Best Music Production Software For Beginners | Hindi

Best Music Production Software For Beginners | Hindi

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Best Music Production Software For Beginners

In this video I discuss which is the best daw for music production, if you are just a beginner who is trying to learn music production but confused by plethora of options available.
If you are unable to decide which software to choose from cubase, ableton live, pro tools, logic pro, studio one or FL Studio, this video might help you.
This video is intended for complete beginners, if you’ve already been using another software, stick to it, that’s the best music production software for you, which you know the best about.

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Best Music Production Software For Beginners
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44 Replies to “Best Music Production Software For Beginners | Hindi”

  1. Ankit Punia

    Kids below writing about Artists who use FL to make music. If you guys search the same for Ableton Live on youtube, you will be amazed. Huge names like Skrillex, Deadmau5, Diplo, Steve Aoki, Dillon Francis, Kaskade, Disclosure, Bassnectar, DJ Snake, Noisia, Kill The Noise, Virtual Riot, KSHMR…… man I can go on and on. These are huge names in industry. Not like Justin Bieber alternat for EDM – Martin Garrix.
    To close this, DAW doesn't matter. It's just a tool that you have to use to make good music.

  2. Ankit Punia

    IMO Best DAW is Reaper (Feature Wise). It is not simple. But once you get it, it will become the fastest way to do audio stuff.
    Film Composer and Biggest name in Advertisement Music Maker – Sameer Uddin uses Reaper to do everything.
    For EDM, Ableton Live is way to go. But I like Bitwig Studio more. Bitwig is what Ableton Live will become after 10-20 years.
    FL Studio is better choice because of Lifetime free updates. But it has the unique workflow from every DAW. I started out with Ableton and tried many times switching to FL, only because of it's piano roll. But the interface is very confusing. From the latest version, they fixed the workflow issues and added different workflow types. But still, Ableton is the king. I have seen EDM producers switch from FL to Ableton, but never seen any producer switching from Ableton to FL. Bitwig Studio is a better alternate if you think Ableton is low on features.

  3. MNPmusic Bhojpuri

    thank you bhai aap bahut accha samjhte Ho main aapka har video dekhta hun aap ko subscribe bhi kar rakha hai like comment bhi karta hun lekin comment pahli bar aaj kar raha hun aapko please my help

  4. ahad islam

    Vai fl studio ka to bohot version haa. Abh maa music banane ke lie konsa version Use karu and ous version ka price kitna hoga?

  5. Rajesh Dhingra

    Sir mai apni lyrics mai khud ki voice and layai gana chahta hu

    Kyonli m music itna nahi jamts bus dinger banne k liye gana chahta hu music kaha se Lau

    Muje u tube m apna composition and lyrics and voice singing sub khud hi post karna h

    Problum music ki h

  6. Verboss Sounds

    The talent matters and not the DAW.
    martin garrix and other famous producers have made the best songs using DAWs you probably hate.
    Martin made animals with fl 9 for example.

  7. Music lover Robi

    Thank you so much bhaiya
    Bohot maan kr ta h kuch krne ka singing ka thoda bohot talent to h bas himmat nahi hota tha apka videos dekh k bohot himmat mila ab kuch karunga 🙏

  8. sk love diary

    Bhai Beginner Ke pass itne paise nhi hota ha ki wo app ko buy kr sake
    Trial version ha but usme project save nhi hota ha
    To kya faida pura din laga kr ek track banaye sir save na ho aur delet ho jaye😐😐
    Iska kuch solution ha to bataye apka ye ahsaan nhi bhulenge🙏🙏

  9. Prayag Pahadi

    Dear Sir मैं FL Mobile यूज करता हू मगर उसमें जो रिकार्ड साफ्टवेयर मै अवाज आती हैं वो अवाज सेव करने मैं नहीं आती है क्यो

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