Black Desert Online [BDO] Beginners Guide [PC Only]: Gear Progression From Scratch

Black Desert Online [BDO] Beginners Guide [PC Only]: Gear Progression From Scratch

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what is up guys you gotta not the worst here bringing you a beginner's guide series video this one we are talking about gearing up as a new player this one actually comes up a lot in comment sections to other videos and we might do like an advanced one or intermediate one kind of after that but we're basically gonna cover like what gear to shoot for when you're just starting out what to work on what the goals are and then kind of what your progression should be like I guess you could call it your progression guide for beginners there we go anyway so let's start out just looking at like when your character first starts some of the armor you want to look at getting honestly when you're first playing the game you really don't need to buy anything just pickup kind of whatever drops until you get in the round forties or into the fifties the game does a pretty decent job at giving you stuff certain areas you grind will drop some gear in general for you that that can be pretty useful for you it's not super super relevant you can by all means get something that you're slowly going to enhance over time and just kind of stick with it a lot of people like to go with the gruntal set just from the AP bonuses a little HP on top of it you can use the heave set as well which is these guys here because you get the HP along as well as getting the the weight bonuses on those too so you have some options the other to not use too super super much a little bit open what kind of green gear you want to start with but at any rate the games gonna give you some quest items and things like that it's definitely gonna give you quest weapons that you won't need to start upgrading until you get around the fifty level 50 marker so so anyways let's let's go ahead and point to that something else I'm gonna jump aside with this video we're gonna assume you know how to enhance and if you don't I did do a guide for enhancing for beginners which is available on my channel if you need to check that out as well I don't want to cover that in this video also or it would make it a super long video and be slightly redundant with the enhancing so if you are looking for the enhancing portion of it check out the enhancement guide beginner's guide that we have as well so anyways personally when I do it I go for gruntled depending on your class you might want to go with a little something else like I said the Hercules set and heave set whatever it is it's pretty useful as well while grinding since you get that weight bonus so as you're going through quest let's say you get your level 50 you can get yourself a chronal set what you're gonna want to do with this from here is go ahead and get it enhanced up to about pry or you can even push it to do obviously not immediately that's something you're gonna work on over time but that's the rate you want to get to it get with that armor before you start pushing for boss gear okay and that's speaking about your armor sets as far as your accessories you want the axilla accessory set in general again I have we're not gonna cover where to get each of those I do have a guide I'll link to that in the description below if you need to check out how to get your ass to Lissette they did also give out a free set of a Sulha just recently in the ranger event set up so if you did pre create a ranger who ever was then you got a full set of free of Sula just recently so that will definitely help you out save you some time if you didn't already have that set if you did and it's already on one your other alt ship it over and then go from there so that would be what your accessory set up is gonna be then you get your gear going get it to pry ish duo if you really want to push it from there and that's the point where you're gonna start working on boss gear okay once you get this set up to fry or do whatever your cutoff is a lot of people like duo just because that's the perpetration you get to before you start losing once you go go for a try you can go back to duo the argument can also be made it's not worth going duo you just do probably you're gonna do just as find at any grind spot there while you're working on getting your boss gear and then your 'soul accessories so let's say you have your little set as to low set already ready to go you got your gruntal or whatever your favorite set of green gear was you're up to pry now you're alive and kicking you wonder and what should I be doing with my weapons well great question most classes this varies a little bit based on class most classes tend to like the rows are weapons in general which are these guys here and again you can get this guy up to like pry maybe duo or so there and hold your spot until you are ready for your boss weapon or you at least get your boss weapon enhanced as far as your awakening weapon this is kind of a split thought on some of these instances personally I like this guy here the green one I like to get this one when you do your Awakening quests you're gonna get this item at plus 15 to start with I believe it is over +10 sorry to start with right out of the box and then you can enhance this I like it because it gives you the extra species damage so you're going to get extra damage to the mobs that you're fighting versus the player damage that you get on the other one or human damage I should say Reese for that you're not really gonna be doing a ton of pvping at this point you're still trying to build up boss gear you're still trying to work your way up in your gear these are just kind of placeholders so I really like getting the green because you're getting the extra monster damage yes it's a little bit less sheet ap than the the blue weapon is but it's a whole heck of a lot cheaper to repair or as