a lot of stuff is already owned a lot of cities already been built so I don't know kind of joining midseason I guess it could be fun but I don't know but in the lobby you can see that even warp to certain areas of the map and whenever it says that something is part of somebody else's nation you won't be able to destroy or build or anything but you go to the wilderness and then that's where you can destroy things or claimed land or whatever you want and yeah the server honestly is really amazing ten out of ten very amazing idea and yeah that's pretty much it for this server just let me know in the comments down which one is your favorite and I guess let's just move on to the next server all right so next up we have cute crowd now there's only one game that I really care about cute cut cute crowd and it is also another very nostalgic game if you don't remember miss Awards that's the game that I'm gonna be featuring in the background footage three mister Wars is basically those two teams the red green blue and the red team and the Green Team and basically you're gonna get these spawn eggs that are missiles and there's all different types as faster ones those bigger ones there's just and there's a whole bunch of different types and the main goal is to be able to break through the other team's glass and get to the nether portal great another photo and and you went and so pretty much you just use the missiles and you could ride them that's usually where I tried doing to make it to the other side and it's actually a really fun game I could put in four hours from being honest so now we have cubecraft IP is on the screen right now this server has a lot of very unique games also this is the server that started the whole egg Wars money Wars bad boars this is the original so I would recommend checking that oh the game I'm going to be featuring right now is tower defense tower defense is literally blue team's tower defense in Minecraft and there's like two teams and basically you send the troops to the other side and whoever destroys them eats how her first wins obviously in this footage I win because I'm miss reversal anyways there's also a lot of other games like lucky blocks sky wars that's really fun this is actually the server that I met Kitty on I've been we've been all my friends for about four years now and I actually plan on seeing him for the first time in about a month so you know what if we hit 5,000 subscribers I'll let him do the tasing on my body so music art and it's won some extra practice all right so now we have nc central now this is the very first minecraft server that I ever joined and it's still going good I think my favorite thing about the server is the sky wars personally which I will be showing a little bit clips later they have a lot of other games though also the capture the flag is very very fun honestly but yeah it's a very very nice server I'm gonna stop using the word very but yeah I really like their their skyress cuz it's pretty unique how you either did bad armor that's or good armor bad sword – sword good armor and it really just depends to see you just pretty much have to get lucky but I really like a style beam you can have kids or night kids but just you can buy with credits like something ender pearls and bows and stuff sorry gaming but also as you can see from back a fridge there are there are a little bit of hackers on the server as you can see if this guy is using very very obvious rechecks and here I go complaining about the game getting really mad at pointing at him probably saying something very toxic and sitting down alright so now we have mined one and the IP is on the screen as of right now also if you're missing these than description basically this is just a meme survival server literally a sport build survive as it says right there there are no rules I mean obviously should it tell people to kill themselves or anything like that but pretty much there's no rules and there is a spawn but as I said there's no rule so you can just grief it you can do whatever you want so if you need a survival server to join us in 1.13 I guess here you go and you're welcome and that's pretty much all that to say about the server so yeah alright so now we have zero or even know what to call the service to be completely honest but this is also in 1.13 and our core I mean absolutely all that stupid stuff just crazy amounts of parkour and honestly it's a pretty good server so yeah he's doing alright so now we have honestly probably released one of my most favorite minecraft servers because I used to like The Walking Dead and I just like minecraft at least a lot more than I do now but this was one of the servers that I would just be on for hours because it literally is the walking dead in my path the texture pack for it it's honestly the most amazing thing I've ever seen they put a lot of hard work to the server and honestly it's lost a lot in popularity so knowing that this video is going to get a lot of views I genuinely hope during the server play on it because it definitely deserves to be played on you would not regret it there also as a texture packs don't freak out whenever your computer takes a crap on itself and I rejoined but yeah the the the mining dead literally the walking dead in Minecraft and it's amazing that's all I gotta say so we hope you joined this one alright so next up we have the hive now I didn't really played the hive honestly until somebody recommended it to me lots of top ten server video I did so if you have a good server leave a comment know should check it out but this represents you're really cool and the number one game that I found interesting was gravity and it's literally just the dropper and it's kind of a race I guess whoever gets all five of stages first wins and it counts how many times you die I think that's pretty cool and honestly the maps were pretty insane I'm not gonna lie so I highly recommend doing this game if anything they also have their own version of party games called the lab where a villager I guess an evil scientist picks out three mini-games and you just does whoever wins and the most wins overall so pretty cool table a lot more games also this is the server that started this flight which is like spleef but for use eggs and he has a lot of other cool things so I would definitely recommend this 9 and some next up we have high pixel now if you haven't heard of high pixel then you probably just downloaded the game so high pixel is the most popular minecraft server as of right now in their most popular game I would say is bed Wars which is a game with this couple of teams and basically you have infinite respawns unless your bed gets destroyed so you have to destroy everybody is beds and eliminate them and so there's one person standing they also have really good sky wars they also have they were blitz survival games which is like Hunger Games bonus a in my opinion I don't like it just because I was like too much kids stuff too many charts but this server has tons of other minigames and like have party games whole bunch of other arcade games and I pretty much just said the same thing with using three different words but they have 50 games like TNT run is really fun they have UHC they have you have a lot of other games I can't really think them off the top of my head but yeah this is definitely the most popular server and honestly it is the number one server that I played on the same server I played on most and yeah and as you can see from the background footage me and Kitty are doing on our very special TNT killing Alaska for the victory royale all right and as promised played this procedure for are you very loyal viewers who have made it with me to the end of the video alright anyways thanks for watching the video make sure to subscribe like I said I will tase myself I'm not gonna do it right now because pretty much I don't want to wake up like [Applause]

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  1. Bearturnedhuman

    Lost all respect when he said cubecraft started "…. bed wars". It started eggwars, hypixel started bedwars

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