Black Panther: Beginners Guide - Marvel Heroes Omega (PC/PS4/XBOX)

Black Panther: Beginners Guide – Marvel Heroes Omega (PC/PS4/XBOX)

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A beginners guide to all things Black Panther in Marvel Heroes Omega. Features skill overview, gameplay, costumes and more! Footage taken from PC version.

Attributes, traits & resource 1:01
Costumes 1:52
Signature & Ultimate 2:42
Gameplay & skills overview 4:17

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hello hello and welcome Tony bang here for this beginner skate video we will have a look at black pant from the king of Wakanda now if you're new to these videos what we do is we have a look at various heels that are available and Marvel heroes and main get to give you an idea after more fun more connected place tailors 101 crest you know and the video we cover the heroes attributes that treat if we have a unique resource we'll look at that as well with a maker a few of the costumes we then have a look at a signature and ultimate and finishing up we have our few gameplay run throughs we check out Duff various different scales of they've got range goes will want them all to get on sure them off of the Gotham me only skills as well will ensure they morph in that nature if you do want to jump to any particular section of the ideal that are things done so find the descriptions or feel free to check value but the first section for watching us and order will be there attributes and treats we start off by looking at the offensive tree and this is plan for Greece no worthless you gain a 15% critical hit damage bonus his art state players one of my personal favorite strategist meaning he gains our bonus to Phaeton and intelligence Phaeton of course gives you the credit rating multiplier which is brilliant intelligence games use crackdown retreating which is equally as good for the offensive treat we have plan for us all it's worth less you gain maximum health you are asleep is member giving you a multiplier to both deflect and dodge and you have close quarters and nephew use a merely power you gain eight percent damage reduction for three seconds no but there's no special resource on pan finishers uses better so no need to cover that at all next up then you will have a look at a few of these costumes as always we start off here by looking at a default energy classic costume it's a basic enough question but that says good old Gregg dealer classic black panther we didn't have urban jungle I really do like a look at this one and it also comes on a definite vien which has a keep which looks clear as well and they may have an enhance gosh mrs. pc only in a moment will hopefully come to console stand around later and it really does look prey fantastic finishing up we have my favorite black pan for a costume the one from their recently released several wore on it looks amazing i really do love this a love this particular costume what we'll do next any we know that we've covered the costumes is we'll have a look at signature and ultimate for has the second chair we have a rail roar some work in scale neces wrath of past so we calls anis better or bastard huge I think it's plan that I would imagine because ready and late but of course it would have to be a plan for now you've got a natural damage packet three shaking terrify and also acted a steroid and it gives you 1200 damage reason for five seconds know this girl has a little cooldown of only twenty so that means if you're using this when it's available you know look at an OP team of twenty five percent on that damage rating buff which is really pretty nice so next up anyway we'll have a look at hers Ultimates go for the ultimate we have another scale that interacts with their Panther God bass that's one is called exalted of bast so you'll have your dot damage and it will also revive or nearby defeated allies which is pretty great and really nice and unique and it provides you with five seconds of and vulnerability and then top of that acts as a sterile it is well when it gives you a twenty percent boost to your movement speed and also it gives you a bonus to your critical hat rating as well so it's really pretty amazing as you can see visually and looks pretty fantastic as well so what we'll do next is we've got two gameplay run-through is the first one will show off their majority of his range skills and then say camera moves off is mainly skills which have a combination of bleeds and also and still fit they can use the bottom so first up let's look at these range skills the fresco we'll look at here and then we'll be there mean spending videos for the range bonuses triple full it's actually Tigers our basics or won't consume any spanner at all and it does free hats because he throws out free projectiles not as praising the governor's called cripple fat all know it well also do it bonus damage to enemies effective bait show we then have jungles Leon now this is normally a merely skill but fruit talents we can actually make at a range scale and that's what I'm showing off here so you've got your door over a large area and provides fund ability and also a more blind ease enemy for a huge second seconds which is really quite powerful you can have up to two these of that team as well this is really a grayscale we then have creo dagger so this particular one more floor out for enemies it directly hits it will actually do two times the amount of damage and explodes an eerie and what that does is it will freeze enemies for two seconds and its laws and prospects seconds and this girl has a sec second cooldown as well so if you want you can actually keep the enemy slowed on obtaining the tank due to their slow duration and also the cooldown on it we then have a patriot looking skills pretty simple but it does look great this is vibranium traps were you actually leap back and throw an explosive trap which detonates a second later for quite a lot of damage it will stun the enemy for two seconds as well so it'll do like this when it's good particularly on the merely both enemies cause and then and you need to make about Destin's between a mess can work really well their next goal we look at as mobile main fuel than this one new as quake II now you'll throw a small main and then it actually opens up and defied the main mains are all brutally which is fantastic looking no these were dating after five seconds at the enemy doesn't run over them finna me does run over them it won't set them off and they do dot damage for sex aching so I do like a scar looks pretty there finish go we'll look at one we've been using a lot clear trash here as fan oven age so as is your standard called trash clean and attack what does of a slate deference in the free central makes over actually do fifty percent bonus damage that's quite a nice little change I do like that but let's fight off all these skills on shortcut to take them down you can see getting Destin Seattle we come back there so there we go that's as bad so what will schwöre for next would be the merely skills and as mentioned already these include things would bleed and still slice check them out now with their melee skills is actually free different means spins as you can use the first one would be a basic so when consumed in expel up their next one actually does bonus damage to enemies are bleeding and in one more Sean often using here as in everything slash that's through pronounces this one actually has a bleed on it now this particular skill can interact with your actual – called slashing ones we build up charges then you use a lunge to do bonus damage so he almost has our movement build of sorts as well so to be on that main if you're interested in that please Dale on subject of movement building skills we have Panther leaps or less when you jump over the enemy and they will stun them for 1.5 seconds and it has a low 30 second cooldown so you can use this pretty often X great for getting rate and amongst enemies here once you're an amongst enemies you can then use knockdown sweep so let's particular one it well gain a damage bonus over 100 percent if you use it while still or within two seconds of break and still so one of them are dashes you have or still few so you could use this immediately after that it will also knock down enemy for two seconds this is great to roll and you don't see and in not condoning in start firing off all your not an attack no Aggie attack he could fly it off then would be savage strikes let's player one has a mesh would damage packet then adds a bleed 40 seconds Israel and it's really quite powerful it's good to happen elite with us and enroll away and let their bleep take care of them the next girl will look at as unseen predator soar this particular one you will fall down lots of smoke bombs and yourself and your allies will be concealed know you'll be concealed for five seconds their scope has a 30 second cooldown but it actually works as our steroid as well and then it gives you a huge 900 cretin for each second so it's really payin a the enemy can't see you and you can do all your leaf warheads on them the final scale we look at as a great one for cleaning transness is safe and sweep and it will actually weaken Amy's rail this is a great skill to use after plan for leap you jump and amongst enemies stun them and then you start taking them down and weaken them as well so it's a great combination to use no just as good approach and dr. octopus all run through everything has door for then you've seen the range skeletons got a lot of them if you wish you can actually go bleat heavy and have on benefit from either breed with a lot of your skills gaining a damage bonus you can go for stealth instead if you want much is Prague Lee or you can even go from movement or even better you can combine all of them for a really badass black pine forbode so here we go that's dr. octopus dome hope that's beginner's guide was useful next up I reckon we have beast or do dev well again done in the next few days I'm really pretty busy with all these videos but it's good you know the question goes commands to keep those requests coming and thanks for all your support and I'll see y'all again soon you [Applause]