soon as me to enhance and then as far as repairing it when you are enhancing it for durability you can actually purchase these green weapons from the arms dealer in Alta nova right over here so that makes it a whole lot more accessible than getting the blue stuff the blue stuff is gonna be a lot costlier trying to buy it off the marketplace which unless you're playing Archer right now you should be able to buy as many as you need but it does get very expensive and in my opinion you don't really need so here you go green 4 DK is right there you can purchase these as needed to repair doing the Blues I like again it's just a placeholder you're not really sticking with this gear for any length of time once you get your dandelion being the ultimate goal to be fair the blue weapon is not that far off of dandelion a little bit but every little bits gonna count especially when you start getting up there so I really personally always go with the green awakening myself if you want to use blue by all means do it but in my guide I'm telling you go with the green get the species damage up you're not going to know this grinding difference there and if you're fighting players you're gonna get melted at this point in the game anyhow so again probably duo here that's fine alternatively on your main hand weapon if you can do the main storyline quests up to the point where you get a black abyssal weapon so you can straight up just follow the quests up to Medea area and the black spirit will give it to you that weapon is something along the lines of I think it's cool I think it's close to a duo green weapon as is or something very close to that it might be pride prior duo and they've recently added an awakening one as well but Cottam I believe it's called for awakening that is the same thing in storyline quest so you could follow that along as well if you want to get that personally I don't like I don't really wait on it I go rows are i grabbing a green awakening once to get my awakening quest done and I just kind of rock them up with that and then go wherever I want to go from there until I get boss gear sub-weapons this is gonna be the more class specific different classes use different things and a lot of people like the straight-up ap on steel daggers for classes that use daggers and then it was back and forth for little while as they were changing things for DK specifically I think the the thing nowadays is just the AP straight-up Oros always been an option along with it because you have the accuracy depending on what you working at but this is gonna kind of be a preference but same idea that we've been along with anything else the off hand you could go to plus fifteen and kind of leave it if you want to save the sharps it's not super super important for the off hand to go up but again you could follow the same rule of thumb we've been on pretty much anything pry maybe do oh you'll see some people going try that's fine if you feel lucky or you want to build stacks or you're doing something long those lines not a big deal and that goes for your armor as well not a huge deal if you want to do that it's kind of up to you it's just keep in mind you could lose some progression as far as with your fails and all likelihood you will lose some progression for fails and again it being just placeholder gear for now we're not super super concerned about what you want to do from there so the next step from there is to start hunting your boss gear so you're gonna be hunting world bosses you want to pick up your boss armor weapons and stuff if you can't if you get the choice sorry I just did a Kadri grind for an hour there if you get the choice you obviously wanna get your weapons before your armors but it's not necessarily gonna be up to you every single time tonight being some of these things especially like Oregon's boots is very difficult so don't feel bad if you get the opportunity this knife or night vendor a pair of Eragon boots and you don't have your dandelion or your SAR key yet because any piece you can get dim treated the same way any piece you can get super super important to get though exception I'll say that is your bags gloves are very easy to get that's one of the most common pieces that goes up so maybe don't put so much emphasis on the bags before your weapons but again you can use your own discretion here you really can't go wrong the point is to get your boss here so once you get your boss gear set up you got your dandy if you're doing kuda maneuver when you're just starting out I really recommend starting with khuddam and then then later on maybe move over to new ver if you have both congrats you'll eventually need both ones PvE ones PvP and it's pretty simple as that I just recommend the khuddam early on because it's going to give you access to better grind speeds then the new ver wood overall new ver is just gonna be straight AP and lacking the monster damage that's increased with it so I would really recommend that for grinding while you're still gearing up again you can't really go wrong if you do in Hanson oeuvre and run with that your stopping points once you get your boss here so you've set it up so maybe you got everything I initially would say get everything same idea pride duo wherever it's comfortable replace your current stuff once you have everything up to do oh now is the point where you want to start pushing in to try and I would work on it one piece at a time I'm not a big fan of roulette things at all and it's a bad habit to get into it's fun for some people but it's not fun when you fail and you just make a huge negative step in progression it's not really recommended so at this point your Sula accessories you just started to get your boss gear you've replaced out your stepping stone gruntled key or whatever you wanted to use so now you want to get each piece to try so you're gonna start with your dandelion first the weapons gonna go first go dandy then Zarqa