Best Season 10 Keybinds For Beginners/People with short fingers!

Best Season 10 Keybinds For Beginners/People with short fingers!

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Hey guys thanks again for watching the video it means a lot. Sorry for any frame jumping or low quality, this was my first video on pc and i was inexperienced and i promise the next video will be 10X better.


hey what's up guys Gibson I here back with another video and actually my first video on computer in this video we're gonna be just sharing my key binds and what I think are the best key binds for people with short fingers / people who are beginners to mess and keyboards and let's get on with the video all right guys here are my key lines so we'll just go through here and all these are pretty normal so we'll get to the parts where it start to get a little unusual so tab give me your harvesting tool it's a very solid place because it's very close but not one of those primary keys that you want to build with or a switch to one of your guns with mouse wheel up for weapon slot one so that's where you're gonna put your pump so all you have to do is scroll wheel up and then it will in then your pump so it's really quick if you're in that close engagement and you need to just get your pump out then that's what's gonna work SMG slot this is gonna be weapon slot to you this is where you put your SMG so all it's just a little movement up to the three it's it won't be too hard and after a while you'll get that muscle memory of mouse wheel up and then three basically that's all to say it's really close but still not one of those primary slots that you want for building so weapon slot 3 now that's gonna be where you put your AR this is going to be one of those primary slots that I was talking about it C is incredibly easy to hit it's just a little bit under D so that's why you always want to have that there now going down the weapon slot for this is where you're gonna put your sniper so one is very not optimal you don't want to put this for anything – um too important especially if you have small fingers because that jump is going to be pretty far but since it's your sniper that's really not an urgent key that you need to press so just press one now weapon slot 5 that's where you're gonna be holding your meds your utilities usually I would hold my utilities here to like clean yours or riffs but weapon slot 5 that's going to be Optima usually going to be your meds because especially if you have artists or consumables left to right that means if you pick up a consumable go into your last slot so that's why you want to have it there going down into the building section carful building life control but wall left mouse button – super easy to press you just press right here the top button right here it's super easy to use and why I want it to be the easiest I feel like fault wall is gonna be the most important thing that you're gonna ever press because it's what protects you and what you need to build the fastest floor F that's a very optimal key that's why I don't have it – anything that's not optimal like a sniper or immense I see a lot of people putting optimal key binds to their meds when you really don't need to do that because usually meds aren't too urgent going down to Q that is another optimal thing I don't want all my builds and to be very close to the starting WASD and with all these key binds it's going to be extremely easy to ninety and do other ramp brushes and such roof or pyramids is going to be left shift so you're just going to move your pinky up a little bit from left control from your resting position to left shift to be an easy cone and you might need a little bit of a stronger pinky for this but I would recommend even if you have a weak pinky to just stick with it and stay with this because with a little practice it will be amazing now trap is V I changed it from T because T seems a little far away I usually start trying to reload and pressing R there so that's why I want to press it as V it's really it's a little bit closer than T and it's easier to press for me building repair is X so not an optimal positioning but very close I don't have rotate building ban because when you're starting out you're going to accidentally be pressing are a lot to rotate buildings and I just wouldn't recommend it because rotate building use isn't very it's not you don't need it really and a change building material right mouse button nothing much to say about that select building edit is left mouse button so just left click with mouse wheel down this is going to be very important this is the best thing that you can take out of these buttons this is the best thing in my blinds so basically if you're going to take anything from this video take this I know a lot of other people tell you to do this but just do it so mouse wheel down is going to be just going down on this and as you see later in the video it it's over powered you need this to be here so I'll show that later so we go down emotes B we go to miscellaneous building at it is e I love e because it just makes sense e with edit but also because it's just very easy to press it's one of those keys that are right next to W a s and D and usually this is used but my use is the bottom button which I told you about but E is just very optimal you either want ef4 B to be your edits usually and V is a little bit harder to press Berger especially short fingered people so I recommend is very great so I think that's really all there is with this here's my sensitivity you know there's not I can't tell you to have one sensitivity since it's really comfortable what you're comfortable with but this is what I play on and I play on a thousand dpi but we'll go into the creative clips and Champions League clips with these key vines and I'll show you just how good these are and I'll see you in the intro in the outro [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] hey guys thanks for watching the video it really does mean a lot to me if you enjoyed it please leave a like if you didn't enjoy it you can dislike but just tell me in the comments why you didn't like it so I can improve in the future again thanks for watching this is really awesome that this is such a great hobby and that even just a couple people watched my stuff but that's all for today's video and I'll try and upload as soon as I can see you guys next time bye

46 Replies to “Best Season 10 Keybinds For Beginners/People with short fingers!”

  1. Gibsonight

    to everyone who is saying "i don't have a mouse with side buttons", you really need to get a mouse with side buttons because it helps your optimal keys way faster, also getting a good overall "gaming mouse" can really help your play, mouses that aren't made for gaming will make your experience feel sluggish and limited. If you guys want i could make a video on optimal peripherals for your personal preferences.

    Here is a pretty cheap gaming mouse with side buttons:

    And if you're able to spend a decent amount on a mouse i would suggest getting logitech or razor since IMO they are the best for the price

  2. phoenix gamble

    My keybinds are wall: m5, floor: shift, ramp: m4, cone: V, trap: Q, and edit: E. (These are very optimal bc I have full control of movement when building) Comment below how optimal these are

  3. Loading exe Hehehe

    Thank u for these amazing key binds keep up the amazing work and I hope to see another updated setting video sometime in the future but until then keep grinding I also subbed and liked the video

  4. Callum TV223

    Bro that’s the first time me watching u I thought u would have like at least 500 thousands subscribers keep on going man your great 👍

  5. Player B1

    I want to go from console to keyboard and mouse for quite some and I believe that this vid will really help me so thank you very much man
    Edit: Thank you so much for the heart and 2 likes it is the best i have got😊😊😊

  6. PeppaPig Skilz

    Gud keybinds:
    Q wall
    M5 floor
    E stair
    M4 Roof
    X trap
    F picaxe
    Shift shotgun
    4 smg
    3 Assault rifle
    Z sniper
    Mid mouse click cosmetic item
    Map-Caps lock
    Interract scroll up
    And i use scroll wheel reset.
    And a high sensitivity (0.100in game 800dpi)

  7. SoaR Oink

    Happy 600 subs, I’m the first to say it cause I am exactly 600th subber
    If people don’t have their key binds, they can use mine


    Sniper:mouse wheel scroll down

    Thank you!
    Please sub to my channel, if u want to I mean,

  8. Saia Nara

    Just started today. Went and got my MnK thinking I’m gonna tear shizz up in Fortnite and yup…..I’m traaassshhh! Lol time to hit the playground. Thanks for the vid. You got a new sub.

  9. Mxdz

    I play on controller on PS4 but gonna sometimes play on keyboard and mouse just cuz my controller skill is quite good I’m gonna get a Logitech Mouse and a Corsair Keyboard and these binds are mad good bro! Thanks a lot!❤️

  10. XxBabyBum YT

    Thanks bro i like the keybinds they are easy to get used to at least in my opinion also i just switched to keyboard and mouse i made a couple of changes since i dont have side mouse buttons but thx

  11. xSLx B34ST

    I accidentally deleted my comment but stealth can you do a updated setting please I just bought my keyboard and mouse on console thanks for being awesome I liked and subscribed

  12. Skill Boi ツ

    Bro just switched from PS4 to pc and I’ve been playing for 2 hours and I can almost do decent 90s thank you

    Edit: I can now do really good 90s

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