16 Replies to “Black Panther: Beginners Guide – Marvel Heroes Omega (PC/PS4/XBOX)”

  1. Darrell Mitchell

    Any artifact recommendations for newbies. I'm not that advanced at the game because i don't really know whats good. But I want a brutal build and I don't know what artifacts to use or look for.

  2. Gerardo Mejia

    just wanted to say i like your videos and was wondering….I like heroes that send the enemy flying like the Hulk, the hulk will send all the minions flying punching them across the maps, is there another hero other than the hulk that can send the enemy flying across the map?

  3. freydawg56

    Maybe if you review a character, you talk about the character's strengths, weaknesses, how you like to build it ? How much damage the character seems to do compared to others in its class. How do you rank the damage of the character on on scale from 1-100 ? (Not 1-10 because there are much more than 10 characters.)

    Is this character worth my time and why ? You don't really tell me anything I can't figure out myself after playing the character to level 30, which i'm going to do just for the EXP bonus if i randomly draw the character with 175 ES.

    You didn't show your damage or show the level of the enemies you were facing (Green, Red, Yellow?)

    Your presentation/explanation of moves and skills on screen was very nice. Would you recommend Black Panther over another character and why ?

    In a game with 60+ characters, knowing why play a character is important.
    And don't just say "I recommend this character" after every review. Saying that after every review would be pandering to all characters.

  4. sting7789

    Tony I beat cosmic with my Colossus finally. Summoners are freaking great. I just geared for summoners and melee and defense. I can't wait to get amazing cosmic gear.

  5. Lasse Holm Hansen

    Nice vid! 🙂
    Other than your amazing cosmic trial vids, are you gonna do some short 'newb' tips and tricks for power builds and BIS medallions and such? I myself am a bit in doubt of which medallions to get on console (particularly for Rocket and Hulk, and/or in general for melee, ranged and summoner heroes). Can't seem to find much about it due to all the changes that arrived with the console release.
    Cheers once again! 🙂

  6. Thomas Adams

    Love the vids! They're really building my hype for the Xbox One release! Could I ask you to do Daredevil soon? My friend is dying for some great informative gameplay and I can't think of anyone better equipped and suited than you!

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