and then your offhand get each of those pieces to try and focus on them one at a time so get you all your materials together sit down in one session and again check out the enhancement video I'll link to that below if you need help with how to enhance these things from there because I cover it very very very specifically for these items but sit down and just do work on getting your dandelion to try once you have that thing I tried leave it alone move to yours ARCA then move to your new verb then as far as armor the general rule of thumb is usually to work counterclockwise so you'd go gloves dim tree or armor helmet and then shoes you really can kind of do this however you want just I would recommend the gloves first just because you get the accuracy that's not gonna make a huge difference because getting to try in the grand scheme of things it initially when you're first doing it it seems super daunting and like it's a terrible thing to do but after you've done it and you start working on tech pieces you really think that try is just super super super easy so you begin work on that get your pieces up once you get them all to try now it's time to decide what are we gonna do with our accessories you have two options here you can see I don't quite have soft cap accessories myself we've been working on that on stream it's been an ongoing struggle so from here with your sulla set you have two options you have the option to either do stepping-stone pieces something like tri mark of shadow tri which earrings trot you can see I have a tri blue coral and a tete Luke Rohl you can try and pick up things like this just grinding some money maybe get those you can enhance Marcus shadows have dropped in price to a Stickley lately you can enhance a try market shadow yourself if you really wanted to fur not too expensive try and snipe one there like long I forget a hundred it's there less than 200 mil or something on those lines so that really really cheap unit at market shadow which is only one ap off of a try Crescent ring which is soft cap gear there's only 375 so I know I keep using the term soft cap as far as what that is that's weapons and armor and tri gold accessories so try bazi belt Rio Goering not Sarah tri Crescent rings and then try ton grad here or the equivalent ap Tet which is something along those lines I'll work so anyway it's going back to where this is a decision-making you can either stick with your ax Sulu's and then work on straight up soft cap gear just go straight for the ones I listed try bazi try ogre try crescent try chunk right earrings go straight for that and just devote all your money into doing that once you're trying to go accessories or what I personally did although I'd not sure if I do it again do some stepping stone here things like a duo try syrups you know for a point try spirit belt or something like that try witches or try blue Quarles tableau corals try Marcus shadows just to hold the space it'll the reason for that is it's gonna give you more AP so you have a little bit more access to some of better grinding spots a little higher area that you can grind with and that's actually a good point to get while you have your try boss weapons and armor then get some stepping-stone accessories get out of the 'soul get a little bit better AP so you can grind a little bit more efficiently make a little bit more money and then start working on setting your weapons and then of course from there you get how this pattern goes so you would get your stepping-stone accessories then work on tedding each of your weapons in the same order then work on setting each of your gear in the same order and then at that point you're ready to start working on your final soft cap accessories once you reach there congratulations you're at soft cap so you've made it and your your months and months and months into the game because as you can see I'm still a little bit short about myself and something that we're working on so just to recap from all of it if you didn't get that you go with your runnel or equivalent gear enhance that up to pry ish pride duo you're going to get your placeholder weapons for it with a Sulha accessories so get yourself a green awakening Rose R or something close to it main hand and whatever offhand best suits your class or your play style full ap if you want go for it set those up then you're gonna slowly start farming your boss gear whether you snipe it Knight vendor it get it off the boss however you do it get all your gothic boss gear built up get each of that piece to try from there make your decision on your accessories get those placeholder accessories so those are enhanced up and then push all of your boss gear into the territory and then you start working on your soft cap accessories and boom your soft cap player obviously it sounds much easier to do in a 10 ish minute video but a little bit harder to do in practice but anyways so the question was asked a lot so I just want to make sure we covered that I wanted to do a life skilling beginner's guide thing or at least intro to but this one just keeps coming up a whole lot especially during livestream so I thought this might be helpful so yeah if you have any other questions about it or recommendations for other beginners guide that we do once a week feel free to drop that in the comments be sure to LIKE the video if this helps you out a little bit I am gonna steer a lot of people from stream that ask questions to this video specifically since that is a very common question how do I deer up and make sure you subscribe to the channel if you haven't already so we do beginner series once a week we do live streams on the weekends we do some trunk enhancing streams and then other guides and just some news updates and things during the week so pretty pretty neat channel if I do say so myself anyways that's gonna be it for this video everybody thank you for watching and I will see you next time

