BEST PC (CPU CONFIGURATION) UNDER 800$ (50000 RS.) --- (MAY 2016)


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Hello friends , this is the best CPU configuration under 800$ or 50000rs.


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Intel® CoreTM i5-6402P Processor —

Seagate 1 TB External Hard Disk Black —

Iball Marathon – 500W Peak–

Seagate Desktop 1 TB Solid State Hybrid Drive SATA 6 GB with NCQ 64 MB Cache 3.5 Inch–

Iball Cabinet Class-x–

Kingston 240gb internal ssd –

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hello there YouTube viewers my name is FUBU welcome to my channel and for super only I want to apologize if you find my footage most stable because recently I just I've been a gimbal so sorry about that and also first of all start with the processor so you can buy an Intel i5 citizens codec processor and at this price tag and in my setup I have got iPhone 6 42 P which gives up to 2 by NATO gigahertz and on turbo boost around tu has it has LJ double on 5 on code for code for multitasking with six megabit cash Hey okay six and the cash and also I've got a 16gb of ddr3 silver man so that it can run smoothly games such as the g5 and Forza and also a heavy video editing software and yes it looks much cooler with a stylish look and also I have in my side of an idiot NVIDIA GeForce GT 710 for handling the graphic Department and have a motherboard or gigabyte yeah a gigabyte be 150 d3 edge whit has an Intel be 150 hold and has a socket devilment 5-1 and have four slots for ddr4 7.1 HD audio for stores for 3.0 and four slots for USB 2.0 SATA Express land support and T HDMI outputs and finally I have in this page Department two terabytes of C get hard drive 1tb internal and when to be external and also for fast and booting up I have 200 gigs of SSD and I have a cabinet of eyeball classic model number X which has an all century DVD writer which you may ignore for powering section Department I have a marathon power supply of five of five hundred balls and of comic eyeball and finally I'm going to tell you where the DC q is really quite and this is the real audio and video oh really this is quite and you can work at night with it means really work at night so this was the best configuration I can come across for you guys in the 800 bucks or under 50,000 bees as per of me 2016 and also guys please check out the second vendor calm they are really amazing guys they have second products at very cheap rates and the products are almost new please check them out and they are not given a penny for this advertisement this is my honest opinion and also you can buy all the stuff used in my setup on the links down below in the description and also please give this video a really big thumbs up and leave a comment share with your friends and also most only please hit the subscribe button please please please guys thanks

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