Best RPGs for Beginners - 6 Recommendations!

Best RPGs for Beginners – 6 Recommendations!

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RabidKode_ALN asks:
I have yet to play a RPG. If I where only ever to play 2 RPGs, what RPG should I play first?

We couldn’t just come up with 2 suggestions…so we have 6 of them for you:
Costume Quest
Mass Effect 2
Chrono Trigger
Mario & Luigi SuperStar Saga
Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door


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all right let's do a patreon question so rabid code asks I have yet to play an RPG if I were only ever to play two RPGs what RPGs should I play first well I think you're limiting yourself a lot if you like like two RPGs I know so we were talking about this in the car my god I mean RPGs have been around since the beginning of computers really yet and so that's a really tough one because you know I was telling you initially I was like well I'm gonna pick like a really hardcore one you have to read the manual cuz that got me into RPGs like I love reading about stats and armor and hitpoints and rolling dice you know virtually I just love that stuff but it's not for yeah I mean I was into more hardcore RPGs first but I don't necessarily think that's the best starting point yeah I would agree because I think a lot of people can get turned off from especially something that requires a freaking book yeah I know it's the 80s right so just like a JRPG because they can be cheesy and grinding like there's a lot of things that if you're not used to that sort of thing you might just be like what is this and and put it down so so we have more than two though hope that's okay yeah all right so given the first yeah so if you're talking about a beginners RPG I'm sort of thinking this as a gateway into playing like really hardcore first couples free yeah my first suggestion would probably be Costume Quest now it's kind of an unconventional one it's on Steam and Xbox and PSN and I think it's only download yeah I think so but it's cool in that it's a very modern easy setting where it can kind of ease you into the mechanics of an RPG without being overly like okay now go kill this monster five times yeah and get really so the premise of Costume Quest is that you are trick-or-treating and you've got this costume on and your sibling gets kidnapped and you have to go fight a big monster that kidnapped your your sibling so you go around you walk around the neighborhood and the fight style is pretty similar to like a normal Gera PG you go into a fight sequence but then whatever costume you're wearing becomes your armor basically so if you're wearing a robot costume you become a giant robot and your moves are the moves of giant robot but it's turn-based and you level up and you get stats and you have to go collect pieces of costumes to just make yourself better so it's sort of like a an easy way to see the mechanics of an RPG without it being really overwhelming and like giving you these complicated you know the the staff of ever award you know yeah sort of overall exactly well so I've heard of that game I just haven't played it about it I want to say maybe that Double Fine yeah oh yeah psycho Knutson yeah it does another set how many great games huh alright so for me boy this was a toughy but I have to go with a Bioware game mill surprise because I love so many of their games but I think the masterpiece boy that's even I wanna say Couture but know the sport or is it has been dated it is Mass Effect 2 have you played that I haven't I know that's a sin oh so good Mass Effect 2 is part of a trilogy that just broke all sorts of ground in really bringing in people to the RPG genre who or may be more familiar with say cover based shooters but it's turnstile yeah exactly but there's no grinding in it the pacing of it is just perfect you always hit sort of like the enemy at the right time for you to be able to take them out you know there's not there's no grinding in it but more importantly in my opinion and this is what I love about Bioware games is that they let you roleplay like in a traditional way you get to create your character which includes the sexes right so you know you're not you don't necessarily have to create a premade hero you can really make someone who you can really relate to I love that also you get to make choices in the game that matter so you get to change the outlook of the story especially at the end of Mass Effect 2 because they're I won't spoil anything but there's a lot of choices you make at the end where you have to make some hard choices who lives who dies can you make can you even make it so everyone going to live and then the ending gets changed based on that it's really awesome and it introduces the romance part I was just gonna mention heresy yeah exactly so you know part of part of this is having a crew that has male and female characters and you get to have you know relationships and that actually was really fun because it's it's written for adults like there's adult dialogue it feels very real so I love everything about it so it was a great game I know I got to play it you should yeah well if you want to go a little bit more old-school I think another one that I would recommend to really some of the best ones on the Super Nintendo earthbound and Chrono Trigger I know they're both expensive games on the Super Nintendo the brightnesses earthbound is on Virtual Console on the Wii U and on the new 3ds and chrono triggers on the DS and there's also a PlayStation 1 version but that one's not very good so those games are a little bit more old-school so you still have the you know choosing your weapons with 16-bit graphics and B it's going to be sort of like a more old-school adventure but they still hold up oh absolutely and and there's not a whole lot of crazy bells and whistles to them so one of the things that I think turns people off from RPGs in general is just lots and lots of grinding right because I can get really cheap I don't like to grind in games I yeah I find it really tedious and then it just getting really complex like you've got a class system and crafting and weapon building and like all of these you know these skill points in a sphere grid and what have you know so there's all these different things that are in all these modern RPGs which are awesome if you get into it but as a starting point I would definitely go with something more simple so earthbound doesn't have anything like that you can upgrade your weapon and that sort of thing and you do level of money there's not any sort of crazy crafting system or you know class building system and same sort of thing with Chrono Trigger they're both really good timeless stories and you'll enjoy the story part of the radiators yeah great characters great character development but you won't have to deal with too much of the bullcrap yeah the the combat engine and cron trigger I think is one of my favorite oh me too I just love that game it's not quite turn-based it's on more like a timer thing you know and that can really because I know the turn-based thing can get pretty stale for some people so that keeps you on your feet mm-hmm and then I think finally for me we were talking about this as well is that I was tossing between the Mario and Luigi series which start on the Gameboy Advance and then you mentioned Paper Mario which is an option of that and I think both of those games are just great starting points for people who kind of like your first suggestion was people who want to get in and do some RPG light stuff but then have great characters great dialogue and they're just long enough to their games that don't overstay their welcome some RPGs can be 50 hours a hundred hours those games just seem to last the perfect amount Louie and I think they're fantastic so and yeah relatively cheap yeah and it's good it's good to go into an RPG like already having some attachment to those care yeah you're a bit nervous about it so that's another good thing about the mario and it's a real-time combat I think is fun it's almost rhythm based and so it's easy easier to get into I think yeah yeah totally all right great great question thank you this question was asked by one of my patreon contributors who helped support my youtube channel and helped shape the content of my videos in addition to asking questions like this they also get access to a private chat an audio podcast and early access to most of my Friday videos you can also set the amount you want to contribute and you can leave or change it at any time if you'd like to help support my videos and become part of the Metal Mulisha please go to