35 Replies to “Black Desert Online [BDO] Beginners Guide [PC Only]: Gear Progression From Scratch”

  1. Jorge Sanchez

    yeah this is not a very beginner friendly "guide" if you can even call it that. If you're looking through the comments and are lost in this game just google "[your class name] + discord" and join that server. Plenty of fully fleshed out beginner friendly guides in PDF format, and if you have any additional questions just ask in the discord the people are really friendly and helpful.

  2. Timothy Long

    He is clearly stating a lot in this video. More like summing up very briefly. But I can see what you mean. The game is very deep to cover everything in one video. He could do a series of beginners like part 1, 2, 3 and so on… But think of this is his Introduction for beginners into BDO. More like a road map. Then watch his other videos he suggested like enhancing.

    My suggestion – part 1 – Do the main black spirit questline. This will introduce you to the game mechanics and finish certain quest that will require you to do other things later. It will also unlock your inventory, energy points, contribution points, and gears. Work your way up the main quest > check your progress with the "o" key to bring up the quest and see where and what to do next.

    Part 2 – Do some life skills – mainly buy a balenos fishing rod and do fishing when you are not active (afk fishing) and go to sleep/work/school etc while away. Come back and turn in those fish (value expires in 24 hours) to the trade manager or imperial fish delivery. One in town called Velia for beginners. You should earn roughly about 500k-2mil depending on how many inventory you have unlocked. This should give you some silvers to progress a bit or save for later. Once you reach the Mediah questline, you should start grasping the concept of the game and earn enough energy and contribution to start part 3.

    Part 3 – Choosing your path. Life skills/Gear progression. If you haven't figure this part out – go back to part1 and 2. Finish the story main quest to kamasylvia. Life skilling will require energy and contribution points. Minimum 50-80 energy and 100+ contribution points. This will open up storage space, workers to hire, and lodges to rent for workers. There are videos for Node worker empire for life skilling/trading/etc but mainly this part is for setting up cooking. Cooking is one way to build contribution points fast. Find videos for building contribution point via cooking. It'll get you started for setting up resident, cooking utensil and what to grind to cook for contribution point and life exp skills in cooking.

    Part 4 – Once you earn enough contribution point, work on some key points of node empire setup for cooking in that town. Now, focus on gear progression. Video on enhancing your gear should introduce you to properly building failstack and enhancing techniques. Multiple videos out there on gearing. There is a chart list of what gear grade level will give you reference on setting up failstack at each stage of gear progression. Place holder gears/accessories as explain in his videos can be found during your main quest progression. Like the asula sets are found mainly in certain grind spots. You can look up asula sets in videos on how and where to obtain each set items. RNG sucks. This should be the point where you make your gear progress while maintaining part 2 and 3.

    Hopefully this helps new beginners. In summary – do your main questline to get the grasp of the game. The game will open up for you on the mechanics. If you are unsure at the time of where to go or what to do, pull up your quest list (pressing "o") and click on the arrow for that quest to guide you to the next. Watch some videos to progress stuck mission/quest.

  3. Septian Gautama

    sir can i ask something why u use Giath for the helmet? i am using dk to for main char need advice for my build

  4. Julian G

    This is not for beguinners. I have no clue what you are talking about and you speak so fast so much I don't even know when to pause you to look stuff up.

    Not a good video bud.