26 Replies to “Best RPGs for Beginners – 6 Recommendations!”

  1. Ash Kitt

    Also what exactly is a JRPG? To The Moon is considered one but it’s Western yet Dark Souls isn’t considered one but it’s Japanese.

    Kind of like how the Sakura visual novels are Western but in a distinctly Japanese style.

  2. Ash Kitt

    Also anyone here play DND? I know they’re referring to video games but DND can be really fun. It’s like playing pretend more than a game tbh.

  3. John Hojnowski

    There is a Proto type unreleased version of Earthbound one for Nintendo USA
    Mother 1 & 2 for gba (Earthbound 1 & 2)
    Was translated to English
    There's a nun release prototype for the USA nes version of
    Final Fantasy 2

  4. Jennifer Haynes

    Costume Quest is actually really fun! I am deep into RPGs, but I got to try Costume Quest 2 on my Xbox Game Pass and it was way more fun than I expected. I love the mechanics of changing costumes to get certain skills to bypass puzzles (kinda like Sly Cooper), and also for whatever battle skills you want. Really good starter!

  5. Erik Cotterli Heather

    Great video! Not sure why I am just seeing this now 🤔?Though if someone is just checking out RPGs for the first time, I think choosing one really depends on what style of RPG that the individual is interested in and what hardware they have. I would personally recommend starting out with Allied General from PS1 and Windows 95 which, was a successor to Panzer General for turn based style games and Ultimate Alliance for real time game play. Though my all time favor its are Shadow of Mordor, and Dragons Crown, for home console, and project Xzone on 3DS.

  6. Jeff Harmuth

    I enjoy Nostalgia on the DS. That one, so far, hasn't required any extra grinding of levels. That would be another good choice as well.

  7. Anthony Fortunaso

    I would say final fantasy 3/6 is a great beginner RPG. It encompasses everything that makes the genre awesome. Great music as well. Classical RPG trope storyline with many sub stories. The battle system and esper system are easy to pick up. Amazing 16-bit graphics make this game epic. It also introduces you too many RPG basics in an easy to understand way.

  8. Arcellia

    my first rpg games are actually Final Fantasy Tactics on PS1, it's actually hard one for me as a child back then since i'm used to action game instead of tactical.
    oh also Digimon World since i'm a big digimon fan, might not be the best of the series but it has a huge place in my heart and i'm beating the game for several times even right now lol

  9. Kitsune's Den

    Which Chrono Trigger version is better (or which are the main differences): DS or PS1?

    Edit: Steam and smartphone "versions" are just unmodified copy-paste from the DS.

  10. Stephen Melewski

    Haha, I bought Mass Effect 2, gave it a shot, didn't like it so much that I sold it to GameStop for like 2 bucks.

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