  5. Jump on Yaya

    but I would have to farm like 10 hours a day for a week to get the kzarka is that really worth? or better to go for ultimate tri green in like 2 days

  6. trinity star

    BDO is a Cash Shop Pay2win Disaster. Help prevent this abusive business model by NOT BUYING BDO or products that massively Pay2Win. The developers primary focus is the cash shop.

  7. Patrick Moore

    Great job! Been playing a week and now i know what to do thanks. What are your opinions on the rewards from battle royale?

  8. Jayden Stephenson

    Hey so i played casually for a few months so im just starting to TRI some gear no boss armor yet, is it worth holding onto my tungrads earing and necklace and manos ruby necklace that i got, they wont become much better the asulas till tri right and that takes alot of money, should i sell them ?

  9. Dreamer Cloud

    I could not understand how this guide is intended for the beginners? I could not even catch the names of the items you just say… (not to mention how to obtain, where to obtain)

  10. Val Goatus

    "Beginners Guide"…. "go heve for the weight or uh, the ginth for AP"… "and def. not covering enhancing, but get pri or duo" …. As a player of about 3 weeks, that probably qualifies as beginner, I can comfortably say W-T-F, please be more basic for 'beginners' 🙁

  11. Revyan

    Every guide I see recommends newbies to buy X/Y/Z and rush as if it was a good idea for new players that have 0 funds and no knowledge of the game.
    I have to recommend every new player to do all, yes, All main and suggested quests on your FIRST character, repeatable/life-skill/exploration are your choice, I know it'll be boring at times, just chill and take your time BDO is a marathon not a sprint you will not reach PEN boss gear in 1 month not even if you're a whale.
    I can't even begin to explain how stressful the game became for me for rushing to lvl 56 and beyond with my first character and skipping all quests after the stone chamber, my quest log is still a fucking mess to this day.
    Don't make the same mistake as me. By completing all the main/suggested quests pertinent to your lvl and the zone you currently are you will get a lot of Inventory expansion slots, Contribution points (huge for your worker empire and other things), Knowledge(Max Energy for life-skilling or investing on nodes to increase drop chance among other things) and Armor/weapons equivalent to PRI/DUO Grunil/Heve/Rosar and the Asula jewelry is a nice placeholder. Save money and take things slow, the game will eventually open up to you but it'll take time…and pearl items help a ton specially weight limit (pets can be bought from the AH), which I can't get from the AH so I'm fucked and will have to pick a main for which to buy weight limit expansions sometime in the future.

  12. Cadis Etrama Di Raizel

    Thank for this video! Just picked bdo up again…Learning the ropes now since i never went past 50 before (was playing other games) ❤️

  13. Infi O_OII

    I just started playing BDO about a month ago and I am completely new to everything. Fortunately I found your channel on YouTube and all of your guides are very helpful. I just got my first piece of TRI boss gear by following your guide and now working on enhancing the second one.
    Just want to say thank you here, without your Beginners Guides I would not know what to do for progression.

  14. valkaek

    So, this is a beginner video as it guides people as to what to buy.

    However the lingo, speed, visuals, steps, and explanations are SUPER advanced because I was lost.

    For example; What is a duo/tri? Is it enhancement? If so why stop there if you buy a +15 later? Is there a list at the end for step by step? Does it matter what class you use?

  15. Christine Hede

    I always use 3 piece hercules of might and zereth chest on my early level alts. These give the most weight which is more useful early. Other buffs can be gotten from food and crystals.

  16. DMP

    It worth mentioning that the weapons dealer in Altinova sells the green awakening weapons to repair you gear, many new players do not know this

  17. MidnightShout

    When we have our TRI boss Weapons would you recommend getting a second one to slowly bring to TET instead of the one you have equipped so as not to fuck over your grinding speed in case, y'know, RNG bullshit?

  18. Boko

    you can actually go full Tet with green gear and still beat the crap out of people, you're just forced to use Acc off hand. If you actually wanna go boss gear at some point, start with kzarka, then bhegs and urugon if you wanna pvp or kutum if you wanna pve. if you do so you can use two heve pieces for helmet and armor and works really good until very late in the game

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